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  1. A week of contests and fun with prizes at HQ
  2. Paranormal Romance
  3. My First Cover
  4. 'heartfelt' comedy
  5. New writer questions
  6. I need to flesh out a female character as an individual.
  7. Recommended: Knight Agency Newsletter
  8. Not really a romance writer....
  9. What inspires you when writing romantic fiction?
  10. What's your dream read?
  11. Romance or not a romance?
  12. How Purple Are You?
  13. For Western Romances--Great Research Reading!
  14. RT Reviewer's Choice Nominees
  15. Romance Specific: Do you purchased books based on reviews?
  16. Is this a romance?
  17. Publishers Weekly 100 Best Books of the Year
  18. What are the Best Romance Publishers?
  19. What genre is my book?
  20. Underage Sex?
  21. "Romance is not real writing"
  22. Silly question about genre phrasing
  23. Romance question
  24. Romance Synopsis Question
  25. Harlequin Cutting Imprints
  26. Tips for Writing Intimate Scenes?
  27. Library Journal Best Genre Books
  28. Male POV?
  29. The Waiting Game
  30. The Popularity of Menage
  31. is this sweet or is it gross?
  32. Historical Fiction, Historical Romance or Regency Romance?
  33. Men writing for women?
  34. Our new cover ROCKS!!
  35. Suggestions for what to do with orphaned short fiction?
  36. Fun article in the NYT today on romance novels
  37. NY Times article on popularity of e-romance books
  38. Love and shallowness! :)
  39. E-Readers Anonymity Boosts Romance Novel Sales
  40. Anyone submit for Harlequin's SYTYCW event?
  41. Romance author websites
  42. Uh-oh - simultaneous subs to e-pubs?
  43. Sales e romance and erotica
  44. Harlequin Nocturne Bites
  45. Cerridwen Press/ EC's Blush / Samhain ??
  46. 'Heat' Level - what effect on sales?
  47. Please Delete Me!
  48. Why do people love who they love?
  49. A woman dressed as a boy - interesting or cliche?
  50. I Have a Cover!!
  51. Beyond Danielle Steele: Genre advice needed
  52. Advice needed--does this book have a chance?
  53. What makes you root for h & h?
  54. Both sides of unrequited love (story idea)
  55. 2011 Conference Season! Who's going where?
  56. Would you read this book? (Give me your opinion -women's fiction)
  57. A Hero Who Cheats
  58. RIVA ~ Harlequin Mills & Boon merged and revamped lines
  59. Nobel asks for
  60. Super quick question - advice needed
  61. New Orleans 18th or 19th century tragic love triangle
  62. The New Girl Asks: Would This Story Appeal to You?
  63. Seeking Votes
  64. New to this board...questions about RWA
  65. Women's Fiction, redeemed (?)
  66. What Makes a Good Romance Book Cover?
  67. Separation
  68. Looking to form a critique group in London (UK)
  69. Romance Quote of the Day
  70. Profile on Rachel Caine in the YA Forum
  71. How long can you wait for the meeting?
  72. Favorite Modern Romance Novels?
  73. Help an Author in Egypt
  74. TSTL?
  75. Cool contest
  76. Question about cliches in women's fiction (Adult content)
  77. Mary Balogh Recs, Please
  78. Harlequin Luna
  79. Cover of the month
  80. "Not Your Mama's Mantitty"
  81. My First Cover
  82. How do you show why he loves her in 1st Person?
  83. How do you show why he loves her in 1st Person?
  84. When Opportunity Knocks
  85. Letters To You- Cross Post
  86. New Harlequin Nocturne Line
  87. Jane Austen short story contest
  88. Is it just me or are werewolves everywhere?
  89. Hero doesn't show up till the third chapter
  90. Does this problem feel fake?
  91. Need some Brainstorming help
  92. Book Deal Turnaround Time (I need a little help with my fantasy!)
  93. Agents taking queries on PR
  94. Romance Ebook publishers
  95. Paranormal Romance. What percentage...
  96. Chick Lit without the fashion and the whoring
  97. Jojo Moyes Wins RNA Novel of the Year
  98. Help with my romance plotline....
  99. "Darker" plot elements in a Regency?
  100. I do believe I have written a romance
  101. Is Sex Required?
  102. Would love some help with love notes
  103. New Cover
  104. Third Person Limited vs. First Person
  105. Brainstorming help?
  106. Another new cover
  107. Yay for awesome reviews
  108. Looking for romance writers to beta test a new online genre fiction workshop!
  109. Operation Auction
  110. confused about where to categorize my story
  111. My characters are crappy kissers
  112. Genre specific communities
  113. What I learned recently...
  114. Into the Dreaming, Karen Marie Moning
  115. Suggestions Needed ASAP!
  116. Advise: outside word count for "epic" crossover
  117. Romance buyer Sue Grimshaw leaves Borders for Ballantine Bantam Dell
  118. Congratulations
  119. RT in Los Angeles?
  120. Foolish Fear
  121. FMC or MMC initially wants someone opposite the love interest
  122. Question about word count - Harlequin/Mills & Boon
  123. Editor Pitch: Harlequin Desire
  124. Would this appeal to Romance Readers?
  125. Harlequin Historical & Historical Undone
  126. Trying to find a 'home' on AW :)
  127. Cursing
  128. Hi! Don't know if this is the right place to post, but are there m/m writers?
  129. For the Pubbed AWers
  130. Romance Noob Looking for Reading Rec's
  131. How "spicy" should Paranormal Romance be?
  132. Cover Art Love
  133. Where did "boddice-ripping" come from?
  134. Formatting question for M&B submission
  135. Historical Romance Readers....
  136. Ten Lords a-leaping, Nine Dukes a-dancing . . .
  137. Romance Trading Cards
  138. Romantic horror?
  139. Be a teacher or be an author
  140. Women's Fiction?
  141. Where does my book fit?
  142. Inspiration
  143. I'm My Own Worst Enemy
  144. New Book & National Readers' Choice Awards
  145. Which Genre?
  146. Amazon Launches Romance Line
  147. How Do You Stay Motivated?
  148. Word length of a m/m romance novel?
  149. Writing fast(romance specific)
  150. Interviews Anyone?(romance or erotica)
  151. Feedback requested (Closed--already submitted, thanks!)
  152. Time-Travel Romance Endings..whatcha think?
  153. Who else entered the HH Undone Pitch Contest?
  154. Cover Lurve
  155. Can I get cover lurv, too?
  156. New here and needed feeback on story Ideas
  157. Gimme Moar!
  158. I'm baaaack...
  159. Brenda Novak Auction 2011
  160. SYW ?
  161. Can I share a cover too?
  162. Kensington Brava’s Writing with the Stars contest returns!
  163. All Romance eBooks 50% off sale!
  164. Romantic Tragedy
  165. More Cover Art Goodness
  166. Blushing while pitching allowed?
  167. Question: How do you feel about arranged marriage or "destiny"?
  168. How do you feel about heroes who seem like the villain at first?
  169. Need hep to classify my novel
  170. L.A. Banks gravely ill, needs help.
  171. The Hero's POV- Need Help
  172. Romance novel by male author?
  173. L.A. Banks Auction: Bid and/or Contribute!
  174. Unrealistic professions in contemporaries
  175. "Romantic Elements"
  176. Heat levels in romance
  177. How unrealistic can situations get before they become utterly unreadable?
  178. Harlequin Historical
  179. Resubmission dilemma, help please
  180. Questions on negotiating contract clause alteration (EC)
  181. Plotting issue: Passive MC or other problem?
  182. Love paranormal? So does this plagiarist.
  183. EIC of Liquid Silver Books is Having a Pitch Contest
  184. Where is the line?
  185. Planning way ahead: Romantic Times 2012, anyone?
  186. Contest to help L.A. Banks!
  187. I feel like I'm putting too much in
  188. Pregnant with babies by 2 daddies?
  189. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Touching Keynote Speech given at the RWA Conference in New York
  190. Where to Begin
  191. sex too soon?
  192. Things you'd like to see more of?
  193. How to confuse your significant other...
  194. Harlequin & African American Romance novels
  195. Mills and Boon New Voices 2
  196. Help! I Can't Write Alpha Males
  197. Pressured to have sex
  198. Blossoming romance between a student and teacher
  199. Book Recommendations Sought
  200. Having trouble with chapter length
  201. First Real Romance Story
  202. Paranormal romance guidelines?
  203. Mourn for L.A. Banks
  204. Authors After Dark
  205. Contemporary Romance?
  206. Cringe-worthy romance lines
  207. Cobblestone Press
  208. Does anyone here belong to RWA Vancouver Chapter?
  209. Apologies and a question
  210. Contemporary Romance vs Erotic Romance
  211. Romance trilogies with SAME hero and heroine?
  212. Paranormal romance authors
  213. Basics of a romance scene (help)
  214. Worried my novel is too "ordinary"
  215. Short story question
  216. long distance relationships
  217. K Stockett didn't quit-THE HELP
  218. Very sad news - Debbie Macomber's son found dead.
  219. Romance - spacing out the sex scenes?
  220. Need advice on a harlequin submission
  221. Classification - m/m vs... het? m/f? ?
  222. My characters refuse to behave...
  223. Is This Paranormal Romance?
  224. un-original ideas?
  225. Letter the the Fans of L.A. Banks
  226. Best E-Publishers
  227. Help with a tragic romance
  228. Help with ...
  229. Death character scene
  230. How Old Are Your Main Characters?
  231. New Market--HeroesandHeartbreakers.com (Feb. 2011)
  232. Just what exactly is category voice?
  233. Help!!!! Did anyone submit to the MORWA contest??
  234. Could Use Your Love!
  235. Hello!
  236. Anybody ever been to a Debra Dixon workshop?
  237. In need of some love...
  238. Recognize yourself in the FMC
  239. Question: What's the difference between PR and UF?
  240. Did you ever write a romance story based on a man you admire?
  241. How do you like your romance blurbs?
  242. A Twist on a Tried-n-True Romance Plot
  243. Where is the oddest place you've set a love scene?
  244. Three Mr. Garwicks--a dilemma
  245. A Review Site List?
  246. Romance in the Workplace
  247. Found a book Pirate
  248. New Cover
  249. Originally sent query letter to Avon Romance but submission guidelines have now changed
  250. Realistic Romances and MARRIAGE!