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  1. Debut Novel
  2. My first book signing!
  3. mentioned in Chicago Tribune!
  4. Not that big of a deal buuttttt
  5. Book Porn
  6. I know I have more work to do, but I'm going to beta
  7. My Writing/Publishing Goals
  8. Some encouragement on the querying front
  9. Spending the Night Locked Inside the Castle Once Again! Playwrighting Gig!
  10. Snuggling with Neil Gaiman
  11. When an opportunity presents itself....JUMP!
  12. Realistic Goals
  13. Essay on xoJane
  14. Givenaway 15,000 free ebooks. :)
  15. My Novel FINALLY has a Title!
  16. Release day!
  17. Got A Great Review From Kirkus Today
  18. My 3rd book is coming out... 1 Year = 3 books!
  19. Second novel
  20. Definitely a "Maybe" on a writing career!
  21. First blog comment?
  22. I was Interviewed for Radio Show!
  23. Revision request
  24. Sold a Short!
  25. After months of procrastinating I started a blog! :)
  26. Early Review
  27. No whitewashing. No acacia tree.
  28. We bought a house!
  29. I got to interview two of my heroes!
  30. I finished a pilot!
  31. Finally! Offers raining from the sky!
  32. After a lot of sacrifice, a pile of stupidity, and a sea of red wine...
  33. Nominated for a prize based on my odd book title
  34. The End!
  35. So anyway, I have an agent....
  36. Just published a short story
  37. Turned a non-reader into a reader.
  38. 2nd novel out, NO HAPPIER STATE
  39. Short Story to be Scripted into Play
  40. A quick stellarium
  41. Finally!
  42. Finished!
  43. Made a connection
  44. My novel is going to be a BOOK :D
  45. The Forgotten released today - Book 2 from the Harper open submission
  46. Sold my memoir to William Morrow/HarperCollins
  47. NEVER TOO LATE in Japanese!!
  48. Hot diggity dog! I have a rough draft!
  49. Published my first nonfiction book
  50. My Dear Teen Me letter is featured on the site today!
  51. Time to Query!
  52. Writer for the Detroit News Agreed To Review My Book
  53. Painless progress.. finally
  54. Reviewer calls my novel "riveting"
  55. My BBC monologue
  56. New Cover! Almost new everything else!
  57. release day! Abendau's Heir
  58. I've been away from AW for too long, but I'm back.
  59. Got My First Edits Back!
  60. Three book deal!!
  61. Tied the Knot
  62. And...FIN!
  63. Self-published a selection of Short Stories!
  64. YES! YES! YES!
  65. Debut novel...finally!
  66. *ahem*...I SAID "*AHEM!*"
  67. 1st con panel and some amazing reviews. Oh and shop presence!
  68. A Small Milestone
  69. Finished my first draft!
  70. Publishing an erotic short story once every week, all year
  71. Signed with an agent! Plus a thought on querying and stats
  72. Novel sold! Now comes the editing!
  73. **
  74. It happened!
  75. Second novel out the door. Fingers crossed.
  76. Story in a Japanese magazine
  77. First and second novel submitted!
  78. Yes! Last Major Edit Before Publishing Done!
  79. My book won a bronze in the IPPYs
  80. I got new critters!
  81. long time no see but still writing
  82. Genre Versatility - Best Strategy To Handle Reader Crowd?
  83. Novella Off My Hands
  84. Third novel out, BONUS MAN
  85. Signed a contract for my first novel, woohoo!
  86. My Goals
  87. Total newb
  88. First draft by my birthday
  89. Two Stories Accepted
  90. My First Review for Death of a Bride and Groom...
  91. Time Management for Writers
  92. Formatted my novel for Createspace...
  93. First payment for a story!!!
  94. Write a novel in two weeks?
  95. Two accomplishments in one day!
  96. First Place in Thinkerbeat Writing Contest!
  97. Novel to be read on Radio Talking Book
  98. Bellerophon is done!
  99. Finished my third draft
  100. A long, musing rant on my plans...
  101. Completely finished with The Bear's Wife
  102. Second Draft DONE :D
  103. New Book Deal!!!
  104. Book Cover!!
  105. The first review of my debut novel
  106. Promotion Stuff is DONE!
  107. My first published short story!
  108. Ready to take the next step!
  109. 2015 - first half accomplishments, second half's goals
  110. My first "official" novel is published on Kindle!
  111. A Great review of my new mystery "DEATH OF A BRIDE AND GROOM"
  112. I'm doing marketing consulting for authors and it's going great!
  113. I just
  114. My 5-Year Mission
  115. My debut released yesterday!!
  116. Writing and Publishing
  117. Squee!
  118. Hopeful and Antsy
  119. Still Contemplating: Patricia Konarski, at 75 years, Getting a Master's? Lofty Goal?
  120. Huzzahs are in order
  121. I actually want to read this.
  122. Connecticut Yankee's Middle Grade Not-So-Novel Goal
  123. I won an award!
  124. Turning in my tryout piece tomorrow.
  125. Job story
  126. Two Stories Up in One Week!
  127. Moving to Freelancing
  128. NAILED IT! After a year of almost no writing...a finished novel!
  129. I sold my first short story!
  130. I Have an Actual Job as a Technical Writer!
  131. Vampires aren't dead!
  132. Mr. Taxi
  133. First Book in Bookstores Today!
  134. Book number five of my series is complete!
  135. Favorite writing quote
  136. Audio Rights sale! + New Book Deal + French Rights
  137. Chapter goals
  138. Finished and Editing-a grueling process
  139. article in local publication
  140. Working From Home Gets Better and Better :)
  141. Done.
  142. First goal
  143. Endurance Writing 101
  144. My first post on PBS parents!
  145. If I'm allowed to post this - what is your dream life that you hope writing will eventually provide?
  146. Early Signs of a Successful Promo
  147. Managed to create a buzz this week by beating Stephen King
  148. Finally reached the copyedit stage.
  149. Marketing 101 for Writers
  150. HAMMERED trailer
  151. So excited! Sold kids' book on friendship!
  152. That's a wrap! First draft of Call of the Morrigu DONE!
  153. Well, that's it--Devin's book is officially queried.
  154. Computer Code and Journalism Skills
  155. Write something everyday. Maybe have a novel by the end of the year.
  156. Goals and accomplishments
  157. Connecticut Yankee's YA Not-So-Novel Goal
  158. Legacy of Hunger now available for pre-order!
  159. Poetry Sale, Readings, and an Unexpected Awesomeness!
  160. Goal: Go to a writing conference
  161. Sold 2 pro stories... and purchased another. :)
  162. Writing again! Got a blogging position and sold a reprint. (Largely about depression)
  163. Just heard the first 36 minutes of my book that's being made into an audiobook for Audible & iTunes
  164. Sold My First Story!!!
  165. Finally on submission to major publishers!
  166. Cover Reveal for my First Book!
  167. Finally got to 'the end'!
  168. My goal, some adivice?
  169. Finishing my story by the end of the year!
  170. 20k by the end of the month.
  171. Just typed "the end"
  172. I Winned! I Winned!
  173. Won 1st place for my non-fiction story in the Oregon Writers Colony Contest!!
  174. To win a writing contest
  175. I just joined a new writing group in Salem
  176. A Novel Sold and Published
  177. Halfway there!
  178. My first Novel indie publishe on Amazon!
  179. The End - Such Beautiful Words
  180. Took a big girl step and now holding my breath
  181. That great feeling when...
  182. My book was released on Audible last night!
  183. My Goals. My Accomplishments.
  184. First Novel Just Released!
  185. Just received the check !
  186. Trilogy Done!
  187. Agentification!
  188. Three projects
  189. First Contract!
  190. Daily Goal--Really Works (For Me)
  191. Got My first ever REAL editorial review!
  192. My current round of querying
  193. I have a new project
  194. Disney has optioned TEC!
  195. Auran Chronicles: Message Bearer released!
  196. New Goal - Writing
  197. Me, My Goals, and I
  198. Partial request
  199. First Draft Complete :)
  200. Sold Another Story
  201. I got Interviewed by USA Today's HEA Blog!
  202. Dragon Hoard is out! And it's dedicated to AW.
  203. Starred Review in Publishers Weekly
  204. Should finalist status be announced or just wait for outcome?
  205. goal, to finish the d...m MS
  206. My 50th post! Does that count?
  207. My FIRST story published.
  208. Cover- First Book: College Life 101: Freshman Orientation
  209. Hurray! and a huge THANKS!
  210. 2016 goals
  211. Tr. Hall is on a mission: Finish a draft of my first English novel before the end of 2016
  212. Published Book #4 in my series
  213. I was a finalist in #SYTYCW15 - Harlequin Contest
  214. Goals, so far on the horizon, yet so close.
  215. I finally got my butt in gear!
  216. Moving forward...
  217. FINALLY Finished Longest Book Ever!
  218. My story made the BSFA long list!!!
  219. Book launch day!
  220. 4th novel now out!
  221. Working towards that finish line...
  222. Hmm, goals, huh?
  223. 10,000 words a week challenge!
  224. Legacy of Truth now under contract!
  225. Better To Have Loved is Released!
  226. Getting Locked Inside the Castle! AGAIN!
  227. Reading My Story at An Open Mic
  228. My first book is published.
  229. How are your new years writing goals going?
  230. Got my book published.
  231. Author to Publisher
  232. RT Book Reviews - Top 3 Books on Wattpad
  233. Moving right along!
  234. Monthly Goals for 2016
  235. Published...
  236. Book Deal!
  237. Nakamura Reality Giveaway on Goodreads
  238. Before breakfast
  239. Just finished the first edit of my trilogy
  240. One Thousand Books Sold...
  241. Debut Book Deal
  242. I have earned money!
  243. I finished!
  244. My first rejection... wasn't a rejection!!!
  245. First full request!
  246. I have a goal: publication!
  247. Cover Reveal for my YA Fantasy Series!!
  248. First Book of Series Done
  249. My goals
  250. Just signed contract with Audible