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  1. Is it weird that my H/h want to get it on with secondary characters?
  2. Kissing Scene Quandary
  3. Cover Design - Need Your Opinions
  4. Cheating, Menage, and Kissing
  5. Romance author heroine
  6. Looking for recommendations
  7. Publishers of short romance?
  8. Regency Era Compliments
  9. A distant mini date
  10. Book Recommendations (Poly)
  11. Wow, I made the Finals!
  12. Paranormal Romance Recomendations (Specific)
  13. A different kind of time travel romance
  14. Maintaining tension when the ultimate choice is obvious?
  15. Help me choose my POV
  16. Am I bonkers for writing male 1st person POV/multiple 1st person POV and hoping to sell?
  17. Reading List Recommendations
  18. Recomendations: Kidnapping books?
  19. 2015 book a month Romance/ Erotica
  20. Have you ever used another story as inspiration?
  21. Newbie stupid question
  22. The Hook In Mainstream Romance
  23. Sexual compatibility, and the lack thereof
  24. How many baskets should you put your eggs in?
  25. Library of Congress romance panel
  26. Top e-publishers for Romance/erotica?
  27. Is there a huge market for M/M Sweet Romance
  28. Contemporary Romance Publishers
  29. Diversity in Romance..Recommendations?
  30. Happily Ever After.....
  31. Best time to join RWA?
  32. Is PNR dead?
  33. Questions for Canadian Romance Writers
  34. Women fiction recommendations
  35. Critique Writing? Where?
  36. What type of hero?
  37. RT Booklovers Con?
  38. So, this whole student/teacher business...
  39. The Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  40. Not meeting hero until halfway through?
  41. Consent in Romance novels?
  42. Mean Reviews
  43. Romance novel with very little romance.
  44. Why are HEAs necessary?
  45. Sex scenes: how do you do them?
  46. RWA Workshops
  48. Romantic comedies hardest to write?
  49. Question about Hauge's Mask and Essence
  50. Sharing my good news (Golden Heart-RWA)
  51. Dear Author/Jane Litte/Jen Frederick
  52. If I was a superhero(ine), I would be...
  53. What's the difference between single title cont. romance and category romance?
  54. CONGRATULATIONS to the RT Award winners!
  55. Novella
  56. In search of beta-readers
  57. Big Five or independent?
  58. I need recs for romances written in alternate 1st person POV (heroine) AND 3rd person POV (hero)
  59. Book suggestion!
  60. Do you need different pen names for erotica and romance?
  61. Romance Tropes for Stories!
  62. I love everyone in this bar
  63. Recommendations
  64. Avon Fanlit
  65. #pitmad on Twitter today
  66. star-crossed lovers - writing tips
  67. Am I done?
  68. I can’t decide if this counts as “HFN” in Romance
  69. Book Recommendations
  70. Flashbacks
  71. to epilogue or not to epilogue...
  72. Anyone attending Authors After Dark convention - August 12-17?
  73. structuring for chapters
  74. How should I refer to her parents?
  75. Harlequin SYTYCW 2015 on Wattpad
  76. When the Hero is Not So Heroic
  77. What qualifies as HFN?
  78. So, I'm trying to find this book...
  79. Problematic Romances: For Such a Time
  80. help! What genre am I?
  81. How to keep the romance going for sequel?
  82. Why Pearl Harbor failed while Titanic succeeded
  83. Why romance is classed as „women`s fiction” ?
  84. Do you feel awkward?
  85. romance betas - where are they?
  86. Excited to announce...
  87. Contemporary M/M Romance Question...
  88. Punk or gothic heroines in paranormal romance novels
  89. A lot harder to get reviews on romance review sites now?
  90. Women in m/m, part seven million...
  91. Would it still be a romance novel if the main character doesn't fall in love?
  92. "Love story" with a tragic ending
  93. That is the age range for a main character in women's fiction
  94. RWA/WF chapter ?
  95. "You can't write about that."
  96. Contemporary romance review sites?
  97. All those shirtless men with freaky six-packs...
  98. Plagiarist Alert in M/M Romance!
  99. Polyamorous Relationships?
  100. Picky reader looking for recommendations
  101. Attitudes in the M/M community
  102. Authors & Catfishing
  103. Why is Fifty Shades a Romance if There is no HEA?
  104. Does this sound like women's fiction to you?
  105. Inappropriate Erotica
  106. Need some help with a love scene
  107. Rape in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander
  108. Which POV is best for getting to know / like the hero
  109. Genre Question (romance...parody...something like that)
  110. Relationships between immortals and mortals
  111. The AAR Annual Reader Poll Is Now Open!
  112. Is it a big market for sweet romances?
  113. Short stories
  114. Romance novels vs. Novels with a major romantic plot (potential dumb question)
  115. POV Question
  116. You can't fall in love that fast!
  117. Can a romance where the hero is a priest work and sell?
  118. Romance - state of the industry 2016
  119. Romance Writers of America Join?
  120. Love at first sight, a scientist's perspective
  121. Is this weird? I love romantic subplots, but I'm also turned off by romantic subplots?
  122. Short notice: sexy romance class starting 4/4/16!
  123. Anyone going to the RTBooklovers convention?
  124. How medically accurate are the Harlequin books?
  125. RWA formally apologizes for 2005 "definition of romance" survey
  126. Ideal Publisher (or self-pub?) For My First (and last?) Romance Book
  127. Harlequin and earning a living question
  128. Problematic sources of happy in HEA?
  129. Word count for erotic romantic suspense
  130. Help me find my first favorite romance
  131. Carina Press (USA) submissions calls
  132. Gritty violence in romance...can it sell?
  133. Paranormal Romance? Or..?
  134. 2016 RITA Winners
  135. Do the kids die?
  136. Is this romance?
  137. Ok, Now I'm Confused
  138. A fantasy romance where the heroine participates in cannibalism?
  139. Plus Size Heroines?
  140. Writers' Conference for Romance
  141. One couple, two novellas, advice needed. :)
  142. Male MC okay for Romance?
  143. What happens after the honeymoon?
  144. Widower trope in historicals
  145. Romance Recs Wanted: Amazing Alphas
  146. Harlequin Kiss line - protagonists question
  147. Romance as a barometer for sociopolitical shifts?
  148. MC likeability
  149. Romantic Conflict
  150. Need Help Finding Publisher
  151. I need some help with this description
  152. Popular Sweet Romance
  153. Can There Be Too Much Sexual Tension in a "Sweet" Romance?
  154. Ways a person could end up with a child by surprise?
  155. How does a character who's too understanding create conflict?
  156. Business Question
  157. RWA contests
  158. 2 POVs Standard?
  159. F/F?
  160. Newbie Romance Reader - Recs?
  161. Touchstone Reads
  162. best writing and marketing advice books in Kindle Unlimited?
  163. Like a Virgin
  164. Best marketing bets
  165. Is there such a thing as Horror Romance?
  166. Secondary Character Attempting Takeover – Must Be Stopped! Right?
  167. Tell me about your experience writing your first completed novel.
  168. First Draft Anxiety
  169. Is there room at the Inn?
  170. First attempt at a synopsis ever . . . Advice?
  171. Era Appropriate Language – Charming Historical Ambience?
  172. Is it just me, or is it sexy when
  173. Genre?????
  174. Romance where the love-interest dies?
  175. How is everyone?
  176. Weird romance story about a grandma raised by lions?
  177. Good News/Bad News
  178. Sisters in love?
  179. Sisters in love?
  180. Great Period Clothing Resource
  181. Is anyone going to RWA National 2017 this week?
  182. Is someone willing to comment on my romance subplot?
  183. What IS a Romance Novel? Is it just about GETTING the guy, or can it be MORE?
  184. The Dreaded Sex Scene
  185. Epic Romance/Women's Fiction MS
  186. advertising
  187. Happy Endings
  188. Anyone care to feedback on my romance plot?
  189. The Nightingale
  190. I know cheating is a huge no-no in romance, but
  191. How about a moment of brainstorming?
  192. Is this romantic scenario interesting? Would readers lose sympathy for h or H?
  193. Feel better about where you are now... (looking back at old drafts)
  194. Appearance is Everything (and I've Got Nothing)
  195. Giving main characters less detail in romance?
  196. Does the girl get the guy in the end?
  197. Does the girl get the guy in the end?
  198. Fan Fiction - Learning by Example?
  199. The Romance Genre's Diversity Problem
  200. A married woman. A younger man who thinks she's exquisite.
  201. ePubbing Holiday Romance Novella
  202. Heroes & Heartbreakers closing?
  203. Mystery Writer Joining RWA?
  204. Writing a romance plot in a contemporary drama
  205. Correct Forum? Women's Lit?
  206. The importance of POV character in romance
  207. Love with Wings
  208. :e2fairy: Age and Virginity
  209. Don't Quit Your Day Job
  210. Harlequin's unwritten rules?
  211. Magical vagina trope
  212. Love at first sight trope
  213. Why did my fantasy characters fall in love?
  214. Headgear and a Name
  215. How soon does a heroine have to be likable?
  216. Romantic Shorthand?
  217. Time Between Relationships?
  218. The Alpha male = asshole
  219. Whew! (Just sharing ...)
  220. Music?
  221. Romance Titles
  222. I hate you/I love you, belligerent sexual tension, trash-talking romance
  223. Alcohol in romance novels?
  224. To all the men on AW
  225. Looking For An 'Out Of Print' eBook
  226. How did you get into this genre?
  227. Can we dissect a trope?
  228. I need cheesy, overused romance tropes. Can anyone help me?
  229. if you're a mid-list romance author with about 2-3 books a year, which will likely earn more money?
  230. "If it's you, it's okay" trope, romance and suspension of disbelief
  231. RWA and RT Convention
  232. Is kissing universal? Nope!
  233. What makes a good romance novel?
  234. What Are You Writing?
  235. Enemies-to-lovers and likeable characters
  236. Separation of the couple during story
  237. Established Relationships in Romance
  238. How often to switch POV?
  239. Villain renaming
  240. Need Help Establishing Genre
  241. Gay vs. straight romance
  242. Meeting of the love intrests
  243. Questions about romance sub genres
  244. Getting Cocky:Trademarking Romance Titles:
  245. Shifting Paradigms
  246. Rainbow Romance Writers Banner Covered at RT Booklovers!
  247. RT closing its doors
  248. Is RWA's Golden Heart about to stop beating?
  249. Self-publish vs small press for queer romance
  250. Conservatism in Romance