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  1. Dawno's CafePress Shop
  2. Geoff Nelder
  3. Lightning Spliced
  4. New works coming!
  5. The Wolfen Strain--Official Release Day!
  6. My new thriller "Diamond" is out!
  7. The Magic of Possibilities: Poems and Other Random Writings
  8. Interview with Viking editor Tara Singh
  9. Witchcraft, Sex, and Henry VIII...
  10. Gritty fantasy romance novel - Kickstarter project
  11. Well, there's this cop....
  12. Website update and giveaway
  13. For Spec Fiction Authors
  14. A free Bear on Kindle
  15. Back to Where It All Began: The Fourth of July
  16. #TMABC- New chat on Twitter
  17. Our Battlespace anthology is alive!
  18. Tana French, Tana French's Website, and Me
  19. Red Sky in the Morning - Free Short Story. No Reading Device Needed
  20. 12-12-12 is NOT about the Mayan calendar!
  21. Free e-book.
  22. Prey World - Counterrevolution
  23. New Royalty-Paying E Publisher - DZFiction.com
  24. My new suspense SINS AND VIRTUES is out
  25. Fun Interview
  26. Newbie looking inside...
  27. Are You Building A Platform?
  28. Please check out my action/adventure series
  29. Up Jumps the Devil by Michael Poore
  30. "Kitchen Witch" release day!
  31. Hal Spacejock 5 released
  32. Unique editorial service
  33. New book and a contest!
  34. The Edge of the Sphere - new release/giveaway!
  35. Darkness on the Edge of Dystopia
  36. Things to Talk About BEFORE You Get Married - Free on Kindle!
  37. You tube Marketing
  38. Goodreads Giveaway: Perfection Unleashed
  39. From the Horse's Mouth
  40. World's Collider released today - includes a Short Story by me :)
  41. Epic Fantasy Giveaway
  42. Hey, Guess What . . .
  43. Like sex, gore, and fairy tales? NEVER AFTER is being released July 29th!
  44. Super Powers meet Romance!
  45. Rose City Romance Writers Contest for Unpublished authors
  46. YA urban fantasy Crux has been Published!
  47. The International Quill Quarrel Poetry Contest
  48. Free Read - First Chapter of "Guy's Angel" is up!
  49. ALL of my titles are on sale at Smashwords
  50. Interview on Author Jennifer Chase's Thriller Thursday
  51. (DEADLINE EXPIRED) StumbleUpon is running a "get discovered" contest
  52. Paranormal Romance 'Here' only $0.99
  53. "That difficult second novel" authorpalooza!
  54. The Girl Who Would Be King
  55. Rebel Heart - Romantic Historical Fiction - Now Available
  56. Signs and Voices: a comic book to teach life skills for the deaf. Also, there's action heroes
  57. A chance to win a print copy of my paranormal romance, Nightfire
  58. Blog: An insider's view of the publishing process
  59. Soft erotic novel (ebook) now online
  60. Contest for self-publishing authors!
  61. The Blemished - Teaser Trailer
  62. ROWING IN EDEN released
  63. Lie Still
  64. I Will Be At Shevacon Next year
  65. Goodreads Giveaway for PASSION BLUE
  66. Free promotion for your eBook
  67. CHANGING GEARS by Terie Garrison
  68. Survey: How publishers can help writers
  69. My short story's FINALLY free on Amazon
  70. Short Story on Kindle Direct: Dale and the Golden Nugget
  71. New Book "The Perfection Planet"
  72. New Release: "NeuroVont, Incorporated"
  73. YA Fantasy: MYTH WEAVER
  74. Former Night Publishing Owner Tim Roux on "The Publishing Market"
  75. Books & Critiques Giveaway on my blog!
  76. True Crime Writers Blog Tour
  77. Great review for HAZARDOUS CHOICES!
  78. A brilliant feature and review for '59
  79. New Release: Moro's Price
  80. The Trinity Signs
  81. Exchanging blog posts
  82. Predators & Prey: Shadowed Vengeance Now On Amazon
  83. Tripoli’s Target Giveaway
  84. Cozy Mystery- 25% off for one more week
  85. RUNAWAY HEART hits Bookstrand Bestseller List! 10% Off!
  86. The AWers' Crowdfunded Projects thread Volume I
  87. The AWers' Crowdfunded Projects thread Volume II
  88. Crime thriller novel is Free for next 36 hours
  89. Advertising Class Starts This Monday
  90. A Gunfight, a Whore, a Rancher, and a Love Story...
  91. I call myself Guido and I wrote a book.
  92. Welcome PlanetIvy.com's newest writer - Me.
  93. Seeking Book Reviewers for A MORMON MASSACRE
  94. New Erotic Short Story FREE on Smashwords
  95. Debut Contemporary Romance - Exquisite Free 08/01/2012!!!
  96. Big Book Giveaway All August
  97. Chicon Writer's Workshop
  98. A Redhead's Journey through Madness
  99. Seeking Articles on Fitness and Nutrition
  100. The Prince's Guard -M/M Erotica 50% off at allromance
  101. Op-Ed - America's Slaughterhouse: Who's Really To Blame?
  102. Sojourns Through Troubled Worlds
  103. Now FREE on Amazon! Finally...
  104. Took the BIG step!
  105. Giveaway!
  106. Launch Day and Giveaway for Trouble at the Scriptorium
  107. The Soul Seekers giveaway!
  108. Fiction, Poetry & Non-fiction Contest- 3 Guest Judges, 3 Categories, 3 Prize Packages
  109. New Release: Heart of the Ozarks
  110. 52 years
  111. The War Gate--Free on Amazon for Three Days!
  112. Let me copyedit a chapter of your book at no charge
  113. The Werewolf Asylum - Victorian Horror Novelette
  114. THE GRIMM LEGACY has a sequel!!
  115. Virtual Book Tour
  116. Chat Tonight
  117. And now for something slightly different
  118. The Zombie Queen has arrived
  119. "Second Wind" at Horror World
  120. Giveaway: signed copies of The Alchemist of Souls
  121. New cover, FREE copies of new spec fiction book
  122. I have a blog now. Hurray?
  123. Free ebooks – do they work
  124. Wicked Wednesdays
  125. New guide on Monetizing a Book/Book Review Blog (for reviewers AND authors)
  126. Military in Fiction
  127. eBook Sale!
  128. Red Zone - My short film project
  129. My first Scifi book is FREE this weekend!
  130. Fey Touched, my science fantasy novel, released 8/1/12
  131. The Self Publishing Podcast
  132. AWF definition of Spam.
  133. New YA paranormal release, FREE
  134. Clueless: The "Pantyhose Slasher" Cases
  135. Thinking Elvis? Think Long Live The King
  136. free short story "Death Panel"!
  137. 4 Announcements - 4 Stories
  138. Rebirth of Dystopian Literature
  139. The Writer's Homicide School is back!
  140. "2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards"
  141. I'm on Coffee Time Romance!
  142. Like Ramen Empire on Facebook & (with 1/100 odds) Appear in the Comic
  143. My book launch.
  144. For Robert Crais Fans
  145. My book is out today!
  146. New Novel - Free on Amazon Sunday, August 19
  147. First short story published!
  148. SAT 25th FREE KINDLE BOOK: Under By Treaty - NEWLY RELEASED Erotic Romance
  149. AliceMarvels: teen fiction site
  150. Night Terror horror collection
  151. Backspace November Agent-Author Seminar - early reg discount extended through August 31
  152. Rebels & Lies
  153. My new novella, The Heart of Nimble Woods is now available!
  154. Robe & Crown
  155. UCLA Writers' Faire 8/26
  156. Pre-Order!
  157. Cover Designed By A 12-Year-Old
  158. An Apology...
  159. Authors After Dark 2012 / 2013
  160. Book Launch - Storm Warning - A Kelli Storm Novel
  161. Young Adult Thriller Award!
  162. "Watching" now available in Large Print and Paperback
  163. Self-published fiction writers wanted for interview
  164. Audio Books $5.95 Sale
  165. A Shade of Mind - see Post #8
  166. Killer Nashville
  167. Firedance Books Free Offer
  168. So proud I could do a little dance!
  169. SF short fiction at Mythaxis
  170. Ten months at #1 on Amazon!
  171. FREE on Amazon TODAY: How to Write a Movie Script
  172. Autographed book giveaway!
  173. They Won't Be Missed (debut thriller OUT NOW)
  174. Erotic Romance - Runaway Heart - Available Now at Amazon!
  175. Buy "Memories of the Dead," get free e-book
  176. Book trailer for upcoming military scifi novel!
  177. "Becoming a Hero: The Complete Collection" now available
  178. A Part to Play, my debut young adult novel is now available!
  179. A Little Interview
  180. My zombie short story "Darkness" is free on Amazon Kindle through Monday, August 27!
  181. Flank Hawk (Audiobook) is 76% off
  182. Free read a short, short, SHORT horror story!
  183. Mech-Armor, Monsters, and Magic: "The Steam Punk" is now available!
  184. My Cheesy Book Trailer
  185. Maryland Writer's Conference-Oct 20th, 2012
  186. Orphans of the Celestial Sea
  187. Ancient evil stalks the city of Manhattan...no one is safe from LILITH! New from DarkFuse!
  188. Menage Romance & Sexy Panther Shifters! Black Storm on Sale Now!
  189. Water, Danger, Humour Short Story Contest
  190. I sold a short story, and now it's up for viewing
  191. Promoting your book through talks
  192. No Turning Back—YA Contemporary
  193. E-book formatting software
  194. Saying hello again
  195. A brand new writer and just published my first ebook
  196. Interview with author Liz Norris and UNRAVELING giveaway!
  197. Not one but two free best-sellers!
  198. The Red Barn- Horror/Paranormal
  199. Blaze of Glory - FREE!
  200. Interview on blog
  201. Giveaway on Goodreads
  202. DragonCon
  203. Dead Roots - the first in my horror series
  204. [BOTM - September] Off Season by Jack Ketchum
  205. Blog radio interview
  206. y1 done
  207. Talk Like an Airship Pirate
  208. A Car Crash in Slow Motion -- A memoir -- currently free on kindle!
  209. My Beggings
  210. River Bottom Blues Sale
  211. A.O.D
  212. The Tyrant Strategy: Revenant Man (character-driven military sci-fi thriller)
  213. Cover Artist open for commissions!
  214. For Those Near the Las Vegas Area
  215. 1-Day International Book Giveaway Contest - You choose the book...
  216. SAFE WORD web series
  217. York Conference for New Writers March 2013
  218. Back to School Giveaway
  219. My new booktrailer for series Purgatory Reign
  220. Washington Pastime Story Posted
  221. Short stories for under $1!
  222. The Day I Met Dr. Seuss - Free Sept. 11, 12 and 13th
  223. Great Plains: The Castle and Quill workshop on Oct 28
  224. Anthology copies
  225. Words v Music
  226. Free contemporary YA ebook plus keychain purse!
  227. Times Festival of Reading / Jim Melvin
  228. My book is out!
  229. RA EL presents Visionz of an Artiste
  230. Book Trailer
  231. "Day One" Military Scifi Novel
  232. New Publisher's Website
  233. The Book Gets Larger, The Writer Gets Smaller - my 12 week challenge
  234. I'm New and Pitching a New Feedback Exchange Website
  235. International Contest: Transition To Sustainability
  236. Dust Bowl Dreams - release!
  237. FREE CHILDRENS BOOK - Savannah's Happy Halloween Party
  238. Web Comic: "Distractions"
  239. Launch of FIND EMILY
  240. Trapped in a shopping mall. Ninjas. Yeah.
  241. Hi Everyone! Looking for Support
  242. How to Write a Mystery
  243. Boy Meets Girl Meets Llama????? TRAILER
  244. "Zoe Thanatos" is now available on Smashwords!
  245. "But I Never Said I Didn't Love You" up for best September cover
  246. Sky of Dust: The Last Weapon (YA) Giveaways! (eBook & Physical)
  247. Ancient Paths Issue 17 now published!
  248. Rabid Writer Attacks!
  249. The Swing of Her Hips
  250. Crossroads Writers Conference - Macon, GA October 5-7, 2012