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  1. Seeking Beta/Creative Partner, Epic Fantasy: The Tridivian Records
  2. Seeking Betas for 68k YA Novel
  3. Critique partner?
  4. Erotic content in Mainstream
  5. Beta Reader for Past-Lives Spiritual Book
  6. Fun AW-Sponsored Opportunity to Receive Betas!
  7. Writing buddy for fantasy
  8. Writer's block due to information overload -- need a writing buddy!
  9. YA sci-fi swap
  10. Alpha/critter needed for fantasy-project
  11. Seeking Beta for polished Sci-Fi/Thriller, 97k (happy to swap)
  12. 127 pages, something I deem almost unreadable. Anyone willing? (already self-published)
  13. Casual SF/F Writing Buddy!
  14. Fantasy Critique Partner Needed
  15. Romantic suspense 100k (yeah, I know, see what I mean?) Critique Partner
  16. Fantasy Sample Pages Beta
  17. Seeking beta for middle-grade fantasy (73k words)
  18. Beta needed for 3 50k+novels in a series details inside
  19. Beta critique partner(s) for M/M, LGBTQ, erotic romance
  20. Historical Fantasy: need feedback on 1st 3 chapters
  21. Looking for a horror and/or suspense writing buddy
  22. Dystopian fantasy 48.2k words - needs beta readers
  23. Beta reader for historical drama screenplay?
  24. Wanted: Beta Reader for Upper MG/Lower YA Fantasy - The Shadow War
  25. How to find a writing buddy
  26. Seeking Someone to Read and Comment on
  27. Beta readers for 58k fantasy
  28. Looking for beta readers for contemporary romance!
  29. Beta Readers Wanted for my Second Novel
  30. Beta for gay fantasy - willing to exchange
  31. Beta reader for 1 chapter please
  32. Beta Reader Needed for 128,000 Word High Fantasy Novel
  33. Need an 80s era Farmer to beta - some magic included
  34. Beta Needed: 1960s Mystery
  35. Need Beta Reader for 3 Chapters
  36. Need a Beta Reader for a WIP Weird Western
  37. Need Betas for my weird near future Sci-fi novel. Willing to swap
  38. Willing to beta.
  39. Looking for beta readers for humorous Sci-Fi 106k or just a few chapters
  40. Are You My Mentor?
  41. Beta Reader Needed for 90k Dystopic Fantasy (Adult)
  42. Looking for Beta Readers for My YA Historical (not fantasy)
  43. Looking for beta readers: 54K memoir of a homeless teenager.
  44. Searching for a Beta-Swap for Sci-Fi 83k
  45. looking for beta readers for 84k YA fantasy
  46. Beta reader for BSDM M/M/M Erotic Romance
  47. Beta reader needed for ongoing +100k supernatural/action/thriller M-rated project.
  48. Writing buddy mentor
  49. Short Story Swap
  50. Looking for Friendly and Honest Mentor!
  51. Seeking Beta Readers or Beta Read Swap(s) for 64k Epic Fantasy
  52. Literary Fiction/Short Story writers for critique and publication
  53. Seeking Critique Buddy for WIP
  54. Need Beta readers for a Fantasy/anime story
  55. Seeking Writing Buddy - YA Fantasy/Romance
  56. just looking for a friendly writing buddy
  57. Seeking Critique Partner for Crime Novel
  58. Just two chapters, please!
  59. Closed
  60. Beta Swap for 46K YA Horror
  61. Beta Reader Needed for Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic
  62. Beta Readers (at least 3 needed!)
  63. Horror Short Story - 10K - Vampire Fiction
  64. A Portrait for Shy
  65. Historical romantic adventure; read 50 pages & tell me if you care?
  66. Writing Buddy NEEDED (critiquing) YA Fiction
  67. Beta Readers Needed for 96k Urban Fantasy Romance
  68. Want to swap a few chapters?
  69. Looking for a Scottish beta reader (for cultural authenticity): 40K middle grade mystery
  70. Seeking Beta Reader/Swap for YA Sci-Fi
  71. Looking for a look.
  72. Looking for sensitivity/accuracy readers on a long list of topics
  73. Seeking someone to help critique my query letter
  74. Critique Partner for Urban Fantasy WIP
  75. Looking for beta for Fantasy Adventure
  76. Wanted: Beta Reader for Fantasy Short Story (8,000 words)
  77. Beta for first 50 pgs of 1920s Fantasy
  78. Beta Reader Required: Horror/Dark Fantasty Short 3900 Words
  79. Would Love a Critique Partner/Writing Buddy!
  80. Seeking Beta Reader: 78k SF, Psychological Thriller
  81. Seeking Beta Reader for BAMBI, Lit Fic (maybe YA, crossover appeal)
  82. Looking for critique on introduction to my book
  83. YA Urban Fantasy with Romantic Suspense- 78k words
  84. Calling All Horror Betas
  85. Betas Required for Final Draft of Military-Horror Novel (158,000 Words)
  86. Be my Beta/Critique/Writing Buddy (Why? I Have Cake!)
  87. YA Writing Friend
  88. Seeking Critique Partner for Adult Urban Fantasy WIP—90k
  89. Betas needed for Japanese fairy tale erotic short
  90. Beta Reader requested for 72k Sci-Fi Adventure novel
  91. Beta Reader requested for 152k words Teen Espionage novel
  92. seeking writing buddy for high fantasy
  93. need a lawyer and a computer security expert to beta read
  94. Looking for lovers of Horror,Thrillers and the Supernatural Betas
  95. Writing buddies needed for LGBT YA work-in-progress.
  96. Seeking Critique Partner--Adult Lit-Fic
  97. Betas needed for Romance Novel (5 chapters)
  98. Seeking Beta Reader for 60-70k Bible Fiction
  99. CP Wanted for Comedy Sci-Fi
  100. Sci-Fi/Dieselpunk/Spy/Romance: 62K
  101. Looking for mentor to help with new draft of my horror novel 75K words
  102. Beta Reader/Exchange for YA Historical (WWII)
  103. Critique Partner/Beta for Literary Shorts
  104. Need beta for 590 word synopsis - Adult Sci-Fi
  105. 88k contemporary romance - where's the flab in my saggy middle?
  106. Looking for Betas for My Epic Fantasy Series
  107. Looking for Beta Reader for YA/NA Fantasy Novel 80k
  108. Looking for a YA/MG Buddy
  109. Writing Accountability Group on Skype
  110. Seeking Beta for YA SciFi Peter Pan Retelling: Beyond the North Star 71k
  111. ISO Writing buddy/accountability partner!
  112. Looking for Beta Reader/Swap for YA Sci-Fi
  113. LF Swap - Sci Fi/Fantasy/Mystery/thriller
  114. Know anybody looking for a beta reader for Christian Fiction?
  115. Man seeks beta. Must love SF thrillers.
  116. Beta reader sought for erotic short (historical M/F)
  117. Looking for feedback on first couple of chapters WF
  118. Adult Contemp15-20k words needs new eyes
  119. Looking for SF Crit Partners and Beta Reader
  120. CP/Mentor/Beta for 90k Upmarket Women's Fiction
  121. WANTED: CP/Beta Readers for Goofy MG Spy Novel (70,000 words)
  122. Beta Reader Swap for YA Sci-fi 77k
  123. Beta Swap for Short Humorous Fantasy Story (4500 words)
  124. Swap my YA Humourous LGBTQ Novel (60,000 words) for your...?
  125. Looking for betas/CP for psych horror 77k word novel
  126. Catholic Mass Beta
  127. I can critique Medical Plotlines/characters in exchange for swaps
  128. Beta reader needed for YA action/paranormal
  129. Blades of Destiny (Sci-Fi) - Seeking beta reader/critique partner
  130. Beta swap for MG Fantasy (60K words)
  131. Short Story Swap
  132. Beta needed for 62k romance set in Georgia (clean)
  133. ...
  134. Writing Friend / Ideas / Accountability / Skype
  135. Seeking Beta for 93K Supernatural Fantasy
  136. I'm looking for a Mentor (M/M romance)
  137. Beta readers needed for 76K crime fiction
  138. Looking for a BETA reader (someone who has written any sort of fantasy novel)...
  139. Critique swap first five chapters of romance novel
  140. Beta Reader requested for 62k Coming-of-age Drama/Comedy novel - Will Swap similar length.
  141. Fantasy Beta Reader needed--partial MS
  142. Seeking a beta-reader for a space opera
  143. Portuguese writer looks for mutual critique in Portuguese language
  144. Long listed thriller by Crime Writers Association award seeks beta
  145. Beta Reader or Mentor needed for a YA Dark Fantasy
  146. Seeking a Beta Reader for (what i believe to be) literary fiction...
  147. Beta swap for a fantasy short story (~5600 words)?
  148. Seeking Beta Reader(s) for Dystopian (Willing to swap almost any genre)
  149. Seeking CPs/Betas/Sexy Writing Buddies
  150. Seeking beta reader for THE ASHEN (127k alternate-world fantasy)
  151. Seeking beta readers for MG/YA novel (92k fantasy/steampunk) Will swap
  152. Anyone familiar w/1700's dialect? (To look at 1 page, only.)
  153. Looking for beta reader for 60k paranormal romance
  154. Beta Readers Wanted
  155. If you loved The Girls -- Accountable Critique Partner/Swap wanted Adult LitFic/Contemp
  156. Accountability buddy
  157. Beta reader/Critique needed.120Knovel Adult Sci-Fi: literary/post-apocalypse/time-travel/slipstream/
  158. Theme Development & Consistency Help for Speculative Fiction WIP
  159. Looking for a beta reader or swap partner for a 6,000 word short story, literary fiction
  160. New beta reader web application
  161. Looking for sensitivity reader for YA contemporary fiction with bisexual and pansexual characters
  162. Seeking critiques for 45k word Contemporary Horror short novel
  163. Beta Needed for YA Mystery/Suspense Dream Book
  164. Betas wanted for Adult Sci-Fi Romance 121k (will swap most genre)
  165. Beta-reader needed for 2000 word poetic prose piece
  166. Looking for a YA Critique Partner
  167. Seeking Beta Reader(s) for Fantasy Novel!
  168. Critique partner needed for Fantasy Romance
  169. Seeking Beta Readers for a YA Contemporary Sci-Fi
  170. Beta Read - 1930s Thriller
  171. Seeking beta(s) for dark YA suspense...
  172. Looking for a "Writing Buddy"/long-term crit partner (spec fic)
  173. Looking for Mentor for Reverse Harem Book
  174. Beta Reader needed for 70k Urban Fantasy (open for swap)
  175. Seeking Beta Reader for First Chapter of Interracial Romance (3,400)
  176. Beta needed for 125k Women's Fiction novel
  177. Beta needed for 40pages
  178. Beta needed for a humorous short story.
  179. Seeking Beta Reader for Short Stories
  180. Beta Swap YA Fantasy 70k
  181. Do I owe anyone a beta?
  182. YA or NA Mystery 89k
  183. Beta Reader for Sci-Fi Romance
  184. Looking for a Co-Writer/Creator for Urban Fantasy with Queer & Diverse Characters
  185. Request for a Beta-Reader
  186. Looking for a Writing Buddy!
  187. BETA Neeeded for YA Christian/Paranormal
  188. Teen Romance/Fantasy Beta-Buddies anyone? (100k. Will Swap Happily)
  189. Dead thread
  190. Need Beta: PB, 568 words
  191. Query Critique
  192. Beta reader for short story. 5k words, horror.
  193. Beta Reader needed for 4000 word short story. Willing to reciprocate.
  194. Novel swap for 65k YA Urban-Fantasy
  195. Short Story Swap
  196. (Asian historical mystery) Looking for a critique partner / MS swap
  197. Anyone else in final stages of editing?
  198. Looking for Beta Readers/Swap for 25k Adult Fairy Tale Bluebeard's Curse
  199. Looking for Beta Readers - Adult Dark Fantasy Romance (107K)
  200. Beta Swap for 99k word Adult contemporary/mystery/paranormal
  201. Looking for a reader for a partial YA sci-fi/fantasy, 18-31k
  202. Critique Partner Wanted For Queer Mystery Novel
  203. I'll read your novel :)
  204. looking for readers of YA
  205. CP/BR for Urban Fantasy to test grammar consistency
  206. Beta Request, Fantasy, The Shapeshifter's Score
  207. Seeking CP/BR for Urban Fantasy
  208. Beta/CP for 91K 1920's Inspired Fantasy
  209. Seeking Beta Swap for 68k Sci-fi Adventure Novel.
  210. Seeking Beta Swap for YA Fantasy: BLOOD HEIR (~110K)
  211. Seeking betas for Chapter Book (3K) about a ghost.
  212. Seeking beta readers for literary fiction (68K)
  213. Anti-Procrastination Writing Buddy!
  214. Editorial services
  215. Seeking beta reader/Available for swaps
  216. Seeking Beta Reader/MS Swap for YA Fantasy
  217. looking for writing buddy—let's get our first draft done together!
  218. Looking for Beta Reader! 91k Military Fantasy
  219. Looking for Writing Buddies/Critique Partners
  220. Betas needed for YA LGBT book
  221. Betas needed for a sci-fi novel about the human mind (130k)
  222. I'll beta your MG novel
  223. Seeking CP for YA urban fantasy, 116k
  224. critique wanted for post-post apocalypse YA
  225. Betas Needed for Brief YA Sci-fi
  226. Is this place dead?
  227. Looking for a beta reader! (93k YA Fantasy)
  228. Looking for Beta Readers for Horror/Thriller - 80k words
  229. Women's fiction MS needs beta reader. Will swap
  230. Seeking Beta Swap (Lovecraftian fantasy)
  231. Looking for Writing buddy. YA SF/F
  232. Story/Chapter/Excerpt Swap
  233. Looking for a long-term CP / MS swap
  234. FictionPress, FanFiction, who, what, when, where, why? Beta Reader search concern.
  235. Devil's Advocate
  236. Seeking Beta Readers/Swaps for 90k Urban/Modern Fantasy
  237. Writing Buddies/CPs, Please and Thank You
  238. I'm New, Looking for a Writing Buddy
  239. Beta reader for 5k word literary short story
  240. Looking for a CP/ writing buddy - YA Historic Fantasy
  241. Stone's Shadow for Beta Review [Horror, PG13] ~50,000 words
  242. (closed) BETA SWAP!! - First 5 chapters or 12k (NA Sci Fi)
  243. Require a beta-reader or two for Science Fiction story
  244. BETA SWAP - YA Paranormal fantasy - Extractors
  245. Betas needed for YA Sci-Fi (can swap)
  246. A bit different - proofreading mentor wanted
  247. Beta Readers/CPs Needed for Dark YA Contemporary
  248. BETA SWAP - YA Mystery
  249. Beginners Help
  250. Seeking Beta Reader---Modern Fantasy Romance