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  1. Effect of genocide.
  2. what is this picture of?
  3. How to Address Romance
  4. Does science fiction "have" to include aliens and outer space?
  5. Conversations between the signs anyone?
  6. The Great Absolute Write Spec Fiction Anthology!
  7. Translation and SFF
  8. Stumbled Upon an Old Outline
  9. Technology
  10. Creating New Religion
  11. Motivations for imperialism/expansion of kingdom?
  12. GUD Magazine - alive?
  13. R.I.P L.A. Banks
  14. Creating Food for your world
  15. how do I create a disease only the panacea can cure?
  16. Is this a good plot for a bookseries?
  17. Books with "talisman magic"
  18. Political/Dynastic Struggles
  19. Animals in Your Fantasy World
  20. Writing an effective battle scene-- Tips needed!
  21. trying to be original
  22. Setting up your world
  23. August Book Study: The Hunger Games
  24. SF/F short stories vs. novels
  25. Short story publishing creds--diff publishers or one?
  26. Detection Range of a Metal Ring
  27. Recommendation for a great fantasy author
  28. FantasyCon 2011 (UK) [Sept 30-Oct 2, Brighton]
  29. Trying to revive a concept
  30. Fantasy without a lot of magic
  31. Pop culture idioms as high fantasy chapter titles
  32. Biofantasy
  33. Lawyer dystopian satire idea what do you think?
  34. Aspiring Science Fiction Writer (Need suggestions)!
  35. Evocation of strangeness and wonder
  36. Snow White: The new movie and the book I have in my head.
  37. What are some of the best Science Fiction publishers to go after?
  38. Submissions: The waiting game how do you pass the time?
  39. CompoundNouns
  40. Do you research?
  41. Research question: Modern version of Sagan's "Cosmos"
  42. NPR comes out with a top 100 sci-fi/fantasy all time list: What do you think?
  43. Contemp Fantasy and Dreams
  44. "Fan-fi"
  45. Cryptic background references Vs. Narrative filigree
  46. Does anyone know any sites that focus on storytelling advice?
  47. In a Steampunk-ESQUE world, does the science need to be really ACCURATE?
  48. Your First Author Crush
  49. Need help remembering a book
  50. Fairies, mermaids and unicorns...
  51. Would I be shunned from a Fantasy World?
  52. If your fantasy creatures are abnormal, should you show it right upfront?
  53. A story you will never read on Clarkesworld
  54. Urban Fantasy without the Creatures?
  55. Database of Old School SF works
  56. What do you care about when you read a story?
  57. Different language in Book
  58. Alchemist or pharmacist?
  59. How much of a culture should be explored
  60. Something really sad
  61. Weird Tales: Change in Ownership/Staff
  62. Power vs. believability?
  63. Urban Fantasy still hot?
  64. vampire transformation
  65. Creating an author brand
  66. Fantasy Biography
  67. Autobiographical Urban Fantasy
  68. Poit of View
  69. dorm room
  70. writing a fantasy story about racism
  71. developing the middle
  72. How do you keep all your interests out of a novel?
  73. Plot moment
  74. Hell
  75. First Book in a Series - Vague vs Detail
  76. Is plague cliche?
  77. Arabic Urban Fantasy Detective Story?
  78. Post Black
  79. Nature vs Humans/Technology
  80. I've never felt this strongly before...
  81. Medjay (Egyptian-themed fantasy)
  82. Dragons as animals
  83. Primitive Skills
  84. Question about gay characters in SF/F
  85. Standing Out in the Crowd
  86. Easton interview w/BOOKS OF SOUL on Blacks vs. sci-fi
  87. Life on a desert planet
  88. custom fitting my magic
  89. Which comes first? The World or the Conflict?
  90. Naming Pains
  91. what are your favorite races/species
  92. September Book Study Pre-Poll: Fantasy
  93. SF/F/UF Mash-up Prompt
  94. How do you maintain a fast pace when there's no action for chapters at a time?
  95. Modern-day Spaceship SF Non-AR
  96. "make it wow! cool"
  97. Belief in what you write - how plausible?
  98. SFF events based on real life events
  99. Psychopunk
  100. Note to sci fi, fantasy, and horror writers
  101. To what extent...
  102. Epidemic or plague?
  103. Semi-necessary infodumping?
  104. The Top 100 Must-read Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of All Time Poll.
  105. Magic For a Web Series
  106. Challenges of a Fantasy World
  107. September book study poll: fantasy
  108. Magical Orphan goes on a Quest
  109. Why do trolls regenerate?
  110. What SciFi Books Do You Recommend I Read?
  111. super heroes novels without the graphics
  112. pros and cons of fantasy v historical fantasy?
  113. Best to go?
  114. Is this SciFi enough for it to be seen as such by an editor?
  115. Creating Fantasy Calendars and Timelines
  116. I don't know what is going on, so should i just cut it out?
  117. How much time can you safely devote to enriching the story without furthering the plot?
  118. Bloggers who review fantasy?
  119. Is this Slipstream or something else entirely?
  120. Genre issue
  121. Clothing for a winged being?
  122. What's the most awesome sc-fi/fantasy character you've created thus far?
  123. Has anyone have this problem?
  124. Animal vs Human fights need refrences
  125. Vampire Celebrities?
  126. second post. got some questions.
  127. September Book Study: The Last Unicorn
  128. Target Audience
  129. October Book Study Pre-Poll: Science Fiction
  130. is it necessary to publish short stories in order to get your foot in the door?
  131. Is Urban Fantasy Dead to Sell Now?
  132. Character won't accept her name
  133. Legs vs fish tail
  134. SFF Sekrit Santa Spectacular 2K11 Edition
  135. Submissions Breakdowns
  136. Creature sounds
  137. Fixing Tolkien's Economics
  138. Alphabetical Discrimination
  139. recreation in a fantasy world
  140. How much 'sex' should a fantasy novel have?
  141. Running a War
  142. How graphic is too graphic for YA UF?
  143. If Tolkien wrote this millenium, would he be as famous?
  144. Is this stretching the bounds of realism too far?
  145. terrified of writing fantasy
  146. Evolution of Magic
  147. Does mythology inspire some of your fantasy writing? If so, what type of mythology?
  148. October Book Study Poll: Science Fiction
  149. Expectations of realism
  150. Fantasy Without Evil?
  151. How do you give your story that really cool air of mystery?
  152. Classics of Fantasy
  153. what is urban fantasy
  154. Sword & Planet
  155. Game of Thrones...
  156. Making a Fantasy History Realistic
  157. Can fantasy be too weird?
  158. Literal Giants, or God-Like Humans?
  159. Rec for someone who doesn't read SF/F
  160. Two main characters
  161. The right title for a SFF story
  162. SF/F and Writing Conventions
  163. October Book Study: Ubik
  164. Curiosity, I suppose . . .
  165. Sci-fi and Dreams
  166. Barter System rather than Currency in Fantasy WIP?
  167. What Sub-Genre Do You Write In? I Can't Work My Own Out
  168. Cliched Fantasy Villains?
  169. Looking for books similar to the one I have planned
  170. Should I use human or animal words in animal fantasy?
  171. Introducing paranormal
  172. Does setting define subgenre? And then how would you call this?
  173. SF Encyclopedia now online
  174. World Fantasy Convention San Diego?
  175. Urban Fantasy vs. Paranormal Romance
  176. Does your narrator use fantasy lingo or english?
  177. The Difference between Technopunk and Sci-Fi
  178. The big names in fantasy
  179. Which of these would be stronger, in your not-so-humble opinion?
  180. The "Supernatural" Route
  181. Connolly's 'Twenty Palaces' UF series cancelled
  182. Can birds do things like use "hands" and smile?
  183. Getting to know the genre...But I want to WRITE it!
  184. Making winged humanoids believable and natural...
  185. Building a City
  186. The Popularity of SF/F
  187. What Happend To SFWoE?
  188. Limiting omnipotence and prescience
  189. Need an Online Science Fiction Site?
  190. Ideas on "ancestor channeling"?
  191. The SFBC?
  192. Blogs, conventions, websites and other ways to get the word out
  193. November book study pre poll: Fantasy
  194. End of the World Packing list
  195. How To Make Sci-Fi Gritty?
  196. How do prolific authors write so many books and keep them all different?
  197. names?
  198. Optimism in Fantasy/Science Fiction
  199. Looking for stories where main is trying to be "part of the gang"
  200. Brother Termite author Patricia Anthony in hospital
  201. Science Fiction Timeline
  202. Adapting to Space
  203. Would my novel fall under historical or historical fantasy?
  204. Plot question
  205. Sci-Fi based on real and fake history
  206. Do you have to have multiple books?
  207. Can time travel be fantasy or science fiction?
  208. A bit of a pickle
  209. The Size of Fantasy
  210. Nnedi Okorafor Wins the 2011 World Fantasy Award
  211. Killing Ron? Why?
  212. Atwood does some Explaining
  213. November book study poll: Fantasy
  214. Creatures most Dire
  215. Writing (or Avoiding) Long Traveling Montagues
  216. Realms of Fantasy Magazine closing
  217. Help. Helphelphelp.
  218. For Chicago Steampunk fans this Christmas
  219. Things not to do in a quest novel?
  220. Too mundane for SFF?
  221. What exactly is the Alternate History genre?
  222. A question about complexity
  223. Avoiding it becoming a "quest" novel
  224. November book study: The Color of Magic
  225. What are the best SFF sites on the Web?
  226. Fantasy? Horror? Suspense?
  227. Futurepunk?
  228. Real world geography messing up my duck names...
  229. Anybody published in "Fantasy and Science Fiction" here?
  230. Two questions! :)
  231. Books About Androids and Robots?
  232. Epic Fantasy
  233. SiFi Book Recommendations Please
  234. how do you make up fantasy names?
  235. Looking for fantasy writers to exchange guest blog posts
  236. Any "Spy Fantasy" Recommendations?
  237. What kind of plots are best suited to an action/adventure story?
  238. Atheistic Fantasy
  239. trying to remember a quote from Star Trek
  240. Writing with the races: Cliche or sinful?
  241. Favorite Fantasy Series and Covers
  242. Pre Apocalyptic?
  243. Concepts that fascinate you?
  244. Ready... Aim... Aim... Aim... Aim... FIRE!
  245. Making up a culture
  246. Creating cuss words for fantasy characters
  247. Self insertions done right.
  248. Culture shocks in Novels and Books?
  249. Two Hearts--is it worth reading?
  250. market as sci-fi or thriller?