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  1. How to classify my book series
  2. [From Novels] Has Anyone Ever Powered Their Fantasy World Without Magic Or Steam?
  3. Blurring boundaries
  4. Online Magazines
  5. Gollancz Open Submissions in January 2016
  6. Middle Earth Map Annotated by Tolkien goes up for auction
  7. So, what sites DO accept self-pubs for review?
  8. Lenin statue transformed into Darth Vader
  9. historical/fantasy
  10. Behold This Stunning Edition Of Ursula K. Le Guin's A Wizard Of Earthsea
  11. Need a name for a group of corrupt techno-mages
  12. developing nanowrimo novel
  13. The Sci-Fi Western
  14. Horror author transitioning to Fantasy - need advice
  15. War between the gods
  16. Can't Figure out a Setting
  17. Making an urban fantasy setting in the American Southwest, need help
  18. Need a snazzy name for the secret police/intelligence agency of a Communist elf empire?
  19. New Star Trek series in 2017
  20. Need help categorizing my book
  21. Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' is being turned into a TV series
  22. Would you read a novel about time travelers investigating an Extinction?
  23. Cold War Fantasy, kinda
  24. Angels and Demons: Not in a religious sense
  25. World Fantasy Award to cease using bust of H.P. Lovecraft
  26. 7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding
  27. No driver's license for you, clone
  28. Non-human gender-specific terms
  29. My creative bone hit a wall and I need a little help with names...
  30. Half Hour Film of Wheel of Time Chapter 1 On Youtube
  31. Fantasy about a group of people going on an adventure - overdone?
  32. 6 Ways to Make SciFi and Fantasy Weapons More Believable
  33. Fantasy Readers: Preference on MC POV or multiple POV's
  34. King Arthur & Beowulf Interest
  35. more exciting than napoleonic
  36. Free SF - Future Visions Original SF Inspired by Microsoft
  37. This this sound like fantasy to you?
  38. Is Magical Realism part of SF/F? (Derail from SF/F SYW Post)
  39. “Science fiction and fantasy is part of the literary mainstream, and has been for a while now.”
  40. When to speak up?
  41. 2016 Taos Toolbox workshop now accepting applications
  42. Can humans be aliens?
  43. Holliday Prompt: Thansgiving in your universe
  44. Aliens speeking English and other trans-dimensional interaction
  45. Fantastical alterations
  46. Rendering Sign Language in a Constructed World
  47. Is this Urban Fantasy?
  48. making war in-between interesting
  49. The 2015-2016 Sekrit Solstice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story Swap
  50. Tell me about your conlang!
  51. Building a "good" society/culture of necromancers?
  52. Worldbuilding - A slow leak or necessary spurts
  53. An historian's opinion of Fantasy timeline tropes
  54. Please Help Me Ruin Wealthy Aristocrats Socially and Financially With Just Words.
  55. I''m not sure if my story is fantasy or not. Please help!
  56. Inquiry, Tolkien vs. Sandersons take on language
  57. Nature and evil: do they go hand in hand?
  58. What defines fantasy?
  59. Playing with (real) history in SFF
  60. Noble title and office
  61. World Building: Animals, Foods, and Plants
  62. Mysterious New SF Awards Given Anonymously
  63. Childhoods End and the Irrelevance of Character
  64. I Am Worried That My Lead Who Is Chronically Dead-Pan Is Too Over-the-Top.
  65. Better hurry, kids: Tor.com closing to unsolicited subs Jan. 7
  66. Dusting off word documents...
  67. What would convince you that magic is real?
  68. How do you define 'accessible sci-fi'?
  69. Recs, please? Contemporary fantasy with multi-POV structure
  70. Joshua Bilmes of Jabberwocky Literary Agency is open to queries
  71. A Question on Fantasy and YA
  72. Hugo Awards 2016 [Nomination List at Post 77]
  73. Magic Crystal
  74. Lois Tilton leaving Locus
  75. Nice little Scifi Short Competition
  76. Bowie & Sci Fi
  77. How to make a hero/adventurer character humorous as well as being a likeable character?
  78. Long live cyberpunk!
  79. Non-European Magical Traditions you want to see in fantasy?
  80. Creating fantasy in sci-fi settings (without being Star Wars)
  81. Any SFWA members here?
  82. Good Cyberpunk slang?
  83. Describing Tips on Cybersuits and Transformations
  84. RIP David Hartwell
  85. Cruel Miracles by Orson Scott Card
  86. Fractal fantasy cityscapes
  87. Real Mythology in Your Story
  88. Did you ever "invent" a name that turned out to have an interesting meaning?
  89. How late is too late to introduce the MC's "powers"?
  90. I know I'm about 30 years late to the party but...
  91. Women in Science Fiction
  92. So you've written yourself an [Overpowered] character...
  93. Science Fiction Awards for Novels
  94. Great science fiction soundtracks?
  95. 2015 Year in Review
  96. I need Comp titles for my MS
  97. Inkarnate: Fantasy Map Creation Tool (Currently in Beta)
  98. Majestic Handmade Dune Sandworms - from HS website
  99. Awards-eligible SFF works by AWers
  100. Worldbuilding/Conworlding -- MMO Edition (Now with race and gender issues!)
  101. What if you hate making maps, but you really need one?
  102. Bioscience and SF
  103. Magic and other races and Language
  104. How do you handle units of measurement in SF&F?
  105. Goddess-created world - would illness exist and why?
  106. UP & COMING: Over a million words of speculative fiction FREE! By 2016's Campbell-eligible authors!
  107. How much environmental description do you like in a fantasy novel?
  108. C. J. Cherryh Named SFWA Grand Master
  109. Ragnarok Open Door - Another submission to stress about!
  110. The Gun Problem
  111. How to tell if you're a copycat, and how to recover
  112. I have a problem with my title
  113. Epic Fantasy: When to uppercase certain words or titles
  114. How are these for titles?
  115. Lovecraft and Playing with Tropes
  116. Wanting to try my hand at MG Fantasy, seeking advice...
  117. HerUniverse submissions?
  118. The name for a space monarchy
  119. Where to submit Science Fiction Essay/Short Story?
  120. JK Rowling, North American magic, and cultural appropriation
  121. Most Popular Kinds of SFF in the Current Market
  122. Recent feminist SF?
  123. How to develop character history and backstory?
  124. Synopsis examples?
  125. "Traditional" Fantasy Settings DOA?
  126. science fiction short stories 2015
  127. What's the plural of Nyarlathotep?
  128. Asimov's Science Fiction: March 1st, 2016
  129. Magic System
  130. Gods in fantasy
  131. Minimum sized bigendered hive minds, the issues and biology
  132. What makes for an impressive sci-fi warship?
  133. My Naturalistic Magic System
  134. Writing Advice?
  135. Ken Liu's The Paper Menagerie
  136. Is this too familiar?
  137. Translating Cool Data You Found Into Fiction
  138. New Fan Awards, Dragon Con edition
  139. Book Recommendations - Goth characters and hallucinogen use
  140. How does this name sound?
  141. EF: How Much Worldbuilding/Planning Before Writing...?
  142. Nove-in-Stories?
  143. RPG Character Building Techniques in HF
  144. Landing on Moon from L1?
  145. Genre question
  146. The Quest for the Soul of Fantasy
  147. First novel size
  148. Thoughts on "Silver on the Road" by Laura Anne Gilman
  149. Incomplete Endings
  150. writing a fantasy story
  151. Transgender characters??
  152. Using the title 'Ser'
  153. believable political conflict
  154. Theory of Relativity
  155. Exorcism advice
  156. Instead of using 'year'
  157. Political feminist/post-colonial Science Fiction
  158. Does original thought exist in today's SF or is it all just variations of popular themes?
  159. Best Action Scenes In SF Literature
  160. What's in a (made up) name?
  161. Making the science in Science Fiction believable
  162. Do you think xianxia-type stories would be popular in the west?
  163. Anyone know of any positive first contact or invasion Sci-Fi?
  164. Is this expy too obvious?
  165. Polish your shield and dust off your spellbook-it's time for Sword and Sorcery!
  166. Truth! Freedom! Justice! Reasonably Priced Love and a Hard Boiled Egg!
  167. Need a beta reader? Check out the Beta Project!
  168. Young charcter in a portal fantasy: "Won't your family be worried?"
  169. Cat among the pigeons on time travel
  170. SFF-Strictly Entertainent or Bully Pulpit for Politics and Moral Lessons?
  171. where'd they get their powers?
  172. Tor.com Novellas - Open Door June 5 - 30
  173. Racism as major issue in fantasy world
  174. How far does suspension of disbelief go? Or, creative liberty vs. accuracy
  175. How to make my plot linear?
  176. Finding My Own Submission Ritual
  177. Psychedelic Multidimensional Freakout
  178. How much "horror" do you like in your UF?
  179. Sci-Fi books written in close third-person POV -- any recommendations?
  180. prehistoric romance - brainstorming.
  181. another word for a cellphone
  182. The ultimate cutting edge
  183. Ocean Vortex
  184. Lightspeed Magazine now open for submissions (6/16 - 6/30/2016)
  185. Anyone wanna do some terraforming?
  186. Paragraph-long examples of excellent fantasy writing?
  187. George RR Martin and Stephen King discuss fantasy and writing
  188. Terminology regarding sci-fi guns
  189. What do you think of my MC's name?
  190. just finished draft 1!
  191. Question about Weaponry
  192. Terminology in Today's World in Futuristic Science Fiction
  193. Has anyone else tried presenting their character as the author of a blog?
  194. Free Ebooks from Tor
  195. Faith Based Magic Terminology
  196. Earliest "Castaways in the past" books?
  197. Including Lore in Star Wars Novel
  198. Was your first science fiction short story accepted? (Needing reassurances/encouragement)
  199. magic & tech
  200. AW authors of stories in Warhammer 40K?
  201. Cover theme preferences for SF?
  202. Magic Related Question
  203. SFWA now allows writing for games as qualification for membership.
  204. Elemental-like Races
  205. A Game of Thrones--why was it such a hit?
  206. Can I use real historical characters in my alternate universe?
  207. Tropes in Fantasy: Horrible or Comfortable?
  208. Terms Used by Races
  209. Designing a city of the dead
  210. Give me Advice: Am I Young Adult Fantasy, or Adult Fantasy?
  211. Opening scene - how to when blocked - banging head against wall
  212. Question, on word choice
  213. "Unique" genres?
  214. Publisher Who Tracked Authors' Diversity
  215. Desperately seeking subgenre
  216. The Chosen One Cliche
  217. 2016 Dragon Award Shortlist
  218. Compendium of Magic
  219. Musical magic?
  220. What are some of the most enchanting, quaint fantasy novels?
  221. Thoughts on Medieval military tech
  222. oops! epic fantasy?
  223. SF and the future of the sexes
  224. The Dark Lord Trope/cliche
  225. Last Shannara Novel
  226. Modernizing fantasy or remain traditional in dialogue-writing style???
  227. We Can Be Heroes
  228. Star Empires, Star Kingdoms, etc. are stupid - aren't they?
  229. Living Vampires
  230. Making discordant technology work
  231. Our Bright Future - Will we Humans Really be that Different?
  232. Too dark, too short, too epic?
  233. The 2016 Works We Loved Thread
  234. Keeping Track of Notes & Stuff
  235. YASID (Yet Another Story ID)
  236. Revisiting An Old Friend of The Family: Saberhagen's Dracula Trilogy.
  237. Super Siri
  238. Pen name/Pseudonym dilemma
  239. What are strengths, weaknesses, and comparisons between fantasy and historical fantasy?
  240. Mixing "Real" Myth with "Fantasy" Myth
  241. worldbuilding question
  242. Employment in a futuristic world
  243. Head of the Secret Service. What to call him?
  244. Fantasy Novel 101 ???
  245. FYI: Urban Fantasy subform
  246. Story, Character, and World Happenings (for Fantasy Fiction)
  247. Hugo Awards 2017
  248. What genre would this be?
  249. Dancing and other recreation in SF/F?
  250. Story Premise: Social Media and Consent in the Age of AI