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  1. This quote seem familiar to anyone?
  2. Dieselpunk Day
  3. Epic Fantasy plot structure in other genres?
  4. SciFi/Fantasy recommendations.
  5. Meteorites
  6. College Classes and SFF
  7. Real-life Sad Story
  8. magazine recommendations
  9. How do I stay on top of the market?
  10. For all you fans of clockwork automatons in SF and F, here's a real one
  11. Magic system too similar?
  12. An organic world
  13. Threats from lazy Mad Scientists
  14. The Villian's Journey
  15. Taos Toolbox 2014
  16. The 2013-2014 Sekrit Solstice SFF Story Swap!
  17. SF appendix examples
  18. Dealing with the Magnitude of a Project
  19. Coming up with monetary systems and calendars
  20. Let's Talk Magic..
  21. Pop Culture References in Urban Fantasy
  22. How realistic do your characters need to be?
  23. Describing the Size of Space
  24. A World Without Death?
  25. What do you think of my premise?
  26. Describing non-human characters without sounding awkward?
  27. Developing Telepathy
  28. Challenge: Positive Sci-Fi? Where is it?
  29. Mentioning horse breeds in fantasy?
  30. Advice on first sci-fi novel?
  31. Lightspeed All-Women Issue Open to Subs
  32. I've got some time traveling questions
  33. Time Travel and Viruses
  34. And the World You Came in On... Your Map!
  35. Need words to the effect of.....
  36. How do you get someone back to the future when they have no physical machine?
  37. Pre-Roman Empire fantasy settings
  38. Viking fantasy?
  39. Title Help!
  40. Different Fantasy Hunters
  41. Rosemary Kirstein has cancer :( Steerswoman out in ebook :)
  42. On Beauty
  43. Gundam, Robotech...etc.
  44. Philosophers, Scholars, Scientists
  45. Looking for scifi books of this topic/content
  46. Hard Sci-Fi Zero G Effects
  47. Stealth trajectory/vector
  48. Cultures in fantasy
  49. Doing ridiculous things in the dark
  50. The golden, glorious, gorgeous, noble hero of destiny
  51. Looking for fantasy conquest/invasion novels
  52. Giving your main character importance
  53. Ideas as to how my Portals appear?
  54. Other really awesome fantasy series out there?
  55. Vampires, how hard do they sparkle today?
  56. Writing style for my novel
  57. Writing a Fantasy Story
  58. Maps?
  59. What could immobilize a magical creature?
  60. Hugo Awards 2014
  61. Villains... Mwahaha.
  62. telepathy and grammar
  63. What I'm Reading Right Now - The Big Book of Classic Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction
  64. To incant or to not incant
  65. How badly do you need a villain?
  66. Everytime I...
  67. How can you sufficiently distinguish your UF series?
  68. Orbital Bombardment
  69. Anyone else write alternate history
  70. Optimistic fantasy?
  71. Looking for a Beta Reader?
  72. The Hobbit -- An Unexpected Deficiency
  73. What do you think about humanoid aliens
  74. Proverbs and Wolves
  75. Artwork and map for fantasy novel
  76. Protagonists That Develop Into Darker Characters?
  77. Is it cheesy to use gray aliens in a sci-fi story
  78. Biblical/Religious Imagery in Fantasy
  79. use of contractions
  80. Large cast of characters
  81. How Do You Incriminate A God?
  82. Too cliche
  83. Inspirational pics
  84. Favourite Piece of Description from Fantasy/Sci Fi Books
  85. The SFF Writing Check-in Corner
  86. Undoing a blood oath
  87. Is this okay to do?
  88. Went to my friend's Fantasy book launch party tonight
  89. Fantasy novels and prophecies
  90. To Build or Not?
  91. Antagonists.
  92. The Eldritch Tomb of Unknowable Caffeine
  93. The Dastardly Dungeon of Deliciously Devious Drinks
  94. The October Ogre's Oodles of Green Noodles Cantina
  95. The importance of a job in Urban Fantasy?
  96. The Writing Excuses/Carl Brandon Society Scholarship
  97. SF/F sales by year
  98. How Many words?
  99. Naming your book
  100. What's my subgenre?
  101. What makes a Portal Fantasy?
  102. Politeness the key to successful AI?
  103. Witches and witch-hunters
  104. [Fantasy] Use of Races
  105. Post Apocalyptic Horror and Science Fiction
  106. Question about book that might just be science fantasy
  107. A salt-based magic system?
  108. How to Kidnap a Girl?
  109. Any high fantasy/horror suggestions?
  110. Reasons for Everything in Fantasy
  111. What are little things you notice because of your own experience?
  112. How forgiving of scientific inaccuracy are you in novels
  113. Writing Epic Fantasy: Learn From Others' Mistakes
  114. Seeking a more interesting way to say....
  115. What was the first SF/F book you ever read?
  116. SFWA Joins the IAF
  117. Do I need Fantasy names?
  118. Using real place names in fantasy world?
  119. Reputable Fantasy Publishers
  120. Career vs Careen [OT from Epic Fantasy thread]
  121. Naming Ages of Time
  122. Multi-generational space travel/Noah's space arc
  123. Uses for magic
  124. 2013 Nebula nominees announced, includes self-published work
  125. Best Places to Publish Short Story Sci-Fi?
  126. Word count for gaslight fantasy
  127. Time in a static world
  128. How much world building is enough, as opposed to overkill?
  129. Framing Devices?
  130. Dialog between characters from different times
  131. Multi-Viewpoint Novels
  132. Dilemma of the taboo nature
  133. A question of help with Narration
  134. How do you feel about a shifter “virus” without a set beast?
  135. What Would you Ask of Death?
  136. Roles of Agents in a Team
  137. Tor Books offers free downloads of Tor Nebula Award Nominee novellas
  138. Any sci-fi novels dealing with souls and death?
  139. Mixing SF and F
  140. The Baen Books and Engagement Thread
  141. Are you ok with vague, post-apocalyptic settings
  142. Fandom Dialogues
  143. Tolerance of Expletives in Novels
  144. Looking for a book rec.
  145. Space 1889
  146. Do you mind humanoid aliens in science fantasy
  147. Agents who like Werewolves?
  148. Clichés you could do without?
  149. Fantastical Restaurants
  150. Outliner or Pantser? The SFF edition
  151. Is the word "Cloaking Device" Now Canon to Sci-fi?
  152. Fantasy: just enough mystery, just enough magic
  153. Would clones be in danger of murder?
  154. Lucius Shepard R.I.P.
  155. When does cross-genre NOT work?
  156. Is this Magic Concept Original?
  157. Science fiction vernacular in 3rd limited
  158. Interesting article on worldbuilding
  159. Time travel and suspension of disbelief
  160. hard science fiction
  161. Sci-Fi Lite
  162. Superpowered people in a fantasy world?
  163. My fantasy doesn't read like a fantasy.
  164. Fellow Fantasy writers, how powerful are your characters?
  165. Finding a term to denote a person with special ability
  166. Too "epic" for one book?
  167. Making your UF unique
  168. Standard Fantasy Races
  169. ...
  170. How do you build a strong cast of secondary characters?
  171. Looking for a book like Battlestar Galactica
  172. 100,000 years or 10,000?
  173. Mixed Genre
  174. What the heck is my genre???
  175. Dangerous Worlds Adventure Gamebooks
  176. Sci-Fi Book titles that make you go ,LOLOLOL
  177. Creative Writing Student Seeks Interview
  178. 3 Trials ideas?
  179. When writing a specific type of Science Fantasy,
  180. Any Fairy Tale Writers?
  181. What pulls you into a scifi book or franchise?
  182. Entire Wheel of Time series included with Hugo Voting Packet
  183. The speech of ancient beings
  184. Metaphors of Death
  185. Author Recommendations Please
  186. Does my MC need a memento?
  187. Amateur needing general advice...
  188. Riddles
  189. Favorite Alpha and Beta female and male characters in Sci Fi/Fantasy
  190. Was recently introduced,
  191. Opinions [question about prophecies]
  192. For action oriented male and female MCs, what are your biggest turn offs and turn ons?
  193. Baen Fantasy Adventure Award opens May 1, 2014
  194. CNN Commentator: Star Wars Ruined SciFi
  195. Some opinions on conclusion to third book in series, perhaps?
  196. Writing about the End of the World
  197. What are good aids on worldbuilding?
  198. The Book Smugglers are Looking for Subversive Fairy Tale Retellings, Pro Rates
  199. Question for SF/F/Spec SPers
  200. Dystopian science fiction
  201. Set Location vs Journey
  202. A list of Sci Fi and UF monsters and mythology characters that would be considered novel
  203. Oil in fantasy
  204. old names, modern/futuristic setting?
  205. Do you rename clothing in your books?
  206. What if everybody turn into beasts?
  207. How do you handle writing epic-length fantasy?
  208. I know its a fantasy, but ...
  209. R.I.P. H.R. Giger
  210. Women in Medieval Fantasy
  211. what to name mans first interstellar colony ship?
  212. Time Lords
  213. Closing Scenes
  214. why is sci-fantasy so hard to find
  215. What Sci-fi themes Editors are tired of seeing
  216. Another question on science fantasy,
  217. Publisher you prefer: Traditional or Self?
  218. Alternatives for the word "prophecy"
  219. On the Far Side Contest
  220. Science Fantasy Word Count
  221. Fictional book
  222. colony world and social structure and problems?
  223. Cities, settings, and unique places in Urban Fantasy
  224. Any advice on finding non-action or slice of life fantasy stories...
  225. My very own Wiki
  226. Any Other Superhero Fiction Writers Out There?
  227. can you just own the tech level?
  228. Lost Tape--Tolkien Reveals meaning of LOTR
  229. Magic and swords (or lasers...)
  230. Calculating Lunar Phases
  231. Trouble introducing familiars in stories
  232. 4 science fiction novels on this Top Ten list
  233. On Science fantasy tech,
  234. Tor-riffic.
  235. How would you write a female character who can fight without her being a "fighting female cliche"?
  236. Xenobiology vs Exobiology vs Astrobiology
  237. Where is the line between drawing inspiration and mimicking/ripping off?
  238. Variations on Cliched Expressions for Worldbuilding
  239. colony world religion
  240. Genre Question - Urban Fantasy
  241. DBZ-level Magic/Superpowers in Fantasy/SF? (Does it exsist, and if not, why?)
  242. Supes VS Bullets
  243. Should beginning writers avoid writing epic fantasy?
  244. When you write stories of scope,
  245. Question about setting
  246. Any other YA Fantasy / NA Fantasy writers out there?
  247. Science Fiction Short Story: "Assault on Sector 19"
  248. Fantasy World Races
  249. Sc-Fi appealing to Women
  250. (REVIVED THREAD) High Fantasy Idea, Feedback Appreciated!