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  1. Woo hoo, Sold Two Articles to Miniature Donkey Talk
  2. What a nice way to start the week!
  3. FREE TEXAS is here!
  4. The Crown of Zeus has arrived!
  5. Two More Books
  6. The Wrong Sword
  7. It's Official!
  8. Got me an agent! (formerly Why Tease Me?)
  9. Signed the contract!
  10. All five are there!
  11. One down, goodness knows how many to go!
  12. Stepped Outside of My Comfort Zone
  13. LA Times Bestseller
  14. I'm the official blogger for Penguin for this week (2/25-2/29)
  15. the 3rd time in my life I've told myself how stupid I am
  16. Official Round 2
  17. One of those questions you hate...
  18. Sold!
  19. The Fiction Class is on sale today!
  21. It's a book.
  22. Goal: Get This Sucker Written
  23. Goal: Finish Editing Novel WIP by March 2nd
  24. Number One!
  25. A newspaper article that mentions ME (the local expert author) and books
  26. I did it.
  27. Call me crazy, but...
  28. Featured Blogger
  29. First Reader Response
  30. Ouch! Cutting hurts
  31. March Goals
  33. Double acceptance for the end of February
  34. Published Short Story
  35. Reading on the radio???
  36. My goal...
  37. Pro sale to new market
  39. Dang, That Was Fast!
  40. A Trilogy of Goblins
  41. Where I am headed...
  42. Short Story published
  43. OH - OH - OH!!! I'M ON THE CEILING!!!!
  44. My story "First In Might"...
  45. Article in The Dabbling Mum
  46. Touching message--from my copyeditor!
  47. Hourglass first draft is complete!
  48. My first accepted submission
  49. Off I go!
  50. Finally! (but totally worth the wait)
  51. Singing in the Rain
  52. I need to enjoy this while I can
  53. Maybe-Almost There?
  54. Short Story to be published
  55. First personalized rejection!
  56. I have an AGENT!
  57. How Do YOU Do It??
  58. Nothing But Red Publication
  59. A Humble Thing, but Mine Own
  60. I have an "offer"
  61. I'm in the Cross Genre Cthulhu Anthology
  62. My goal: one month as a hermit.
  63. not sure how to take this
  64. "Little White Truths" in Podcast
  65. Remember why you write
  67. Back to School!
  68. I finished - FINISHED! - my WIP!
  69. Blurbs are in! (And a caution for authors)
  70. 4 Poems Accepted by ditch
  71. ok it tickles me to see....
  72. My Writing Goals
  74. How do you celebrate finishing a first draft?
  75. A little something to celebrate
  76. New Piece at Every Day Fiction
  77. A nice award for my third novel
  78. Yay! I now have an agent!
  79. A good month: two fiction pieces accepted
  80. WorldFest Film Festival REMI Notice for my script
  81. The Dollar Stretcher
  82. Poetry Canada article
  83. You Be The Judge
  84. Not Too Shabby
  85. less cleavage, more blurb
  86. Another library that didn't get the memo
  87. When do you celebrate?
  88. Writer's Digest Links To Our Jenna--well kind of sort of :-)
  89. "Army, Flag and Cross" in Jun/Jul Free Inquiry
  90. What? Not a rejection??
  91. Viola!
  92. Today's goal: finish the acknowledgments!
  93. I'm published in TIME!
  94. Excellent Review!
  95. The smallest victory
  96. First formal reading
  97. WOOHOOO!! First draft finished!
  98. April Goals
  99. No shouting from rooftops/long-term goal realised
  100. Got an acceptance ...
  101. My April NaNoWriMo
  102. Editing Done- I Hope
  103. Officially Out In The World!
  104. Un...be...lievable!
  105. Well, this is neat! My third book was used as reference for new American Girl Book!
  106. first review for play
  107. Article up in Coffeebreak for Writers
  108. Query forwarded. Opinions?
  109. I have an Agent!
  110. Second Book Deal!!!
  111. I talked with the agents...
  112. Help!! Agent stuff.
  113. I'm the featured blogger over at redroom
  114. Agenty goodness, I squish you with much love
  115. Article in World Freelance Newsletter
  116. PWN!
  117. Oh my Gawd...
  118. Cover Art!
  119. First fiction sale
  120. Positive review from crit group
  121. Artist of the Week
  122. Banner day for me
  123. Totally Stoked!
  124. Danke!
  125. Two full requests!
  126. I'm so happy!
  127. Audio story up at Clonepod now
  128. My first full request!! Ah so much excitement!!
  129. I just got a Mark of Distinction on My Senior Thesis!
  130. Fan girl dream
  131. Macabre Ink interview
  132. The submissive writer submits
  133. Wish me luck!
  134. Finally!!!
  135. Just had a short story picked up.
  136. A needed shot in the arm
  137. Very excited, got my cover design today!
  138. Toadflax 2.0 Finished!
  139. Great review for DESERT GUARDIAN
  140. my Katrina play to get a staged reading!
  141. The Boxcar Blues is here
  142. Another pro short story sale
  143. I'm very happy to say...
  144. The Second Graders loved my story. I'm apparently the "best wrighter in the world."
  145. Swing for the Fences Challenge! BIG Submission for May 08-- Are you Game?
  146. I'll have a 4-line poem in Mature Living
  147. Third printing for Hal
  148. My april hermitage. 50K, not so much, but still good :)
  149. I have an agent! And a question about cover letters to magazines.
  150. First ghostwriting gig!
  152. Say a Prayer and Light a Candle!
  153. My series on becoming an author
  154. First look at my cover!
  155. May Goals
  156. Wahoo!!! Finished my rewrite!
  157. Short Story Sale!
  158. Sunday Tribune: New Irish Writing
  159. Another Short Story Sale
  160. Oh Yeah! - Got my Advance copy!
  161. Uh oh... here we go...
  162. Article on Once Upon a Goddess.
  163. Double acceptance again!
  164. Doing a Reading
  165. Nominated for Education Blog of the Year!
  166. Goal: to tackle that first line.
  167. Novel ms with Betas!
  168. Three in one day!!!
  169. My First Request for a Full!!!!!
  170. Edits done for Witch's Pawn
  171. New day, New goals, New direction
  172. Something Bad
  173. Story sale to audio market
  174. my artist and writer website launched!
  175. my first review!!!
  176. Third draft of first novel!
  177. Shiny preview - pro sale at Wrongworld
  178. Offer! SQUEEEEEEE!
  179. Final grade in Reporting for the Media - 99.7%
  180. A rejection -- but my first "try us again"
  181. Story on military wires
  182. Nothing to Do With My Novel, But Still FUN
  183. An Agent for Anis!
  184. Two-Book Deal with Random House. Thank you AW.
  185. On a real roll this month...
  186. I won, I won, I just don't know what yet LOL
  187. It's official. I signed my contract with Samhain
  188. Ohhhh...
  189. Well, here we go.
  190. acceptance/publications...
  191. Omigosh! My book on Amazon already!
  192. My first book has finally been released!
  193. I did it!
  194. The Fiction Class is in LARGE PRINT
  195. Published in Argentina, in Spanish
  196. Goal: Complete my second gamebook
  197. Whoopeee!
  198. My writing goal....
  199. Finally talked my publisher into this
  200. New story out
  201. First Story Hits Print; First Check Hits Mail
  202. accepted three book deal with harpercollins
  203. Contributer Copies! Whee!
  204. poem accepted by Capper's
  205. Busy week...
  206. I GOT AN AGENT!!!!
  207. Give me cyber-luck on my latest material requests?
  208. Nabbed Me an Agent
  209. Great local article about my publisher, names my book as "bestseller"
  210. June Goals
  211. No agent, but ...
  212. Agent!
  213. I FINISHED IT!!!
  214. Got My Galley...
  215. I thunk up an ending for my novel!
  216. We've come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good.
  217. SQUEEEE!!!!
  218. FINALLY done!
  219. Radio interview with me on June 3 during Cincinnati morning show.
  220. Just ordered my first two AW books from Amazon (Doreen's and my own!)
  221. Pro sale in the UK
  222. The review written three months (!) before the book was published! Can you beat that?
  223. Meetings with publishers
  224. My First Full!
  225. Confabulation!
  226. What's in kimmi's barn...
  227. I can't believe it -- I killed him
  228. My book was just released!
  229. What Would You Do?
  230. Published in Romanian
  231. full ms request for my not-until-the-8th-chapter murder
  232. Sold another story!
  233. THE WOODSMAN at Ellora's Cave is getting glowing reviews!
  234. 15 Minutes of Fame
  235. Story sale in Israel
  236. I declare the second draft FINISHED! Drinks are on me.
  237. I made my very first sale
  238. First two weeks and sales are starting
  239. Isaac Asimov and me :)
  240. I've only sent out 6 queries this week...
  241. Massive Cutting Success
  242. One-liner in Mature Years
  243. Finishing the book - daily writing targets
  244. Received a personal rejection! Hooray!
  245. Started Writing Again -- Hooray!
  246. Contest Award
  247. Not a writing goal, but...
  248. This is so awesome!
  249. Finished my first draft!
  250. I got past 10,000 words!