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  1. October Challenge - Write Every Day! (NaNoWriMo prep)
  2. Short story published in Mirror Dance!
  3. "The Best Mystery Story I've Read This Week"
  4. #DVPit Favorites! -- I HAVE AN AGENT!
  5. Clicked Send to My Agent with New Camino Novel and Book Cover for upcoming YA LGBTQ Release!
  6. First PW review...and it's STARRED!
  7. Two New Short Stories Published!!!
  8. Kirkus Starred Review for WHEN MY HEART JOINS THE THOUSAND
  9. My very first ever beta feedback was...positive?
  10. I can't believe I have an AGENT! A real one, with a name and everything.
  11. #NoQS and writing 3 novels at once!
  12. November Challenge - Write Every Day
  13. Starting my Masters Degree
  14. Book is done! Self Pub Launch Day Planned!
  15. First book
  16. Finally, an accomplishment I can brag about:
  17. My first title is out in English.
  18. I signed my contract today!
  19. December Challenge - Write Every Day
  20. I HAVE AN AGENT!!! Two, actually!
  21. A great writing week!
  22. Twelve Tales of Christmas is out, and it's gone #15 on Amazon!
  23. Writing the final act of my YA fantasy book
  24. I finished a posthumous book and eventually want to publish it.
  25. Horror Story Published!
  26. A gratifying personal accomplishment
  27. My book used for a class?
  28. My First Publication, and Growing As a Person
  29. Shortest Story Ever!
  30. Sculptures -- First Draft finished!
  31. PhD goals, hopes and dreams.
  32. January Challenge - Write Every Day!
  33. My first pro-sale!!
  34. I Sold My Debut Novel
  35. Getting ready to submit...
  36. A wee milestone - 50 bricks in the book wall
  37. I finished a novel outline
  38. I finished my first draft!
  39. Completed the second draft of my novel
  40. My first flash fiction piece is getting published!
  41. I posted my first piece of sample fiction online!
  42. I'm going to be published!!!
  43. February Challenge - Write Every Day!
  44. Back to writing and loving it
  45. Finished first draft!!!
  46. Submitted query after long hiatus
  47. New Book Done!
  48. My YA novel just came out!
  49. Queried Five Agents
  50. Moving onto bigger wordcounts!!
  51. My third novel appeared!
  52. First Short Story
  53. I'm Getting Published :D
  54. My picture book is going to Bologna!
  55. Goals for this year.
  56. March Challenge - Write Every Day!
  57. Is This an Accomplishment? I was interviewed by one of my favourite places, AW!
  58. Self-Editing Goals
  59. Editing NaNo Zombie for Genre
  60. My Goals
  61. Goodreads March 2018 Poetry Contest
  62. First ever book reading.
  63. I wrote a book!
  64. 3-Book Deal, Debut Novel Releasing Soon
  65. My Sekrit Solstice Story is Getting Published!
  66. Kara's 2018 Goals
  67. Some short term goals
  68. An acceptance!
  69. April Challenge - Write Every Day!
  70. One more time: Never give up. Never Surrender.
  71. From Last week's Publisher's Marketplace:
  72. Beta draft: sent out!
  73. Licensing!
  74. First draft of Past Storm and Fire is done!
  75. First pro sale!
  76. Finally Slogged My Way Through GOT Book 3
  77. May Challenge - Write Every Day
  78. May Goal
  79. Goals
  80. My first real play is a finalist in a contest!
  81. I was on TV!
  82. Sold my first story!
  83. I named my characters! among others
  84. June Challenge - Write Every Day
  85. Write everyday - definitely, but not necessarily to a specific goal...
  86. My First Short Sale!!
  87. Sold my first science fiction short story!
  88. New project: 23 chapters in 23 weeks
  89. Learning to celebrate my accomplishments
  90. Debut Novel Releases
  91. Ray Bradbury Reading Diet
  92. Something wonderful happened when I checked Amazon today...
  93. Short Story Shortlisted
  94. Small weekly goal met!
  95. Goal: Self-Publish my book - Done!
  96. Camp Nano Goals?
  97. July Challenge - Write Every Day
  98. My Goals
  99. Finished my First Chapter!
  100. My First Novel!
  101. Got to no.3 in the Dark Fantasy Rankings
  102. Cover Reveal & Upcoming Release of RAGIS
  103. August Challenge - Write Every Day!
  104. August Goals
  105. Social Experiment #2 Achieved!
  106. Publishing My New Book Tomorrow
  107. Jumping back in, after a hiatus
  108. Two good news yesterday for me!
  109. How many hours do you write a day?
  110. Metaphorically wrote "The End"!
  111. I finished my seventh book!
  112. September Challenge - Write Every Day!
  113. Finishing that Second Draft!
  114. Submitted to a writing contest.
  115. Current goal: three more chapters
  116. The good news keeps coming!
  117. My first sale!
  118. My book came out this weekend!
  119. October Challenge - Write Every Day!
  120. I'm over the moon. Sold my first short story.
  121. The occasional reminder that I AM a writer
  122. I just got my first review. Five Stars and they called my book spellbinding.
  123. THE KILLER IN ME is out in paperback on 10/9!
  124. Made my first cover that didn't make me cringe when I was done!
  125. The State of the Scythian
  126. The "P" Word
  127. Man Booker prize
  128. First Flash Sale
  129. Starting to Submit-- Also Questions
  130. I just wanted to enjoy this moment -:)
  131. My book, The Happy Addict, won an award (a real one!)
  132. The Ultimate Goal For My Novel.
  133. November Challenge - Write Every Day!
  134. First prize at a literary contest!
  135. I'm back. I'm going to finish my WIP by December.
  136. That's what a first draft is, right?
  137. A minor brag
  138. My novel, A Study in Honor, made this awesome list...
  139. December Challenge - Write Every Day!
  140. Someone else is paying me for the rights to use my IP.
  141. I hit 4K words!
  142. Goals and Celebration Thread!!!
  143. How or when do you know it's done?
  144. January Challenge - Write Every Day!
  145. 2019 New Year's Writing Resolutions
  146. My first year of self-publishing...
  147. Probably not impressive to anyone else
  148. Today I became a published writer
  149. Unshelved My Project
  150. Goals and Advice - First Novel
  151. Thinking
  152. My book made the YALSA Best Fiction list!
  153. February Challenge - Write Every Day!
  154. Online Publishing Resume
  155. Goal crossroads?
  156. First Professional Sale!
  157. AWP?
  158. March Challenge - Write Every Day!
  159. My novel is a finalist for the 2019 Lambda Literary Awards!
  160. New novel out yay me
  161. Leveling Up as an Academic