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  1. Stuck Between Genres... Again
  2. Magic and Ethics
  3. Age Appropriate Sci-Fi Novels for a 12 year-old—particularily classic novels
  4. Need to expand fantasy plot
  5. stargate?
  6. Describe the world in the year 2060
  7. Switching Genre
  8. January Book Study poll - Fantasy
  9. If you like to write swordswomen
  10. Grumbly about this story...
  11. The cliches that bother me to no end
  12. Sigils vs Runes
  13. Weredragons
  14. Looking for new stuff to read
  15. impotence following rejections
  16. Brandon Sanderson's SF Dialogue Challenge
  17. Archeology-themed stories
  18. World building, how much to build?
  19. How hard do you like your science? A survey.
  20. protagonist turned out to be antagonist... is there any?
  21. how many wip are too much?
  22. Writing jams
  23. Fantasy Counterpart Cultures
  24. Can anyone help me invent a name for surface people?
  25. Freaking out here, what do I do?
  26. The Internet...IN SPACE!
  27. Angry Robot (The Waiting Club.. fingers crossed)
  28. A curious question on Urban Fantasy
  29. Research: When to buy and when to google
  30. Epic Fantasy Word Count
  31. Managing multiple groups of characters
  32. Can I Get a Poll: Series or Stand-Alone?
  33. What is Paranormal Fantasy?
  34. Question about drow
  35. Urban Fantasy Query Letter (Critique Desired)
  36. Call for Steampunk Submissions
  37. Secret History and real people question
  38. Merry Christmas to one and all
  39. Sudden & Massive Reduction in Population
  40. Tree People
  41. SF/Fantasy YA - too many genres?
  42. Worldbuilding Fantasy Religions?
  43. In a YA Fantasy, does the hero's mentor have to die?
  44. Race in (Urban) Fantasy
  45. Naming a New Magical Substance
  46. Story, Check; Characters, Check...Now How Best To Tell It?
  47. Technological advancement in fantasy?
  48. How to Be a Better Mad Scientist
  49. Cybernetic brain
  50. The Sight and Divination
  51. Help on new idea
  52. Research
  53. Differentiating my new world from ours...
  54. Brainstorming an idea; would like feedback on it.
  55. February Book Study pre-poll: SF
  56. January Book Study - Lirael
  57. Punctuating telepathy
  58. Why do they always return to the "real world"?
  59. What's the life of the average person in a land of magic?
  60. Would it frustrate you if the characters in a book you were reading had Irish names?
  61. Happy Birthday Mr. Tolkien
  62. Approval of fire usage in my fantasy world
  63. What should I read next? Urban Fantasy...
  64. Viable Paradise XV - Open for Submissions
  65. Character names
  66. Alternate/parallel universes...old hat?
  67. When does sex + violence not= smiley face?
  68. Did you ever read an entire series- and say...
  69. Do you decide full cast before or during story?
  70. Travel in Fantasy
  71. Revealing the Big Plan before it's in motion
  72. Foolproof Templates for SF Novels
  73. Religion in Science Fiction
  74. Large Little People
  75. I need a teeny tiny bit of help with my magic system?
  76. how can i improve my imagination?
  77. I'm afraid I can't be taken very seriously.
  78. Thoughts on an Oath/Geass-based magic system
  79. When is it time to end it?
  80. Fictional cities?
  81. Google Maps for Urban Fantasy Writers
  82. Medieval Horses - care for, travel etc.
  83. Need some plot input :)
  84. Internal consistency in time travel
  85. what is magical realism
  86. Dinosaurs in fantasy
  87. Are Runes overdone?
  88. Editor's perspective on rejection letters
  89. Siege Weapons
  90. how did you find your beta readers?
  91. Sound effects for a story
  92. Call for subs to ongoing Worldbuilding Workshop
  93. Now this is *real* worldbuilding...
  94. February Book Study Poll
  95. Just a quick question.
  96. Sea Monsters!
  97. Do you use fantasy names or real names?
  98. Do all Fantasy novels require a continuation?
  99. Does anyone else here love Fringe?
  100. Move over, Buffy... Here comes Abe Lincoln!!!
  101. If you were teaching SF Fantasy, what lessons would you teach?
  102. World-Building Books
  103. Woohoo! Suvudu accepting submissions for Del Rey/Spectra!
  104. factual accuracy
  105. how original are we, really?
  106. When are non-fantasy terms allowed?
  107. Tropes that irk
  108. Language in Fantasy
  109. Pyr Books. Have you read any?
  110. Is Tolkien type fantasy all the same?
  111. Are you ever afraid that...
  112. Help me recall the name of this urban fantasy book series
  113. olaws of magic
  114. Your approach to writing a series.
  115. does worldbuilding/conworlding have a place?
  116. Middle-Eastern themed Science Fiction/Fantasy?
  117. Should you italicize foreign words in a fantasy story?
  118. Build on a foundation, not a rooftop!
  119. Beastmasters?
  120. What to teach a student of magic?
  121. Frustration finding paranormal agents to query
  122. Being a creator/craftsperson
  123. Humans as a Fantasy Species?
  124. Real Fantasies
  125. Settling on other Planets...when could it be possible?
  126. can fantasy novels in a series* be as good as stand-alones
  127. Philosophical Fantasy
  128. worldbuildinng - natural resources
  129. Worldbuilding Tool
  130. Any SF Reviewers Here?
  131. Last book - Current book
  132. Eastercon 2011 - 22nd-25th April 2011, Hilton Birmingham Metropole, NEC, Birmingham, UK
  133. World Fantasy Con
  134. Cross posting cross genre Challenge. SFF/Horror
  135. February Book Study - Blindsight
  136. Set a weekly goal, or go with the flow?
  137. Resources for Colonial Times?
  138. Magic System
  139. Royal guard vs soldiers and breaking norms
  140. Steven Erikson - Malazan Book - Gardens of the Moon
  141. What's going on with Asimov's?
  142. Bad Books (Fantasy)
  143. Writing Prompts for you!
  144. Help me find this story - sci fi winnie the pooh
  145. Fantasy subgenres
  146. Blurb help...SF story - POLL
  147. they beat me to the punch
  148. Coolest names you came up with
  149. Ray Gun Revival Revival + Trailer
  150. Historical allegory?
  151. Future bad language
  152. Speaking Different Languages
  153. Having some issues with relativity
  154. DAW
  155. Naming Clones
  156. YA Fantasy Novels in which people are transported?
  157. Pitch for Epic Fantasy?
  158. To use traditional Angels/Demons or not..
  159. Definition issues
  160. Political Fantasy
  161. Clarion SD & Clarion West
  162. Steampunk Weapon
  163. vulgarity/sex/violence in fantasy
  164. Political parties and fictional societies
  165. what do you think of these covers?
  166. Urban Fiction?
  167. Robot warning signs?
  168. Great Opportunity (moved from Science Fact)
  169. Modern technology in fantasy world?
  170. anyone else embarrassed to be reading/writing fantasy?
  171. March SFF Book Study Book
  172. Omniscient POV
  173. Need ideas for book about World Domination
  174. Your agent loves your story- then what?
  175. Looking for nuclear dystopia recommendation
  176. Realistic Magic
  177. Science Fiction or Thriller
  178. 20 Great Infodumps From Science Fiction Novels
  179. 80's computer
  180. Supernatural vs paranormal vs magical realism?
  181. Name help please?
  182. 2010 Nebula Awards
  183. March Book Study Poll
  184. Ask me a science question
  185. Virtues and Vices
  186. Fights in fantasy question
  187. SF/F/H Retreat on Toronto Islands
  188. Surnames in Fantasy?
  189. A little gift from me to you
  190. Orphans of the Sky suitable for 10-14 yr olds?
  191. How Do You Come Up With a Story?
  192. Empathic character
  193. Where the Story Starts
  194. Genre question
  195. March Bookstudy Run Off
  196. Looking for a SF/F blogging partner(s)
  197. About F&(*ing Time!
  198. Stand alones?
  199. Trying to remember yet another book...
  200. Submission Strategy
  201. New favorite site!
  202. Science Fiction Map
  203. March Bookstudy - Lavinia
  204. Fantasy fans: regular or "special" main character?
  205. Looking for SF writers to beta test a new online genre fiction workshop!
  206. The King's Assassin: Prologue
  207. Do you think you have a fetish or kink for non-realism?
  208. Curt Cobain is dead and living in my novel
  209. Mercantilism in Fantasy
  210. Sex question for fantasy/adventure novel
  211. how did you create your fantasy map
  212. is scientific magic too complicated?
  213. Problem with a character
  214. Space opera weapons
  215. A question about MCs.
  216. Genre/Pitch Help
  217. Swear Words
  218. what sort of news, etc do you read for inspiration?
  219. April SFF book study pre-poll
  220. What kind of things do you find cool in fantasy stories?
  221. Does This count?
  222. Writing a giant robot genre novel?
  223. Reader Expectation, What's believable?
  224. AW Library: Science Fiction / Fantasy
  225. What comes first, the story or the world?
  226. Who might come along on a caravan/pilgrimage?
  227. A Special Flavor of Pain...
  228. Threading facts into your novel
  229. What do you think of this concept?
  230. Science and Cloning
  231. Floatyness and flight
  232. Is there a magic system questionnaire?
  233. List of Sci Fi/Fantasy Publishers
  234. I need some ideas for fantasy titles.
  235. Failed the exam
  236. Trying to remember a series I glanced at once.
  237. April Book Study poll: SF
  238. Does anyone know about this how-to-write-fantasy book?
  239. World-Building essay
  240. I missed Leonard Nimoy's birthday. huh...
  241. Random facts about SF&F staples?
  242. The God-in-Disguise Thing.
  243. When is a story a trilogy and not a story in three books?
  244. Calling all geeks. Hellllllp!
  245. what big problems could face a city?
  246. City Blocks?
  247. Deathspians Unite!
  248. prostitute mom
  249. Frontier Fantasy supernatural ideas?
  250. Steampunk as alternate future?