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  1. Anyone need help? Have any questions?
  2. when did mentoring become a business? [serious question]
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  6. Mentor, please.
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  8. is this correct punctuation?
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  10. What I am looking for is...
  11. The evolution of an improved writer
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  15. need a mentor for a story
  16. Is there a humor mentor in the house?
  17. Dumb yet intelligent questions
  18. Before I lose my nerve...
  19. I want a mentor too!
  20. Need mentor for a work of fiction
  21. Critique wanted
  22. Help, please
  23. Writing critique
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  25. Mentor Needed
  26. Paleontologist, geologist?
  27. Proposal writing / need direction!
  28. I feel stuck!!
  29. Writers in NW Arkansas
  30. I think I have lost my Passion
  31. Curious...
  32. Mental Health Experience
  33. Need A Helping Hand
  34. Web sites for authors
  35. Mentors
  36. Mentor wanted/available...
  37. Mentor needed for romance suspence novel
  38. I could use some help with questions about copyrights.
  39. Suspense (Help-Wanted) WILL PAY
  40. In Need of a mentor
  41. Mentor Wanted!
  42. PR help, ideas, suggestions...please?
  43. Mentor for me, please
  44. Vital, vital crucible question
  45. Need mentor please
  46. I would like a "MENTOR"!
  47. Requesting Mentor for a fiction Novel.
  48. Fantasy Children's Writer Mentor/Writer Buddy
  49. Mentor wanted
  50. Why do you want a mentor?
  51. Is there a punctuation specialist in the house?
  52. Do you want a writing partner or mentor?
  53. Help...
  54. A Mentor Would Be Much Appriciated
  55. need guidance
  56. Looking for a little advice
  57. Need a mentor, please
  58. Children's books - where do I go now?
  59. What is a Mentor? Need Help Please
  60. Wanted. readers to critique manuscripts
  61. In need of some brief mentorship
  62. Need a mentor
  63. Your methods of writing
  64. write short stories - need help
  65. New Freelancer seeks mentor
  66. I Can Help With Fiction Questions..
  67. How did you find your writing niche?
  68. Teen seeks mentor
  69. Hey, I would like to get a mentor. Would anyone like to mentor me?
  70. Query DOCTOR needed!!!
  71. Please Read Before Posting!
  72. Mentor Wanted For childrens writer
  73. Christian romance novel needs constructive critism
  74. Looking for a playwright mentor
  75. Self-Doubt
  76. a little help
  77. some one help me!
  78. Question
  79. Looking for help
  80. Starting sentences with "He" or "She"
  81. Screenwriter Detroit
  82. Need A Mentor
  83. A question about this section of the forums.
  84. Like to tear it up? No holds barred? I'm your whipping boy (er, girl.) Oh hell, I..
  85. Need a mentor, in GA preferably
  86. Could Use Some Guidance
  87. Would truly appreciate a mentor's guidence
  88. looking for some guidance!
  89. Looking for Literary/Mainstream Mentor
  90. Beta Reader
  91. Any comedic screenwriters out there willing to mentor a college student.
  92. Looking for a mentor
  93. QuestionaIre for people seeking writing partners
  94. How does one construct a bio if one has never been published?
  95. Looking for a mentor- Sci/Fi story (time traveling).
  96. Mentor needed for crime writing
  97. Author on the Ledge and she's about to...
  98. Critique's wanted for wip
  99. Wanted: A serious mentor
  100. Webmistress Seeking a Mentor
  101. What name to use?
  102. Beta reader,crit.,needed for horror novel
  103. Beta reader needed for Jag story
  104. Mentor wanted for romance novel
  105. Seeking solace
  106. Does anybody know HOW to find a good mentor?
  107. Sci-Fi Writer ISO critical reader with a brain!
  108. Need help doing a Query
  109. Email Query Letter
  110. An Inconsistent Writer
  111. Problem with tenses
  112. Mentor Needed.
  113. Travel Writers
  114. I am in need of a mentor, please.
  115. Need beta readers
  116. Non-fiction mentor needed
  117. Mentor needed
  118. Aspiring and in need of a mentor...please?
  119. mentor wanted
  120. Screenwriting mentors?
  121. I just want a person to critique me, really.
  122. In need of someone to help me out
  124. Looking for critique partner in Canada
  125. Willing to offer assistance
  126. A mentor/critiquer
  127. Looking for a honest critical analysis from a professional level Writer
  128. A few in the Q--want an assessment/help of the different.
  129. Looking for Someone to Bounce Ideas Off Of
  130. Distance learning, online courses, independent study ...
  131. Mentor wanted for first time fantasy novel writer
  132. Experienced Writer Wanted
  133. really trying to make it
  134. Looking for a Beta
  135. Writing partner wanted for bizzare piece that could go anywhere...
  136. Looking for a critique of my children's book
  137. Fantasy Partner
  138. Seeking Critique, Willing to Trade Works
  139. Can someone help beta read my sci-fi/fantasy prologue?
  140. Writing Partner and inspirational mentor wanted
  141. Writingpartners?
  142. hopes for someone to critique work.
  143. Help?
  144. Help?
  145. I feel lost
  146. Synopsis
  147. hola
  148. Help, please
  149. Want a Mentor for Editing
  150. Are you seeking a Critique Partner?
  151. January Submission Challenge
  152. Looking for a writing parnter in montreal
  153. Writing partner
  154. Seeking a Writing Partner for a Historical Fiction Novel
  155. Looking for help about logline
  156. Help would be appreciated, please.
  157. Help required
  158. Please help me with my ghost story...
  159. Newbie Scifi writer needs advice
  160. Seeking Grammar Checker
  161. Searching for a mentor...
  162. Looking for partner for a sci-fi/religious book/series
  163. Collaborator wanted Medway Kent area
  164. Cowriter wanted for fantasy/sf project
  165. Critique Wanted
  166. I need a writing partner and also, an editor
  167. I need a writing partner and also, an editor.
  168. Wants Critiquers for Ideas and stories. Trade reads for sure.
  169. Help, please?
  170. children's manuscript help
  171. Looking for a good writing partner
  172. Critique Groups - Articles
  173. Mentor/Helper needed URGENTLY!
  174. International Partnerships
  175. Porlbme solver - Write a note to yourself
  176. Looking for a writing partner
  177. Looking for critique partner for articles
  179. creative writing group
  180. Hey, I am looking for an editor.
  181. Looking for a writing partner
  182. Mentor wanted for Chick lit/crime story
  183. wanted: a mentor
  184. Looking for reciprocal proofreaders and critiques
  185. need writing partner
  186. Looking for a partner
  187. Scared and lost
  188. Looking For Ideas On How To Write A Movie Script.And A Parter To Help.
  189. Requesting Mentor Please
  190. Partner or Mentor
  191. Need a partner or ghostwriter
  192. Ready to be an Apprentice: Looking for a Mentor
  193. science fantasy romance computer game
  194. Decent Editors
  195. Looking For A Writing Partner
  196. Mentor Wanted - Apply within for YA paranormal romance
  197. Looking for a dedicated writing partner or mentor!
  198. Writing is a lonely game!
  199. i'll make this short
  200. Need some help.
  201. A Suggested Method for Critiques
  202. i feel like crying...
  203. Lets be anal together...
  204. In Need of a Mentor
  205. Mentor interested in (Christian) Fantasy?
  206. In need of a Mentor...Please!!!
  207. Seeking Mentor / Partner for story based on the bombing of Hiroshima
  208. teen writing partner
  209. I need a mentor...this will be easy.
  210. PI, hard or softboiled
  211. Mentor
  212. My new request for a mentor
  213. Seeking crit partner
  214. cowriter/writing partner
  215. "Precocious, self-conscious, and over-the-top"
  216. New to Writing?
  217. Need a writer or mentor for a BIG Book
  218. Editing/proofreading partner?
  219. Suspense writer(s) I need a mentor please
  220. Mentor wanted for romantic suspense work
  221. Mentor Sought
  222. very urgent please i need help from a mentor
  223. looking for a mentor to read over my started book
  224. Finding a Critique Partner
  225. new to article writing, need mentor?
  226. I just need some career advice
  227. A writing buddy
  228. Let's exchange a chapter to start...
  229. Need A Mentor/Critique Partner/Publishing Help
  230. I'm Looking For A Writing Partner
  231. Request for Critique/ Writing Buddy
  232. Journey with me?
  233. Need a little help
  234. seeking a critique partner
  235. Chick litters??
  236. Need a writing Crit. Partner
  237. critique partner wanted
  238. Mentor needed
  239. Writing partner needed
  240. teen seeking *cough cough* adult mentor
  241. Looking for a serious writing partner
  242. Need A Mentor
  243. Looking for tech. buddy/mentor
  244. Critique/brainstorming partner
  245. Seeking Novelist & Co-Author
  246. Writing partner - Screenplay
  247. mentor sought by YA sci-fi/fantasy unpublished author
  248. Seeking critique partner for novel
  249. Critique Partner Needed
  250. When did you start to write?