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  2. Interstitial Betas
  3. In search of a native English-language advisor
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  12. Question About Writing Partners
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  14. Need a Beta for Romance Short Story
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  17. Beta Needed!
  18. Seeking YA Beta for THE DUFF
  19. Latest novel ready for betas
  20. Beta reader needed for YA
  21. Break out the chainsaw... Beta wanted! Urban fantasy.
  22. Beta Wanted for Andra
  23. Need a re-writing mentor...
  24. Looking for Partner/Advisor
  25. Children's anthropomorphic animal story
  26. Looking for beta reader for short Weird Fiction story. about 5k words - Pigeon Curse
  27. Reader for historical fiction
  28. Beta needed for 'unconventional' teenage comedy, be forewarned content is not PC
  29. Want to join a weekly output accountability/critique group?
  30. Looking for a quick beta reader for a short horror story
  31. Beta Reader wanted for adult fantasy, science fiction story please
  32. Beta reader needed for Middle grade novel 37K words
  33. I need a BETA
  34. Teens Writing For Teens beta/word count group
  35. Looking for a YA beta swap
  36. Finding a beta is like ...
  37. Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Reader Needed
  38. I need a beta for a paranormal romance
  39. New Jersey beta needed
  40. Need Beta for 92,000 Women's Fiction
  41. Looking for Beta for SF Romance/Erotica
  42. Protecting My Work (Not wanting to be rude...)
  43. Brutal BETA with spiked club wanted
  44. Mentor wanted: Teen in Oklahoma during Great Depression
  45. Beta reader needed
  46. looking for someone for paranormal YA
  47. I'd Like A Query Helper
  48. YA Sci Fi in need of beta reader - 52K
  49. Looking for beta to read WIP
  50. Beta Wanted for Writer's Guide to MSWord2003
  51. Another YA novel in need of Betas? Why, yes, of course!
  52. Idea partner?
  53. Beta reader/mentor for a Supernatural Thriller
  54. Looking for a writing partner for a novel with a specific plot...
  55. Looking for YA Urban Fantasy Swap
  56. I really really need a BETA READER for this!!!
  57. Short Story Beta Swap?
  58. POV Help
  59. Didnt know where to post this... Question about hiring writers...
  60. Looking for mentor/writing buddy
  61. 70k Fantasy - Looking for a beta reader
  62. Willing Beta Reader
  63. Need Beta for YA romance!
  64. New Beta Reader
  65. I need a beta reader...
  66. Looking for a beta for my YA paranormal novel
  67. Reassembling the Beta Team
  68. Looking for a beta
  69. Seeking betas for YA historical
  70. Writing War is hell. Looking for a co writer!
  71. Wanna swap chapter or whole ms?
  72. Reading and Critiquing partner
  73. Beta wanted for YA Romantic Fantasy
  74. 'Big Picture' Beta wanted for Epic Fantasy
  75. Beta reader needed for literary novel
  76. Looking for beta for urban fantasy
  77. Partner Wanted. Mil/Esp, technical whiz required!
  78. Looking for a mentor
  79. Looking for a beta reader for my mystery/thriller
  80. Need beta for Contemp/Literary Romance
  81. Looking for willing beta for thriller/fantasy novella-in-progress
  82. Looking for beta swap for my YA paranormal chicklit
  83. Seeking Reliable Critique Partner/Mentor
  84. Looking for BETA swap (mine's YA SF / Thriller)
  85. Beta Reader/partner needed
  86. Beta Reader Wanted
  87. Snarky YA Fantasy Needs A Slap
  88. Word warrer, idea bouncer and chit chatter needed!!
  89. Looking for Beta switch with YA Dystopian
  90. Looking for beta reader/mentor for literary work
  91. looking for beta reader for ongoing historical
  92. Wanted: Beta Reader for Women's Fiction Project
  93. Co-writer needed for fantasy/comedy/mistery
  94. Beta swap hunting
  95. In need of a tough writing buddy
  96. Looking for a mentor/beta-reader
  97. Beta Reader wanted for science/fantasy
  98. Weekend Romance Beta Needed!!! (Novella)
  99. Writing buddy/critique partner wanted
  100. Looking For Fantasy Beta Reader
  101. Beta Reader for Novella
  102. Does my Nocturne Bite? Beta needed!
  103. Need a beta reader, willing to trade - urban fantasy/action
  104. Seeking a Beta Reader
  105. Seeking betas for "Lightning Spliced" urban sci-fi, trades welcome
  106. Willing Beta Reader
  107. Looking for beta readers for sci-fi novel (Foundation series)
  108. Writing Partner needed
  109. Starting a new writing group
  110. Beta reader wanted for fantasy suspense erotica
  111. Looking for Nonfiction Beta Reader and/or Mentor
  112. Should I get a beta reader??
  113. Horror/weird fiction writer looking for beta reader!
  114. Beta needed for urban fantasy
  115. Beta Reader needed for a YA Sci-fi
  116. Writing group or partner
  117. lotr romantic fanfiction need Beta Reader
  118. YA's wanted
  119. Sending Work To Beta
  120. Humor Beta/Mentor
  121. Beta needed for Children's Book in Final Edit stages
  122. Looking for a male beta reader/critique partner for YA novel
  123. looking for a 2nd beta reader for YA novel
  124. high, dark, s&s fantasy
  125. Mentor For Hire
  126. Wanted: A Fantasy Genre Mentor
  127. Beta For YA Fantasy?
  128. Questions on Writer/Beta Etiquette
  129. Beta Swap: First Fifty Pages (Women's Fiction project)
  130. Wanted: Harsh Beta for Fantasy/Adventure
  131. Real Life Writers in Texas!
  132. Seeking: Beta(s) for YA Contemporary Fantasy
  133. Light beta read needed for SF novel. Inquire within.
  134. Beta wanted for paranormal YA, 65.000 words
  135. Light beta wanted for dark-ish fantasy novel
  136. writing buddy?
  137. BETA needed for 75,000-word Urban Fantasy
  138. Beta Reader for My Proposal
  139. Beta Reader for My Proposal
  140. BETA reader needed
  141. Looking for Beta for YA urban fantasy/also writing partner
  142. Beta Reader needed for a Erotica Romance
  143. Would like a beta reader(s) for my YA novel
  144. Need assistance putting Book Proposal together will Pay
  145. Horror/Suspense/Conspiracy betas?
  146. Beta needed for Commercial/Mainstream Rockstar/Drug Novel.
  147. Beta wanted for YA Fantasy.
  148. Seeking beta for mystery-thriller
  149. ok looking for beta for new ya edgy urban fantasy wip
  150. Screenwriting Partner?
  151. BR for Thriller/Mystery wanted
  152. AE. Roud is seeking BR and or Writing Partner
  153. Beta needed for 119,000 word horror novel
  154. Gangster Script
  155. beta for a novel on Eva Peron
  156. Suspense/Thriller story
  157. Seeking Beta Reader for Contemporary/Urban Fantasy 84,000 Words
  158. Short Story beta swap?
  159. Livejournal "writers circle"
  160. Looking for Beta partnership
  161. Looking for beta reader/mentor/writing coach
  163. Beta My Screenplay?
  164. Seeking Beta-reader for urban fantasy novel
  165. Beta for MG contemporary novel, 30K
  166. Beta Needed for 4K short story
  167. Beta Reader wanted for Young Adult SF/Fantasy Novel
  168. What I need blog help
  169. Beta for YA Humour Novel (looking to trade)
  170. What if your Beta experience did not go as planned?
  171. Beta Reader and/or writing partner available. :)
  172. Monday Day Writes--come and join us!
  173. YA Fic Beta Reader?
  174. Beta Reader
  175. Vampire Moon - Story In Need of Beta Reader
  176. Beta Reader needed for a Mythic/Urban fantasy
  177. Seeking Beta Reader for GLOW, a fantasy novel.
  178. Beta reader wanted for a Supernatural/Action
  179. Wanted: Beta Reader / Swap for Literary Fiction
  180. Beta reader needed for a children's fantasy :D
  181. Beta reader needed for action/adventure war novel
  182. Beta needed for Fantasy WIP
  183. X-posted: Need a goal buddy!
  184. Beta-reader Wanted for YA Adventure/Fantasy
  185. Suspense Thriller Writer (spy-ish) seeks Beta Reader
  186. Beta reader for Historical Gothic Mystery
  187. Writing group?
  188. Seeking Beta swap-Sci-Fi hardcore
  189. Beta Reader needed! The Ends Beginning- mystery/urban fantasy
  190. Looking for a writing friend...
  191. When Betas disagree...
  192. Need a beta reader for a Sci-fi
  193. Beta Reader for fantasy book
  194. Seeking beta readers for 80,000-word YA fantasy/romance
  195. Beta reader needed for lesbian fiction
  196. Beta needed for 9 chapters (YA urban fantasy)
  197. Beta wanted for Rhyming Early Reader
  198. Mentor?
  199. Just a quick thank you
  200. Seeking betas for My Name is Death -- YA Urban Fantasy
  201. Looking for beta for Stories Ending, a mental health/coming of age saga
  202. Seeking reader for contemporary romance novel
  203. Seeking for reader for edgy YA
  204. Critique Partner(s) Sought - Sci-Fi Novel WIP
  205. Beta needed for YA urban? fantasy novel
  206. Crit group needs new member
  207. Seeking long-term critique partner(s) and/or mentor
  208. Beta Reader wanted
  209. Seeling Betas, esp African American
  210. Beta Reader vs Editor?
  211. Beta Readers Needed
  212. Beta needed for YA Paranormal Romance
  213. Looking for beta reader for non fiction book on youth soccer
  214. Paranormal suspense- Betas needed...Please!!
  215. Beta wanted for mainstream fiction
  216. 5000-10000
  217. Beta for Quick F/F Erotica Short story
  218. Looking for mentor. Have a fairly unique idea, need direction. Could evolve to more.
  219. French beta needed
  220. Beta Reader Need for Young Adult Fantasy
  221. beta reader for middle grade fantasy
  222. Beta readers needed for Paranormal Erotic Romance
  223. Beta needed for post-apocalyptic/urban fantasy novel
  224. Non Fiction book-soccer parent "how to guide" need beta reader
  225. Beta Reader for humorous novel
  226. Beta reader wanted for m/m romance/ erotic short story
  227. Need beta reader for Harbour City Story
  228. I need an honest reviewer...
  229. Looking for a beta reader
  230. Christian fantasy writing partner
  231. Looking for Beta Reader - Fantasy
  232. Need Beta For Edgy YA WIP - Swell
  233. Wanted: Writing buddy
  234. Beta Reader, Editor, Mentor
  235. Looking For Betas for Fantasy/Mythic Fantasy Novel
  236. Looking for a Beta reader for my slightly odd novel!
  237. CP Wanted - Dark Fantasy/Para Romance
  238. 2k or 3k Beta Swap
  239. Seeking Beta Reader for Supernatural Action-Thriller
  240. Need Betas for magic/war fantasy novel
  241. Beta reader for a travelogue
  242. Wanted: A fantasy beta-reader/critquer
  243. Beta Readers wanted: Post-Apocolyptic YA
  244. YA Fantasy - Looking for opinion on first chapter (3750 words) of completed work
  245. Critique Partner
  246. Beta for unfinished YA Contemporary Romance
  247. Betas needed for offbeat psychopomp novelette
  248. Critique wanted for paranormal m/m romance
  249. WANTED: Loyal Mentor...
  250. Emergency: Beta needed for Thriller