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  1. Its been a while...
  2. Write/edit 1 novel a month
  3. The Sinner Cover Art
  4. Need advice- investing in my writing
  5. Not much, but still...!
  6. My latest short story published today
  7. I've got a new publisher!
  8. Just hit 20k words
  9. Cover art and blurb for upcoming release
  10. First review in a print magazine!
  11. New Story
  12. I Will Land An Agent Once and For All...Within Thirty Days
  13. Cover Art and Blurb!
  14. New book and Strawberry Jam!
  15. My detective novel is published: Alan Zacher
  16. I Went Out on a Limb
  17. A Kirkus Star!
  18. TFS up on Goodreads!
  19. New book, new cover :)
  20. I'm jumping up and down here!
  21. Life Is Good!
  22. I did it! I did it!!
  23. Cover Art - A WOLF AT THE DOOR
  24. my little box of ARCs
  25. Newspaper article
  26. Exciting Agent Possibility!
  27. Finished! (And started)
  28. The nailbiting commences
  29. My Book is Out!
  30. Middle Grade contract signed
  31. Exaltations by Richard Garfinkle now on Smashwords
  32. NASCAR meets classic French architecture...
  33. Shortlisted for the Bisto!
  34. Holy Ned. O.O Lambda Award Finalist x 2
  35. I have an offer
  36. WHATEVERS LEFT released soon!
  37. The Japan Times
  38. It's DONE. The third and Final draft is DONE!
  39. I Have An Agent, At Last!
  40. PAN Eligibility
  41. Writing gig?
  42. Three Stars
  43. Haven't broken my New Year's Resolution yet.
  44. Out On Submission For The First Time Since 2004
  45. I made someone cry!
  46. The results of the CSMLS exam
  47. Two poems to be published
  48. My goals
  49. 5 star review
  50. Google loves me
  51. Publication Day!!
  52. Not Another Cover Art Thread (now updated with non-cover news!)
  53. Problem: I am the Dog that Caught the Car
  54. Hey, guys, guess what? I finished my novel!
  55. Another Shimmy Sham Shiny new cover thread
  56. Avalanche
  57. THE FRIDAY SOCIETY cover!!!
  58. Blurb and cover page
  59. I just agreed to a 2-book deal with Sourcebooks!
  60. Cambridge Cover
  61. I landed an agent
  62. I'm going to write a novel.
  63. Launch Party Success!!
  64. I am officially allowed to share now. really. I'm srs this time. for reals. lol.(see post 65)
  65. My debut novel The P.U.R.E. releases today! 4/16
  66. Flash piece in the National Flash Fiction Day anthology
  67. My first IRL crit group experience!
  68. I was interviewed on the Question Reality Radio Show
  69. Story Published by Daily Science Fiction
  70. Woot! finished a story!
  71. Finally accepted by PANK
  72. Are you tired of cover reveals? TOO BAD, 'cause it's my turn!
  73. Hell, it's about time (18-year-old ESL writer just sold his first short to a semi-pro market).
  75. LOVE SUCKS is released into the wild!
  76. New thread, new cover
  77. Not really an accomplishment, BUT....
  78. I'm writing again!
  79. Debut YA Novel, Crashing Eden, is out.
  80. Amazon Best of the Month
  81. Roll up, roll up, get your pirates here....
  82. Pop the champagne. I GOT A BOOK DEAL!
  83. Finished!!!
  84. Where I stand
  85. Reading: I DID it!!
  86. I Need To Finish Something
  87. Excited :D
  88. Thanks big time for the help - novels finally made it
  89. They just get better and better...(warning: new cover reveal)
  90. WHITE HORSE - Alex Adams
  91. I have an agent! Can't believe I get to do this...
  92. My first major review! and it's good! :)
  93. No Turning Back will be published!
  94. First draft of my YA novel completed! Finally!
  95. Getting Closer!
  96. Book deal with DarkFuse/Delirium
  97. Article in FellowScript
  98. The Moon is not Enough hits Top 100
  99. I can haz a book deal?
  100. INDIA!
  101. I sent in my first round edits
  102. Story Finalist! (update-Contest Winner!)
  103. Showing off new book cover, Bidding On Death
  104. Channeling Lester Dent
  105. Four full ms. requests being read. On tippy toes!
  106. Poetry published for the first time - and I didn't know it
  107. Thank you query letter hell.
  108. And finally... my book is available
  109. Winner of the Bisto Awards (in 2 categories!)
  110. Your "dream" call from an agent: How would it go?
  111. Goal: Participate More
  112. A Feast of Tears moves into #3 At Amazon!
  113. Signing With Leap Books
  114. Pure heart!
  115. My book is getting pubbed!
  116. novel excerpt accepted
  117. Cracked.com Article
  118. Book Deal!!!
  119. It's finally my turn to say this: My book is getting published!
  120. My Babies have found a home!
  121. Another full ms. requested. Please wish me luck!
  122. Finished. the. book.
  123. Just broke top 100!
  124. Bittersweet News + Making the Best of It
  125. First Publishing Deal of 2012!
  126. published soon and ecstatic...
  127. Holy s***. Library Journal likes me!
  128. Minor personal milestone
  130. Cover and release date! (And one Perks freaking out.)
  131. Finally wrote those two magical words: The End.
  132. OUTSPOKEN...now in print!
  133. Finished the Book!
  134. No longer a podcast virgin!
  135. First Full Request! But Now I'm Tormented...
  136. The Divide will be published!
  137. Susan's Newest Accomplishment
  138. I did surgery on my own foot
  139. Sold a story ^_^
  140. The Wolfen Strain Makes its Debut
  141. Scifia wants my short story!
  142. Goals: Finish, publish, stop taking advice
  143. MS is Finished
  144. excerpt from novel accepted
  145. My book will be published :)
  146. Essay to be Included in Anthology
  147. I just got "Editor's Pick" on Salon!
  148. Journey Interrupted, from the Planet Janitor series.
  149. A request and a squee!
  150. Experiencing a slump in your writing process. . .anybody ever get that feeling?
  151. I can has cover!
  152. I sold my novella!
  153. Just signed with an agent!
  154. My Polish Cover
  155. Story from AW Western Competition accepted by Washington Pastime!
  156. Hit 50k Today!!!
  157. My true crime cover!
  158. An author is thanking me. In print!
  159. Mailed mms
  160. First draft finished!
  161. Full requests! Squee!
  162. Second book to be published
  163. I have finished my short story
  164. Full request!
  165. WIP Is Done!
  166. free short story download, starting Aug. 12!
  167. Smashwords quarterly payment
  168. Cover Art and Release Date
  169. Accepted in the guide evaluation for About.com!
  170. Non fiction writing goals
  171. Two pieces will be published in Mature Years
  172. new book doing well after a week
  173. Just finished my first novel :)
  174. Next Month, I Will...
  175. I'm done!!!!!
  176. I finished my first draft!
  177. Past Halfway
  178. mailed my signed contract
  179. Sold my first short story!
  180. Semi-Fine
  181. I'll save the thousand words...
  182. First Draft Complete!
  183. The Saga of Lord EvilPants...
  184. cover of dw chronicles
  185. 1/6 of first draft completed!
  186. 10K!
  187. Offer!
  188. what every writer wants
  189. Whoo-hoo! 30K!
  190. MOONSHADOWS' cover revealed
  191. COVER!!!!
  192. 20K... Finally!!!
  193. Rough Draft Complete!
  194. "A Sugar and Spice Cook-It-Yourself Tale"
  195. My Author Page
  196. Two of Three (Dreams Trilogy)
  197. I've pretty much finished my book! Exciting!
  198. Finished 1/2 of my 1st draft!
  199. Starred review in Library Journal
  200. YA book sold to Viking!
  201. Parents Magazine Likes My Book!
  202. Book 3 Accepted (2nd Musa Publishing book!)
  203. Endorsed by international bestselling author!
  204. Finished, 3rd revise/rewrite of my Novel
  205. Holy crap somebody's publishing something I wrote!
  206. Book 1, Forged in Death, is now available
  207. So...I finally finished my fantasy trilogy...
  208. *Thud* I haz an Agent!
  209. My first submission, EVER
  210. Goal: finish the *final* final edit of my novel
  211. I finally got something done!
  212. PB contract from Guardian Angel
  213. I can't believe I get to say...I have an agent!!!
  214. Sold to EQMM
  215. September Just Do It Thread
  216. FreeFlashFiction took one of my stories!
  217. How I Spent My Summer...
  218. My short play's being performed
  219. My novel has a cover!
  220. CARNIEPUNK Anthology!
  221. Five Full Requests ... and Counting?
  222. 20 Pages till I finish my re-write
  223. The Toast Bitches have a new home!
  224. Finished my first draft!!
  225. Signed contract for second book :)
  226. Just finished my 2nd draft!
  227. An inspiration I saw a few years back.
  228. My memoir has just been released
  229. Article in FellowScript
  230. FINALLY!
  231. A personal milestone.
  232. Michelle -
  233. Coming...
  234. Book Deal!!! *swoons*
  235. Oh, New Cover Smell!!
  236. Very first ISBN!!!
  238. #1 on Kobo within a week (How??)
  239. Holding the ARC of my first book
  240. My Shiny, New Book Cover :)
  241. October Just Do It Thread
  242. Final Major Plot Problem Gone
  243. ARC goodness and a nice surprise
  244. Scholastic Book Club Edition is out - Skyping with schools
  245. My army crawl got me an agent
  246. Literary Guild/Doubleday!
  247. *gulp* I guess it's time. Somebody's gonna have to read it at some point...
  248. My book deal in The Bookseller
  249. My First Book Release Day and Thank Yous
  250. Cover Reveal for Dance of the Red Death