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  1. Need critique partner for MG story
  2. seeking sf/short story critique mentor/partner
  3. Haley Needs Help!! Seeking Top-Notch Romance CP/Mentor
  4. Disciplined Writer Need Prose Poem Mentor (for personal journal).
  5. Inexperienced hopeful w/ head in clouds looking for mentor to keep her grounded
  6. Inexperienced scifi writer seeking partner/mentor.
  7. Looking for a buddy to critique my work...
  8. Fiction MENTOR NEEDED. Anyone? want to get start right away.
  9. Looking for a mentor and critiquer.
  11. Combination help with a sentence please and trivia question.
  12. manuscript submission
  13. query question
  14. In Need Of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Partner
  15. sentence trouble
  16. Focus and Concentration
  17. A favor (please help)
  18. A question about copyright, please.
  19. I really need a writing partner.
  20. Screenwriting mentor for hire...
  21. Finding a Writing Partner?
  22. Looking for an experienced magazine article writer to answer newbie questions
  23. I Need a Swift Kick in the Rear
  24. A Creator of Tales and Legends desperatly needed
  25. Mentor for Young Female Writer
  26. Dialogue writing help needed
  27. Need help identifying a genre for my novel
  28. Newbie Looking for Mentor
  29. Can I solicit beta readers here?
  30. Male beta reader(s) wanted for love story
  31. Looking for someones help YA fantasy
  32. I Need A Critique Partner
  33. Looking for Writing Partner - Children's Fanatasy
  34. Beta readers and critique sought
  35. Seeking Philadelphia area support person
  36. Suddenly seeking a beta reader for romance novel
  37. Beta reader/critique/editor/mentor needed
  38. Writing partner needed ASAP!
  39. Collaborator(s) Wanted
  40. mentor need for creative nonfiction
  41. Finding Beta Readers & Critique Groups
  42. cheap gold
  43. Co-authoring "Confessions of a High-Priced Call Girl" (non-fiction)
  44. I would like a writing mentor
  45. Beta readers wanted
  46. Screenplay help
  47. Looking for critique partner(s)
  48. INQUIRY (please help!!)
  49. Copywriting guidance?
  50. About Beta-Readers...
  51. Looking for beta reader/crit partner
  52. Looking for a mentor
  53. Looking for a mentor to help with my frist serious book...
  54. I swear to DRUNK, I'm not GOD....
  55. Wanted-Writing Partner/Cowriter
  56. I'm Gonna Sweeten my Offer...
  57. Writing Partner/Collaborator
  58. I'm searching for a mentor...
  59. Critique exchange
  60. Critique / mentor / teacher seeked
  61. Mentor or critique partner needed
  62. Anyone else working on 2nd book & in need of sparring partner?
  63. Mentor or critique partner
  64. Who wants to write a Musical
  65. A really great way of collabing online!
  66. Ex-Pat Needs Critique Partner
  67. I am available on a limited basis to be a reader or help in some way.
  68. Thinking of a thought buddy
  69. NaNoWriMo partner
  70. Help me to roughen and toughen this up!
  71. I need a writing partner and editor
  72. Anyone want a beta reader?
  73. Seeking YA/Teen fiction critique partners
  74. looking for beta readers
  75. help with a query letter!
  76. Looking for Beta Readers
  77. Memoir-Need someone to read notes
  78. Mentor needed: in-depth features
  79. Looking for help about title
  80. Critical feed back needed.
  81. Seeking mentor: turning a dissertation into a book
  82. Looking for beta buddy (sci fi/fantasy)
  83. Looking for a critique partner
  84. Chick Lit/Women's Fiction Writing Partner needed!!
  85. Anyone up to critiquing and mentoring me?
  86. Review for Mystery horror
  87. In need of a mentor
  88. Tough as nails mentor needed for Fiction Mystery
  89. I'm going to write my story...
  90. Looking for reader/mentor/partner
  91. Looking for a writing partner for a TV series
  92. Guidance on ARCs
  93. Looking for illustrator.
  94. Victorian critting!
  95. So many drafts I'm seeing double. Can anyone give a fresh viewpoint?
  96. Have Story Done but Can't Write So Good
  97. Screenwriter looking for a writing partner.
  98. fairly established SF writer looking to write Romance novel
  99. looking for an experienced mentor on Humor genre
  100. Help!
  101. New Sci Fi writer looking for some help
  102. Looking for Victorian Action/Romance Genre Mentor
  103. Mentor Wanted
  104. Beta Buddy wanted for SciFi/Fantasy
  105. Help? A lil....
  106. Lookin' for help
  107. Mentoring/Beta reader challenge -- anyone up for it?
  108. Looking for partner in writing a screenplay
  109. Collaborate
  110. The Great Beta Reader Challenge
  111. Willing beta readers
  112. I would like to find a writing partner who I can write with write with share ideas
  113. Plot... help with plot
  114. Sketch com writting partner wanted
  115. Need writing partner that can double as mentor/editor
  116. Looking for Mentor for Dark Thriller
  117. What I'd really like is a nag...
  118. Looking For a screenwriting partner in the Cleveland, ohio
  119. Need beta reader for sci fi-ish action story
  120. Editorial Help needed very much
  122. Got nothing to do? Wanna mentor me?
  123. Looking for beta readers for a SF short story
  124. Challenge Entries
  125. split from challenge entries
  126. Hey, I am trying to do freelance writing part time while I go to school
  127. Repugnant Conclusion
  128. Writers Group in South Orange County CA
  129. I'm quite new to this, would love a Mentor ^.^
  130. Mentor needed for short, humorous traveling stories
  131. fees?
  132. Looking for beta readers for an erotic story
  133. The Next Step -- looking for readers
  134. Beta reader needed for Sci Fi/Urban Fantasy Story
  135. Beta reader with manuscript formatting experience needed!!
  136. dramatic musical comedy - who's up for it
  137. Help me write what I care about before I lose everything
  138. Beta needed for my Middle Grade novel
  139. I need a new Mentor for my story.
  140. Sending Out
  141. Need A Mentor For Sci-Fi Screenplay
  142. Future Beta Reader?
  143. Seeking readers for YA novel
  144. Beta Reader or Co-Writing.
  145. Aruna needs trial readers - as many as possible!!!
  146. Looking for a Mentor (screenwriting).
  147. Seeking a Mentor for my screenplay.
  148. Need Second Beta For YA Paranormal/Mystery
  149. Beta needed for a romance novel (complete)
  150. A question (new to forum)
  151. Looking for Nonfiction Proposal Beta Reader
  154. Looking for a novel to critique
  155. Fiction Mentor for a Japanese Girl
  156. I'm not sure if I need a mentor or just some good advice, or what?
  157. Looking for a writing partners
  158. Writing Partner/Collaborator
  159. In need of a mentor
  160. Looking for a mentor for a TV pilot
  161. Need a crit partner for young adult mysteries
  162. Mentor needed for UTTERLY INSECURE chica.
  163. Interviews
  164. Action/Adventure Writing Partner Wanted
  165. I'm looking for someone with some good advice
  166. Beta readers needed for YA paranormal
  167. looking for a mentor/beta reader/critique
  168. Looking for someone to help me
  169. Critc Is In
  170. Could I get a mentor or Beta please for a broken ms.
  171. Beta reader wanted for script
  172. Needed: Chief Editor for Poetry Anthology
  173. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Mentor Needed
  174. Need article critiques
  175. Writing/Critique Partner Urgently Needed!
  176. Looking for Critique Partner/s
  177. Seeking female critique partner (mystery, chick lit...)
  178. Looking for CP
  179. Requesting a Mentor :)
  180. looking for a mentor/ writing partner
  181. Looking for a mentor
  182. Paging the Action/Thriller/Fantasy writer who wants a writing partner!
  183. you scratch my back i'll scratch yours
  184. Writing buddy needed.
  185. Seeking Screenwriter Buddy/Partner
  186. Looking for screenwriting partner.
  187. Looking for Crit Partner, Paranormal Romance
  188. need a collaborator/mentor for memoir
  189. Looking for mentor/colaborator for screenplay ideas
  190. Need help with a little research - anyone from a small town in the US?
  191. Looking for a mentor for articles
  192. Anyone to gauge my novel? It'd be a big help...
  193. Looking for a Mentor/Critter for Paranormal Romance
  194. I want to write a non-fiction book
  195. Mentor - Help? Please! - Read my Novel *FEEDBACK REQUESTED*
  196. I need a mentor and partner to write with.
  197. Need critical feedback on a short ASAP
  198. I'm looking for someone to write a novel with.
  199. Seeking Mentor Trade...
  200. Looking for beta readers
  201. Looking for sci fi fanfiction beta
  202. Need reader for three sample chapters
  203. New forum name
  204. Need critical feedback on an assigned magazine article
  205. I'm Looking for a Mentor
  206. I'll read yours; you read mine!
  207. Romance writing partner wanted
  208. I'm going to need a beta... BADLY.
  209. What is a beta reader?
  210. Need a beta for 112k contemporary novel
  211. Seeking everything but the kitchen sink
  212. Beta Reader wanted for thriller!
  213. Seeking Beta/Mentor for Women's Fiction
  214. Need beta reader(s) for first five chapters of WIP
  215. Need Beta Reader for Children's story - 3k words
  216. In need of a CP
  217. Need Help!
  218. Seeking Writing Partner for AA Romance Novel
  219. Looking for WIP exchange
  220. Need someone to read Chap 1 of fantasy novel
  221. Beta needed for long travel memoir
  222. Beta Reader needed for my WIP...
  223. Beta reader for nonfiction article on childbirth
  224. I need someone to look over about 2300 words of SF.
  225. Seeking beta reader for 6000 word SF story
  226. Need critical feedback on an assigned health article
  227. Are you bored?
  228. Beta needed for travel adventure story
  229. writing buddy...historical romance
  231. will beta humor, need skimmers for light sf/f/h...
  232. Nonfiction Crit needed - short! fun!
  233. Seeking Beta Reader for Crime Novel 1692
  234. Pleezzzz Heeeep! I would give my left n*t for a good Beta Reader
  235. Beta Reader Wanted
  236. Willing to beta read in August
  237. I need a beta for YA, I'll return the favor
  238. Nonfiction Crit Swap or beta reader? Topic: Parenting, green/environmental issues
  239. Need some feedback on a fantasy hook
  240. Need a reader for YA fantasy
  241. Revised fantasy hook, looking for feedback
  242. Desperate for Beta Reader
  243. Need beta for Shark fiction
  244. Looking for beta reader, short story, 2500 words, 1st draft
  245. To collaborate or not to collaborate
  246. Looking for beta readers for book on philosophy and atheism
  247. Senior beta reader needed for 68,000-word novel.
  248. Let's write a short story together!
  249. Beta reader needed for 4,438 word short story.
  250. Want to trade betas? Mainstream/contemporary in 3rd draft