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  1. sci-fi, plausibility and the little details...
  2. SF/F mixed universe question
  3. Hoping for some endorsements
  4. My current scene goes down the rabbit hole
  5. Anachronism and the All right vs Alright Debate
  6. Opinions are needed please.
  7. Worldbuilding Trouble
  8. Describing skin tone without ethnicity
  9. Fantasy based on Slavic folklore
  10. Asteroid scale and clasifications
  11. Tales Of The Elderday Kingdoms. Book One: The Five Spheres Of Bohannin. 2943 words.
  12. April Book Study: Vampires and Werewolves and Crime and Punishment
  13. Do I need to include the prophecy?
  14. Do I need to include the prophecy?
  15. Do I need to include the prophecy?
  16. SF/Romance: Good or Bad?
  17. SF/F April & May Book Study: Parable of the Sower
  18. Genre Question: Is getting published science fiction or fantasy
  19. Internal conflict in fantasy and urban fantasy
  20. I want to talk about bad guys
  21. Wormholes and time travel...
  22. Do I need a villain?
  23. Conflicting Mythologies
  24. Reference to our world?
  25. Does anyone actually read short story collections anymore?
  26. A competition that might be of interest
  27. You are accused of Alienness on three counts: by Looks, by Thoughts, and by Biology
  28. Super Weapons
  29. Crucifixion
  30. Attn: Writers of Big Fat SFF Series
  31. Best SFF worldbuilding articles you've ever seen?
  32. Large Scale Fantasy/Medieval Warfare
  33. Dual POV?
  34. Melee combat in science fiction
  35. Odd Names?
  36. If this goes on... Versus Whaf if?
  37. Inventing Languages
  38. Introducing a difficult setting
  39. Like Tolkien/Martin/etc., but France instead of the U.K.
  40. Article on Collaboration at MagicalWords
  41. What would you expect from a book labelled as an 'urban fantasy adventure' novel?
  42. Blasters, guns, lasers question
  43. Earth Magic and Castles
  44. Establishing the setting and history of your fantasy novel
  45. Is Speculative Fiction always SFF?
  46. Chemicals That Are Dangerous to Witches
  47. Who are some of your favorite urban fantasy villains?
  48. Wormholes.
  49. Help with a "fake" name
  50. Between Sci-Fi and Horror; how to shop such a story?
  51. Swinging Bad-d00dz.
  52. Urban Fantasy Buddies?
  53. Urban Fantasy Buddies?
  54. How much fighting is too much?
  55. Male Verses Female Main Character
  56. On the necessity of eye candy
  57. Suspending science without ruining the story?
  58. "Portal Fantasy" and Related Tropes....
  59. Urban Fantasy Publishers
  60. Raised by the civilised
  61. Free course - Fantasy and SF
  62. Sci-Fi Terminology?
  63. Telling/showing in UF: how do you do it?
  64. How to effectively control and force an entire collective of races to do your bidding.
  65. What to Do When a Story's Too Simple
  66. Reviewers
  67. Tor Books is going DRMless
  68. Urban Fantasy Cliches
  69. Urban fantasy short stories
  70. Errr... I'm not sure if my fights are too over the top
  71. Is fantasy/sci-fi an unpopular genre?
  72. Question...
  73. Literature of Ideas
  74. If it doesn't want to be worshipped, is it still a deity?
  75. Pop culture references in fantasy?
  76. Tasers, anyone?
  77. I'll be surprised if this hasn't been done yet
  78. A question of ignorance
  79. Dan Brown Sci-Fi anyone?
  80. Is it Fantasy or Science Fiction?
  81. How Is This Fantasy Idea?
  82. The SFF book study
  83. Genre - SF, F, or interstitial?
  84. Diverse Fantasy Setting Sources
  85. Capitalization and creatures.
  86. Sci-fi / crime... interstitial?
  87. Where might I place this? What sub-genre is it?
  88. Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Fantasy and commercial fiction
  89. Supermoon
  90. Fictional Non-earthen Languages
  91. Quests or mysteries, which do you prefer?
  92. Aliens or No Aliens?
  93. Factors in Futuristic Stories
  94. SF/Fantasy ARC and Book Give-aways and Competition
  95. To SFWA or not SFWA?
  96. F/SF bookstudy June pre-poll
  97. What is your favorite Iain M Banks novel?
  98. Communicating Telepathically: Is It A Cliche?
  99. Societal recovery
  100. Please help: Is this science fiction or fantasy?
  101. Techo-porn-ology... Ugh.
  102. Asimov's "Union Club Mysteries"
  103. Low-grade publishers?
  104. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong
  105. June Bookstudy Poll: Fantasy
  106. Book Suggestions
  107. Is Urban Fantasy Popular with ePublishers?
  108. Does "Why" matter?
  109. Where to put all that history?
  110. Are shapeshifters too played out?
  111. Why can't some of my most favorite SFF books be found in the SFF section of the bookstore?
  112. Urban fantasy titles
  113. Non-epic, non-contemporary fantasy market
  114. Multiple Characters-a bit of help?
  115. Top Agents/Agencies for Fantasy
  116. Do you gravitate toward fantasy set in our world or fantasy set in a made up world?
  117. 17th-18th century fantasy settings
  118. A troupe of characters, nobody important?
  119. Tropes and other scary things.
  120. Lines Between Diversity and Staying True
  121. Viable Paradise XVI 2012 Martha's Vineyard Writing Workshop: 1 Week
  122. Urban Fantasy Query Letters
  123. Changing sub-genres/setting
  124. SF, same universe, wildly different sub-genres
  125. Reccomendations
  126. Do I need cryogenics at all?
  127. Maybe I shouldn't be calling it fantasy...
  128. Looking for Magic Item/Macguffin ideas
  129. Book recomendation question.
  130. Food solution needed
  131. Sci-fi/Fantasy with plot twist?
  132. Female SFF writers writing male protagonists
  133. Leo Dillon, Prominent African-American SF/Fantasy Illustrator, Has Died
  134. Clarion West Write-a-thon
  135. Pacing and wish fulfilling milieu
  136. The probably hopeless, needle in a haystack search--anyone recall this story?
  137. Need Help Designing a Starship
  138. SF/F June Book Study: Little, Big
  139. In need of mythical creatures any ideas?
  140. Do you wear pants when you write?
  141. Fantasy Manuscripts
  142. Anyone else see the New Yorker's science fiction issue?
  143. Potty time
  144. Middle-eastern Fantasy
  145. Urban Fantasy Confused With Urban Fiction
  146. Maps and prologues
  147. How do you come up with your villains and integrate them into your plot?
  148. Sky color and ocean color on alien planets
  149. Visions of Dystopia
  150. creature question
  151. My best friend the Pirate, Vampire, Zombiewolf Queen?
  152. You just met an alien....
  153. Cliches About Magic, That You're Tired Of
  154. Logistics and technology of a fantasy world
  155. Epic Fantasy POV
  156. Is this a good idea?
  157. Is this even possible?
  158. I feel like my stories don't fit
  159. Is there still a market for classic quest fantasy?
  160. Gay or not?
  161. Guns in UF.
  162. Better term for fiction than "post-apocalyptic"?
  163. Can adult fiction have a child as a major character?
  164. The Last Legionary
  165. July Book Study Pre-Poll Suggestions
  166. SF Plot inspiring article
  167. Bio Weapon circa 1940's
  168. What can you do to make your UF series cool and original?
  169. Naming Cities in You SF/F
  170. Info dump or flashback
  171. July SF/F Bookstudy Poll
  172. What stuff do you find tough when planning or writing your series?
  173. Explanation of Energy use~
  174. Books Fighting Cancer - SF/F Charity Auction
  175. Sci-Fi Horror and Sci-Fi Gay Romance Erotica
  176. questions about paranormal fiction
  177. Trying to remember a series that inverted Light and Darkness...
  178. Can't tell if I'm trying to cram too much magic in
  179. Is Sci Fi making a comeback?
  180. Erm, I'm not certain what sub-genre my story falls in to.
  181. Weird (or maybe not) question
  182. Fringe characters as protagonists in Urban Fantasy?
  183. Anyone remember what this is?
  184. Chicon 7
  185. Awesome Steampunk in Real Life
  186. Long Earth - New Terry Pratchett novel
  187. Inspiration Can Be a Bitch
  188. What makes a story feel nebulous? Do you ever get this feeling?
  189. A plausible Amazon society?
  190. Do you think that SF/F should be held up to the same pacing standards as other genres?
  191. Is it poor form to use this concept?
  192. Am I Too Short (This Post is NOT about Dwarves, Lilliputians, or Skirt Lengths)
  193. Adult Fantasy VS YA Fantasy Market
  194. Fessing up is supposed to be good for ya.
  195. Real or created or a blend?
  196. Ever wondered where the 'space jockey' came from?
  197. Hackneyed Fantasy Titles
  198. On not being noticed
  199. Story Idea: At World's End
  200. Post-sexuality?
  201. Immortal character: how to keep alive through a beheading?
  202. What is considered "steampunk"? Can they have a progressive outlook?
  203. Anyone needing a Chicon7 membership?
  204. Potter-esque Mystery
  205. Favorite book reviewers for indie and small press genre fiction?
  206. Time-travel question. I'm stuck.
  207. Multiple Antagonists in a Fantasy Setting?
  208. Questions about vampires...
  209. Demons and wizards 101 for the unknowing MC
  210. Are "elemental" magic systems cliché?
  211. A Giant, Scary, Over-the-Top Request
  212. Writing A Roman Apocalypse
  213. Hack magic system?
  214. Interesting conversation with Charles Stross
  215. SF/F July Book Study: The Martian Chronicles
  216. How much is enough?
  217. Who cares about the real world?
  218. "Fun" Things to do when you can mess with people's dreams
  219. Is this Science-Fantasy setting insulting?
  220. Do long jumps in time kill pace?
  221. Shortest SFF can run?
  222. The sexual attractiveness of a protagonist
  223. Role-playing Game Writing
  224. Romance in Urban Fantasy
  225. Gauging interest for an anthology
  226. Are they too much like the Na'avi?
  227. How to not ruin your story's wish-fulfillment
  228. Book trailer critting?
  229. Girl Genius: Writing for Comics as compared to Novels
  230. SF novels that have descriptions of holograms?
  231. A question on correspondance courses
  232. Contemporary stories of transformation/metamorphosis?
  233. is this my genre?
  234. Mythical beasts travel in... wagons
  235. What themes do you like to read about?
  236. Writing separate books/series with similar worldbuilding -- big no-no?
  237. Light Sci-Fi. What is it?
  238. Guns that go 'bang' instead of 'pew'
  239. Technology and the lower classes
  240. Brainstorm everything.
  241. Writing JUST an alternate world for a fantasy setting?
  242. Is there a place for everything?
  243. A Third Gender?
  244. Rude Hand Gestures in Fantasy
  245. Memory as currency
  246. different word for computer room?
  247. Elf, Dwarf, and Dragon Cliches
  248. August Bookstudy pre-poll
  249. Visting everything on the map
  250. Can I get away with this?