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  1. Looking for readers who enjoy fantasy :)
  2. Beta needed for YA fantasy in screenplay form
  3. Looking for beta reader for supernatural suspense thriller
  4. Need beta for 64k scifi-ish novel
  5. Beta wanted for fantasy WIP
  6. Beta/advsior for WIP MG/YA fantasy WIP
  7. Help with my argument!
  8. Senior-level beta readers
  9. Partner?
  10. Fantasy Short Stories
  11. Looking for a writing partner...
  12. Will Need Beta Reader soon- for 61K YA
  13. Looking for a Beta Reader for my Humourous Fantasy Novel
  14. Help a poor scientist make his stories better?
  15. Manuscript Swap or Beta Reader for Thriller
  16. Seeking Beta readers - Melody's Song
  17. Beta reader need.
  18. Beta reader for
  19. Beta reader needed for my short story
  20. Are there any...?
  21. A Request and a Question
  22. The credited editor is ?
  23. Writing Partner
  24. Beta Rder/Structural editor needed
  25. Help finish this book, get paid.
  26. Screenwriting Partner
  27. 50 pages for Beta Reader
  28. Mainstream fiction, 117K, fourth draft. Interested in reading for fun?
  29. When should I be looking for a beta reader?
  30. 4000w/First 2 Chp. Romance for Private Critique
  31. Nonfiction Beta
  32. betas needed for high fantasy, 5th draft, very character-driven
  33. Critique Partner Needed-Fantasy Novel-Evolved Vampires
  34. Seeking Betas for Sci-Fi Novella
  35. Full MS Beta Reader?
  36. Anyone willing to mentor a complete NOOB?
  37. Writing Partner Wanted - Detroit, Michigan
  38. Help needed! Beta reader needed for police procedural
  39. Beta/Advisor Needed for Fiction in Progress
  40. New weird/urban fantasy- Need beta reader!!!
  41. Correction- Annoying newbie should post here!
  42. Requesting private crit of women's fiction idea
  43. Beta reader needed to evaluate two children's stories
  44. Critter needed for Short Story (4,000 words)
  45. Beta Reader for Query Letter
  46. Beta needed for finished fiction novel
  47. Seeking critique for 3000-word first chapter
  48. silly question...
  49. Seeking African-American Readers
  50. I think *deep breath* I might be ready...
  51. Seeking beta readers for prologue and Chapters 1-3 of chick lit novel
  52. Help!
  53. Is it fair to share a critique with other people?
  54. Two Questions...
  55. London betas needed, also help with slave portrayal
  56. YA (I think) werewolf/shapeshifter folklore book
  57. YA Writing Partner Needed
  58. Beta readers appreciation thread
  59. I could seriously use a writing buddy
  60. Critique needed for 2000 word first chapter in fantasy novel
  61. On-going Critique Partner
  62. Favor to ask of the Fantasy Community
  63. SWF seeks Beta for deep reading and sadistic critiquing
  64. Beta Reader Needed for a Completed MS - Women's Fiction
  65. Beta readers needed for fantasy novel
  66. Beta readers for mutual assistance required!
  67. Beta reader for an 80K Fantasy-esque novel
  68. YA Urban Fantasy Novel - seeking opinion on first few chapters
  69. Looking for a beta reader/critter/and patient mentor to read an 7500word fantasy stor
  70. Beta Reader wanted for 78,000 wd. YA novel
  71. Need someone to give me a good kick in the ... I mean, need Beta, fantasy novel
  72. Women's Fiction Query
  73. Looking for YA Fantasy novel Beta
  74. Beta reader for scholarship submission 5 chap YAFantasy
  75. Handholding for Mid-Screenplay Freakout, Beta Reader or Advisor for WIP
  76. Beta needed for 106K Sci-Fi/Adventure novel.
  77. Need beta(s) for a YA fantasy novel, ~80,000 words
  78. Gothic Horror novel needs Beta reader
  79. In search of writing partner
  80. Beta wanted for 68+K sci-fi
  81. Don't forget to say thank you to someone who helps you.
  82. Thriller Beta readers - 145,000 words
  83. Urban Fantasy Beta needed
  84. beta readers requested for one of two novels
  85. ISO advisor
  86. Beta readers for 80k action/drama
  87. Writer's Group (Workshop)
  88. Beta readers for 10k literary novella needed
  89. Writing partner
  90. epic fantasy - beta readers needed for the first 50 pages
  91. Critical feedback
  92. Any interest in a zombie script?
  93. Anyone want to trade critiques?
  94. Wanted - A member of the grammar police!
  95. Guess what? I need a Beta!
  96. Assessment
  97. Epic sci-fi medieval adventure feature script treatmet
  98. Beta Reader/Mentor/General Encourager needed for novel
  99. Stupid question
  100. Beta wanted for middle-grade fantasy 60K words
  101. Beta reader needed - Baby Boomer age
  102. Beta needed - Literary fiction
  103. Working Novella needs partner...
  104. It seems I need a beta.
  105. seekg literary fict beta rdr for 1st 3 chtprs
  106. Need superfast beta for agent revisions
  107. Beta reader, what else? Fantasy action/romance thing
  108. Beta wanted for YA novel
  109. need beta reader, mentor
  110. looking for a Beta Reader/Mentor
  111. need partner for a story with a slight religious theme.
  112. Looking for a someone
  113. Request for a Beta
  114. looking for a mentor and beta
  115. Looking for Partner for Mutual Accountability
  116. Starting a Kansas SYW.
  117. ISO Fantasy Writing Partner
  118. Looking for a reader
  119. ISO critique partner - contemporary romance
  120. Beta on Kindle
  121. Seeking Screenwriting Partner (Horror genre)
  122. Looking for critique partner for WIP! [YA mystery]
  123. Script Format
  124. Beta Urgently Needed for Urban Fantasy
  125. Beta reader needed for literary novel
  126. Historical Romance Beta?
  127. If ever I needed advice, it's now.
  128. urban fantasy short story - help needed
  129. Beta reader needed for fantasy/romance short story, 7000 words
  130. Beta/proofreader for short story/ 2000 words.
  131. Winter Gone Mad--first 3 chapters
  132. Beta for skiffy (first three chapters)
  133. I need a Beta for first 50 pages..
  134. Beta Reader for a mystery novel (67,000 words)
  135. Wanted; Mentor or Partner for my Fantasy story.
  136. beta reader for historical fiction WIP
  137. Need a beta writer
  138. Beta needed for two paranormal short stories
  139. Beta reader request for Literary novel
  140. Seeking writing partner for fantasy/action novel.
  141. Seeking writers to cooperate with me on my project.
  142. Warts Wales and Elvis beta reader required
  143. Middle grade fiction beta wanted (needed)
  144. YA and Adult Fantasy Fiction Mentor Wanted
  145. looking for beta reader
  146. Need Beta for a Script
  147. Beta Reader needed for an urban-fantasy novel.
  148. How much Beta readers should charge for its work?
  149. Looking for an alpha beta
  150. Beta Reader/Writing partners
  151. Ongoing Crit Partner Wanted for Middlegrade Writer
  152. Should beta readers research the works they read?
  153. Beta Reader who loves music-inspired fiction (chicklit)
  154. thriller? suspense? horror? complete crap? please help!
  155. Chapter One -
  156. Could it be You?!
  157. Looking for a mentor to help get me through my first book
  158. Beta reader for historical/action/drama
  159. Beta Reader of crime thrillers
  160. Seeking beta readers for mixed genre novel
  161. Seeking Writing Partner for Sci-Fi/Fantasy show/treatment
  162. Beta Readers wanted for thirty pages or so
  163. PLAY BALL! - 91K word Middle-Grade
  164. Essay collection, about 50,000 words
  165. Beta readers wanted for thriller
  166. picture books!
  167. Beta Reader wanted for First Chapter 3,500 words
  168. Beta readers needed for my first novel.
  169. beta wanted for dark fantasy
  170. Beta reader needed for my small chapter books about a mischievous girl called, Molly.
  171. Wanted: Critique partner who writes urban fantasy or similar
  172. Critique Partnet for my Thriller PREACHER, PREACHER
  173. Beta-reader needed for Middle Grade Novel
  174. Beta readers needed for first chapter of revised story
  175. Beta Reader for Thriller
  176. Hello, Looking for a writing buddy
  177. Need a beta reader for my Style & Beauty articles
  178. Groups?
  179. Looking for beta reader for historical epic...
  180. I'm looking for a Beta Reader to help with a SF novel
  181. Beta reader for urban fantasy
  182. Beta reader needed for action/adventure novel
  183. Requesting Bet for first two chapters of paranormal thriller Please
  184. Paranormal Romance
  185. Need a favor from some kind victims..I mean people
  186. Beta Reader or Exchange / Thriller.
  187. Beta Readers for relationship driven screenplay?
  188. Critter requested for first fifty pages of women's/mainstream fiction
  189. Beta or critter wanted :3
  190. Looking for Crit Partners
  191. Kind of an Emergency!/Will be your best friend
  192. Writing Buddy wanted :)
  193. Need a writing buddy Denver, CO!!!!!
  194. Beta/Critter for Fantasy (first 50 pgs)
  195. Beta Readers for High Fantasy
  196. Fantasy Romance needs some help
  197. A public thank you to my incredible betas
  198. Reader needed :-)
  199. Anybody need a beta reader?
  200. Requesting Beta... YA
  201. first three chapter look? requested partial!
  202. beta reader request for first three chapters
  203. a little bit of historical fun . . . for a beta reader
  204. Critique Group members needed
  205. Willing beta reader
  206. Beta needed for PLAY BALL! - a 74k MG novel
  207. Getting my feet alittle wet
  208. Need some betas
  209. Looking for beta readers for The Ghost Machine
  210. Beta Reader Wanted for Short Comedy
  211. Beta wanted for YA novel- 70k words
  212. curious Heidi re new crit group
  213. Beta Reader - Women's Fiction
  214. Beta reader needed for "Chasing Lord Hare"
  215. Need beta for YA Fantasy 89K
  216. Betas needed for fantasy novel
  217. Beta Needed--YA Adventure for Boys
  218. Beta Reader - slipstream
  219. Beta for Sci-Fantasy (Partial 50 to 100 + pages)
  220. Beta Reader request...
  221. Want someone to read and critique your work?
  222. Would love a beta for an urban fantasy
  223. Need betas for "Halfshadow"
  224. Need a beta reader with teeth
  225. Willing Beta Reader--tradeoff maybe? :D
  226. Beta readers needed for Peace and Other Lies
  228. Looking for a few good readers
  229. Wanted: Beta for magic realism story
  230. Wanted: Beta for FREAKS OF NATURE
  231. reader needed for short 1300 word story - time sensitive
  232. Beta Reader Wanted for Paranormal Romance
  233. Seeking a beta reader for a highly erotic thriller
  234. i need someone...
  235. Kudos IdiotsRUs and Kryianna
  236. Beta Reader Needed for The Eternal Link
  237. A Love Story
  238. Anyone interested in a Space Opera?
  239. Reader wanted " Tsunami 2004- Thailand"
  240. Beta readers needed for sci-fi thriller please.
  241. Beta readers needed for MG/YA Adventure - 43,000 words
  242. Help needed with my short story-2100 words
  243. Willing to work with a memoirWIP (about drugs, girls, and a debaucherous college kid)
  244. URGENT QUESTIONS: Looking for a Beta Reader- YA fiction
  245. Willing Beta Reader
  246. Beta reader needed for paranormals
  247. Whispers in the Dark
  248. Seeking Beta for LITERARY - 1st 3 chapters ONLY
  249. Co-author wanted: Historical fiction/romance
  250. Reader needed