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  1. Ward against evil
  2. Interstitial Salons
  3. Titles - tricky little blighters
  4. Balancing Both Aspects-Story and Character
  5. a question about created language
  6. Incantations
  7. Military: Returning Home Ceremonies
  8. how do i make alchemy more than glorified chemistry?
  9. please recommend novels that...
  10. Sci-fi recommendations
  11. Hot to write travel? (fantasy style)
  12. Descriptions and InfoDumps
  13. What are some fantasy works...
  14. Small Astronomical Bodies
  15. Expanding a space battle scene
  16. When a computer is talking in sci fi
  17. What was that book...
  18. help getting this to fall together?
  19. Action scene too long?
  20. How the heck do I do a magic system that's not been overdone?
  21. Tor UK contest
  22. Sci-Fi and Sci-Fact
  23. Urban Fantasy
  24. How would you describe this?
  25. SFF book study pre-poll - September
  26. August Book Study - The Graveyard Book
  27. Young adult/middle grade fantasy agents
  28. World Creation
  29. 'Grim' or 'Light' fantasy
  30. Cosmos Magazine
  31. Should I change this character's family name?
  32. Please Define "Cyber-Punk"
  33. Looking to create some free cover art for sci fi/fantasy WIP
  34. Comic books vs Novels
  35. Post-nuclear war question
  36. And his attorney is JK Rowling's attorney-
  37. How much do you worldbuild?
  38. complicating magic
  39. Fantastic Book re: Naval Operations in a Galactic Setting
  40. A quick moment of panic. Help!
  41. Creating a (not) good society and a (not) bad society
  42. Zombie/Vampire Apocolypse Idea: Check Me For Plagarism!
  43. Writer's of the Future Awards
  44. Military SF question
  45. Looking for Editing
  46. Where do you go for feedback on SF/F worldbuilding?
  47. Can you write a super complex book?
  48. What novel pulled you to your preferred genre?
  49. background building - where do i stop?
  50. how do you simulate non-official naming of cities?
  51. Dragons, Spaceships, and aliens all in one?
  52. SF Book Study Poll - September
  53. Strange Horizons Fund Drive
  54. Ways to address an unknown characters entrance
  55. Why does my prof consider 'Fantasy' to be crap? - Discussion
  56. Looking for some books ...
  57. South Carolina Writer's Workshop Conference
  58. Sci-Fi/Fantasy short stories to read in the UK
  59. Recent Fantasy Bestsellers (was: Current Market for Fantasy)
  60. Flashing Swords Magazine
  61. A thousand years stale, why?
  62. Where do you write?
  63. The Magicians by Lev Grossman
  64. books with religious themes
  65. Now Or Later? Trouble Deciding . . . . . .
  66. Need a word instead of Reverend.
  67. Let's Make a Better List
  68. Bad scene
  69. Power
  70. Too Many Characters in My UF Series?
  71. can I just pick your brains? World building alert
  72. As the World Turns...
  73. Wannabe wants to know - tie it up or add another major section.
  74. Military F Question
  75. Sales in Urban Fantasy
  76. Is there a fantasy creature...
  77. Consistency in Tech/Magic (on the working of phasers)
  78. Article: Tor Editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden On the Future of SF Books
  79. Principles of War for Military SciFi/Fantasy
  80. On the Border
  81. Why do the old stories contain so much tragedy?
  82. Shweta Narayan...
  83. September Book Study - Neuromancer
  84. October book study (SFF) pre poll
  85. Piracy Discussion on Magic District Blog
  86. Woe is me! These cursed superpowers!
  87. Poetry in fantasy?
  88. Book recommendations? Stuff like Heroes, X-men
  89. A Better List: Sci-Fi edition!
  90. Sun exploding and super Volcanoes
  91. Trading a hostage for ransom... in space!
  92. Metaphysical Fantasy
  93. Twin Suns
  94. Opinions needed, please
  95. Know any good ebook publishers of SFF?
  96. October book study poll - Fantasy
  97. Factors Effecting Day Length
  98. Call Me Joe
  99. How do you know what type of fantasy you are writing?
  100. Take your time. Critique it to death.
  101. How much fantasy makes it fantasy?
  102. Vampires that can exist in daylight. Too unusual?
  103. Self-inserts in fantasy?
  104. POV Within Family (Possible Dumb Question)
  105. Something has been bothering me
  106. SciFi Survival Tips
  107. Lucky 13 - SF/F Edition
  108. Because Some of Us Don't Look at Announcements
  109. Time passed in a post apocalyptic setting
  110. Constraints for "realistic" space battles
  111. name the ship?
  112. Guilty pleasures in SFF cliches
  113. Ferret or Owl?
  114. Clerics, Battleragers, Psioniscists, oh my... or oh no? Quick question.
  115. What do you hate to see in Fantasy lit
  116. Historical Fantasy
  117. Academies/Schools in SFF
  118. Megalopolisomancy
  119. Good Writing and Opinion
  120. Jocelynn Drake's "Dark Days Series?"
  121. Swearing in Fantasy Novels
  122. Rationing in Fantasy Literature
  123. Where do you write?
  124. How did your MC learn his magic?
  125. differince between contemporay fiction and fantasy?
  126. US and UK fantasy: Spot the Difference
  127. Orbit publisher
  128. Word Counts for SF/F Books
  129. PLEASE help figure something out for my story if you can? Thanks!
  130. Becoming a Rogue Planet?
  131. Book suggestions?
  132. Heinlein Tribute Story
  133. Describing a city...
  134. Credits as currency
  135. What do you think of this story idea?
  136. How does this name for a setting sound to you?
  137. How much coincidence is too much, in a set up?
  138. Reaction against the "prophecied hero" story
  139. Non-biploar Fantasy
  140. Please Critique-Rise of the Queen Ch. 1 (heavily revised)
  141. Would This Freak You Out?
  142. Blizzard's Writing Contest
  143. Freebie plot.
  144. Welcome to my world -- Mir'aj
  145. Weapons: Would it bug you if...
  146. what provides good inspiration for fantasy fiction?
  147. Some Good Steampunk
  148. October Book Study - The Last Wish
  149. (With a nod to smashpumpkin) Bad Steampunk?
  150. November book study, pre-poll. SF.
  151. Technobabble
  152. orienting without infodumping?
  153. Giving away 10 free sci-fi novels, shipping included.
  154. death gate cycle series
  155. Trek Marines
  156. What kind of birds would you ride on?
  157. use of characters from famous movies
  158. Secret Santa Signup Thread!
  159. Interesting Show on History Channel
  160. Oh god.
  161. Why science fiction authors just can't win.
  162. Feudal Magic
  163. Archaic Prophecy; Compelling or Cliché?
  164. life force
  165. Capitalized Terms in Spec Fic
  166. November Book Study - Science Fiction
  167. Your MC has been told he has to save the world.
  168. Fantastical Naming Twists
  169. The War on Science Fiction and... Marvin Minsky?
  170. asexual reproduction
  171. originality with magic
  172. Space Opera
  173. World Fantasy Con in San Jose
  174. Gay protagonist in urban fantasy?
  175. Philip K Dick
  176. What are the top three fantasy publishing houses, and why?
  177. The top three things you're tired of seeing in fantasy novels...
  178. Flashy beginning absolutely necessary?
  179. Schools/Houses of Magic
  180. Authors who develop their villians?
  181. New technology description in SF or F
  182. Make it YA or adult?
  183. Need books to read
  184. Parents of Main Characters
  185. Dialogue -- Historical Fantasy
  186. Unicorns and Pegasi
  187. help me with a visual, please
  188. Odd genre combination
  189. From "Me" to "We"
  190. Fantasy: Avoiding cliches?
  191. A recipe for fantasy
  192. Plot/story/character elements I need input on...kinda long..several questions.
  193. The Top Three Things You Love Seeing in Fantasy Novels...
  194. I need a critter (actually a bunch of them)
  195. How important is magic to you?
  196. Another book recommendation request
  197. Fantasy storyline...how deep is too deep?
  198. Sci fi writer's dens
  199. November book study - The Knife of Never Letting Go
  200. How do you take your heroes?
  201. What Is This Place?
  202. Really Good Fantasy Blogs
  203. Naming your countries
  204. What definies a Zombie?
  205. saints meet folk magic
  206. My Characters...
  207. Pre-poll, December book study, fantasy
  208. Anthology call for submissions - music-themed anthology
  209. Clearly Defined Good and Evil?
  210. What Conventions do you go to, have gone to, and/or recommend
  211. Larger then Life
  212. That thread about horses
  213. Questions on my query letter to agents
  214. Gender equality in fantasy
  215. Do twins make you cringe?
  216. Creating fantasy currency
  217. Why is Steampunk so popular?
  218. Changing Markets and Re-writing.
  219. writing in non-medieval settings
  220. Making Aliens
  221. book suggestions
  222. December Book Study Poll - Fantasy
  223. Interstitial Arts Foundation Keeps Busy
  224. Google Wave
  225. Magicology... or Something: The Science of Fantasy Magic
  226. Vampire Names
  227. how do you find deals for novels?
  228. Terry Pratchett Visits the Edge of Europe (Western Ireland)
  229. Map Making
  230. Deus ex Machina
  231. Long Novels
  232. Unsolved problem, need some help.
  233. Fantasy Caste? What's the best way to do it?
  234. Not sure this type of book exists...
  235. Fantasy protagonist problem
  236. Would you rather read a book about...?
  237. Which paranormal ability would you choose if you could choose?
  238. Fantasy tropes you like averting
  239. Centuries gap
  240. So did anyone notice, in 'The Gathering Storm'...?
  241. Villain-team comedy? (Recommendations)
  242. Am I normal?
  243. SFWA and the Harlequin Debacle
  244. SFWA has-
  245. What might 'pay' for the independence of a new colony?
  246. Small Genre Magzines
  247. Can anyone recommend some good Fantasy Writing Blogs?
  248. Cursing in a fantasy world
  249. Fantasy civilizations you like subverting
  250. Examples of Good Query Letters in Sci-Fi/Fantasy?