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  1. Anyone ever thought of / written any Shared World stuff?
  2. no market for high fantasy anymore?
  3. Interesting evolution of UF from Carrie Vaughn
  4. Need help with magic terminology
  5. Combining swords and spells?
  6. Trying to remember a story.
  7. Will Readers Accept This?
  8. ALIENSKIN Magazine
  9. A Question for SFWA Members
  10. Why aren't Urban Fantasy creatures more... Urban?
  11. Science in Urban Fantasy?
  12. Carl Sagan estimates number of possible advanced civilization possible in the galaxy.
  13. Powers and Abilities?
  14. Which One??
  15. Naming a Ship Enterprise
  16. Skeletons for Elves - not the closet kind
  17. which genre is right for me?
  18. Paranormal Creatures vs. Fantasy Creatures
  19. Win an Urban Fantasy title from Macmillan!
  20. Do you Research your Fantasy creatures?
  21. Identify a book for my friend, Julie?
  22. Mixed Blood
  23. Drawing on cultures other than my own
  24. I'm pretty sure you can't fight in a long skirt.
  25. Introducing a new and unknown environment
  26. Betrayal and Heroic Suffering in SF/F
  27. Two questions - suggestions welcome
  28. False Gravity Bombs
  29. Modern tech fantasy settings that aren't Earth?
  30. Resources for Historical/Strange Real Clothing
  31. Advice books that made the penny drop for you?
  32. Paranormal romances for guy?
  33. Epics with first person POV?
  34. Experiences with OryCon?
  35. Mile High Con, Denver, Colorado
  36. Satyrs/Fauns
  37. Humorous fantasy recommendations?
  38. Do you draw your characters?
  39. The USS Enterprise is a "charnel ship manned by ghosts"
  40. September pre-poll. Fantasy
  41. NASFiC Anyone?
  42. Dance with Dragons- GRRM
  43. SciFi Humor
  44. Would this automatically be classified as UF?
  45. What makes a steampunk?
  46. Where to send my story?
  47. September book study poll -- Fantasy.
  48. August Book Study: Boneshaker
  49. ArmadilloCon, Austin, Texas
  50. Fiction books that made the penny drop
  51. Setting the Rules in a Fantasy Novel
  52. For Canadian SF Writers...
  53. Good sword training sites?
  54. Europe bar Christianity?
  55. Building Pub Website
  56. Finding Spec Fic Anthologies
  57. Urban Science Fiction?
  58. Space opera books? Recommendations anyone?
  59. The best "first book" you've read by any sci-fi/fantasy writer?
  60. Hello,
  61. How do you create awe?
  62. Cardinal Sinner Seeks Redemption
  63. What SciFi (and Fantasy) websites do you like?
  64. For All Ray Bradbury Fans
  65. Polaris by Sheldon Perkins
  66. Resurrecting the SF/F Chat from the dead
  67. Practical reasons for zombie outbreak failure.
  68. Cracked.com coming down on Sci-Fi.
  69. Who else is just sick of destiny?
  70. Historical Urban Fantasy?
  71. Take a look at this!
  72. Fantasy insults - no swearing allowed!
  73. Term Humanoid
  74. if a market qualifies for SFWA after you've been in it do you qualify then too?
  75. All-female protagonist group in fantasy?
  76. Use of Modern Knowledge in a Fantasy book?
  77. Speech vs. Action
  78. Any Military Sci Fi writers in the house?
  79. Sophomore Efforts: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!
  80. October book study pre-poll. SciFi.
  81. requerying magazines?
  82. An origional fantasy short.
  83. October book study poll. SciFi.
  84. September Book Study: His Majesty's Dragon
  85. Prequel, Sequel - I'm getting lost in my project
  86. Creating scifi-ish tools
  87. Does following fantasy archetypes kill our chances of getting published?
  88. bad timing for diamond/toad story?
  89. What is the greatest thing any of your characters has ever done? What is the most evil thing?
  90. Fairy Tale Princes Wanted for Hire!
  91. Gods as characters
  92. FYI for Twitter Users
  93. Sci-Fi and Fantasy Zine Markets
  94. did porn win the nebula award
  95. Alien language
  96. Regency-like fantasy worlds?
  97. Lightning Attack
  98. Plot Holes - Navigational Ass. Req. please
  99. SFF Mod spotted in the wild. (N. DE area folks don't miss out)
  100. Drawings and arcane script in novel
  101. A thank you to all
  102. Naming - 'Carrot' or 'Orange Root Vegetable'
  103. intro chapter ideas?
  104. What's this outfit called?
  105. How does one keep fantasy names consistent?
  106. Rereading Favorite Sci Fi/Fantasy Novels
  107. I'll love you forever...no really.
  108. Is Working on Short Fiction Worth it Career Wise?
  109. Debut Fantasy
  110. The human condition
  111. Having difficulty selling a weapons taboo
  112. i'm trying to tone down the fantasy in my scifi-fantasy
  113. elemental magic w/o elements
  114. Baen
  115. Non-human main character tips?
  116. Do you read short fiction markets for pleasure?
  117. Transmedia Brands
  118. Plus-Size Medieval Clothing
  119. Black Library open call
  120. Fantasy Publishers List
  121. I'm...puzzled, by this story trope.
  122. Blah, blah, blah
  123. Climatic Battle Scene
  124. Good-bye, Jaz
  125. Boundaries in Your World
  126. Short Story Markets
  127. GLA "Dear Luck Agent" Contest
  128. Going off the beaten path..Wise or unwise?
  129. Please help me
  130. Harlan Ellison...done?
  131. does this sound too much like another book?
  132. Action scenes?
  133. Distance, voice, and style in fantasy
  134. how central does fantasy have to be?
  135. Percy Jackson, Chaos Titan and Stephen Donaldson, Oh My!
  136. Rapid acceleration and compensating thrust in space
  137. Another Black Library open submission window
  138. About time...
  139. how can a non-magician block magical location?
  140. Too big a canvas
  141. November book study pre-poll - Fantasy
  142. Asteroids again (moved from fact to fiction)
  143. October book study: Never Let Me Go
  144. Does anyone write funny stuff?
  145. When is a series not a series?
  146. do any of these races (oor their nature as being unelf and -dwarf) remind you of another book?
  147. how do i make healing magic better?
  148. which fantasy novel is it?
  149. I'm a bit worried
  150. So you've won awards, won the hugo four times, won nebulas and yet...
  151. What do you think?
  152. We need you to fight the Loonie Menace!
  153. How overdone are demons these days?
  154. online dictionary
  155. Surrey International Writers Conference 2010
  156. Yay it's submitted!!!!
  157. November book study poll: Fantasy
  158. Planetology Help
  159. Could you recommend scifi for a 13 year old?
  160. Has any else noticed...
  161. "Literary" Space Fantasy?
  162. Need Help Restarting a Star
  163. Any Agent suggestions?
  164. Who is in NaNoWriMo this year?
  165. The Urban Fantasy SYW Help Thread
  166. Published scifi novel word counts
  167. Space "Torpedo"? (moved from science fact)
  168. Handling multiple religions in fantasy
  169. Royalty formalities
  170. Aliens in our solar system
  171. Landing Troops on a Planet
  172. NaNoWriMo 2010 -- SFF edition
  173. SFF Sekrit Santa 2010!
  174. NaNoWriMo 2010 Participants? (Urban Fantasy)
  175. Farewell Realms of Fantasy...again.
  176. Stupid Body Tricks?
  177. What do you call...
  178. Markets for Sci-fi/fantasy erotica
  179. Novel excerpts on a blog or website
  180. World Fantasy Con 2010--Next Week in Columbus, OH
  181. Need some help
  182. What if the sub-genre has died?
  183. Naming Characters after Roman Emperors
  184. Is it Horror? Science Fiction? Bizzaro?
  185. Does anyone ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what they're trying to write?
  186. front matter maps: yay or nay?
  187. What's the word on time travel stories?
  188. Tor Books/advance
  189. Recommend me some steampunk
  190. Fantasy Magazine relaunch
  191. Sooo, time travel books and steampunk :)
  192. Bag of holding in an X-ray machine
  193. Sci FI suggestion list!
  194. Looking for totally strange outrageous original writing!
  195. Swearing in Fantasy Novels
  196. Trilogies
  197. November book study: The Child Thief
  198. December book study pre-poll
  199. Untranslatable words
  200. Need some advice...
  201. Parallel histories/alternate realities/universes in a cage book suggestions
  202. Two Thousand Dollars for an Environmental Disaster
  203. a question
  204. Vampires, why?
  205. Has this book been written?
  206. Harry Plotterhole?
  207. how would magic and religion affect each other?
  208. SFF Book Study Poll - December.
  209. Realms of Fantasy is Back...
  210. Open Season...what do you think?
  211. Laws of Robotics
  212. The cost of magic
  213. Of interest to writers of mosaic texts...
  214. Taos Toolbox: Masterclass Spec Fic Writer's Workshop
  215. Ye Olde Question of Race
  216. Asimov's "under review"
  217. Pack in the City
  218. First the Resurrection (then the laundry)
  219. Why are publishers imposing a high word count on the novels they publish?
  220. For All You Steampunk Authors and Enthusiasts
  221. Fantasy map making
  222. If vampires are overrated, does that mean werewolves are too?
  223. What are some things to take into consideration when writing about a concealed magical society?
  224. Killed off my Big-Baddy
  225. Good short story mags for Military Sci-fi?
  226. Sci Fi Publishers- Which are financially solvent?
  227. Making up military ranks
  228. About prophecy
  229. Jo Fletcher Books
  230. Has this been done?
  231. RIP John Steakley
  232. Science fiction story nestled among Amazon customer reviews for a speaker cable
  233. Term usage: gateway/portal
  234. Other dimensions -- reading recs?
  235. Brain storming, colonizing a planet, new post, First chapter Posted SYW
  236. Disturbing fantasy urban myths/contemporary legends?
  237. Soft Magic
  238. January Book study pre poll (Fantasy)
  239. Is it even worth the effort?
  240. Going To WorldCon, setting goals?
  241. Thanks God for Word Processors
  242. The Project of Science Fiction
  243. December book study: Solaris
  244. How many characters is too many in this kind of situation?
  245. Opening scene/exposition
  246. Superhumans but not Sues?
  247. Mosaic Novel
  248. Series Bibles
  249. So to what degree...
  250. World Building Techniques