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  1. Beta Partner for 88k Sci-fantasy.
  2. Seeking a beta reader for an 83K YA Fantasy?
  3. looking for beta readers for 12k words non-fiction ebook about managing people, HAPPY MANAGER
  4. Beta Needed - Paranormal Thriller
  5. ISO POC/LGBTQ betas for YA SF
  6. Beta for 73k YA Urban Scifi?
  7. Criticism for a horror novel query letter?
  8. Need a Beta for 8k Story (Urban Fantasy)
  9. Dealing with an awkward end to a beta reader
  10. Middle Grade Science Fiction - Beta Wanted
  11. Seeking beta(s)/swap for part 1 of superhero novel (10k words)
  12. Looking For a Writing/Brainstorming Partner
  13. Beta Reader Wanted - 60k YA Contemporary
  14. Looking for a new set of eyes for an outline :)
  15. Any Cozy Mystery Readers Available?
  16. Looking for beta readers for part 2 of a fantasy novel
  17. Need betas, will return favor
  18. Looking for beta or swap for 24k word, funny middle grade book about school
  19. Beta needed for 20k sci-fi MM romance
  20. Seeking beta readers/beta swaps for Paranormal Fantasy novel
  21. Group of Betans
  22. seeking beta readers for completed 50k YA scifi alien invasion novel
  23. Betas needed for Paranormal Romance, 60k
  24. Beta Reader Needed for 150k High Fantasy Novel
  25. Looking for beta readers for Contemporary fantasy serial
  26. Writing Buddy - Thriller/Romance
  27. Beta reader wanted for military sci-fi
  28. Deleted
  29. Beta reader/swap - 45,000 word MG fantasy adventure
  30. Looking for Beta for a short story
  31. Finished Short Story - Needs Edits/Readers/Tidyness & More!
  32. Looking for Diverse Beta Readers for Contemporary Middle Grade
  33. Seeking Critique Partner--Literary Fiction
  34. Seeking Mexican-American Critique Partner for Erotic Romance
  35. Beta reader wanted for first two chapters.
  36. ISO Beta Readers for 74K Urban Fantasy
  37. May I beta read your first chapter?
  38. Paid beta readers
  39. Searching for a CP/YA horror-thrillers
  40. Beta reader for first chapter (or more). Will return favor.
  41. Seeking "final" beta for 103k fantasy.
  42. Beta readers needed 24K word Urban Fantasy
  43. Seeking Betas for 75k YA High Fantasy
  44. Looking for Beta Readers for a 49k YA Fantasy!
  45. Beta Reader wanted for first 3 Chapters of YA Fantasy
  46. 64K Middle Grade Fantasy (ghosts!) Searching for Like-Minded Critique Partner
  47. Looking for beta reader/or swap for upper MG
  48. Wanted: Beta for approx. 3200 words, smut/dystopia
  49. Beta swap for 85k steampunk fantasy MS close to querying?
  50. Seeking a New Beta Reader for New Project
  51. Seeking Beta Reader for 40,000 MG Magic realism Willing to swap
  52. Beta Reader needed for Crime Drama (First 5 Chapters)
  53. Supervisor for an English translation and maybe even more (desert fantasy novel)
  54. Beta readers needed for 70K Urban Fantasy!
  55. Beta wanted for Adult Fantasy
  56. Beta Readers Strongly needed for 49k Fantasy!
  57. Beta needed for 5700 word horror short
  58. Beta Reader needed for a 320 word short Essay
  59. Writing buddy for Fantasy
  60. Seeking Betas for Two 3kish word Fantasy Short Stories. Willing to Beta in exchange.
  61. I'm looking for someone to write a fantasy novel with.
  62. Seeking beta for completed 107k sci-fi action/adventure novel
  63. Beta reader needed for literary short story (5k)
  64. Looking for a beta for a romance novel
  65. Fellow reader and writer for query critic?
  66. Need Beta for 1st Ch. of Memoir (3,700 words)
  67. Beta reader needed for first chapter of YA sci-fi
  68. Looking for a Beta Reader for a 62K YA Mystery (80's Pop Culture included)
  69. Looking for a Beta for a completed 69K Urban Fantasy
  70. Submission Package Critique for YA Fantasy (Query, First Chapter and Synopsis)
  71. Looking for a beta reader for a ~5k chapter of a novel
  72. Looking for a writing buddy
  73. Looking for beta for a 7000 word short story
  74. Beta Reader Wanted for first few chapters of NA Urban/Paranormal Fantasy
  75. First Three Chapters Beta
  76. Looking for a Beta Reader for a Adult Fantasy Novel- 167,000 words
  77. Seeking Writing Buddy for Support/Butt Kicking
  78. Writing buddies?
  79. Looking for Writing Buddies
  80. Need betas for 2 chapters, <20K words, opening of scifi/fantasy/adventure novel
  81. Need a beta reader.
  82. When to get a beta?
  83. Looking for Sc-Fi Beta Reader/Beta Swap
  84. Betas for the Mage of the Mist
  85. Beta read for Chasing Evelyn Brook
  86. Writing Buddy (if anyone still needs one)!
  87. Where is the line between giving advice and re-writing the story for them?
  88. I need a British beta reader, please.
  89. Beta readers for erotica, please
  90. Thriller Betas needed
  91. Beta reader/swap for Modern Fantasy
  92. In search of a mentor
  93. Looking for cozy beta reader
  94. Seeking Teen Beta Reader
  95. Seeking Beta Reader for YA Fantasy Novel
  96. New Beta Reader Needed
  97. Need a beta reader for space opera short stories
  98. Need a Beta for 1000 word parenting article
  99. Looking For A Writing Buddy
  100. Brainstorming partner
  101. Beta for first 5 chapters - suspense
  102. Need beta-readers for early 1900s steampunk short. 3700 words. Willing to exchange.
  103. Good Platform For Beta-ing?
  104. Seeking beta readers or swap for 40k word middle grade contemporary novel
  105. So I have this dumb story about a girl who accidentally kills someone with an aquarium [ok for now]
  106. Do you reply?
  107. ...
  108. Need beta readers for 1.8k word fiction(Warning:themes: domestic abuse, execution, suicide,society]
  109. FROZEN HEARTS - Dark Fantasy Romance - Looking for Beta Readers to cut down on wordcount!
  110. #NanoEdMo Buddy
  111. WIlling Beta Reader/Writing Buddy for YA Fantasy
  112. Seeking (gentle) beta reader for women's/literary?/upmarket? novel
  113. Beta Reader for ~3.3k Short Story
  114. Looking for Beta Reader for Novel
  115. Desperately searching for a beta/writing buddy
  116. Seeking Beta Reader / Beta Swap
  117. Looking for a writing buddy - romance
  118. Seeking Beta(s) for Urban Fantasy Noir synopsis
  119. Looking for a rough-draft writing buddy - Asian Historical/mystery
  120. Beta Reader AVAILABLE!
  121. Need something to BETA!
  122. Beta Reader For First Chapter(closed for now)
  123. Experienced Beta
  124. Let's be Beta Buddies!
  125. In need of Haitian and Muslim-American Beta readers
  126. Someone to read first 30 pages of novel set in Italy
  127. Looking for BETA reader
  128. Dumb Question
  129. Beta Needed for Two Shorts
  130. Beta Wanted for 72K Fantasy
  131. Mystery novel critique partners
  132. Beta Reader/Critique partner for fairy tale based fantasy WIP (~21k currently)
  133. Beta Needed For PDF Proof
  134. Looking for Two Beta Readers
  135. Seeking Beta Reader/Writing Buddy
  136. Beta needed for 73k YA Contemporary
  137. Beta Reader wanted for YA Fantasy 62,000 words
  138. Beta for Short Story - Mystery/Romance (f/f) - ~5,000 Words
  139. Conflicting advice from beta readers
  140. URGENT DEADLINE. Beta Needed for Kids' Short Story!
  141. I WANT YOU...
  142. Beta Readers/Critique Partners/Writing Buddies For New People From A New Person
  143. First 50 Pages of WIP
  144. Betas needed for Urban Fantasy: complete novel
  145. Crime and Literary Fiction Beta Swap/Reader
  146. Beta readers for first 10 chapters of a fantasy novel
  147. Beta for first 50 pages - adventure/romance
  148. MG Historical Fantasy Adventure (68k) UPDATED
  149. Want YA Beta Readers... genrewise, think "if Guillermo Del Toro directed an episode of Fringe"
  150. Beta for contemporary romance (90k)
  151. Critique Partner for YA Paranormal Horror
  152. Betas needed for short Horror ~ 6,700 words
  153. Beta reader wanted for a self-published memoir (45k)
  154. Humor/Science Fiction/Police Procedural
  155. Beta needed for 13k Fantasy/Adventure political drama
  156. Nevermind
  157. Looking for Writing Partner/Beta Reader (YA Fantasy)
  158. How It Looks to Win a Million Dollars
  159. Seeking a beta for a 93K word high fantasy adult novel
  160. Looking for beta reader? YA contemporary (w/ adventure/apocalyptic elements)?
  161. Looking for a beta reader to read over a Western/Fantasy.
  162. Critique Partner Wanted!!
  163. Looking for people willing to proof-read a couple of chapters
  164. Beta READER for Philosophic Novel In the Vein of Zen and the Art meets Daniel Quinn & Dan Brown
  165. Need a critique
  166. Need Beta for 5-page screenplay
  167. Seeking writing buddy.
  168. Seeker beta/reviewer for 72k word YA Superhero novel
  169. Beta readers needed for sci-fi thriller story (alt. on exchange basis)
  170. Can you help me out of the sophmore slump? 70k UF needs beta
  171. Seeking Beta Reader for a Thriller (76K)
  172. Beta: M/M high fantasy romance (50k)
  173. Looking for hard sci-fi writer to make computer RPG's with!
  174. Looking for Beta Readers - Vallirian - Fantasy Novel
  175. Buddies found. Thanks.
  176. Beta Needed for Fantasy Chapter Book - 5,000 Words
  177. Seeking betas for a 6.8k dark fantasy short, willing to swap!
  178. Seeking Writing Buddy/Critique Partner (Fantasy/SciFi)
  179. Women's lit beta swaps?
  180. Seeking Writing Buddy for YA Urban Fantasy Series (Beta or Swap)
  181. Beta Swap for MG Fantasy (will read YA)
  182. Beta Reader and Critique Partner Matching
  183. Seeking Betas for YA Fantasy HERE COMES THE SUN
  184. WANTED: CP for Goofy MG Spy Thriller
  185. Fiction/Humor(?) YA searching for hot singles in my area
  186. Seeking writing partner/critique partner (crime/thriller)
  187. Beta wanted for YA magical realism!
  188. Beta Reader For Literary Novel
  189. Romance Novel// Incomplete (42,000 words)
  190. Seeking Writing Buddies and Critters for YA
  191. Beta Reader for YA High Fantasy
  192. Beta for a 10K YA Fantasy short story.
  193. Seeking Beta for YA Paranormal Romance (91,000 words)
  194. Seeking Beta Reader or Partner
  195. Beta Needed for 185K Fantasy, Purple Guard.
  196. Willing to evaluate science components of your story
  197. Critique for first chapter of YA fantasy novel
  198. Seeking Beta Reader and CP for YA contemporary romance novella
  199. Seeking Beta reader/Mentor
  200. Wanted: beta or, ideally, mentor, for sci fi space opera (115K)
  201. Looking for a Beta Reader/CP for YA Contemporary
  202. Hi everyone!
  203. Beta Reader needed for YA supernatural novel*
  204. Seeking Beta Reader for Romantic Suspense (84K)
  205. Seeking critique partner/beta reader for Mystery/Thriller
  206. Seeking experienced Beta/CP who's fab at suggesting cuts! (MG/YA)
  207. Wanted: Beta Reader/Swap for 98,000 Dark Fantasy Novel
  208. Seeking Beta for 25k finished speculative novella
  209. Seeking CP/Writing Buddy from the UK
  210. Beta Reader/Editor for my Fantasy Web-Serial
  211. Seeking Beta for 74k YA Novel: The Lightwitch Expedition
  212. Critique partner / 'alpha' reader for contemporary romance
  213. Seeking Beta Reader - Love to laugh? I have 170k side splitter
  214. Seeking Beta for Contemporary Fantasy (81k)
  215. Readers needed for PARANORMAL THRILLER [64k words]
  216. On Hold
  217. Seeking a beta for a 67k speculative NA
  218. Beta needed: 45k First level-video game script
  219. Plotting Feedback Requested
  220. I don't know whether to get beta readers for this manuscript...
  221. Beta Reader Needed for Contemp YA
  222. Seeking Beta Reader for 63k Contemporary-ish MS with a twist of wtf-Fantasy
  223. Beta reader needed for adult sci-fi
  224. Beta readers needed 88k gritty paranormal thriller
  225. 87k YA Fantasy - Seeking Beta Reader
  226. Writing Buddy / Beta Needed for Contemporary Fantasy!
  227. Beta Reader Needed for 95k YA Fantasy/Dystopian
  228. Seeking beta for 75K contemporary fantasy
  229. Need feedback on China - Hollywood action-thriller
  230. 76K YA Fantasy + alt history - Seeking Beta Reader (s)
  231. Looking for an experienced Women's Fic Crit partner to trade with
  232. Beta Readers for my Mystery/soft Sci-Fi Novel
  233. 60K YA/SF Need Beta.
  234. Seeking Beta Reader/Partner for 60k Crime Mystery
  235. Seeking Beta Reader - YA Historical Fiction with Adventurist Spin
  236. Seeking Beta for Contemporary YA (Lesbians + Drama Kids + Disability, What's Not to Love?)
  237. moved
  238. Beta Reader for Past-Life Spiritual Memoir
  239. Big Pharma and magic (writing mentor wanted)
  240. Seeking Beta Reader - Paranormal / Slipstream Novel
  241. seeking beta readers for interracial/multiracial 60k romance novel
  242. Contemporary Women's Fiction
  243. Writing buddy for fantasy romance
  244. Seeking betas for mature erotic romance, 84K, complete (revised)
  245. Comics + Fiction Writing Buddies / Betas?
  246. Please delete
  247. 90k contemporary romance featuring cute dogs and vicious swans
  248. Seeking BetaReader for 80K Heroic Fantasy
  249. Looking for a Beta Reader
  250. Seeking Writing Accountability Partner