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  1. (REVIVED THREAD) High Fantasy Idea, Feedback Appreciated!
  2. Among the following fantasy characters, which do you like or dislike?
  3. (How) can I improve my imagination?
  4. How to find reviewers for sf/fantasy?
  5. Tea and names
  6. Plotting suggestions for high fantasy: Blooded Heir
  7. Science in Fantasy vs Sci-Fi
  8. Magical realism
  9. Parents
  10. Cheating?
  11. Single POV and subplots
  12. Is the Fantasy SYW section less active?
  13. Chapter lengths in fantasy
  14. Scientific Unrealism
  15. Urban Tech
  16. Please help me with YA epic recs!
  17. Daniel Keyes, RIP
  18. Women Destroy Science Fiction!
  19. Urban fantasy not primarily in a city vs. paranormal thriller?
  20. What's the right home for this fantasy story?
  21. Location name in my novel appears in a pop culture movie?
  22. Fantasy Novel set in real world
  23. Words that have no reason to, but gotta be?
  24. Realstic Space Travel or Unrealstic Space Travel
  25. What are you guys tired of seeing in epic and high fantasy?
  26. Gut reactions on book title please
  27. Clarion West Write-A-Thon 2014
  28. back from the water cooler dead
  29. 190k word fantasy too big?
  30. "Unpronouncable" Words in Sci Fi/Fantasy
  31. What would you guys want to see in epic and high fantasy?
  32. What is excessive violence?
  33. When you say POC in relation to fantasy
  34. When does YA SF become adult SF?
  35. In universe character sheets!
  36. The Coming Doomsday
  37. Breaking the Rules and Doing it Wrong
  38. Steampunk Computers
  39. need help making futuristic doohickys and the like
  40. Unisex Showers
  41. Fantasy Westerns
  42. Revision trope changes?
  43. Where to begin...
  44. Story Killers
  45. Retaining character agency despite transformation
  46. Thank you
  47. Non-traditional roles for traditional supernatural beings?
  48. Terminology Advice/Help
  49. Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology
  50. Naming Characters.
  51. Alien smeerps
  52. Picking the right word
  53. Is there any fantasy out there with massive-scale, extremely high-powered settings?
  54. Capturing a sense of dance?
  55. Crazy idea of a fictional novel(ette)
  56. The Title Game
  57. Castle, Keep, Citadel or Fortress?
  58. Is this conflict too weak?
  59. Measuring time in second-world fantasy
  60. Neologisms: Good stuff or Woebitten?
  61. New To Science Fiction: Would Love Some Help
  62. Fantasy Map Books?
  63. Son of a god
  64. Fantasy Short stories
  65. YA (urban) fantasy clichés
  66. Series naming question?
  67. Thoughts on Fantasy and Sci-Fi as Genres
  68. Are small-time superpowers fantasy?
  69. How do people feel about those little quotes at the top of chapters?
  70. F and SF Electronic Submissions Form Open
  71. First chapter or prologue?
  72. SF Soap Opera?
  73. Alien psychology (employing humans)
  74. Non-verbal conversation dialogue tags
  75. Fantasy Synopsis
  76. Lighting in Medieval and Ancient Times
  77. More of fantasy question,
  78. Steampunk book recommendations
  79. Cyberpunk
  80. Describing Non-Human Characters
  81. The Summary Game
  82. Over thinking my genres?!?!
  83. Anyone else doing the Gen Con Writers' Symposium?
  84. If I ever write a zombie story. . .
  85. Names for spells that are descriptive words
  86. Writing for a fantasy-loving audience, but~
  87. Is this creation story good or stupid?
  88. Urban/Historical Fantasy Idea
  89. Wild magic
  90. Recommend good sci-fi stories for potential graphic novel adaptations?
  91. Potentially offensive story idea
  92. Quests
  93. Other world languages and cover neon lights
  94. Is High Fantasy Unbalanced without the Core Races?
  95. Fleshing out a sci-fi setting - could use help
  96. Any vampire lore regarding surviving a neck-snapping?
  97. Need some technobabble regarding a time device
  98. Is the epic fantasy market flooded at the moment?
  99. Fantasy set in Japan or a Japan-inspired World?
  100. Help, maybe, emotionally...
  101. Publication order
  102. What defines epic fantasy?
  103. What genre?
  104. Is it Post-Apocalyptic?
  105. Space opera recommendations?
  106. Magazine Subscription using Amazon
  107. Books with old women as anti-heroes
  108. Where are chapter titles okay?
  109. Time Travel Book?
  110. How Important Is Branding to Being Popular?
  111. A concern about names
  112. What are tips on making fantasy cultures?
  113. 2nd Set of Eyes
  114. How much research do I have to do?
  115. Chapter 1 not main character's viewpoint?
  116. Glossary and Pronunciation Guide
  117. Does A YA Science Fiction Need to Be Bonkers?
  118. Attention Central Texas Writers
  119. Thinking of self publishing
  120. Chapter One + Art!
  121. The way SF works end,
  122. Worldbuilding
  123. Imagining Other Earths -- free online course
  124. Best Sci Fi and Fantasy writers when it comes to fighting sexism and racism
  125. Cliches To Avoid Like The Plague?
  126. Gender Roles and Character Gender Issue
  127. When was the term "paranormal romance" coined?
  128. Keeping it in the fantasy realm despite explicit sex scenes
  129. I need to break out of prison
  130. When the token feature stops being one... for no reason at all
  131. How do you choose what to read?
  132. Non-SF/F Books for SF/F Writers
  133. Vampies are overdone...other dark races?
  134. Singular 1st or 3rd Person Epic Fantasy?
  135. Setting Out to Write a Trilogy?
  136. I am...STUCK!
  137. Penis sword plausibility
  138. Metric system in fantasy
  139. Vampire Fiction
  140. Fictional drugs vs real drugs
  141. Interzone - rights?
  142. I Have Created a Race of Robots
  143. Light Speed Time Travel
  144. That Dreaded Word...Exposition
  145. Lighthouse Magic
  146. A New World
  147. How well do you know your main character? the SF/F edition
  148. Query Question about Genre
  149. Trying to create a medieval fantasy setting
  150. Avoiding the Word Humanity
  151. Loving the Dead
  152. Avoiding World Building
  153. Prologue in Fantasy/Sci Fi
  154. World Mapping Overhaul
  155. interview with former Analog editor Stan Schmidt
  156. Market for Literary High Fantasy?
  157. Usage of Fictional Technology
  158. Taking pieces of fantasy novel and making it interesting
  159. Humorous Fantasy
  160. Difference between paranormal and straight-up fantasy?
  161. urban fantasy and the query process
  162. Magic or sorcery?
  163. When to break chapters
  164. insane Coincidences , Must see!!
  165. Afrofuturism
  166. Contemporary or SF?
  167. How did you pick your book/story title?
  168. Reduced market for Science fantasy?
  169. Magical or Mundane Main Characters
  170. Science taking the idea of a multiverse seriously?
  171. Cheers for Andy Weir
  172. Magnetic fields speed planet formation in young systems
  173. Mythology/Biblical Twist
  174. Recommend 2014 Science Fiction
  175. Making my own fantasy.
  176. need honestey about this race
  177. The whys and wherefores of hats in fantasy
  178. World Building in the Southern Hemisphere
  179. Sasquan (WorldCon 2015)
  180. True meaning of the name Hailey
  181. pulse on word count
  182. Mixing worlds
  183. Series title advice
  184. Genetics and Human/Non-Human Hybrids In SFF?
  185. Help Required
  186. Need Stories about Supernatural Powers
  187. Complete novice inspired to write sci-fi... any advice?
  188. The 2014-2015 Sekrit Solstice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story Swap
  189. Sci-ce of life?
  190. Book suggestions wanted!
  191. Military Fantasy books
  192. Magitek and Genre Classification
  193. Fantasy world without metal
  194. Editing my NaNo sci-fi/fantasy novel - numerous issues
  195. I'm not sure how to end my series
  196. James White (Sector General) and alien design
  197. Screenwriter Turned Sci-Fi Novelist Asks: Can/Should You Sell Your Book Before It's Done
  198. Tough Times
  199. Need name of powerful object
  200. Is it impossible to sell a fantasy novel with a clearly non-medieval/past-based aesthetic?
  201. Horse & men relationships
  202. When is the End of the World Genre Not SF/F?
  203. Worldbuilding an Earth-based, light sci-fi novel
  204. Can I use orcs in my story?
  205. Geology and divine creation
  206. Preconceived Notions and Tropes You Can't Outrun
  207. Torn about one reveal - need out-of-my-mind perspective
  208. sci-fi universe
  209. steampunk questions?
  210. Magic in the Future
  211. i know its been asked a thousand times
  212. Does the world need a name?
  213. One for fans of Katherine Kerr
  214. Using Japanese terms in Fantasy aimed at an English speaking audience?
  215. Sci-fi vs Fantasy
  216. How NOT to get sexual?
  217. Best in-classroom SFF scenes?
  218. Abaddon Open Write-for-Hire Call
  219. Fantasy Maps: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love drawing squigly lines through mountains
  220. Stories about space colonization
  221. Armless MC
  222. Three-element magic system?
  223. Need advice on kids fantasy book
  224. Stories about Astronauts who return from deep space missions
  225. Thread Slivers Golden Thread Trilogy
  226. Exposing a superhuman into space
  227. Fantasy with humans as the only humanoid race - would it work?
  228. Fresh Catch of the Day -- NO CRITTING
  229. Best books for blending Traditional Fantasy with Darker Fantasy
  230. Sci Fi fans' take on the work of Heinlen, Asimov and Clarke
  231. I Need a Reality Check on Body Armor and a Fight Scene
  232. Help With Two Scenes For My Star Trek Fan Fiction...
  233. Loooooong down times between plot events
  234. Arranged Marriages in SF/F.
  235. The 2015 Hugo & Other SFF Awards Eligible Works Thread
  236. Supernatural with a twist...
  237. Older generation vs. younger generation: must younger generation be "right"?
  238. Science Fiction? Romance? Both? Neither?
  239. Making a non-Christian based year calendar
  240. Audience with a King
  241. Fantasy Books with Valkyrie/Brunhilde
  242. Top e-publishers for Science Fiction/Fantasy who accept unagented submissions?
  243. Do readers need to project stereotyped assumptions on a world?
  244. Need help with a title
  245. Why would the gods create a physical realm?
  246. Dealing with language in a fantasy world
  247. Can first person work in Sci Fi or Fantasy?
  248. Post Apocalyptic Man Made Ruins and Weapons
  249. The epic series: What is it? How does it work?
  250. Release of worldbuilding information