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  1. Got My Beta, thanks
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  15. Beta Reader for Dark Fantasy Novella
  16. Who wants to beta-read my novel? (Literary/Contemporary, 89k words)
  17. Beta reader for a prologue and part of a first chapter.
  18. Need Beta for the first two chapters!
  19. Desperately Seeking Beta! - MG Fantasy Magic Novel
  20. Beta for UF novel
  21. Beta reader for mystery
  22. Co-writer wanted (science fiction or fantasy erotic romance)
  23. Looking for beta reader: gay romance/erotic novella
  24. Looking for a local (Southern California) writing partner
  25. Beta needed for M/M/F erotic adventure/romance novella
  26. Looking for beta for beginning of thriller
  27. Looking For a Beta
  28. Beta, please! 98K Sci Fi Steampunk Novel
  29. Espionage thriller set mostly in North Africa
  30. Seeking Beta for YA Fantasy, 60k words
  31. Looking for beta. 3k short mystery/speculative fiction/puzzle! Thank you!
  32. Seeking Writer's Group / Mentor / Buddy / Whip Wielder
  33. Hi! I'm looking for a Beta Reader interested in Memoirs.
  34. never had this
  35. Looking for a writing partner/short stories
  36. Beta Reader Needed ASAP! - In Desperate Need Of Some Seriously Curious Eyes And Creative Minds!
  37. Seeking Beta for Sci-Fi, 91K Words
  38. One-chapter beta "ear" from Australia
  39. Seeking YA Writing Buddy, Beta, Friend
  40. Seeking beta for UF.
  41. Need Ongoing Beta Reader for WIP - YA fantasy
  42. beta reader needed for my thriller - willing to swap (of course)
  43. YA 79K Urban/Fantasy-Seeking Beta/and/or feedback. Inquire within.
  44. Dating for beta / writing parnters
  45. Looking to beta/beta adventure/fantasy
  46. Looking for writing buddies/critique partners (Fantasy)
  47. Seeking Betas for Epic Fantasy; willing to reciprocate
  48. Beta reader/ Mentor for YA Fantasy
  49. Seeking permanent writing "partner" (...buddy?chum? pal?) (Young Adult Urban Fantasy)
  50. Beta partner(s) wanted: please apply within!
  51. Eyes needed for romance ms
  52. Erotic paranormal romance
  53. Seeking Beta Partnership/ Writing Buddy
  54. Will Someone Look at my Query? YA / fantasy
  55. Beta Reader/Crit Partner Wanted
  56. YA Zombie Survival Horror, Looking for Beta/Crit Partner
  57. New Writer - Fatansy
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  59. seeking beta for mid fiction
  60. Beta/Friend (YA)
  61. Looking for a few good betas...
  62. Looking for Beta (High Fantasy)
  63. Blog + critique partners
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  66. Procrastinator Support Group Idea
  67. Looking for Mystery writers
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  69. Non-fiction proposal? Anyone willing?
  70. Searching for mentor (non-fiction)
  71. As if there aren't enough YA authors looking for betas out there
  72. The Eternal Link needs a female beta reader!
  73. Looking for a critique partner for an LGBT YA novel
  74. Any African American/Urban genre writers???
  75. Beta partner for YA Paranormal Fantasy
  76. beta readers for novella about teleporting woman
  77. Mentor/beta YA adventure, high fantasy. Prologue available.
  78. Speculative Fiction Buddy/Beta/Co-Beta/Whatev
  79. Writing Friend
  80. Seeking Beta for "Military Science-Fiction" Novel
  81. Beta reader for YA contemp?
  82. Beta for YA Paranormal A Stiff Kiss
  83. Desperately Seeking Beta. (YA suspense fiction)
  84. Anyone writing literary thrillers? (Also dystopian or psych thrillers.)
  85. Looking for co-authors with writing blocks but itching to work
  86. Beta Reader for Superhero (childrens) Chapter Book
  87. Looking for beta reader for young adult sci-fi
  88. Looking for a story beta for YA Steampunk
  89. Looking for Beta for MG Horror (21k)
  90. Beta reader for -incomplete- Space Sci-fi story.
  91. Beta Reader for YA Paranormal Romance
  92. Looking for Betas for High Fantasy - Two Chapters Completed
  93. I have an outline!
  94. Manuscript Swap - Beta Needed for Women's Fiction
  95. hardcore proof reading of 1st 50 pages?
  96. looking for beta readers
  97. Dystopian/SF Beta Sought
  98. Historical-Fantasy 97,000 words
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  100. Beta for Incomplete YA suspense (at 10K right now)
  101. Seeking Beta for YA Sci-Fantasy
  102. Looking for Beta reader for Fantasy!
  103. BETA needed for complete YA Paranormal
  104. Looking for beta historical romance
  105. Looking for very casual first impression of a mystery novel
  106. Looking for a beta reader - Suspense/Thriller
  107. Looking for a Beta - BURNING EDEN
  108. Beta needed for Urban Fantasy, 80k
  109. Looking for Beta/ Mentor for YA Paranormal Fantasy "Sins of the Wolf"
  110. Looking for Crit Partner/Beta-YA Contemp
  111. Beta first 50 pages adult content
  112. Searching for a Beta for Urban Fantasy
  113. Newbie Question: Do betas ask for a fee or ...
  114. Looking for YA Dystopian Beta Reader
  115. Need copyediting or proofreading help?
  116. Beta reader for second read - 48K words
  117. seeking critterdactyl or betasaurus rex! YA contemp! pick me, pick me!
  118. A huge discussion about my WIP
  119. Beta reader for urban fantasy
  120. Seeking beta for teen/YA edgy romance
  121. Seeking beta and/or critique partner for YA fantasy
  122. Seeking a beta reader for a murder mystery written in classic literary style
  123. Crit Partner for Finished YA Urban Fantasy
  124. Looking for writing partner! YA/Fantasy
  125. YA Urban Fantasy*Beta Reader Needed* Possible Girl Scout Cookies as incentive? Who knows?
  126. Looking for a beta for cozy mystery
  127. YA Urban Fantasy Beta Reader wanted
  128. Beta wanted for historical short story
  129. YA - 28,000 words long Novella - Beta Reader Needed
  130. Looking for a Beta/swap situation for my contemporary quirky romance
  131. Seeking Beta Reader for YA Urban Science Fiction
  132. First 10 pages to YA paranormal/action-adventure
  133. Beta Reader for YA/Women fiction with an African setting
  134. Read-through Wanted: YA Thriller
  135. Critique/Writing Group
  136. Help with a troublesome chapter? (Fantasy)
  137. Beta reader wanted for Epic Science-Fantasy
  138. Crit Partner Wanted - YA Contemp Romance
  139. Can a girl get a writer buddy? YA Fantasy
  140. Seeking Beta Reader for first 100 pages of dark (somewhat comedic) drama
  141. Beta Reader in the future
  142. Beta needed for a Fantasy quickie <Closed>
  143. Beta Format?
  144. Looking for Beta for Epic Fantasy WIP (40K)
  145. Beta Needed for 22,000 word YA Paranormal Novella (Closed)
  146. Beta for Memoir Chapter 1 - 4 and Last Two
  147. Looking for writing buddy urban fantasy/pnr
  148. Do Want: Beta for some/all of 83K YA mild fantasy
  149. Beta Reader needed for historical fiction.
  150. Beta Needed for YA Suspense with a Mentally Ill MC
  151. Looking for betas for MG novel
  152. Need a Beta or Proofreader
  153. Swallow the Dog: Civil War HF
  154. LF writing buddy YA fantasy
  155. Paranormal-Mystery
  156. Beta Request For 70,000 Word Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel
  157. Need beta reader for horror/thriller novel (83k)
  158. YA Contemporary Critique Wanted
  159. Screenwriter seeking beta reader
  160. Beta reader needed for Supernatural YA
  161. If two betas are going to read the same thing, should they collaborate, or is each read on its own?
  162. Reader for Memoir about Delusions
  163. Check English
  164. Historical/ High Fantasy WIP needs reader!
  165. Beta request
  166. Looking for, I think, a writing buddy :)
  167. Beta Needed for YA Dystopian and/or Paranormal
  168. Beta Request: Adult Horror/Paranormal Fantasy
  169. Fancy critiquing a dark YA gothic romance by published author?
  170. Beta wanted for... (I'm not sure!)
  171. Beta Reader
  172. Beta wanted for Urban Fantasy - will pay right person
  173. Beta request: YA/Fantasy story
  174. Is Anybody Up For Starting A Novel Writers Group With Skype?
  175. Beta Request for a YA Urban Fantasy
  176. Seeking Beta Reader for HIT THAT*
  177. Dream Magic - open beta
  178. Christian Teenz (looking for a beta)
  179. Looking for beta reader for M/M romance, drama
  180. Looking for a beta partner for chick-lit style book
  181. Beta partner: Ch. 1 - 3 of China-novel
  182. Would love to find an MG mentor!
  183. beta request: contemporary YA
  184. Beta Request-YA Christian
  185. Looking For A Beta Reader For My Vampire Novel
  186. Looking for Beta Reader. I will critique regardless of genre
  187. Beta Request---YA Fantasy Novella
  188. Critique Partner Auction
  189. Beta reader: YA multicultural ghost story
  190. Requesting a writing mentor for a supernatural YA
  191. Do Want: Beta for some/all of 83K YA mild fantasy
  192. Casting call for YA crit group
  193. Look for a BETA for a 99k YA Fantasy
  194. Beta needed for 60K YA Paranormal
  196. Beta request-Christian Teen
  197. Beta Needed Untitled Work - Fantasy
  198. Need a beta (lite) for two chapters of Steampunk
  199. Manuscript Swap: 85K Fantasy
  200. Beta wanted for Black Night Skies
  201. Very interested in being a beta reader for Mainstream fiction
  202. Beta reader needed Urban Thriller/paranormal romance
  203. Looking for a critique buddy for erotic romance
  204. Beta Reader Needed for YA Historical Fiction
  205. A new approach to beta reading
  206. Mentor wanted
  207. Beta request - The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer
  208. Looking for Beta Reader for Mostly Complete UF
  209. Short Story Exchange
  210. WANTED: Writing buddy or mentor
  211. Critique for adult psychological drama
  212. Beta reader (short story) - evaluate cultural appropriation?
  213. Let's declare a National Beta-reader Day
  214. Beta Readers needed for MG with anthropomorphic animals
  215. Love Story Featuring AW's Own (Alphas and Betas Needed)
  216. Why I Won't Beta Read Your Novel
  217. YA Paranormal Swap
  218. How I Think a Beta Reader is Badly Needed Now
  219. Willing to pay for Crit Partner
  220. First person Zombie short in need of a Beta...or he will eat your BRAAAAAIIINS.
  221. Looking for beta reader for memoir about becoming safari guides
  222. Beta wanted for romance/historical fiction WIP
  223. My Beta Won't Take My Advice
  224. First 6 chapters of historical fiction
  225. Looking for a writing buddy
  226. Looking for a beta for my YA novel
  227. A writing buddy - short stories and second novel!
  228. Happy Mothers' Day
  229. Seeking writing/critique buddy.
  230. In Need Of A Writing Partner/Buddy
  231. Beta Reader for YA urban fantasy - romance
  232. Am I allowed to post this?
  233. Adult sci-fi beta read
  234. Seeking beta reader for middle grade chapter book
  235. Multicultural Supernatural Horror needs a Beta
  236. Beta Reader needed for 80k romantic suspense, will crit in return.
  237. Beta Reader Needed for a Memoir
  238. Writing Buddy/Beta Reader wanted for horror/romance and contemporary fantasy
  239. Romance writers' critique group
  240. Looking for Beta for a creepy YA Paranormal thriller
  241. Fantasy Buddy
  242. Starting and running a writers' circle?
  243. Beta Reader needed for 56,000 word Sci-Fi
  244. Critique Needed - Christian Fiction
  245. On the lookout for a writing buddy.
  246. Beta needed for MG Steampunk Adventure
  247. BETA READER wanted for a NONFICTION ms.
  248. Crit Group Member Uses Siimilar Ideas
  249. Looking for writing buddy (buddies)
  250. Beta Found