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  1. Need a Title
  2. Magically developed nations?
  3. Magic, and the dangers of using it
  4. SF/F-Friendly Ph.D. Programs?
  5. Who's Who Silly question
  6. How do fantasy agents approach the MSes they read?
  7. Potentially writing a huge cliche
  8. Not Sure If This Will Work??
  9. How to make mysteriousness interesting?
  10. Mystical alchemy
  11. Agents for Fantasy Fiction
  12. Child You VS Current You
  13. Coursera SFF course
  14. The fantasy shelf
  15. 7 trillion people, 1 city.
  16. How likely is this to offend?
  17. Interzone and word limits?
  18. Playful Fantasy
  19. Would this be feasible, even in a work of fiction?
  20. Tell me if opening my novel this way isn't smart.
  21. New fantasy novels that aren't GrimDark.
  22. Prologue or no Prologue?
  23. Armor Question
  24. Are Vampires over used?
  25. Question about unagented publishers
  26. middle ages information
  27. Why is everything so old?
  28. How much do you have to explain?
  29. Piers Anthony is Cool
  30. Culturally Exoticizing Ourselves
  31. Oh, just kill me now. *headdesk*
  32. The effects of being a clone
  33. Should dirt be called earth?
  34. Why do epic fantasies always take place in monarchies, instead of democracies?
  35. Ran headlong into cliche land.
  36. Do you find selling fantasy hard?
  37. Typical UF Mystery Structure
  38. Tell me your opinion of the name 'Shadowing.'
  39. 4th time's a charm! Sound Of Sirens, 997 words.
  40. Tentacles!
  41. How could a bird get around that could not fly?
  42. World-Building
  43. Alien Description? :( Help
  44. Vampires, shifters, and internal consistency
  45. Interesting Urban Fantasy Chat
  46. Aliens or Faeries?
  47. Military in Fiction Writing Advice
  48. Plausibility of an Evil Empire
  49. Is my definition of Hard Fantasy wrong?
  50. Showing the feeling
  51. Forms of address in not-really-France -- best practices for narrative?
  52. She could move the stars, but she doesn't want to.
  53. Is it enough for a series' overarching goal to be an abstract dream?
  54. One or two books?
  55. Paradise Icon Writer's Workshop
  56. How much set up in Sci-fi?
  57. Maps and fantasy
  58. Why so little sex in epic fantasy and space opera?
  59. Should I write this story inside of me?
  60. Bug shifters?
  61. RIP Harry Harrison
  62. Writing a science fiction without explaining the science?
  63. Songs in Fantasy
  64. Fact Checking My Fantasy: Does the logic hold?
  65. Building a cast to counter cliche? ...but did I fall into it instead?
  66. How to recreate the Fantasy species?
  67. Expectations of Urban Fantasy
  68. Theological approach in Fantasy, and details of it regarding my novel.
  69. YA Fantasy or Epic Fantasy?
  70. POV in epic fantasy?
  71. Stone-Age/Medieval Fusion Concept
  72. FantasyCon 2012 (Brighton) Sept 27-30
  73. Looking for a book, blanking on the author and title--help!
  74. The final fate of the Antagonist
  75. Recommendations, please?
  76. Good post-apocalypse read?
  77. World Building: Fantasy Physics
  78. Naming Characters in Urban Fantasy
  79. What makes a "GOOD" Hero/Antihero?
  80. A crazy idea?
  81. Looking for exciting urban fantasy recommendations
  82. One-offs?
  83. How dumb is using the fantasy name generator online?
  84. Re-inventing the wheel?
  85. Description in an action scene
  86. Vampire + stake + science =\= reality?
  87. World Fantasy Convention in Toronto
  88. Steampunk without the Victorian?
  89. Loncon3: The World SF Convention in 2014
  90. If you don't like Lord of the Ring, does that mean you don't like fantasy books?
  91. The Hugos 2012
  92. Unifying Opposing Forces
  93. Internal consistency is...what exactly?
  94. What pronouns can I use for aliens with no male/female gender?
  95. Blending MG and adult fantasy - bad idea?
  96. If a character has a new identity....
  97. Sub-genres sticky please
  98. weaponry on starships
  99. A New Generation of Science Fiction Beckons, Trekkies!
  100. question about a scene involving a space fleet
  101. How do you deal with your protagonist's emotional arc?
  102. Magic System Rules
  103. Say hello to the new SFF Co-Mod!
  104. "Frankenstein" Bound: Autographed presentation copy to Lord Byron turns up
  105. Space Westerns
  106. Character Preference
  107. Heads Up: Harper Voyager calls for unagented submissions
  108. Fantasy during the Romantic era
  109. One main character, multi-POV book suggestions?
  110. Angst quotient of characters
  111. Book (or books) where characters have a "Knack"?
  112. Making Space Battle Interesting
  113. Technobabble
  114. looking for a word
  115. Is this comedic or normal fantasy?
  116. Setting.
  117. Harper Voyager sf&f submission call
  118. Swearing in Fantasy.
  119. Would this ending scream "book 2 soon in the closest bookstore"?
  120. The Newbie
  121. What is SF Romance?
  122. Transportation Limitations: Animals
  123. Writing Action
  124. Flashbacks
  125. Is A Main Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Element Really That Bad?
  126. A fantasy-style Crisis of the Third Century?
  127. Drawing of your MC? [images]
  128. Writing for the fun of it
  129. Effectiveness of writing workshops?
  130. Fantasy readers: If I say...
  131. critique this piece for me?
  132. Is this concept plausible?
  133. Does anybody know of a really good Fantasy editor?
  134. Proper Catagory
  135. What do you do when you can't get motivated to write?
  136. WIP Soundtrack?
  137. How is Terry Brooks?
  138. Hello. My name is Mandy Patinkin. It's 25th anniversery of The Princess Bride, I still love the line
  139. Empathetic MC book recs?
  140. Welsh Fae
  141. Need help with YA Sci-Fi Climax of Novel
  142. New Races
  143. Crossing Genres - sci-fi noir - Indie Pub / Agent?
  144. So many books, so little time...
  145. Navigator or Astrogator
  146. LGBT Fantasy?
  147. Would you write a novel in 1st person POV?
  148. Swearing.
  149. Harper Collins claims I wrote a Slipstream novel
  150. Writing "Outside" the character (possession)
  151. Acceptable Failure Quotient?
  152. para/supernatural detective books
  153. Leaving out the whole story
  154. Common Misconceptions about Fantasy/Scifi Writers
  155. Any good Urban Fantasy novels or short stories with the Internet as a key theme?
  156. Name help for kick-ass faerie princess
  157. Name Your Kingdom
  158. Vampires Evolving Away From Original Myth
  159. Began Short Story - Need feedback
  160. Punk genre writers wanted (cyberpunk,biopunk,other punk)
  161. Writing the "Other"
  162. Adding magic into an alternative Earth
  163. Why is it that fantasy is widely discredited?
  164. Magic Systems - Power Balance
  165. Battle scenes & characterization
  166. Women's fict/Sci-fi/Lesbian (very mild)/ethnic novel completed...
  167. I'm being tormented by a vague memory of a book again . . . I think
  168. Dragoncon vs Worldcon
  169. Terry Brooks: Running with the demon vs Shannara books
  170. Suspension of Disbelief: When do you fudge it.
  171. Mixing Fantasy and the 1940s
  172. Sacrifice by main character
  173. Sanderson and Rothfuss Interview
  174. Writing Formal Introductions / Treaties and Big Events
  175. S&S Mystery genre?
  176. Writing Science Fiction that Doesn't Age
  177. Agent for Contemporary Fantasy
  178. Vampyres of Hollywood?
  179. Description and pacing in fantasy
  180. Sadistic God?
  181. How long should fantasy books be?
  182. How to start book two: Chapter One
  183. Non-fantastic fantasy
  184. Names in fantasy books....
  185. What is the difference between a jumpgate and a portal?
  186. Who do you resemble?
  187. Is the end of the world cliché?
  188. Dwelling vs. Telling
  189. Dual setting: utopia + non-utopia?
  190. A bit confusing setup?
  191. Recommendations for Editors?
  192. Mapping your world....
  193. Orcs, goblins, and trolls...oh my!
  194. Sex scenes in fantasy
  195. How to Handle Alternative History
  196. When does slang become too much?
  197. How big is your cast?
  198. Sewer Systems In Fantasy
  199. Simple things that a lot of Fantasy Writers get wrong in their books....
  200. Designing a necromantic magic system?
  201. I'm wondering if this is too cliché.
  202. Urban Fantasy with Female Villians
  203. World Building?
  204. Gault 1 - The Explosion
  205. A Question Regarding Prologues
  206. How do you kill an AI
  207. Word Count Woes
  208. Can you help with this odd world-building setup?
  209. Need a name for a race of vampires
  210. Need some help with logistics
  211. Managing characters and multiple factions in your WIP
  212. Can I make these kinds of references?
  213. Gault 2 - Dust Cover summary - Any comments?
  214. Societal recovery part II
  215. Fantasy genre confusion
  216. What kind of things attract you to a book's premise?
  217. Essays on magical systems
  218. Avatars overdone?
  219. End Of Book Question
  220. Character Flaws
  221. Fantasy or something else?
  222. Important reveal just before The End?
  223. Fantasy Advice?
  224. Gault 3 - Snotty Rich People
  225. Happy Endings???
  226. How to write Space Opera (funny)
  227. Magic Police
  228. Help me Brainstorm!
  229. un-hiding the hidden villain
  230. Titles - How the heck do you come up with them?
  231. Ned help remember name fo a short story, bradbury?
  232. Diplomacy!
  233. killing the bad guy
  234. Level Earth
  235. CPR in fantasy?
  236. The Secret Solstice SFF Story Swap (SS-SFF-SS). 2012 edition.
  237. Fantasy Book Covers
  238. how do you go about starting a new novel?
  239. Happy Holidays Fantasy People!!!
  240. Planning Ahead
  241. For those of you with multiple projects....
  242. What type of ending do you enjoy?
  243. Bad Idea/Good Idea...
  244. Elves and Dwarves
  245. January Book Study Pre-Poll/ Book Study Pitch
  246. Just watched "Dreams with Sharp Teeth" and am looking for recommendations
  247. Action and Variety
  248. Opinions, People
  249. Percentage of "good" fantasy books.
  250. Clothing for a winged race?