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  1. Beta reader wanted for "Laura Paige."
  2. Looking for beta reader for psychological thriller
  3. Southeast Texas critique group wanted / Or crit partners for rom/com
  4. Seeking Beta Readers for Contemporary YA Fiction
  5. Seeking Mentor/Writing Buddy?
  6. Unpub/SF/F/YA writer seeks cheerleader/alpha/beta
  7. Seeking Beta Reader for dark SF novel
  8. Rom-Suspense Author Looking for critiquing partner/buddy for long term relationship!
  9. Looking for a Beta reader to read a retelling of the Book of Samuel
  10. Beta reader(s) needed for contemporary erotic romance short story
  11. Writing partner for witty, first person, SF/F
  12. reader for a historical jewel heist story
  13. Six Flash Pieces in Need of Critique!
  14. YA Fantasy-- Looking for harsh beta.
  15. Are there any down sides to beta readers?
  16. Harsh beta reader needed for YA fantasy
  17. Seeking Beta for 2 Fantasy Short Stories
  18. Seeking a beta for my long, rough and incomplete urban fantasy outline.
  19. Looking for Beta for Mystery/Suspense
  20. 6000 wd fiction beta reader exchange - Boston area
  21. Looking for a Beta Reader for my supernatural/fantasy novel
  22. Beta readers needed
  23. Seeking crit partner! Me=rom/com/paranormal
  24. Humorous YA Mystery Beta Needed - Will Swap!
  25. Seeking Beta for Dark Paranormal YA novel
  26. Looking for honest beta reader for Intro to True-Story
  27. Wanted beta reader for an 80,000 word memoir
  28. YA Fantasy- Follow Me Down
  29. Confused author in DESPERATE need of help
  30. Anyone care to help a query-klutz?
  31. Beta Reader Needed for YA Fantasy Novel
  32. Ungrateful writers
  33. Beta Needed - Beta Offered (mainstream/lit)
  34. YA contemporary- need beta for first 5 chapters
  35. Need Beta Reader for Young Adult Historical
  36. Beta required for YA mystery-romance
  37. Anyone out there with a large warm wing?
  38. Seeking query beta: Literary novellas
  39. beta reader/ critiquer needed for dramedy screenplay
  40. Co-writer or Beta reader for Western-like story
  41. Looking for beta/crit partner willing to read ya multi-culti romance
  42. Weekly writing group wants you!
  43. beta needed for fantasy short story
  44. Beyond Eden - UF(?), first few chapters.
  45. Looking for manuscript swap for YA Fantasy novel
  46. trying to meet beta readers
  47. Need Beta Readers for Women's fiction
  48. Need a beta reader for a thriller
  49. Beta Reader needed for an Urban Fantasy Novel
  50. Help with a query?
  51. Beta needed for first few chapters of urban fantasy/paranormal/romance YA novel
  52. Looking for a beta - YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy (willing to swap)
  53. Requesting beta reader for urban noir novel
  54. Beta Reader(s) needed for Chapter/Middle Grade
  55. Ghost Writer
  56. Seeking beta reader for realistic/multicultural MG
  57. Need Beta/Critique Partner For Edgy YA
  59. Seeking beta reader for YA
  60. Seeking LOYAL BETA Reader
  61. Looking for a Beta-Reader for YA Historical
  63. Seeking Beta Reader for Family Saga Novella
  64. Critique Group
  65. Reader wanted for (possibly erotic) romance short story
  66. Looking for a Writing Partner (Fantasy/ Sci Fi)
  67. Willing To BETA
  68. Looking for writing partner - inspiration, ideas and butt-kicking!
  69. Looking for a Mentor -- fantasy/historical novel
  70. Newbie Seeking Beta Reader for Science Fiction Novel
  71. Looking for a Beta Reader for 50k Young Adult novel
  72. Beta requested for modern-day "cosy" mystery
  73. Beta Reader Needed for Historical Fiction Novel
  74. Swap… or just critique mine!
  75. Beta wanted...
  76. Seeking Writing Partner/Story Swap (any genre acceptable!)
  77. Still looking for a Beta-Reader for YA Historical
  78. Beta for YA Paranormal- 1st Three Chapters only
  79. Beta for Contemporary Western Romance, 78K
  80. Wanted: Beta Partner (Urban Fantasy)
  81. Beta needed for Historical Fiction set in 1800s South America
  82. Needing Beta & Will be a beta, Paranormal Romance
  83. Beta reader needed for 26k fantasy story (for 10-12 year olds)
  84. Beta Reader for YA Romantic Fantasy - Would Love to Beta Back!
  85. Beta Reader Needed for Epic Fantasy Novel
  86. Help finding a writer, I have the idea but I'm no writer!
  87. Dear First Reader...
  88. Seeking Edit for Length on M/m Erotica
  89. Beta Reader Needed to help with my Short Story
  90. Uncommon Purpose
  91. Beta Reader needed for YA Sci-Fi 78k words
  92. Beta Reader Needed to help with my Short Story
  93. Seeking Beta Plot-Outline Reader
  94. Beta readers for fantasy story
  95. Beta Reading
  96. Looking for Beta Readers of 68k Fantasy Fiction Novel
  97. Beta Reader for Historical Romance
  98. Beta my Sci-Fi Medical Mystery Novella?
  99. Beta for brainy zombie/tech thriller.
  100. Seeking Beta reader for YA Novel Set in the 1970's
  101. Seeking Romance Beta - Will Do Beta in Return
  102. Need Beta(s?) for Contemporary/Realistic YA
  103. Need Beta for Male POV Contemporary YA
  104. Two heads are beta than one
  105. ENEMY wanted!
  106. Beta for a 40k erotic novella about vampires wanted (thanks)
  107. Beta Reader(s) Needed to read YA Surrealist Novel, 43K
  108. lonely 90,000-word giant-monster novel ISO similarly-genred novel to swap love, hate
  109. Beta Wanted for Fantasy Novel
  110. Beta Wanted for MG Adventure Novel - 40k
  111. Crit buddy wanted for non-fantasy novel based on Greek legend
  112. Super short story
  113. Betas needed for MG urban fantasy
  114. Seeking Beta readers for THE GHOST WRITER, a YA Paranormal novel
  115. Betas needed for 70k word urban fantasy about Snow White
  116. Hard R Comedy Screenplay About to Hit Hollywood
  117. Beta Requested for m/m Romance
  118. Beta needed: for Floodlight (YA paranormal @90,000)
  119. A partner?
  120. Looking for a writing partner. Preferably fantasy.
  121. Seeking historical writers to touch base with on research and maybe beta later.
  122. ~Beta Wanted~
  123. Beta Readers needed for YA Fantasy
  124. Constructive Criticism group for African American authors
  125. Beta Reader Needed for YA Fantasy WiP
  126. Beta needed for YA suspense/romance
  127. Need a beta reader for fantasy/ romance
  128. Beta for fantasy novel
  129. Beta for fantasy novel -- "Dagger in the Air"
  130. Beta needed -- YA UF
  131. Small Online Crit Group Seeks New Member--Romance Only
  132. Seeking a critter for my YA Paranormal
  133. Wanted: Shredder With Soft Furry, Gloves!
  134. Non-fiction Writer Takes a Stab at Fiction - Beta Reader Wanted for Short Story
  135. Betas desired for a horror short
  136. Would anyone like to beta-read my Upper MG novel?
  137. Looking for Fantasy Partner to work on epic story
  138. Betas Wanted for Paranormal Romance
  139. yeah!!! I can post! Beta tester for young adult fantasy.
  140. Beta desired for YA fantasy
  141. Seeking Beta for realistic Middle Grade fiction
  142. Could really, really use some help
  143. Better Off Dead (urban fantasy novel seeks Beta)
  144. sci-fi/fantasy beta swap
  145. Beta Reader Wanted
  146. Beta Needed for YA Historical Fiction
  147. Seeking Writing Partners
  148. Seeking Betas for 20K words novella (Mist/Susp). Links to a few chapters included.
  149. The Exemeus- what do you think boring or breathtaking?
  150. Need a poker player as a Beta reader
  151. NON Religious Mentor/Beta Tester requested
  152. Seeking Betas for Contemporary Dark Fantasy
  153. Beta Reader Needed For YA/Urban Fantasy.
  154. Conqueror Worm (paranormal crime novel seeks beta)
  155. Desertland (Ch 1-8)
  156. Beta reader for romance needed, please!
  157. Writing Partner For New Project
  158. Beta Readers for Religion/Atheism Themed Lit Fic? (Will Trade!)
  159. Looking for a Beta- Contemp. Young Adult.
  160. Need beta for a coming of age, high fantasy for YA
  161. Seeking Beta for chick-lit
  162. Beta for Unfinished YA romance
  163. My verry first work a quick look (fantasy)
  164. New at this!!! Looking for a beta! YA/romance/paranormal
  165. Looking for beta or mentor for YA SCI-FI novel: KATABASIS
  166. Beta Readers v. Share Your Work (SYW) Option
  167. Beta needed for short sci fi story (3800 words)
  168. Beta reader/writing partner wanted for WIP chapters
  169. Looking for beta for fantasy/adventure genre
  170. Writing Partner(s) or Mentor?
  171. Looking for a Writing Partner(s)
  172. looking for a writing partner - fantasy
  173. PB exchange or Critique Group
  174. Seeking beta/critter for YA WIP-will do exchange
  175. Beta reader request for completed romance novel
  176. Beta reader for completed YA Steampunk (76'000 words)
  177. Contemporary fiction/fantasy elements
  178. Seeking Beta Reader(s) for a Completed Novel …
  179. I need an alpha reader.... MTS
  180. Ready to Try Some(one)thing new
  181. Historical fiction YA. Anyone like to swap?
  182. Need a beta reader!
  183. Looking for beta readers for a completed MS
  184. YA Horror/Paranormal Novel... swap?
  185. Seeking beta for one short story
  186. Beta reader for a fantasy novel
  187. Urban Fantasy Beta Request
  188. 95,000 word Historical-Fantasy, The Nymph's Heart.
  189. BETA reader urban fantasy m/m romance
  190. Anyone available to BETA read a few chapters.
  191. SF Beta Reader Needed (Swap Available!)
  192. Speed dating opp for a potential crit partner!
  193. Need Betas for completed middle-grade SUPERHERO 150pgs
  194. Beta for Dark Fantasy/Horror/Technothriller Novel
  195. beta reader needed for 53000wc romantic suspense
  196. Beta for a short fic? (5k words)
  197. Science Fiction/Adventure Beta Reader needed!
  198. Looking for AMAZING BETAS for my first few chapters :)
  199. Beta Needed for YA Epic Fantasy 100k (will Beta in return!)
  200. British betas needed to de-Yank novel, 109K words
  201. looking for beta for young adult historical
  202. Upper middle grade contemporary fantasy.
  203. Beta Reader for my Two-Spirit Novella
  204. Beta needed for YA SCI-FI (first 20 - 50 pages or whole thing!)
  205. Beta for fantasy novel
  206. Beta for YA Fantasy?
  207. Beta Reader
  208. Writing Buddy wanted - I'm writing YA fantasy
  209. Paranormal Romance needs Beta Reader
  210. Beta reader wanted for completed YA contemporary
  211. beta/crit partner wanted for Outlander/paranormal mash-up
  212. Writing Partner(s) Wanted (horror/suspense/thriller)
  213. Beta Reader Needed!
  214. Beta or swap for YA/Crossover Urban Fantasy
  215. Finding Beta readers at your local university?
  216. Beta Needed For Sci-Fi 82000w(First 6 chapters)
  217. Looking for Beta for a 88,000 word historical fantasy/paranormal novel
  218. Beta Reader needed for Literary Fiction piece (about 65k)
  219. Beta needed for YA paranormal romance 54,000 words
  220. Seeking Reader for Upmarket Women's Fiction
  221. Beta for YA Paranormal Romance--115,000 words
  222. Beta for YA Paranormal - 72k words
  223. A little genre clarification please?
  224. Looking for beta/mentor for Fantasy work
  225. Looking for Writing Partner
  226. YA Writing Partner Wanted
  227. Writing Partner Wanted (I have sample critiques)
  228. How does beta work?
  229. Writing Partner For Ground-Up Book
  230. Beta readers
  231. sci-fi thriller
  232. YA Urban Fantasy--TOUGH Beta Wanted
  233. Question about beta readers?
  234. Seeking Beta for Paranormal love story
  235. People PMing for Betas with "O" posts?
  236. Seeking BR for some short stories
  237. Fantasy (YA and Adult) Mentor wanted, please!
  238. Looking for a Beta/Mentor (urban fantasy, little nervous)
  239. Looking for betas for a mystery
  240. Looking for a Beta/Crit Swap partner
  241. I'll beta read your novel if you beta read mine!
  242. Anyone available to Beta Read first chapters?
  243. Looking for a beta reader for a dark fantasy
  244. Looking for someone knowledgable on grammar and structure.
  245. Beta/Grammar, Writing Expert for MG Novel
  246. Looking for beta for shortish scifi story
  247. Beta for horror/dark fantasy--Ratcatcher
  248. In need of a beta!
  249. Seeking a Reliable Writing Partner
  250. I'll beta your YA romance/comedy