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  1. Finding reliable readers: Advice given and requested
  2. Looking for Crit Partner for YA Fantasy Will Swap
  3. Seeking Beta Reader for Opening 3000 words and Synopsis
  4. Needing BetaReaders for Modern Fantasy novel
  5. Beta Reader, ready and willing
  6. Short Story/Excerpt Swap & Critique
  7. Questions for beta readers on compensation and gratitude
  8. Charging $ For a Beta
  9. Looking for a long term CP/mentor for YA Fantasy, please.
  10. [Paying] Looking for readthroughs of 80k space adventure novel
  11. Seeking CP/Beta Reader Exchange for NA / WF
  12. I started a novel! Please take a look! Sci-Fi/Drama/LGBT
  13. Beta reader for 6k word science fiction story. Open for an exchange
  14. Hello, my name is Buck and i have a request to make!
  15. Willing Beta Reader and Potential Critique Partner, YA SFF
  16. YA Paranormal/Historical Urban Fantasy - Beta/CP needed
  17. Seeking readers for speculative fiction (only ~6k words)
  18. Need Beta reader for Vietnam War experiences
  19. Seeking Beta Reader for 91k Near-Future Fantasy
  20. Beta Reader for 86K YA Sci-Fi with LGBT mc
  21. 75K Word Mob Comedy/Drama
  22. MG Beta Reader Available
  23. Vancouver BC?
  24. Need Experienced Beta for 4000 Word Fantasy Short
  25. Beta Reader for ~110K YA SF Novel
  26. Critique Swap
  27. First 50, do they hold your interest?
  28. Seeking mentor/critique partner for YA SciFi
  29. .
  30. Beta reader needed for 60K word YA dark fairytale retelling
  31. When you beta read for someone and it's just lovely -
  32. Looking for Betas for Speculative Fiction Betas 100k Adult Novel
  33. Looking for Beta Readers for a YA Contemporary Sci-fi. I'm willing to swap
  34. Beta needed for dark romance set in Sydney
  35. Seeking beta reader for web novel!
  36. Available to read any Romance - PNR, YA, Historical
  37. M/M romance novel partner wanted?
  38. Seeking Free 3-5 betas for crime novel
  39. YA Action/Fantasy 64k
  40. Looking for critique partners and writing buddies, and maybe a mentor, too!
  41. Readers for 3 chapters of spec fic/philosophical fantasy
  42. Fiction Swap
  43. Contemp. Romance Help (will swap)
  44. How much money to offer a beta reader?
  45. Beta Project 2017 - Beta Forum thread (BP now over)
  46. Seeking to hire a mentor for short SF/F stories
  47. Beta reader / Critique partner
  48. Seeking Betas for Urban Fantasy! 90k words, Open to Swapping
  49. Enthusiastic Newbie seeking fellow newbie writing buddy!
  50. How to Beta?
  51. Pantheon Sci-Fi
  52. Seeking Beta/Seeking story to beta for
  53. Talking about ideas???
  54. Seeking betas for YA Fantasy with slow-burn romance
  55. Critique partner requested: Plots for children's animal stories
  56. [Closed] Looking to beta swap (finished epic fantasy novel, ~112k words)
  57. Looking for a few betas for a finished Urban Fantasy novel
  58. Would anyone like to join together and write a story?
  59. [B]Need review for a Medieval fantasy saga[/B]
  60. Beta readers needed for 110k YA urban fantasy
  61. Prose Swap/Citique
  62. Beta reader for Christian fiction 23k
  63. Seeking beta for 70k YA Sci Fi
  64. Requesting Beta Readers for 230k Epic Fantasy/Romance
  65. YA Paranormal Romance Betas? "Lovely Desire"
  66. Age of Exploration, New Author Looking For Beta Readers
  67. Beta for YA Paranormal romance
  68. Looking for a critique partner.
  69. Seeking a critique partner for upmarket cross-over
  70. Betas needed for 105k Adult Contemporary Urban Fantasy
  71. Writing Partner.........
  72. Looking for Beta Readers - Fantasy - Monsters, Vampires, Sword and Sorcery
  73. When You Really, Really Want a Beta Reader
  74. I'm looking for a Beta Reader and will swap. 80,000 contemporary/paranormal
  75. Financial Freedom Book
  76. CPs for YA Contemporary
  77. Betas (Possible Swap) needed for 79k Small-Town Fantasy. Af-Am Sensitivity would be esp. useful
  78. Feedback on this story.........
  79. Sensitivity Reader Needed - Philippine Mythology
  80. beta needed for YA contemporary
  81. Beta reader for completed historical fiction / romance novel entitled 'Kateri'
  82. Beta swap for short story (just shy of 14k words, will beta your full novel in exchange)
  83. [Edited thread title] Looking for a Beta in My Very First Post
  84. Willing Beta Readers Volume III
  85. Read This Before Posting
  86. Beta reader sought for historical erotic romance (M/F), 67K words
  87. I'm a First Time Beta Reader
  88. Seeking readers (happy to swap!) for 91k Black Comedy
  89. Seeking Writing Buddy for Fantasy
  90. Anyone knowledgeable about Japan interested in being writing partners?
  91. Seeking Beta Reader for 96k Contemporary Fantasy
  92. Short Story Beta Read
  93. .
  94. Chillax & Write partner.
  95. Looking for someone with US emergency response experience
  96. Co-Writer for Fantasy Novel
  97. Beta reader needed for 33k murder/mystery/romance novella
  98. [no longer seeking beta]
  99. FOLLOW THE STARS - Adult Thriller 18+ (75K)
  100. Historical romance 75k words, looking for beta or Crit partner
  101. Seeking Short Story Beta
  102. Short Story Critique Swap
  103. Seeking a beta or swap for a contemporary fantasy (fairy tale retelling)
  104. Beta reader or swap for 16000 word urban fantasy novelette
  105. Looking for Beta Readers for first 4 chapters of YA Fantasy.
  106. Website to Beta Read (BetaBooks)
  107. Seeking beta for YA contemporary--will gladly swap!
  108. Seeking to form a Writing Group
  109. Murder my Darling
  110. YA Contemporary. Would love to find a Beta reader - totally happy to swap too!!
  111. Beta swap for YA fantasy novel (120K): Blood Heir
  112. Beta Reader (or critique partner) for Contemporary Romance please!
  113. Looking for a Co-writer
  114. Looking for someone who reads paranormal
  115. Anyone looking for a Fantasy critique partner/group?
  116. Beta readers, critique partners - Volition, YA, 10K
  117. NEED Beta for Realistic Fiction YA - 67K words
  118. Looking for Beta for 92k Steampunk Novel (will swap)
  119. beta swap slaughterhouse
  120. Clone: An M/M novel that needs a beta reader.
  121. Beta Swap for Mainstream Novel
  122. Seeking a Beta Reader for The End of the World
  123. YA mystery/fantasy - need to simplify!
  124. Critique Swap
  125. Co-writer for a shounen action-style manga-style comic script
  126. Beta Reader for a eulogy?
  127. Seeking feedback on polished poetry ms (4K words); feedback might be used on a book cover or website
  128. Searching for Beta Reader for YA #Ownvoices Mystery (Will Swap!)
  129. Seeking beta readers for non-fiction / testimonial about autism
  130. Looking for beta readers for a Crime/?. 88k novel
  131. Please help--who beta read my Christmas collection last June?
  132. Need a Beta to Read my historical, Dress Her In Chameleon - 108,000+ WC
  133. Beta Reader - Not longer needed
  134. Beta Readers or Writing Buddies Wanted (fantasy short stories)
  135. Looking for middle grade fiction beta reader. Will pay 50 dollars.
  136. Need Beta Reader - Adult Dark Fantasy Romance, STORM TRAVELER 94K
  137. Beta Read - Thriller set in 1930s Asia
  138. Short Story/Excerpt Critique Swap
  139. Searching Beta Reader for SF novel (86k words)
  140. [Moved from SF/F SYW] Beta Reader Requested
  141. Beta Reader Needed for 6k-word Fantasy Fiction
  142. 74K Memoir, "Too Young to Save," seeking betas
  143. Looking to beta swap Upper MG Fantasy (48k)
  144. 'The Stone in My Pocket' - Looking for Beta/Swap for Contemp. Lit-Fiction/YA
  145. MG Fantasy (78K words)
  146. Beta readers for Will & Jordan (Y/A, 70,000 words)
  147. CP Match Happening on Twitter Today!
  148. Need Beta Reader - Speculative - will exchange
  150. Seeking beta reader for a 19k literary novella, willing to swap
  151. Beta-reader needed for Victorian LGBT horror
  152. Fiction/Excerpt Critique Swap
  153. Seeking beta readers for MG Fantasy, 80k, willing to swap
  154. Beta reading etiquette question
  155. Looking For A CP
  156. Seeking beta reader for a YA, 120k, epic/high fantasy. Willing to swap
  157. Beta for a "text adventure" short story (3600 words)
  158. Looking for CPs! YA crime.
  159. Seeking Beta Readers for 77,000 word Thriller
  160. All set
  161. Short Story Critique Swape
  162. Seeking Betas for Dark Fairytale Novella 30k
  163. ISO French Canadian beta (excerpts only)
  164. Seeking Reader(s) for SF/F short stories, Will trade
  165. Beta Reader (can swap): Epic Fantasy
  166. Beta for 70K literary historical novel (WIP)
  167. Seeking Beta Readers for 86K Adult-Oriented SF novel
  168. When Betas Collide
  169. Seeking beta readers for fantasy (114,000 words)
  170. Urban Fa beta readers for 3 chapters
  171. Beta for 70K literary historical novel (WIP)
  172. Critique Swap
  173. Seeking Beta Readers/Critique Partners for Romance
  174. Seeking Beta Reader for Novella on Mental Illness (45,000 words) [Description Added]
  175. Seeking Beta readers for a comic!
  176. Need Beta Who Knows the Movie Business
  177. Seeking CPs for YA Fantasy
  178. Beta Project 2018 - Beta Forum thread
  179. Beta 3 CH's mystery/soft sci-fi novel or any portion, and will swap too
  180. First chapter/short fiction/synopsis beta
  181. [Closed] Beta Swap for first 5K of 80K YA Science Fiction
  182. Sci-fi/Fantasy Internet Writing Group (Discord)
  183. Seeking Beta - YA Horror set in 1962
  184. Seeking Beta readers for upper MG Fantasy novel
  185. Does anyone feel guilty about giving feedback?
  186. CP for a fifty page swap - Epic Fantasy
  187. Seeking Beta Readers for Completed Medical/Political/Alt. History Thriller
  188. Anyone able to do a fast swap? (Or beta) HEIR - Light SciFi
  189. Seeking Beta Reader or Swap (quick)
  190. Seeking a beta reader for a paranormal/survivalist thriller
  191. *DELETED*
  192. Seeking Beta Readers for YA high fantasy
  193. Fairy Tale Retelling Seeking Beta Reader (35000 words)
  194. Seeking Beta Reader for Adult Dark Fantasy (65k words)
  195. Hoping for Beta Readers - Urban Fantasy Novella "The Journalist" - (25K)
  196. Critique Swap
  197. Seeking Experienced Beta for YA Paranormal Fantasy RAINY'S DARK WOODS
  198. Seeking beta reader for 15k fantasy novelette - willing to swap.
  199. Beta for 75K YA Horror
  200. Seeking CPs for YA Urban Fantasy
  201. Complete Space Opera ~185k Words
  202. Seeking Beta/Swap for 80k Adult Fiction (with fantastical elements)
  203. Beta swap request for adult contemp set in Mumbai, 96K words
  204. Looking for a Mentor
  205. Seeking Beta or Swap for Literary Fiction (~20k words)
  206. Seeking Beta/swap- Contemporary Romance 65K
  207. No Longer Looking - YA Urban Fantasy
  208. Closed for now.
  209. Envy, (YA?) 1000 words
  210. Looking for a writing buddy
  211. Seeking CP
  212. Boo Hag 31: wackadoo 70k Contemporary seeks beta/swap
  213. Looking for sounding board, discuss-plot-and-snippets partner
  214. Writing partner wanted for western screenplay
  215. CP for sci-fi novel about a snarktacular robot?
  216. Looking For Beta/Critique Partner
  217. Seeking Beta/Swap for a YA Fantasy
  218. Seeking Beta for YA Romance/Action Adventure
  219. Beta Reader Needed
  220. Accountability Buddy
  221. Awareness - looking for beta-swaps, critique partners
  222. Beta for YA Fantasy book. Available for swapping.
  223. Seeking Beta for 4000-Word Paranormal/Literary Fiction
  224. Looking for beta(s) for a YA/NA genre portal-ish fantasy
  225. 70K Dystopian Sci-fi Novel--Will Swap
  226. Seeking beta for 6000-word literary fiction
  227. Seeking beta for HOW TO BE AN IMMORTAL (YA Urban Fantasy)
  228. Seeking a Critique Partner for a YA Urban Fantasy
  229. CP Swap Needed - First Fifty Pages (Epic Fantasy)
  230. UPDATE: *Found* Beta/Swap for Upper MG Steampunk Fantasy
  231. Desperate to improve with little to go on. Please help?
  232. Beta or Swap for Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
  233. Beta Reader Sought: Low Fantasy Swashbuckler
  234. Looking for beta(s) for 100K Low Fantasy
  235. Beta for SF/F partial manuscript
  236. Beta or Swap Chapters? Science Fiction Action
  237. Like to trade beta books. 80k romantic thriller, I will read anything.
  238. Looking for Beta Reader Swap - Historical Fantasy 85K Words
  239. Beta Reader or Beta Swap for a YA historical fiction
  240. Enough betas for now, thanks (60k YA mystery/suspense/thriller)
  241. Beta Swap for 148k YA Fantasy
  242. Excerpt/Chapter Critique Swap
  243. Seeking Critique Partner: Dystopian YA Fantasy Novel - 55,000 words
  244. UPDATE:FOUND SOMEONE Seeking Beta Reader--85,000 word Historical Fiction
  245. Looking for critique partner/ Story swaps
  246. Seeking beta for fantasy novel, first 4 chapters (will swap)
  247. Seeking beta for MG fantasy
  248. Seeking experienced reader or swap for hard sci-fi
  249. Need Some Tough Love for an MG Fantasy, Will Dispense the Same
  250. Beta-readers for a Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure