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  1. Oral and Literary Traditions in Secondary Worlds
  2. Is SFF too eager to please?
  3. Morally Significant Choices
  4. Religion in Fantasy Books
  5. January SF/F Book Study Poll
  6. pratchett first novel comp
  7. Real Geniuses: What are they Like?
  8. Descriptions
  9. Need a Cartographer/Artist
  10. Y/A-Science Fiction
  11. Creating food from an imaginary world.
  12. Help me brainstorm a name
  13. Urban fantasy average word count?
  14. Fantasy writing reference books - castles, historical clothing, etc?
  15. Dilemma regarding character age
  16. Ships that sail through space
  17. Complicated trilogy ending?
  18. January Book Study: Wool omnibus
  19. Boundaries in Fantasy
  20. I need help with my Apocalypse
  21. coming of age fantasy
  22. Emoting: How much is too much?
  23. Scifi/Fantasy Crossover
  24. Asimov on Science Fiction: the Reaction, not the Action
  25. Naming units
  26. Time Travel
  27. Best Name for a Fantasy Race?
  28. Thoughts on my fantasy book's cover....
  29. Would like advice re: psychics and head-hopping
  30. Fight Scenes in Fantasy and Sci-Fi
  31. Never mind!
  32. A certain kind of story
  33. Can Sci-Fi be Sci-Fi without the Sci?
  34. Silly SF question
  35. Have you ever made up your own mystical creature?
  36. Dimensions of Science Fiction - Realism to Fantasy, Optimism to Pessimism
  37. Bestselling Worldbuilding Tips
  38. Is religion is the religion aspect in fantasy dangerous?
  39. Female Fantasy Armor
  40. How Would you Describe LARPing
  41. How much do you think about how popular your stories will be?
  42. Do stories in stories work well?
  43. Scariest scene in a fantasy (or SF) novel.
  44. Needing some advice on writing the intricate details of a steampunk world
  45. Dispute w/a Porter
  46. ROC or TOR
  47. passage of time
  48. February Bookstudy Suggestions Thread
  49. What is a space opera
  50. Resenting a legacy, rather than the person.
  51. Difference between Throne Room and Great Hall
  52. **Flash!** **Poof** And other shape shifting sound effects...?
  53. Are Giant Spiders too cliche?
  54. February Bookstudy Poll
  55. Opinions, please.
  56. Black Hole spaceship travel?
  57. Super Powered Guy Rape (Warning Some sexual content and talk about rape)
  58. Time Travel Question
  59. Girls in Spandex
  60. Is Fantasy Headed Out?
  61. Vampire Origin Stories
  62. Whose prose style is similar to Tolkien?
  64. Kim Harrison Video Chat Today
  65. Suggestions for a Horror/Urban Fantasy imprint?
  66. Copyright questions--what are the limitations?
  67. Not sci-fi enough?
  68. Apex Magazine
  69. February SF/F Book Study: American Gods
  70. Wave of Introductions
  71. Medieval type terms/systems - overused or common knowledge
  72. Animal eyes in the dark.
  73. Is this Speculative Fiction?
  74. The Pulp-o-mizer
  75. Two separate novels at the same time?
  76. My Fantasy Novels are Fantasy Novellas (help!)
  77. Stories based on myths
  78. Unconventional ways someone might travel between planets
  79. Addressing the Parental Units
  80. Can you imagine yourself writing 9-5?
  81. The 'Punk' Genre
  82. "Space Marines" Now A Trademarked Phrase
  83. Are romps taken seriously by editors?
  84. Portal Fantasy - How important is timing in the jump?
  85. SFWA currently under DDoS attack
  86. Yoda creator Stuart Freeborn, 1914-2013
  87. Changing Mythology: Good or Bad?
  88. transporting worlds
  89. Medical Dystopian?
  90. Is there a term for this? What other books do this?
  91. How big is a realistic continent?
  92. The believable in fantasy
  93. Scifi? Fantasy? Both?
  94. Same Culture in Alternate History?
  95. Looking for books - Local solarsystem
  96. Epistolary Fantasy Novels? Yes? No?
  97. A One-Person F/SF Blog
  98. How overdone are vampires?
  99. A question for fans of UF series
  100. What to do with a pre-cognitive ability?
  101. Need insight about horses
  102. How much should technology,
  103. Battles & detail
  104. Projectile weapons in space
  105. Catnip...
  106. Looking for Space Adventure Tropes/Cliches!
  107. Vehicles in Science Fiction
  108. How much drama and angst do you expect from your fantasy?
  109. Worldbuilding and Hair
  110. Need ideas on this problem
  111. How closely do you want your readers to identify with your MC(s)?
  112. Plot Issue & Pop Culture
  113. YA Fantasy. To Gun, or not to Gun.
  114. Picking back up on Fantasy novel, need some advice
  115. Sword and Sorcery without the sorcery?
  116. March SF/F Bookstudy Pre-Poll
  117. How do you correct and infodump?
  118. Escapism
  119. Feedback question
  120. On Worldbuilding Fauna
  121. Needs more ninjas?
  122. I'm a little confused by,
  123. Magic Using the Five (or More) Senses
  124. New guy here
  125. Ringworlds
  126. Choosing between villains
  127. Steampunk series question
  128. Zombies -fantasy or science fiction?
  129. Simultaneous Scenes
  130. How in the world do you make time travel work?
  131. Weak Magic
  132. March SF/F Book Study Poll
  133. Pondering Science Fiction vs Fact
  134. What I want to see more in fantasy/sci-fi
  135. How do I make my MC willing to kill without coming off as a sociopath?
  136. How much do you care what the aliens look like?
  137. Vancian Magic: Is it copyrighted?
  138. I think my story is getting out of control
  139. Dictionary Help
  140. Neo Nazis as Antagonists
  141. Describe Asian Rooftops
  142. Are editors always fans of their genre?
  143. I need to wreck my spaceship
  144. The hypothetical alternatives to space travel?
  145. March SF/F Book Study: Old Man's War
  146. When is a story worth subbing?
  147. Fantasy Without Magic
  148. Sci-Fi/Fantasy Pet Peeves (can include cliches)
  149. Barely Speculative SciFi
  150. Has anyone read Eragon?
  151. Bionics, Robotics, which one for my disabled MC?
  152. Where to begin?
  153. I wrote a Women's Fiction/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Mystery/Thriller. Lord help me!
  154. Main characters who are manipulative but likeable?
  155. Surname land mines
  156. Human Sustainability
  157. Looking for fantasy heroines (non-romantic)
  158. Contemporary Tech; Distant future
  159. When Names just don't Jive: A cautionary tale
  160. List of advance-paying unagented MS accepting publishers: speculative fiction
  161. How much violence do you prefer in your fantasy?
  162. Metamorphoses
  163. Sc-Fi/Fantasy Apocalyptic Novel Idea.
  164. UF: Two questions
  165. Literary agents/ editor / publishers of punk lit
  166. Can a dystopia be set in the modern day?
  167. How well do you know your MC (SFF Edition)
  168. I have a weird question, I wonder if you have the same problem?
  169. How well do you know your Villain (SFF Edition)
  170. UF Fans: What kind of enemy creatures DON'T you like, and why?
  171. AW SF/F Book Study Pre-Poll: Looking for Fantasy suggestions
  172. Series Title
  173. A Slime Approaches v2.0
  174. Ratcheting up the Body Count
  175. How does a writer know what opinions to dismiss?
  176. To split or not to split: One book or two?
  177. AW SF/F March Book Study Poll
  178. Measurements in Fantasy
  179. Taos Toolbox SFF Workshop 2013
  180. Languages.
  181. What weapon do you like to see the most in a SF/F story.
  182. Why Speculative Fiction?
  184. fF/F works of English Kings
  185. What Really Defines UF?
  186. April SF/F Book Study
  187. Examples of SF for adults that became a hit with YA
  188. Banks Ill
  189. What are your favorite Duel wielding combo's?
  190. Space Occupations/jobs....Ideas?
  191. using existing worlds -- how does the legality work?
  192. First Person Beginnings
  193. Replacing Common Exclamations
  194. Question about s&s formula repetitiveness
  195. Jake from the Sthat Pharm
  196. Water Turbines.
  197. Male protags in UF
  198. Writers block!! Oh No!!
  199. Is it really that hard to get stories published?
  200. Book blast for David Farland
  201. How soon do you expect there to be ‘action’ in the fantasy books you read?
  202. Gone, gone, gone, you've been gone so long...
  203. The Hugos -- Do People Care?
  204. Backstory question
  205. Are zombies a must in a post apocalyptic world?
  206. Character development in a multi book series
  207. It's time to begin actually writing.
  208. UF creatures/beings that are instant turn-offs for you?
  209. Agents who rep pirate fiction?
  210. "Normal" Protagonists and an Unhidden World
  211. Character Ages
  212. Need Help With An Idea!
  213. Homosexual characters
  214. UF Political Intrigue
  215. The Good and Bad of Selling an Interstitial Novel
  216. Do you prefer your Steampunk Fantasy or SF
  217. Sex in UF?
  218. Multiple Names for Characters in Fantasy
  219. So I just finished A Memory of Light
  220. Life on a planet tidally locked to its sun
  221. The AWer Harper Voyager Unagented Submissions Watch Thread
  222. Question about Dialogue in novels
  223. So.... mythology can I use in a fantasy world that is not a altered version of ours?
  224. A shrinking setting?
  225. May AW SF/F Bookstudy: Suggestion Thread
  226. Books on Castles
  227. May AW Book Study Poll
  228. Do you have favorite music to listen to while writing?
  229. Fantasy Tropes that you LOVE
  230. A. E. Merritt
  231. Help finding a book title
  232. Calendar for a fantasy world with no seasons
  233. How do you decide what project to work on?
  234. Inspired by Star Trek
  235. ...and the red sawdust spilled out onto the grass
  236. Are you put off by fantasy stories with only a handful of humans in them?
  237. RIP Andrew J Offutt
  238. May SF/F Book Study: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
  239. Submission Formatting Questions [Moved from Submitting and Selling Flash Fiction]
  240. Don't you find it strange...
  241. Exposition later (but still early) in the MS
  242. AI tropes
  243. Pen names in Fantasy
  244. What makes stuff "cool"?
  245. Describing strange features in first person
  246. What you write is not what you love
  247. Artificial Intelligence
  248. how do you deal with language barrier betweens humans and aliens?
  249. Tired Tropes of UF
  250. On the Coexistence and Interaction of Monsters, Magics, Technologies, and Peoples.