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  1. TOR Open for Fantasy Novella submissions Oct 12th - Jan 12th.
  2. Looking for beta readers :)
  3. I need help on description.
  4. Bioscience advances in the 21st Century?
  5. First Lines in Urban Fantasy
  6. What should I keep in mind when starting to create a fantasy city(state)?
  7. Guest blogs and promo
  8. RIP Sherri Tepper 1929–2016
  9. Venues for fantasy comics?
  10. casting
  11. AI and its future?
  12. What areThe novel is to good time periods to draw from when I'm making a setting?
  13. Thoughts on rewriting mythical creatures?
  14. Alcubierre Drives
  15. Cover Letters/Query Letters are overrated
  16. Creating worlds?
  17. help with magic systems
  18. what can magic do?
  19. Fairy tales in my upcoming novel
  20. Does anyone else think SCI-FI/FANTASY should be separate categories?
  21. Writing for hire in someone else's IP
  22. When it comes to fantasy and science fiction?
  23. The 2016-2017 Sekrit Solstice Sci-Fi Fantasy Story Swap
  24. Planetary Rotation and Other Q's- Climate vs Length of Day, Rings, Axis and more
  25. Frank Herbert's Word Choice
  26. #SFFpit is tomorrow--anyone tweeting pitches?
  27. Are Spec Fic Authors Welcome?
  28. Sci-Fi and Comedy
  29. Backstory, when the supernatural comes out of the closet
  30. Fantasy Book Recs?
  31. Distilling Ideas Down to Short Story Length?
  32. How to write travel
  33. Ready player one? Anyone read this?
  34. Plausible explainations for empath/telepath abilities?
  35. Game Lore Writer
  36. Initiate Contact with Proxima Centuri B
  37. Limited/Close Third Fantasy recommendations?
  38. Interspecial Romance (Fantasy)
  39. Hard fantasy recommendations?
  40. Orcs as POV characters
  41. Big companies in scifi that aren't the bad guys?
  42. Lost on setting: alternative history or future?
  43. Designing Intelligent Aliens
  44. Dieselpunk Novels
  45. Scene Building Advice
  46. Flashbacks? The Good, the Bad, and the Way To Use Them
  47. Avian humanoids? Bird spirits?
  48. Tor Book Club free book for February 2017: Charlie Stross The Bloodline Feud
  49. Asteroid Mining
  50. What is the best writing references online for epic fantasy writing and historical fiction? Which bl
  51. Would readers of epic fantasy read stories from a non-European perspective?
  52. Building a Great Fantasy Villain?
  53. Renaming a Dragon MC?
  54. Need help dealing with characters' OP ability and when to give it out
  55. Question about Tad Williams Memory Sorrow and Thorn Series
  56. Introducing Fantasy Creatures
  57. Question on Worldbuilding Term
  58. Has anyone ever attended a talk by Raymond Feist?
  59. Jobs in the future?
  60. Help- how to say it in a medieval fantasy setting
  61. Question about chapter length.
  62. Infodumps in sci-fi?
  63. Classic metaphors and sf/f creatures
  64. Complex magic systems - adding background information
  65. An idea for a matriarchal setting
  66. How would you make men relevant in a setting where magic is gender specific to women?
  67. Paranormal genre?
  68. How would you design a culture that highlights aspects normally associated with femininity?
  69. Readers who love fantasy, but not science fiction
  70. What would life be like in a fantasy world of eternal night?
  71. Third person limited present or past tense?
  72. Rec's for SFF & Humour
  73. Metric Time
  74. Genre help
  75. Favorite descriptions
  76. Fantasy vs. Magical Realism
  77. Making up words.
  78. Point of Divergence
  79. Need a name for this group of people
  80. Can't Settle on Fixed Time Period
  81. Humble Book Bundle Ebooks: Women of SF and F
  82. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal writers
  83. What do you write next?
  84. Keeping up with the Einsteins
  85. A funny story about the MCs' age difference in my fantasy novel
  86. Non-English fantasy/sci-fi publishers?
  87. Authors Plugging One Author
  88. Complexity in fantasy
  89. Word for magic users?
  90. Describing characters in scifi/fantasy
  91. Sex (or lack thereof) in fantasy
  92. What counts as "high concept"?
  93. Struggling to get into "The 5th Season" (N.K. Jemisin)
  94. Worldbuilding with Notebook.ai
  95. 2017 Hugo Awards
  96. A Master List of Unreliable Narrators (?)
  97. Name for a Race and Substance
  98. Need help naming a sport played on top of a train.
  99. Info dumps at the beginning of urban fantasy novels
  100. How to write hard SF if you're not a Scientist?
  101. Ramifications of my magic system
  102. Same-sex relationships in my books. Am I overthinking this?
  103. Looking for suggestions regarding building new world vs using established universe
  104. Is the "death game" trope overplayed?
  105. Tried twice with "The Way of Kings". Couldn't get into it. Should I just give up?
  106. Tor.com ebook giveaway: Seanan McGuire's Every Heart A Doorway
  107. Why would they stay?
  108. yet another genre question
  109. Best Fantasy/SF Religions?
  110. Dungeon Punk stories
  111. Future Marriages?
  112. Game of Thrones spinoffs are in the works
  113. Fantasy setting names and languages
  114. Works We Loved, 2017 Edition
  115. Asimov's Science Fiction magazine
  116. Dialect/slang in sff
  117. Dances of the Future?
  118. Comic book characters
  119. Can a world government convince a modern public to support the creation of child soldiers?
  120. Crew size for sci-fi warship
  121. Would introducing magical birth control early in human history lead to a small population?
  122. Black/Latino SF&F Authors
  123. For SF writers looking for an agent
  124. LF comp titles of UF with werewolves&magic out in the open
  125. Genre question: Fantasy can be without magic, right?
  126. Question about scene
  127. Send troops or wait for destruction?
  128. Transgender stories
  129. Astronaut in the ISS dressed as Captain Janeway
  130. Article: Literary fiction adopting sci-fi elements
  131. Clergy of the Future
  132. Are there more shorter books these days?
  133. Are there any first-person present tense SF novels?
  134. Can you recommend a SFF anthology (or collection)?
  135. Spirits that aren't ghosts or demons/angels? (in fantasy)
  136. How to Describe a ship the MC is on?
  137. Transhumans, and you?
  138. Aliens and monster races and other fun peeps you only meet in SF/F
  139. Using the magical pregnancy trope in a setting
  140. I'm torn between a more human villain, and a more threatening one
  141. Would your character beat the above? (Game)
  142. Is it okay for a prologue to be a little confusing?
  143. I just couldn't get into A Song of Ice and Fire
  144. Death is not the end. How do you kill a character physically, but they still exist in the novel?
  145. Possible Plot hole?
  146. Greg Bear's THE FORGE OF GOD: Book 1 on SALE on Amazon for $1.99
  147. Damage/Healing vs Rage damage overused?
  148. On LGBT main character
  149. How might I be able to improve on my magic system?
  150. Uploading and the Teleportation Problem
  151. Looking for similar titles
  152. Relativistic calculations
  153. Nonfiction references in fantasy
  154. Some fun alternative-history suggestions?
  155. How can this change to human reproduction be made feasible?
  156. how do you handle the darker aspects of a grim-dark setting without being too edgy?
  157. Where does a specific genre fit in?
  158. Invisibility cloak - overdone trope? Can I still use it?
  159. Could I class my novel as YA Sci-fi?
  160. Creative ways white conquerors can be made to leave the lands they occupy?
  161. Are Any Writers NOT Writing Epic Books?
  162. Genre classification for query
  163. The Moon as Starport?
  165. Is “foreigner” an offensive word?
  166. What's so good about The Name of The Wind?
  167. Asking for a little help with my synopsis
  168. Killing Big Things
  169. Different types of FTL in the same universe.
  170. Humor
  171. R.I.P. Brian Aldiss, aged 92
  172. Back to the cost of magic...
  173. Need some input on where I am starting my novel
  174. How long should a novel be to be considered epic fantasy?
  175. On Titles
  176. How would you view the use of magical items that cause a glamour effect?
  177. Starting with Violence?
  178. Starting the second book in an epic fantasy
  179. Alternate History or ...?
  180. Opinions on conlangs?
  181. Too dark for MG?
  182. Theme song for book?
  183. Good "starting point" for reading epic fantasy?
  184. two forms of magic in my setting: ritual and arcane
  185. RIP Jerry Pournelle
  186. Keeping Track of It All
  187. Query Letter: Look ahead?
  188. Is my story paranormal or fantasy?
  189. thoughts on the boundaries of sexual content in fantasy
  190. The Road Goes Ever On and On...
  191. Confession: I Like Fantasy Tropes-What are your favorites/least favorites?
  192. Angry Robot 2017 Open Door
  193. Sick societies are like sick bodies - SFnal stories?
  194. What role should eunuchs play in a matriarchial-led religion?
  195. Traversing fantasy subgenres?
  196. Let's talk about the Chosen One and on prophecy.
  197. Fantasy question relating to suspension of disbelief
  198. 'Not real' religions/beliefs
  199. Hardboiled to Cyberpunk, and beyond?
  200. Maybe weird question about etymology&logic
  201. Am I the only one who doesn't like Tamora Pierce's books?
  202. Using real languages in spec-lit
  203. Book Recommendations - Help for Writing Futuristic City Scene
  204. Fantasy...minus fantastical elements?
  205. Book Recommendation: Supernatural Helper
  206. “Slow” Openings in SFF
  207. Name impressions
  208. Elfhome series is what genre?
  209. Is Chinese fantasy popular enough among English readers to garner the $10 mil translation spending?
  210. Dwarves?
  211. Imagine you woke up with wings
  212. Starting on my next novel - SciFi this time.
  213. Fantasy/Speculative/Genre Publishers List
  214. Fantasy Characters Using Weapons-Quick Survey
  215. How can Elemental Magic positively enhance fields of work/careers?
  216. Which trope would you rather see or write about and why?
  217. looking for Hard SF and Space Opera books to review
  218. Are we homo faber or homo sapiens?
  219. Recommended resources for fine-tuning historical accuracy in medieval fantasy
  220. A spirited defense of speculative fiction
  221. Electricity in a fantasy setting
  222. What would you expect to find in a novel about Pirates...
  223. What is my genre?
  224. Can we split hairs? The differences between dark fantasy and grimdark
  225. SFWA Charity Auctions
  226. The 2017-2018 Sekrit Solstice Sci-Fi Fantasy Story Swap
  227. Getting hung up on character names
  228. SF subgenre
  229. SFF Editors Who Accept Direct Unagented Queries
  230. How Star Wars was saved in the edit
  231. UF How much swearing is too much?
  232. Supernatural Thriller or Contemporary Fantasy?
  233. Question about multiple reality/universe theories
  234. Help needed to name the following: "Magic" system, magic users and the title of a novel.
  235. Bridge crew of a space war ship?
  236. Is there a place in fantasy for my book?
  237. what to call snitch boxes?
  238. Editing help?
  239. Apostrophes in fantasy names?
  240. favorite SciFi series (novels of course)
  241. Superhumans?
  242. On doing battle with fantasy creatures
  243. What Is the Coolest Kaiju?
  244. 2018 Hugo Awards
  245. another character title question
  246. Name my magical realm get rep points
  247. Rename my fuel-powered devices and get a rep...
  248. Blood and/or soul sucking weapons
  249. Fantasy & World-Building
  250. Contribbing to AW