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  1. Need A Trust-Worthy Beta Reader
  2. Beta reader: proof and polish
  3. I need an advisor in health, wellness, nutrition
  4. Beta Reader Exchange
  5. Query Letter Beta Reader
  6. Sonora Symphony
  7. Novel Exchange?
  8. Willing beta
  9. First Short Story
  10. Need a reader for my short story (6602 words)
  11. Looking for a mentor: Fantasy
  12. Want reader for women's fiction novel beginning
  13. Writing partner, anyone?
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  15. crit partner wanted
  16. No More Betaing--I'm an Editor!
  17. Young Writer Seeking Mentor/Beta
  18. Looking for a Beta Reader for Fantasy novel
  19. Looking for a Critique Partner for UF
  20. Looking for a fast-moving beta for historical fiction
  21. Beta reader needed for novella
  22. blunt reader wanted (YA, 6000 words so far)
  23. Need a beta reader for YA Fantasy
  24. Beta Reader Available
  25. I need a beta reader for a 750-word picture book
  26. Beta reader
  27. Beta Needed for Short Script
  28. Are Beta readers able to steal your work?
  29. Beta Reader wanted for picture book.Fantasy/ 860 words
  30. Looking for a beta reader for a YA book.
  31. In Major Need Of Feedback
  32. Willing beta reader
  33. Crit Partner Match
  34. Looking for Crit Exchange
  35. YA Fantasy 1st Chapter Revision Help
  36. Vampires! You know you want to beta it! (YA 90k)
  37. Need a Beta for a Romance
  38. Writing Partner
  39. First three chapters
  40. Beta for Supernatural Romance?
  41. Need a reader for 6 chapters - comedy romance
  42. Dark Fantasy beta
  43. Need A Beta Reader for Cont. Lit Novel
  44. Beta Volunteer
  45. Need readers for a short story
  46. Betas and Authors: Share Your Good Experiences
  47. Beta desired for a series of postmodern flash
  48. Need a mentor for memoir about female contractor in Iraq
  49. Looking for writing Partner
  50. Are you easily scared?
  51. Beta wanted for MG Mystery - 9200 words
  52. Beta Reader for Short [54K] Novel Needed
  53. My friends can't be brutal....can you?
  54. YA-dark/humor beta needed
  55. Beta reader for suspense novel
  56. Volunteering myself as a beta reader
  57. online crit group is looking for new members
  58. Seeking Beta Reader
  59. Looking for a beta reader for my fantasy
  60. Beta reader needed for newly completed novel (73k words)
  61. dark fantasy beta wanted - 97K
  62. beta reader needed for fantasy
  63. How Much Do You Want From Your Beta?
  64. creativity coach trainee needs volunteers
  65. Thank you, beta readers!
  66. Any golfers?
  67. Looking for someone to help me improve!
  68. Beta wanted for first 10k of urban fantasy.
  69. Beta reader wanted for my YA romance! (60k)
  70. Need Beta Reader for 120K YA paranormal romance
  71. Need beta'ers for an ongoing, serialized novel
  72. Need Critter for WIP
  73. Looking for beta reader for SF erotic romance
  74. Regency Romance Short Story
  75. Desperately Seeking Beta (for fantasy)
  76. Needed: Beta reader for dark fantasy approx 25k
  77. Paranomal/Fantasy Looking for Mentor..I Think
  78. Looking for critique partner for fraternity/drug novel
  79. Wanted: nonfiction advisor/mentor/beta.
  80. Nontraditional/Experimental Novella
  81. Looking for Beta for YA Romance Series
  82. Beta - Ghosts of Ivy House - First 25K
  83. In serious need of Beta readers :D
  84. Plot-lover needed to perfect my book
  85. Fantasy - Action
  86. Beta looking for book!!!!
  87. Scifi with a murder-mystery theme needs lots of work - can you help?
  88. Readers For First Three Chapters of YA Fiction Time Travel Novel Needed
  89. Beta needed for fantasy romance
  90. Looking to Beta Read Fantasy
  91. Urban Fantasy could use a beta-reader
  92. Need feedback on synopsis
  93. Will Beta Screenplays for food...
  94. Seeking critique partner
  95. When Do You Know You're Ready for a Beta Reader?
  96. Closet writer looking for mentor for next step
  97. What do writers want from beta-readers?
  98. I need a beta for my short story.
  99. beta wanted for read-through. Dark fantasy
  100. beta reader for YA SFF
  101. MG Fantasy needs experienced beta-reader
  102. Another MG Novel - Fantasy/Mystery
  103. Beta Reader for Horror Novel
  104. Writing Partner
  105. Writing Partner
  106. Two Manuscripts Requires Two Beta's, Right...? Right?
  107. Need beta for first chapter of NF book (see inside...)
  108. Beta needed for (semi) agent-approved MG/YA adventure 66k
  110. Protecting Yourself and Your WIP
  111. Need help!
  112. Realistic superheroes for a beta that can go the distance
  113. Anyone in Kansas?
  114. Critique Partner Wanted
  115. looking for a Co-writer
  116. Looking for reader of humorous memoir chapters
  117. lf reader for Sci-Fi Short-Story/Novella
  118. readers needed
  119. Need critique for christian novel.
  120. Need a beta reader/critique for Middle Grade MS
  121. Split from willing beta readers
  122. Beta reader needed... ~2500 word short story
  123. Looking for beta reader quater the way through
  124. Seeking beta for urban fantasy/"Ugly and the Beast"
  125. romance reader needed for fantasy-romance
  126. Beta for Arcadia Snips: Steampunk/Comedy/Alt History/Romance/Adventure/Mystery
  127. Romance reader/editor required for suspense romance
  128. The Beta Project is coming...
  129. Need Beta for Memoir/Autobiographical wip
  130. Looking for Women's Fiction crit partner
  131. What is The Beta Project?
  132. Need a Beta for a high school YA (Counting Down To The End of The World)
  133. PLEASE be a Beta for me. I write short fiction mostly
  134. Looking for readers
  135. Writing buddies
  136. adapting a SF screenplay into a graphic novel
  137. Newbie Fantasy Writer looking for Beta Readers.
  138. Looking for reader of historical WIP
  139. Looking for a beta on my pilot television screenplay "Entities"
  140. Beta for Urban Fantasy
  141. playwriting partner?
  142. Looking for horror writing partner
  143. Looking for Beta Reader YA fantasy
  144. Looking for Beta readers in special interest areas
  145. Looking for a Beta: YA Fantasy (not vampires! haha)
  146. Need beta for an anime-style novel
  147. wanted: person to yell at me
  148. Screenplay Critiquing Partner
  149. Urban Fantasy: no vampires
  150. need a reader for YA magical realism - 50k
  151. Need a Beta for Romance (short novel)
  152. BETA needed--urban fantasy
  153. Looking For Critique Group
  154. The Beta Project Launches!
  155. Looking for 3-4 beta readers, who can become friends
  156. Beta wanted: Elemental Assasssin - fantasy
  157. Looking for Co-writer
  158. Looking for a Writing partner!
  159. Looking for a beta reader that is good with punctuation, for a 50k YA Fantasy
  160. Beta Wanted for Horror/Supernatural Suspense Novel
  161. I need a writing partner!
  162. Beta Wanted: Imperium 84K SF (Space Opera)
  163. Need a BETA for space SF
  164. Need Beta Reader for YA fantasy
  165. Beta needed for erotic fantasy novel.
  166. Looking for a Long-Term Critique Partner
  167. Looking for a Long-Term Critique Partner
  168. Beta wanted:poetry, short fiction (post MFA a plus)
  169. beta needed: Born Gangster - screenplay
  170. Beta Reader wanted - Paradise On The Brink
  171. Looking for a critique partner - Women's Fiction
  172. Beta for historical chick lit? 1923 bootlegers, horses, con jobs and love
  173. Would anyone like to exchange a completed hard copy manuscript?
  174. Beta wanted for Fantasy novel 80k
  175. Question about betas
  176. Want to swap? - Beta Reader Exchange
  177. The Orphanage, it's not long. I wrote this when I was 10 years old, then I quit.
  178. Betas needed for fantasy novel
  179. Looking For Beta Reader/Writing Partner Who Is A Freelance Writer
  180. Looking for writing partner
  181. Seeking Members for a YA E-mail Writing Group
  182. Looking for Beta-reader for a Short (just <7K words) - sci-fi/suspense - Crow's Road
  183. Beta Project Q&A 2009
  184. Need A Beta Reader/Critique Partner
  185. Question
  186. Need a writing partner with STRONG knowledge of geology
  187. Need Writing partner/beta.
  188. Beta reader/s needed for women's contemporary fiction manuscript
  189. Paranormal mystery beta needed
  190. Anyone up for beta-ing first ten pages of YA novel right this minute?
  191. Any contemporary women's writers in London?
  192. Beta reader needed for paranormal mystery
  193. Looking for beta reader for The Ghost Machine, a supernatural thriller
  194. Looking for a beta for my 80k YA novel
  195. Beta Reader Request for 80k Soft-Sci-Fi Work
  196. Give me a deadline!
  197. Looking for a Beta
  198. Looking For a Critique Partner for Category Romance
  199. Beta wanted for MG adventure novel 30K
  200. Beta Reader Needed for Historical Mystery
  201. My Story Doesn't Have a Title Yet, So Neither Does This Thread...Sort of
  202. Looking for someone to beta read my first 3,000 words (Women's fiction)
  204. The Beta Project--The critiques are posted. Now what?
  205. Professional Reader and AW Newb, looking for a YA Beta...
  206. Join Forces (to write a gangster style screenplay)
  207. Writing Fellowship (Chain Spec Novel)
  208. Writing Partner
  209. Need a Beta for MG Sci-Fi
  210. Needing a beta reader for 50k young adult
  211. Outline Review Needed
  212. Need a Beta for Contemporary Romance
  213. Looking for Beta for Andra
  214. 500 word Love Story Needs Proofreading
  215. Looking for General Fiction Beta Reader
  216. Beta Reader(s) needed: Paranormal Erotic Romance
  217. Looking for plotting-character-outline advice
  218. Newbie asks nicely for beta readers for fantasy story
  219. Looking for a Beta for a paranormal mystery ms
  220. Looking For A Beta Reader/Idea Bouncer... Off-er...
  221. My beta readers have disappeared on me.....
  222. Beta-readers needed for a literary, YA novel
  223. Will someone tear apart my query?
  224. Looking for beta readers
  225. Hey, looking for a beta for my YA WIP
  226. Beat readers for short softcore sci-fi
  227. The Deep Within - nightmares seeping into reality
  228. Writing Partner: BattleTech
  229. Need beta for m/m fantasy erotica
  230. I'll Trade - Reading my short story for yours
  231. Need beta readers for a mystery
  232. Mentor/Advisor for Cyberpunk Novel
  233. I need constructive criticism on a story I wrote but....
  234. Looking for beta reader to look over 3-4 short stories
  235. Beta Question's
  236. Looking for Beta-Readers for Interracial Romance WIP
  237. Need betas for a contemporary romantic thriller
  238. Beta or Share Your Work - Options
  239. Need help
  240. Willing YA Beta
  241. General Advice?
  242. Beta reader Needed
  243. Beta for Middle Grade
  244. Willing to beta read for someone...
  245. Need beta for YA novel
  246. Beta Reader(s) desperately needed!
  247. I think what I need is an advisor
  248. Open to beta reading for SF/F
  249. Christian fantasy writing partner
  250. beta needed for fantasy - vampires and witches, 90K