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  1. Please tell me about your Beta experiences
  2. You read mine, I'll read yours
  3. I really need a Beta, please help?
  4. Beta for horror short stories?
  5. I want to beta your sci-fi/fantasy
  6. Beta for MG adventure 44k works
  7. Writing Buddy/Beta for Urban Fantasy/Romance Novel
  8. Need a beta...
  9. Beta for polished YA Fantasy
  10. Looking for YA beta swap
  11. I would like a beta for a YA Fantasy...
  12. Beta for first 50 pages of dystopian?
  13. Beta/Editing Group
  14. Manuscript Critique Wanted- 1500 words
  15. Need fast grammar Beta. Willing to Beta yours in return.
  16. Middle Grade Critique Group
  17. Beta needed for women's fiction.
  18. Looking for YA beta reader (exchange)
  19. Beta exchange, regardless of genre
  20. Beta Needed for Nora Roberts Offshoot
  21. Anyone interested in something not YA or fantasy?
  22. Tantrum to Blind- aprx. 50k YA romance
  23. Reader wanted for romance short story.
  24. Looking to Beta YA fantasy, YA sci-fi/space opera, and even YA horror.
  25. Need a beta for urban fantasy WIP
  26. Short story, willing to read first 10k words in exchange!
  27. Need fiction beta - chapter by chapter
  28. Beta needed for four chapters of Literary novel
  29. Willing to Beta-Read!
  30. 1st Chapter Exchanges (YA/MG Fantasy/Sci-Fi)
  31. Urban Fantasy (first five chapters) beta exchange
  32. Need Native Spanish Speaker to Translate a Few Sentences
  33. m/m/m erotic romance? anyone?
  34. Wanted: Female Fiction Fanatic
  35. Writing buddies anyone?
  36. Looking for a beta reader (romance/drama/thriller)
  37. Beta Reader needed: 60000 word Romantic Suspense
  38. Looking for Beta reader -swapsies anyone?
  39. Need Fast Beta(s) for Contemporary/Dark Fantasy
  40. YA Fantasy Writing Buddy/Beta
  41. YA fantasy WIP - need a mentor/reader
  42. Need manuscript critique - non-fiction - philosophy
  43. Writing buddies?
  44. Beta Reader/Writing Partner Needed for YA Urban Fantasy
  45. I'm interested in trading reviews on completed works.
  46. Willing Beta here!
  47. Writing Beta Appreciated Please
  48. Fantasy novel in the works
  49. Confusing Beta
  50. Lookin for writing partner or partners
  51. Beta reader for contemporary YA?
  52. Unsure if this is where I need to be
  53. Beta reader for SF story
  54. Beta Reader for Contemporary YA with (very) slight Ghost element...
  55. Offer to read queries and partials
  56. Holy Crap and the Writing Circle
  57. Wanted: Critique/Writing Partner
  58. Seeking critique on partial novel
  59. Need a fresh pair of eyes for dark contemp. YA
  60. Looking for an Honest, Critical Beta Reader for MG Urban Fantasy
  61. So, can we fit another YA/Fantasy Beta request or is this boat full?
  62. Beta/Critique Partner Familiar with the Deaf/Deaf Culture?
  63. Romantic Espionage/Thriller Needs Beta Reader
  64. Query Beta Read
  65. Looking for a few friendly ears(eyes?)
  66. Willing to swap Beta reads
  67. Beta for a Mystery/Thiller WIP
  68. Seattle-area Crit Circle?
  69. Looking for a critique group or someone to swap MS with
  70. Looking for a Special Beta Reader
  71. Paranormal Romance...Anyone?
  72. Anyone willing to read a scene?
  73. Looking for Beta for YA Contemp
  74. Beta reader for YA-Scifi
  75. Beta reader for Travel book about the Appalachian Trail
  76. Erotic story needs a read
  77. Need beta for dark novella romance - mermaid/human.
  78. Psychological thriller - mentor / writing partner wanted
  79. In Need of a Writing Partner
  80. looking for beta reader for short stories, I just figured out what a beta reader was..
  81. I need a beta/motivator/assistant!
  82. Beta(s) needed for Contemp. Erotic Romance
  83. Teen beta readers needed!
  84. Would anyone want to look at my first chapter? (YA)
  85. Beta readers needed for my romantic women's fiction
  86. Experienced Beta Readers/Mentor for Middle Grade Adventure/Fantasy
  87. Beta's/Critiquers needed for Urban Fantasy
  88. Looking for a beta/critique for a romance short story
  89. In search of a beta/critique partner for YA Paranormal Romance
  90. Wanted to say thanks
  91. BETA needed for YA romantic suspense/urban fantasy/paranormal romance
  92. Teen Writers - Partnering and Short Story Blogging
  93. Beta For Three Chapters?
  94. I need a memoir beta
  95. Beta Reader Wanted
  96. Beta Reader needed for UF
  97. Beta reader needed for YA contemp
  98. Writing Partner
  99. Beta(s) needed for Fantasy/Para Erotic Romance short
  100. Critique for Short nonfiction pieces
  101. Beta reader for 2-3 chapters of a How-to/technical guide
  102. looking for reader for contemporary fiction
  103. Searching for Beta Reader/Critique Partner for YA Contemp
  104. In need of a fast Beta reader
  105. Beta / critter wanted for military stuff
  106. Doing a beta read - and no response!
  107. Seeking a Beta Reader for a Fantasy short story...
  108. Looking for beta readers
  109. Looking for a Mentor
  110. Looking for a betareader/critic for my YA contemp. (work in progress)
  111. Desiring a beta reader for fantasy adventure tale
  112. Beta reader needed for thriller - Blue Eyed Boys
  113. Looking for beta readers for my YA romance :)
  114. Romance, Travel, Paris...
  115. Writing Partner/ Beta Reader Wanted!
  116. Looking for beta read for YA Fantasy
  117. Seeking a beta reader for adult thriller
  118. Need a Beta for Science Fiction Short Story
  119. Looking for a Beta
  120. Mentor for Paranormal Romance (novella)
  121. Screenwriting help needed.
  122. Seeking beta: scifi novella
  123. Original Fiction story needs a Beta!
  124. Beta for YA Steampunk Fantasy
  125. Seeking beta: scifi novella, second try
  126. 1000 words, help them not be so weird, please
  127. Searching for Critique Partner
  128. Looking for a Crit partner or beta reader
  129. Crits required for popular science work.
  130. Any fantasy tween writersk out there?
  131. Romance crit partners?
  132. Christian Fantasy Writing Partner
  133. Beta wanted: MG Adventure (~75 pages)
  134. Mentor needed for a few fantasy chapters
  135. Beta wanted for "paranormal" romance
  136. Looking for beta for YA Dystopian: Shell
  137. Have you heard of Perfect Imagination Beta Reader site?
  138. Moved to SYW
  139. Need Beta for YA Urban Fantasy
  140. Wanted: beta reader and Australian helper
  141. Beta Reader Needed YA Urban Fantasy
  142. Desperately Seeking Beta Reader for Interracial Romance (BW/WM)
  143. Anyone Fantasy-inclined?
  144. Looking for Beta Read for YA Historical
  145. Beta Reader for Contemporary Romance (Short Story)
  146. Beta Reader for YA Post-Apoc Fantasy
  147. Published Beta for UF or Mystery critique
  148. Newbie sci-fi writer looking for 1st chapter, 1st draft read-through
  149. Allow me to throw my hat into the ring
  150. Beta Wanted for 57K YA Romatic Paranormal
  151. Beta Reader needed for YA Horror/Thriller
  152. Willing to beta Historical novel
  153. Translating my novel (Romantic YA)
  154. Critique group
  155. "Rush" Question
  156. Beta needed for Historical Fiction
  157. Critique Partner Wanted
  158. Beta reader wanted for thriller
  159. Dating Around For Permanent Beta Luv <3
  160. Looking for a co-author/ghost writer
  161. Anyone feel like betaing the first 5K-6K of a grim contemporary YA ASAP?
  162. Beta needed for YA adventure--c'mon, you know you wanna
  163. Seeking Beta Reader for Contemporary Women's Novel (with Modern Twist)
  164. Need beta for erotic short story
  165. Critique Person(s) for Children's Stuff
  166. Need Someone to tear my UF manuscript apart
  167. Critique Partner/Beta Reader Wanted for YA Fantasy
  168. Steampunk, romance, & military novel
  169. Wanted: Beta for first 30K of YA/Fantasy
  170. Please Read Congressional Bible Study
  171. NEW TO AW - Desperately seeking Beta reader
  172. Beta for YA fantasy adventure
  173. Please read the first few chapters of YA urban fantasy
  174. Efficient and experienced Beta Readers Needed
  175. Beta Needed
  176. Plot feedback for mystery
  177. Chatty writer for a beta reader please
  178. Off the Wagon - beta needed
  179. Beta needed for YA thriller --happy to swap
  180. Looking for a beta- 80,000 word UF
  181. Looking for beta read for YA short story
  182. Looking for Beta or Swap -- Paranormal/Steampunk Romance 100,000 WRD
  183. If you'll read mine, I'll read yours
  184. Need Beta/Editor NOW
  185. Beta Readers vs. Editors?
  186. Beta reader for YA contemp/multicultural (?)
  187. Beta Readers for sci-fi novel
  188. Looking for lit fiction beta - writing buddy
  189. Help Me Decide: 1st Person or...
  190. Beta Reader Request for SF novel
  191. looking for a beta reader for my thriller
  192. Focusing on the plot alone for now
  193. Looking for Dark/UF/PR Beta Readers & Writing Buddies
  194. beta reader/helper for LGBT theme story
  195. Need Beta for UF novel
  196. Fictionpress.com betareaders ??
  197. electronics vs. printed beta submission?
  198. Beta Reader for Footnotes
  199. Looking for a beta reader for fantasy/horror novel?
  200. Looking for a writing buddy (UF)
  201. Beta reader wanted for YA Romance novel
  202. Help With First 3 Ch of Roman Historical Fiction
  203. Beta reader wanted for YA "issue book"
  204. Paranormal Romance 79,000 words. Looking for Beta-Reader/Swap
  205. Paranormal Romance NOVELLA, 24k words -- A retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.
  206. Beta Readers, when and how many?
  207. All of the above? (GLBT)
  208. Betas wanted for a Greek Myth (Comedy)
  209. Betas Needed for 94k Crime Novel - JUSTIFIED
  210. Rubber and Glue
  211. I Need a Beta
  212. Looking for fellow AWers in Lubbock, TX
  213. The Nymph's Heart, 92,000 word paranormal mystery
  215. A Sticky Situation
  216. Looking for beta reader/beta buddy/mentoring for SF novel
  217. Looking for a beta reader for my Memoir proposal
  218. beta reader for 110,000 tech thriller Dark Clouds
  219. Beta Reader Needed- Historical YA
  220. Looking for a permanent beta relationship...
  221. Looking for a Writing Buddy/Beta Reader/Someone to hash out ideas with
  222. Need a Paranormal Romance Beta/Mentor for Publisher Requested R&R
  223. Betas wanted for YA Fantasy
  224. Looking for a Beta for Character Driven YA Fantasy~ 80k
  225. Looking for a Beta Reader for a Paranormal Romance
  226. Lovely Betas for a YA/Urban Fantasy? *puppy dog eyes*
  227. Need Beta For Mystery pitched as Marley and Me Meets Stephanie Plum
  228. how many get responses here?
  229. beta reader for nanowrimo unedited novel
  230. I'll read your book, you read mine
  231. YA fantasy novel
  232. desperate for a beta reader, will return favor
  233. looking for poetry writing partners
  234. Beta Reader for First Ten Chapters of YA Paranormal
  235. Writing Mentor - writing buddy - Beta reader
  236. Looking for Mentor to help me finish my book
  237. Looking for Beta Partner
  238. I need a writing buddy!
  239. Looking for critique parter(s)
  240. Lookin' for some betas (shocker, I know)
  241. May I have a mentor please?
  242. Women's Fiction/NA Beta
  243. Looking for a beta!
  244. New Writer Looking for Writing Buddy (UF)
  245. Hey, who else wants a beta reader/writing buddy?
  246. Looking for betas for my YA Contemporary
  247. MOSTLY NORMAL: Need a few full MS betas!
  248. Seeking mentor or beta for MG MS
  249. Dear Future Reader
  250. I seek a writer friend.