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  1. Giving a Cheating Hero a Chance...
  2. Romantic Times 2013 conference
  3. Just for fun - the worst Georgette Heyer cover ever
  4. Pitching a series idea
  5. What Subgenre?
  6. Fantasy Romance with a Non-Alpha hero?
  7. Deal breaker?
  8. Male in Chick-Lit class....help!
  9. Romance Self-publishing
  10. Did I write a romance?
  11. Seeking M/M fantasy romance recommendations
  12. Which is the greater faux pas--1st person POV or limited 3rd?
  13. I need some help
  14. MC/LI Gender Change (Sex discussion warning)
  15. RWA 13 Atlanta
  16. How long is too long
  17. Recommendations for lean romance
  18. Balancing Relationship Developent with Conflict in Romance
  19. Non-PAN RITA entries
  20. Fashionably late, The Following, and more...
  21. Defining our Characters--Within the Expectations of the Genre
  22. Cover Art
  23. How to network?
  24. Word count for first chapter?
  25. Unsympathetic Female Lead
  26. avoiding problematic stories
  27. How do I know if I've written a romance?
  28. Building trust b/w characters
  29. revising before finishing the first draft?
  30. Confusing critique on a romance synopsis
  31. A man rescuing a woman--is that a problem?
  32. Rita rabble rousing
  33. Opinions on a Title?
  34. Marketing Yourself
  35. Author's Assistant/PR Agencies
  36. Trends/Variations in the industry, re: non-human Romance
  37. Many moons ago...
  38. Random Loveswept amending contract terms!
  39. Contemporary Romance anyone?
  40. Conference season is upon us!
  41. Contemporary or historical? - 1950s era novel
  42. Anyone writing Regency? Want to talk about it?
  43. The 22 Rules of Storytelling
  44. First Coast RWA's NERFA
  45. Online Course in Writing Women's Fiction & New Adult...
  46. Not cliche per se, okay maybe they are
  47. Anyone remember the old Gothics?
  48. Romantic Suspense anyone?
  49. What is considered a "love triangle"? When should it end in a standalone novel?
  50. Barnes and Noble's New Nook Press Contract Terms
  51. Is it bad form to save the love scene for last?
  52. How do I show this?
  53. Reccomendations for New Romance or Erotica?
  54. Tropes, Cliches and Themes you LIKE
  55. Condom use in sex scenes
  56. Connecting on Twitter
  57. Love Scenes
  58. Where to start my contemp Western romance/woman's fic?
  59. Genre Bouncing within Romance
  60. The Brenda Novak Auction is now open!!
  61. Need help with sub-genre definition
  62. The reader being attracted to the characters
  63. Kissing in the Morning--Romantic or Gross?
  64. From Novel to Novella
  65. Erotic romance or just Romance?
  66. Blog Hops
  67. Two-book Romance Series? Structure?
  68. Emotions making sense
  69. To POV, or not to POV - that is the question.
  70. Last day of the Brenda Novak Auction!
  71. And away I go!
  72. I know the MCs should meet by the end of the first chapter....
  73. No HEA
  74. Submission call for romance anthology
  75. Did I write a romance? (Round 2)
  76. Submission Call-EC
  77. Great news!
  78. What do I call this? Romance?
  79. MC on her period.
  80. Is this legit?
  81. Cover Cafe Contest
  82. Braided Plots
  83. Straight romance in a queer-aware universe
  84. Opinions on a genre that could go either way...
  85. How to keep the "F" in an MMF romance from becoming the third wheel?
  86. Who's submitting to the slush pile?
  87. Genre conundrum
  88. m/f sex in m/m romance - disrespectful?
  89. Moral Flexibility
  90. Best Friends
  91. False allegation of rape [trigger warning]
  92. Need opinions on leading male's name.
  93. So...what are YOU writing now?
  94. Non-linear narrative structure in romance
  95. Non-linear narrative structure in romance
  96. Musings on RWA National Conference...
  97. RITA Awards
  98. perspective switches
  99. What's Your Problem Area?
  100. Ten more chapters
  101. Conflicted on RWA
  102. How important is length in M/M romance?
  103. Genre troubles, oh my!
  104. Twin Beds, Platonic: who has seen this trope before?
  105. Genre. Oh the agony!
  106. So You Think You Can Write 2013
  107. Is this ending ok for a romance?
  108. Romance-turned-series?
  109. Don't hurt me but too much plot?
  110. Multiple POV's in a Romance
  111. Which do you like better? Stand-alones or Series Romance?
  112. Looking for Book Recs: Werewolf PNR?
  113. Balance with Series/Stand Alone Romance Novels
  114. First person or Third person
  115. Romance Playlist
  116. Shapeshifter=Paranormal?
  117. Publishing contract up for grabs!
  118. Matron/Hen Lit
  119. Is this setting interesting or off-putting?
  120. Scaling the Heights as a Romance Author
  121. Carina UK looking for new romanitic novelist
  122. Playing with the Arranged Marriage Trope
  123. Paranormal Romance
  124. Has this hero gone too far?
  125. Role Reversal Romance
  126. Romance in sci-fi????
  127. I'm confused. What is Women's Fiction?
  128. Which cover would you buy?
  129. Guy looking for his Princess?
  130. Deceiving the heroine
  131. RITA Awards
  132. How does this qualify as a Romance?
  133. 1st person or 3rd person POV for Romance
  134. How do you choose names for your MCs?
  135. M/M/F, M/F/M, and reverse harem romances?
  136. Heard about Swoon?
  137. AAR Readers Poll open for voting
  138. New covers! Squeee!!
  139. Infertility in Romance
  140. Does it comes under Romance Genre or Fantasy?
  141. My MCs are a bit shy of each other...
  142. Length of mourning period?
  143. Any tips for language in historical romance?
  144. Genre woes. Care to diagnose?
  145. Any Romance short story zines out there?
  146. Romance SYW
  147. What's women's fiction?
  148. First AND Third Person POV
  149. Word Counts
  150. First book in series different than the others?
  151. Young Adult vs. New Adult Romance
  152. RIP Janet Dailey (69)
  153. Wolf shifters that don't mate for life - or how to break romance rules?
  154. Favorite Romance Authors and Titles
  155. Sexy Scenes
  156. My Hero went totally Alpha
  157. Happy 2014 everyone!
  158. Can't remember name of a romance I read years ago
  159. Publishing/Agents/Word Counts
  160. Head Hopping- Chapter size
  161. How I got here
  162. Recommendations for good How To Write Historical Romance book, please
  163. Sex Acts in Romance Novels (esp Hist.)
  164. Missionary position sex scenes
  165. Favorite acts of redemption
  166. Why do so many people think writing romance is easy?
  167. Why the attraction for bad boys?
  168. Fun idea for room...?
  169. Round Robin Short Story Now Live!
  170. Tragemances
  171. Heat level change in a series
  172. Erotica and romance under same pen name?
  173. Was your sweetie sweet on Valentine's?
  174. Is this romance story too controversial
  175. Stories where the characters learn to love others
  176. Love and Hate Relationships
  177. Starting a Boxed Set: Need authors!
  178. Writing the 'blurb'…help!
  179. Is this (hist. rom.) hero too flawed to work?
  180. Sexless Historical Romance
  181. What is your preference: 1 POV only, or POV switches from scene to scene
  182. Why are there no tentacled romances?
  183. Anyone ever go to a Romance Writing Conference
  184. Do the MCs have to be antagonists?
  185. New Cover!
  186. What Makes a Book a Romance?
  187. Top 500!!!
  188. How do you determine your "heat" level?
  189. First cover!
  190. Word count draft
  191. How To Work With Two POVs
  192. Hard to write...
  193. Internal censor is sabotaging me
  194. Erotic romance blog hop
  195. For those going to RT in NOLA...
  196. RTSlap Twitter Pitch Session Today
  197. Where to put sex scenes
  198. Romance Reader & Author Event-Edinburgh, Scotland
  199. Separated but not yet divorced?
  200. How explicit should sex scenes be in romance novels?
  201. Blue or white: Wedding Dress colors in fantasy romances
  202. Enemies to lovers
  203. Feminist and fantasy?
  204. Time periods for historical fiction...
  205. Groom Tournament
  206. uninentional act of violence by hero
  207. Bending/breaking the rules
  208. Final day of Brenda Novak Auction
  209. Harlequin is doing First Page Critiques
  210. Love story not romance
  211. There Seems to be Something Wrong with My Heroine's Heart.
  212. Romance Short Story: "The Moment's Gamble: A Fateful Spin"
  213. Romance vs New Adult
  214. Harlequin Historical contest
  215. Personal Squee
  216. Is using one P.O.V. only considered a terrible faux pas?
  217. Male Authors, writing from POV of the female?
  218. How many pages can you write a day?
  219. Just wanted to share
  220. Does anyone know any romance books with this plot structure?
  221. Cutting Word Count During Editing
  222. Sex scene POV
  223. Is it cliche . . .?
  224. Any AWers at the RWA con this week?
  225. a blurb for book 2 - should it involve a bit of book 1
  226. Historical Terms for Sex and Etc
  227. Romances with shy\bookish heroines?
  228. Dear Author Reviewed My Book!
  229. Romance with Dominant Woman?
  230. Turning a short into a book
  231. a question about romance series
  232. Romance vs. Love Story
  233. How many words do you publish in a year?
  234. Least Icky Age Gaps
  235. question on alternating POV
  236. M/M writers: do you use an agent?
  237. M/M and sex
  238. Should I go to RT?
  239. Author's Earnings
  240. I don't know where to submit this (romance satire)...
  241. When is new adult romance not new adult romance?
  242. MAC Cosmetics' "A Novel Romance"
  243. Women's Fiction Without Romance (At All)
  244. Title for a Series
  245. Doing the Deed with a Virgin
  246. Crossing the Line in Romance
  247. Elizabeth Gilbert's "The Signature of All Things"
  248. Synopsis Help!
  249. Comparing publishers/How to decide between small presses?
  250. Romance Novel Cover - No People