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  1. Seeking betas for quirky, dark Literary/Mainstream Novel
  2. Collaborative Writing Partners
  3. I need a beta reader
  4. Decision
  5. Need a beta reader for a fantasy
  6. Would love a fantasy / romance beta / critique partner / mentor
  7. Looking for critique partner/mentor/ beta for erotic romance
  8. Please read my Filthy book. Quid pro beta read?
  9. Strong Critiques Needed...
  10. YA Critique Partner
  11. Need proof-reader for week of 09/14
  12. First 3 chapters of fantasy. (16,181)
  13. Matthew Newman - Urban Fantasy. Need Betas
  14. Looking for a Writing Partner for Fantasy
  15. Looking for Beta reader for final draft
  16. In need of an archeologist
  17. Beta Needed for Final Draft of Edgy YA Novel
  18. Anyone up for 65,000 sf novel about an armed librarian with mother issues?
  19. beta request for m/m contemporary romance
  20. Beta for 12k Historical Erotic Romance
  21. Looking for a Writing Buddy!
  22. Would love a beta(s) for a YA romance
  23. Beta for contempoary countercultural fiction
  24. Beta's; when and how ?
  25. I need a Beta
  26. Snow's Blood (55k dark fantasy)
  27. Willing Beta Readers Volume II
  28. Looking for Beta Reader for Paranormal YA
  29. Need Betas for Sci-fi novel, "Resurrection"
  30. BR(s) wanted. LF / 60K words --
  31. Seeking beta reader(s) for YA Fantasy.
  32. Seeking Beta Reader for Women's Fiction Novel
  33. Seeking Beta Reader for YA, Paranormal, Experimental Voice
  34. Beta Reader needed for MG
  35. Desperate for a beta reader for my YA novel
  36. needing a BR for YA fantasy
  37. Need beta reader for first draft adult horror
  38. Struggling writer requesting mentor(s)
  39. willing to read crime fiction/mystery
  40. Help please...
  41. Looking for a Beta reader on YA
  42. Writing Groups
  43. YA Beta?
  44. Need Beta reader
  45. Seeking a Writing Buddy. :) (details inside)
  46. BETA needed for dark humor/fantasy novel
  47. Need BR for Historical Novel ...
  48. Query Mentor Needed!!!
  49. Beta for romance?
  50. Beta reader sought for YA fantasy
  51. Beta for erotic/paranormal/thriller
  52. Beta (or two) for contemp. YA (heavy language/sex)
  53. Critique and motivation (shared)
  54. Dark Paranormal Erotic Romance: BR's needed
  55. Need Beta Reader for Light Paranormal Romance
  56. Need beta reader for 6,000 word YA short story
  57. Requesting for a mentor
  58. Beta's needed for political/military/technology mystery
  59. Need a beta reader for a YA novel (about 200 pages)
  60. Reader wanted for 3 chapters of contemp. romance.
  61. Beta Needed for a Contemporary Romance
  62. Beta needed for ADULT horror/fantasy
  63. Comparative Betaing? (YA fantasy, 3 chapters, 2 versions)
  64. Beta needed for YA Sci-Fi. Willing to trade.
  65. Beta needed for YA dystopian sci-fi/adventure novel
  66. Beta Reader for children's book; 1,401 words
  67. writng mentor
  68. Seeking beta reader
  69. Desperately seeking Beta
  70. Beta needed for YA Fantasy
  71. In need of mentor for YA humor/mystery novel!
  72. Seeking Beta-reader for Fantasy/Sci Fi.
  73. Looking for partner co-writer/editor
  74. Looking for a Beta/ CP- Contemporary Romance
  75. Beta Reader needed for YA paranormal romance
  76. Help Beta Readers, my YA Fantasy's on fire! :O
  77. Beta Needed for 40K MG urban fantasy...
  78. looking for a mentor
  79. Looking for a critiquor for mainstream/literary novel
  80. Looking for a critiquor for my query letter
  81. Beta
  82. Would love a BR for YA para
  83. Looking for a writing group in Provo, Utah....
  84. Beta Reader for Supernatural Action
  85. Beta Reader Needed for Historical Fiction
  86. Beta Reader for YA Urban Fantasy
  87. Mentor Wanted
  88. Beta for Dark YA fantasy
  89. Paranormal Romance
  90. Seeking Beta Reader for GLOW, an urban fantasy novel.
  91. Newbie! Looking for a mentor!
  92. Need A Beta Reader for YA Contemporary/Romance Novel
  93. Betas wanted for a zombie satire
  94. Seeking beta readers for 70k urban fantasy
  95. As a Beta Reader which do you prefer...?
  96. Desperately seeking beta reader...
  97. Crystal Shade: Angeni - Beta Reader Wanted
  98. The Cold King, beta reader
  99. I think my reader bailed; I need of another
  100. How many betas does it take...
  101. Help! Beta Reader Wanted for Historical YA
  102. Beta reader needed
  103. Quite possibly the simplest beta request ever (suspense/action)
  104. Beta reader for a short story (only 2,000 words)
  105. Looking for rabid readers of YA...
  106. Published Author Seeking Beta for Mystery
  107. Looking for Reader of Modern/Fantasy/Fiction
  108. Anyone want to beta YA Paranormal?
  109. the diamond heist of the 18th century--looking for beta for historical work
  110. Looking for a female, SF-writing writing buddy
  111. Would love a Beta to read the first 3,000 words of my contemporary adult novel
  112. Need Beta Readers for Adult Paranormal Romance
  113. Looking for advice
  114. Beta Wanted for Short Works
  115. Beta Reader Wanted for Gritty Women's Fiction
  116. Beta Reader for YA Fantasy
  117. Readers wanted for YA paranormal romace
  118. Need a Beta For YA Paranormal
  119. YA Beta needed!
  120. Wanted: Beta Reader for Space Opera
  121. Looking for a Beta for YA Fantasy
  122. Beta swap, anyone? (urban fantasy)
  123. Beta Swap? (historical thriller-completed)
  124. Betas needed, 3 categories, Africa travel fiction
  125. Looking for a Beta exchange
  126. Looking for writing partner for horror & dark comedy...
  127. Anyone willing to read my first chapter?
  128. Beta needed for YA Fantasy, "The Missing Flower"!
  129. New Beta Reader for Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
  130. Looking for a Beta-Reader for Fantasy/Romance novel.
  131. Beta for YA novel? (About getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle)
  132. Beta(s) wanted for rhyming PB, a quick read!
  133. Looking for a Beta reader for YA/New Adult paranormal romance
  134. Could still use one more beta for YA novel!
  135. Reader for a first short story - about 3000 words
  136. Beta reader for Chapter One of contemporary / YA / literary fiction
  137. Beta reader needed for romantic suspense
  138. Seeking beta for opening of a Sci Fi/Fantasy (2.4k+ words)
  139. Beta for a YA Urban Fantasy (Crossover)
  140. Beta readers sought (thriller / suspense / action)
  141. Looking for a beta for a paranormal romance
  142. Betas for YA Fantasy. Any Takers?
  143. Would like a Beta Reader For A Fantasy Novel
  144. Would like a beta for a YA/paranormal WIP
  145. Beta reader for YA Urban Fantasy - 100 pages
  146. Looking for Beta for the 1st 4 chaps of Vampire Romance involving Angels
  147. Looking for Adult Urban Fantasy Mentor
  148. Willing beta here for MG novel, fantasy especially preferred
  149. Beta reader for chapter one of YA paranormal romance
  150. What does a Beta Reader and a Mentor Do?
  151. Seeking Writing Partner
  152. Rush hour traffic...
  153. Looking for a reader
  154. seeking beta readers for cross-genre novel
  155. Beta reader wanted--please?
  156. YA Fantasy/Urban Fantasy Writing Partners?
  157. I need to ask some really dumb questions
  158. Seeking Writing Partner
  159. Need beta readers for YA book about witches
  160. I'm in the beta section, so...
  161. Anyone want to Beta read my murder mystery?
  162. Beta Swap?
  163. Need a beta for the first book of adventure novel, about 100 pages
  164. Writing Partnership
  165. Adult Paranormal Romance Beta Needed!!
  166. YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Writing Partner?
  167. Need Advice re: Manuscript (long post)
  168. Beta Wanted: Story of Teenage Troubled Youth
  169. Looking for beta reader or writing partner
  170. YA fantasy: beta reader(s) wanted!
  171. Beta Attempt Three
  172. Looking for a Beta Reader
  173. Short Story Beta Readers Wanted
  174. Beta reader for chapter two; 3k? Will exchange.
  175. Beta Reader for MG
  176. Seeking a Beta Reader for a Historical Fantasy Novel
  177. Anyone wanna beta for first 50 pages/15,000 words of YA Paranormal?
  178. In need of an editor or two
  179. Looking for beta for my romance novel!
  180. Beta Reader Needed
  181. Looking for Beta's for first 4,200 words of a contemp romance
  182. Beta Reader for YA Urban Fantasy
  183. Beta reader for romance wanted
  184. Looking for Beta YA - Sex, Drugs, High School
  185. Looking for a beta reader for my YA historical
  186. Steampunk Beta needed.
  187. Seeking Beta for MG novel
  188. hello!
  189. finding a local BETA reader?
  190. Co-Authoring
  191. Beta Needed for a Theological Urban/Fantasy
  192. Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb -MG Beta needed
  193. Beta/editor wanted for Modern Noir Screenplay
  194. Beta reader needed for a short novella
  195. bummed out
  196. Beta/editor needed for young adult story
  197. Seeking Beta for contemporary YA romance
  198. Looking For A Beta For YA Fantasy
  199. Looking for beta reader (Thriller) DreemWeever
  200. Help needed with "show vs. tell" in a MG fantasy
  201. Beta(s) wanted for YA Paranormal
  202. Calling the Grammar Police!
  203. Beta needed for urban fantasy
  204. Seeking writing/critique partner
  205. Looking for Beta for my Mystery/Adventure
  206. Chimera Critiques seeking writers
  207. Beta needed for YA SciFi Novel
  208. Seeking beta reader for Mystery/Suspense
  209. Beta wanted for a comedy/drama full length screenplay
  210. Need Beta - Urban Fantasy
  211. Beta Needed For YA Fantasy
  212. Would like to find a local critique/writers group...
  213. Beta reader for short stories
  214. Feeling a little lost
  215. Paranormal romance- beta needed for 1st chapter.
  216. Contemporary Romance Swap?
  217. Seeking beta reader for fantasy novel
  218. Seeking Beta Reader for Historical Fantasy -- 97,219 words
  219. Screenwriting Partner :)
  220. Need Beta for first few chapters of YA Fantasy
  221. Seeking Beta reader for Mil-SF novel
  222. Seeking a merciless Beta Reader for a YA/Fantasy Chapter Story
  223. Prehistoric fantasy - come and get it
  224. Book swap of 85K words?
  225. YA Urban fantasy beta reader?
  226. Looking for a beta or a 90k Ya
  227. First 50 Pages. YA Paranormal Romance(Quirky/Romantic Comedy)
  228. Looking for a beta for first 3 chapters of UF
  229. Betas for contemp. romance needed.
  230. Short stories in need of beta reading
  231. HELP! Need Betas for First Three Chapters of YA UF
  232. Need a mentor desperately!!!
  233. Beta Reader Needed for Edgy YA
  234. Beta Needed for YA contemp. Romance
  235. Anyone interested in an urban fantasy with a male/male romance?
  236. Anyone interested in a Scifi w/romance undertones?
  237. Beta Readers for MG Adventure
  238. MG Help Needed - have some agent suggestions
  239. Writing partner Sought, maybe a weekly Skype group as well??
  240. Need a beta reader for my short story.
  241. beta readers needed for contemporary erotic romance short story. 4.3k words
  242. Looking for a Grammar Beta
  243. Ted Dekker Fans?
  244. Looking for a reader for a very short story...
  245. Seeking Beta Readers
  246. Beta Reader Wanted for Lit Fic
  247. Beta Needed for Chapter Comparisons in Urban Fantasy
  248. Beta readers for m/m "romance" (i.e. really porn) historical fantasy s/m novel.
  249. writing buddy wanted
  250. Beta Needed for African Novel Query Package