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  1. Detective 12 - Thoughts on AI Agents
  2. Advice for Earth-like Sci-Fi?
  3. Need a suggestion for my plot
  4. What modern Sci-Fi should I read?
  5. "Appropiate" language for fantasy?
  6. Theoretically, the year is 2076 (wordbuilding help)
  7. Hobbies In A Fantasy/Medieval-esque Setting?
  8. Why do you write SciFi/Fantasy?
  9. Looking for Recommendations
  10. Borderlands Bookstore in San Francisco Closing
  11. What is the worst thing magic...
  12. Hugo nominations 2015 edition
  13. Why do spaceships use navy ranks?
  14. SFWA Welcomes Self-Published and Small Press Authors!
  15. SF "elements"
  16. imagination gaps
  17. A World Without Religion
  18. Futuristic Hand held weapons that are used by Aliens
  19. That Moment when you get smack in the face
  20. How much would fashion be a thing in a pseudomedieval world?
  21. Constructing a language?
  22. Romance Problem.
  23. BSFA Awards shortlist 2015.
  24. I'm hosting a flash fiction writing contest
  25. Multiple POV in Fantasy (Longer POV Sections)
  26. Any way to justify this power without too much magic?
  27. Can the initial story concept turn off a reader?
  28. Food cubes: science fiction or prehistoric invention?
  29. Where does Historical Fantasy go in AW?
  30. Requesting community feedback...
  31. Can A Single Extremely Evil Act Make You Lose Sympathy For A Main Character?
  32. Solving crimes in a medieval fantasy setting
  33. Describing fictional animals
  34. Help with setting
  35. Writing a super intelligent protagonist
  36. Archery for Fantasy Authors
  37. What does your character fight with?
  38. Religion without much ritual or rules
  39. Add diversity to fantasy novels
  40. Lack of diversity in fantasy novels
  41. Missing Introduction
  42. Magic system input.
  43. Axis Nations or Eastern Coalition?
  44. R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy
  45. How much conversation can you stand?
  46. Opportunity for self-published fantasy authors
  47. Shadow magic?
  48. Hair in SFF?
  49. Combining Fantasy with Other Genres
  50. George R.R. Martin Talks About Writing
  51. Are Narcotics That Enhance Abilities Overdone?
  52. Submitting to Podcastle?
  53. What's a good nonfiction about nobles and intrigue?
  54. City as Character
  55. RIP Sir Terry Pratchett
  56. Input on my world building
  57. Place for Speculative Science Questions?
  58. Phobos and Mythic Delirium
  59. Help me name my religion
  60. Why is GoT an example of "fantasy without magic"?
  61. Is it fantasy with just dreams/visions?
  62. article about Barry Longyear & classic scifi films
  63. F&SF's 15-day submissions waiting period: Can anyone clarify?
  64. Creative Words For Supreme Ruler For 15 Fantasy Races
  65. The Joker/Batgirl Variant controversy
  66. Yet another language-in-fantasy thread
  67. Earth Ships: Agriculture in Space
  68. I know what it is (fantasy/sci-fi), but...
  69. Magical Realism
  70. Everybody is a Were Animal
  71. Oh the (In)humanity! or Writing Nonhuman Protagonists
  72. Why aren't there more superheroes in Fantasy?
  73. If I was a superhero(ine), I would be...
  74. FOR VILLAINS! If I RULED the world...
  75. What in SFF makes you *happy*?
  76. Scifi POD/e-book publishers
  77. Handling Time Travel Paradoxes
  78. Who am I writing for
  79. What is NA fantasy?
  80. Terry Pratchett and Cynical Humanitarians
  81. Most logical fantasy setting?
  82. Intoducing a new world
  83. Sacrifice! Yay!
  84. Fridging
  85. Why is fantasy traditionally set in medieval times?
  86. Best intrigue books
  87. I need deep sea metaphors to describe emotions in underwater fantasy novel
  88. fantasy or realism?
  89. you want your next plot?
  90. Slavery in a made up world
  91. What world?
  92. What language are we speaking?
  93. Why do you want power?
  94. WorldCon Site Selection for 2017
  95. Anyone ever set up a fantasy writing workspace?
  96. The Identity of K.J. Parker Has Been Revealed
  97. freed from the vault: complete run of Seeing Eye Theater science fiction
  98. How much of Cthulhu mythos is public domain?
  99. Fictional elements. One in or All in. Nothing in between.
  100. Fantasy in Urban Fantasy?
  101. Your highness/your grace/your majesty?
  102. Pratchett Fan Anthology to raise money for Alzheimers charity
  103. Terry Pratchett's Birthday today....
  104. Learning How to Sword Fight
  105. Tor open for novella submissions
  106. Maybe it's time for some help from the interstitial team
  107. A rich tagging system for fantasy stories
  108. Newer/More current fantasy titles with high magic?
  109. Are weeks needed?
  110. I don't know what to compare my fantasy series to
  111. How important is a character's clothing
  112. Oh, bugger. Now I need to invent a language.
  113. Representing fake languages as English
  114. Characterization vs. Worldbuilding - If one has to suffer, which do you prefer?
  115. Dragons - ferocious or friendly?
  116. Can you have Urban Fantasy set in a fictional city?
  117. Prophecies - what is their actual function?
  118. Trying to think of different names for types of dragons
  119. Researching the philosophy of robotics
  120. Dream stuff (Its kinda fun!)
  121. What made your antagonist the antagonist
  122. What makes an anti-hero relatable
  123. The Glorious 25th!
  124. Urban fantasy on book shelves
  125. RIP Tanith Lee, 1947- 2015
  126. Synopsis?!
  127. DieselPunk Nazi's and Diversity
  128. Difficulty in chapter intros
  129. Lightspeed Magazine is open for submissions again
  130. Calendars and Suspension of Disbelief
  131. Space station parts (SF/nautical knowledge needed)
  132. I love my characters. How do I make sure readers will too?
  133. Pronoun for a god with no gender
  134. Are you tired of gollum or dobby type characters?
  135. Random Title Jamboree
  136. Magic and monsters from many cultures?
  137. Why brain, why?
  138. Surviving Being Stabbed with a Wooden Stake...
  139. SFF Books with multiple MCs
  140. Different Sorts of Demons
  141. The Paul Kidby cover for the last Discworld novel......
  142. How do you think this character would develop?
  143. The best SFF published in 2015...in your opinion
  144. About merfolks
  145. a society that isn't matriarchal or patriarchal?
  146. Newbie with an idea
  147. Sci-Fi writtin as a biography?
  148. Protecting spaceships from harmful debris?
  149. Do you have to explicitly reveal a shared past event?
  150. Rules of magic
  151. What kind of world are you writing about?
  152. Are over the top, ridiculous fantasy worlds/stories dead by concept?
  153. How to create your own fantasy maps?
  154. Travelling
  155. So started my new novel
  156. Wouldn't supernatural beings or superpowers affect types of sports being played? New sports?
  157. Adding various things?
  158. Looking for gunpowder fantasy (formerly said blackpowder fantasy)
  159. magical gender transformation as a horror story
  160. Alternate term for 'bannermen'
  161. What's the Demographics of Your fictional SFF population?
  162. Superhero origins - what would you do?
  163. Book recommendations for my next WIP [high fantasy]
  164. Hodderscape open to unagented submissions
  165. I need help with a slang/derogatory word for a Surveyor
  166. Suggestions for a fantasy frontier town name
  167. Urban Fantasy Wuxia?
  168. Sir Terry Pratchett being ripped off
  169. The perfect Greebo
  170. When to Introduce Special Power?
  171. Wales: Coolest government ever?
  172. Mermaids, Weres, and Shapeshifters...Where do their clothes go?
  173. Such thing as "Literary SciFi?"
  174. How would having these abilities affect a society?
  175. Trying to come up with a title
  176. Places to Publish
  177. Fan club/con membership?
  178. Mythological Creatures Outside of Earth
  179. Book Recs for Comps: Fantasy
  180. Raising an army in a fantasy setting
  181. Traveler or Trek
  182. Help! What genre my novel fits into?
  183. Writing about Vampires
  184. Swearing in science fiction and fantasy
  185. Namin' Stuff
  186. Quick, simple question: Which sounds better?
  187. ELYSIUM: Some Reflections
  188. Creating Races
  189. Fatbergs? Fatbergs!
  190. Analog Magazine
  191. The Dream Sequence: Beaten to death or still interesting?
  192. Does anyone know any lesbian mythology/legends/folktales?
  193. How to write a prophecy scene
  194. Help with alien race/short story idea
  195. What if we're alone?
  196. Races and Racism
  197. Is 'Portal Fantasy' still a swear word in the publishing world?
  198. Fantasy Nations in Debt
  199. Conlang sharing
  200. Prologue vs First Chapters if years pass before the main story
  201. If mermaids were real and using real science in fantasy
  202. Have your tastes changed?
  203. Please, Help! How Much Action Is Appropriate In This Genre Of Fantasy?
  204. Various kinds of money
  205. Is it a cred or is it not a cred?
  206. On Cursing and Cultural Translation
  207. Venomous animals
  208. Maps and time lines, etc.
  209. Humanity Clustered in Port Cities?
  210. Researching Credible Sci-Fi
  211. How does "Firemoon" sound as a title?
  212. Shepherd's Crown - Spoilers allowed! Don't look at this thread if you haven't read it.
  213. Novels with supernatural protagonist who doesn't know what s/he is?
  214. YA fantasy versus adult fantasy
  215. How do I describe Palaces/Imperial Courts/Etc.
  216. Travelling Between Dimensions
  217. Elon Musk wants to nuke Mars
  218. When to reveal/explain speculative elements?
  219. Room for Transgenders in Urban Fantasy
  220. Creating a Series Bible
  221. Hodderscape Open Submissions- Anyone heard back yet?
  222. Lucky me
  223. Nonhuman protagonists: yea or nay?
  224. Omens, Signs and Portents
  225. Dual-Portal Fantasy Idea
  226. How to create a religion with a Arabian themed race/faction?
  227. Can I have some feedback on my current plot?
  228. Female protagonists
  229. What is "Dark Fantasy"?
  230. Do online novella series work?
  231. Need an IRL comparison
  232. Requirements for civilised life
  233. ~ Fantasy Fiction Back story ~
  234. Where guns don't work but 'cars' do...
  235. Things you'd like to see brought back to fantasy
  236. Angry Robot Announce 2015 Open Door Period
  237. How Tacky is too Tacky?
  238. Canadian Fantasy Publishers
  239. The Top 200 Fantasy Characters
  240. Fiction Book Chapter Length
  241. A different form of FTL. Your thoughts?
  242. Anybody else writing Monster Hunting stories?
  243. Proper amount of complexity in fantasy plots
  244. Ten important novels every aspiring SF writer should read
  245. Does it bother you when the parents are not mentioned or dead?
  246. fantasy history with '50s tech
  247. How complete does a book in a series have to be? (spoilers for the first ASOIAF and LOTR books)
  248. Are illustrated covers dead in Urban Fantasy?
  249. Harper Voyager Impulse US Open Submission Window Nov. 2-6 2015
  250. magic vs tech