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  1. Seeking a feedback swap-partner for YA fantasy
  2. BETA Needed for Upper MG Fantasy
  3. Beta Read for Short Story (8,500)
  4. Beta - NA Contemporary Romance
  5. Beta Reader for First Chapter (Contemp. YA)
  6. I want to Beta Read!
  7. Beta reader for HF
  8. Beta Reader for Contemporary Fantasy MS
  9. YA/New Adult/Adult Romantic Suspense Story
  10. Beta needed: YA Contemp Thriller
  11. Seeking Beta reader, willing to swap, DF 3.6K
  12. Seeking help (YA love story with fantasy elements)
  13. BetaReader Bulletin Board and BetaReader Journal
  14. BetaReader Bulletin Board and BetaReader Journal
  15. Stumbling Around
  16. Beta virgin.
  17. beta reader for opening paragraphs of a historical fic
  18. Beta Swap, YA Contemporary/Spec/I really don't know how to classify the genre
  19. Looking for beta or swapie for murder suspense/thriller
  20. In need of beta for YA
  21. Beta reader(s) needed for new non fiction book
  22. Looking for somebody to read a first chapter
  23. Looking for a beta reader for a drama story.
  24. Looking for a beta reader for erotic(ish) short story (happy to swap!)
  25. Mentor?
  26. Beta Reader/CP for 60,000 fantasy
  27. Betas Needed for MG Comedy 'MINDBENDER'
  28. seeking beta/CP: NA fantasy 50k
  29. Seeking YA... Mentor, I guess?
  30. Need Beta Reader for YA/MG novel
  31. Beta reader for 52K YA romantic comedy
  32. Need Review Partner for Literary Mystery Novel
  33. Two crit totally different from each other...confused
  34. Romantic Thriller Reader Needed
  35. Beta Readers Wanted - YA/NA Post-Apoc Sci-Fi 100k
  36. CP/Beta wanted for YA Speculative Fiction
  37. Beta Needed for M/M erotic romance - will swap
  38. Short Story Beta - SF/F
  39. How Many Betas Do You Need?
  40. 57k New Adult/Chick Lit/Romance in need of a Beta Reader - will swap!
  41. 50k New Adult/Chick Lit Needs Beta - Will Swap!
  42. Beta for 71k YA contemporary fantasy
  43. cp/beta needed for adult scifi Length:65k
  44. Twisted short story (dark comedy/drama)
  45. Seeking beta for contemporary fantasy 74K
  46. Need beta reader for short guide
  47. Beta for first 50 pages YA Contemp/crime
  48. Looking for beta for literary fiction (willing to swap)
  49. Beta for first third of fantasy novel (will swap!)
  50. Beta for edgy/alternative Adult Fiction with romantic elements needed
  51. Beta Swap Anyone?
  52. Synopsis Swap?
  53. Dark YA Contemp
  55. Needing... Someone, or Some People...
  56. Fantasy/adventure childrens novel (will swap)
  57. After a beta for my SF/thriller novel
  58. Revision buddy/CP
  59. Beta/crit first 3 chapters - SF/Fantasy
  60. Beta/CP for SF/F historical fiction
  61. Beta(s) Requested for Fantasy/War/Diary (Can Swap)
  62. Looking for a writing buddy/mentor to help me write through my fear...
  63. Taking the Plunge
  64. Beta/Critiquer for in-development Epic Fantasy series?
  65. Seeking Beta for Dystopian Short Story
  66. Beta needed for YA Romantic Sci-fi
  67. Beta Swap/CP Needed
  68. Beta Needed for First 4 Chapters of YA Paranormal/Fantasy
  69. /FOUND A BETA/ Chapter-by-chapter FINISH IT, DAMMIT beta swap, anybody interested? /THREAD
  70. Looking For Beta Reader(Willing To Swap)
  71. Beta-Reader/Critiquer Available
  72. Need Beta readers please
  73. Have You Ever Seen a Ghost? Looking for Beta Reader or Beta Swap
  74. CP wanted for humor novel
  75. Beta Request for YA SF
  76. Beta needed/swap for completed SF novel
  77. Looking for Writing/Coaching Partner
  78. Short story beta reader.
  79. Beta/Swap for 91k contemporary fantasy
  80. Novel critiques??
  81. Beta needed for Short Story (1.5k)
  82. Looking For Long-Term CPs
  83. Three Chapter or Word Count (20,000) Swap: Project Adam, Sci-Fi
  84. Looking for a writing buddy (YA Fantasy)
  85. Let's be writing friends
  86. Writing Buddy/Critique Partner
  87. Beta reader request for thriller novel
  88. Free line edits and critiques for first 25 pages!
  89. Beta Reader Offering to Read
  90. Anyone want to read a 2.5K short story written by a complete beginner?
  91. Looking for Beta for High Fantasy ~ Willing to swap!
  92. Edited: Looking for beta for Adult Mainstream/Contemp Novel-willing to swap
  94. Wanted: Non-Fiction Beta
  95. Betas needed for New Adult Paranormal Romance, 60k
  96. Beta Needed for first 100 pages of Historical Fiction
  97. Need a beta-reader for my superhero novel 97k
  98. Completed Historical Fiction
  99. Willing to Beta your First Page
  100. Looking for Beta's for Australian-based monster horror. (4,800 words)
  101. Writing Buddy for Daily/Weekly Word Counts
  102. Looking for betas for YA Dystopian Novel--Up for Swaps
  103. Looking for feedback on my writing and tips for marketing [Moved from SF/F]
  104. Looking for beta for a story with a gender variant character
  105. Looking for betas for Private Investigator novel
  106. Beta/s : MG/YA Steampunk Mystery (Will Swap)
  107. Beta/Swap for 93k YA Fantasy with Autistic Character
  108. Looking for a beta swap for a Y/A dystopian
  109. Looking for Query Mentor
  110. The 1st Manuscript Project (1 or 2 Writers Needed)
  111. A Story About Weremammoths, or, Help Me Figure Out What I Just Wrote
  112. Looking for Beta for 3k Literary Short Story
  113. Grammar Nazi needed for opening chapters of fantasy novel
  114. Looking for Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writing Partner
  115. Betas Needed for YA Historical Fantasy LOVE OF THE DEATHBRINGER
  116. Co-author for Gay or Lesbian Novel
  117. Looking for a Beta Reader for a Fiction
  118. Beta request: Have you spent time in the Arctic?
  119. Beta reader/swap for completed SF novel
  120. Need Beta's with some patience
  121. Searching for Writing Buddy for a Fantasy Novel
  122. Beta Reader Needed/Beta Reader Swap for Women's Fiction Novel
  123. beta reader wanted for science fiction short story
  124. Looking to read someone else's work.
  125. Retraction
  126. Beta for high-energy thriller
  127. Seeking a Beta for a Tragicomic Western
  128. Seeking Beta to Read First Person Robot AI NC-17
  129. Looking to Beta a YA Fantasy
  130. Looking for a beta reader for an m/m supernatural novel
  131. Looking for beta reader for Twilight parody
  132. Swap First 50pgs of My YA novel for your...?!
  133. Seeking Feedback
  134. Looking for a beta/writing mentor for YA Fantasy
  135. Need a beta for 769 words, Newspaper writers
  136. Cozy Mystery Writing Buddy
  137. Looking for Beta - Science Fantasy Novelette
  138. I need a beta reader for a TV spec script. Professional reader will swap for any type of screenplay!
  139. Looking for an Irish Beta to Help with Dialogue
  140. Looking for a writing buddy
  141. Looking to do a beta swap for fantasy novel
  142. I will be forever in a beta readers debt.
  143. A humble request
  144. Critter with too much time on their hands...
  145. Beta swap for YA light SF/dystopian
  146. Looking for a beta for a YA chapter
  147. Looking for a beta reader/writing buddy
  148. I want to beta read
  149. Young Adult "Girl finds out she's not human" Novel
  150. Looking for a beta for book 3! Published and free!
  151. First 15 Pages Beta Swap
  152. YA Horror, Looking for Beta Reader
  153. Beta Needed- Paranormal Romance (vampire)
  154. Wanted: Mystery novel writer to swap beta-reads
  155. m/m apocalyptic romance (closed)
  156. Seeking Writing Buddy - YA Fantasy
  157. Any accomplished writers looking for CPs? Spec-Fic thriller here.
  158. Christian/literary/inspirational fiction partner?
  159. Looking for "Alpha" Reader: M/M Romance
  160. Historical Fiction (Romantic but not romance) beta reader needed
  161. Looking for beta reader for edgy YA
  162. Beta reader for ARC
  163. Seeking beta for contemporary romance with PoC characters
  164. Beta Reader
  165. Any SFF or YA writers want a beta reader?
  166. Offer to Beta Read (Fantasy)
  167. my writer doesn't like my life's story?
  168. Beta Reader/Swap Partner
  169. Looking for a writing buddy
  170. Your First Five Chapters
  171. Seeking Beta Readers for Zombie Apocalypse novel
  172. Let's Collaborate!
  173. Searching for beta readers - YA fiction fantasy/adventure/romance novel
  174. Betas for ongoing project, willing to trade crits
  175. Beta-reader for a Fantasy novel
  176. Patient betas wanted for enormous adventure/romance/sci-fi novel
  177. Desperately Seeking Beta
  178. Wanted: Diehard Mystery(cozy) Beta Reader
  179. Seeking Betas For Short Story
  180. Beta reader or writing partner to trade
  181. beta reader for superhero novel
  182. Looking for Writing Buddy: YA Fantasy/Sci-fi
  183. Writing Buddy, Can I Has?
  184. A Warlock In A Coffee Shop
  185. Seattle Writing/Critique Group
  186. Looking for a beta for YA fantasy
  187. Broadening the Horizon.
  188. YA Urban Fantasy Looking for a Beta and Writing Buddy
  189. It's my muse's fault: UF medical thriller
  190. writing swap/beta for YA verse novel
  191. Need a reader?
  192. Hoping for Beta for YA SF, 80K
  193. Looking for beta reader or swap
  194. 10,000 word x-mas themed romance, Will swap
  195. NA Romance-suspense novel Beta-reading (blurb included)
  196. Erotic Romance Crit Swap
  197. Looking for beta readers
  198. Beta Swap for YA Fantasy
  199. Seeking: Beta reader/writing buddy...
  200. Looking for BETA READERS for superpowers novel (will repay favor)
  201. Beta Reader Review Expectation
  202. Looking to beta read
  203. Looking for beta readers for completed low-fantasy YA novel 60,000 words
  204. Looking for any critique or feedback - YA Fantasy 96k
  205. Here's your chance to be part of the next epic YA Novel!
  206. Please help me find a mentor or coach.
  207. how to give a feedback? isn't it subjective?
  208. Looking for Betas/ New Crit Partners for YA Contemp
  209. Three new members for sci-fi/fantasy writing group....
  210. Critique partner
  211. I'm looking for a swap buddy.
  212. Looking for a writing buddy/Critique partner!
  213. Sci-fi or upmarket fiction writing group
  214. Will Beta Read Romance
  215. Beta needed for M/M erotic romance
  216. Printing (cheaply) a hard copy for beta readers?
  217. Beta readers needed: We are Legion (We are Bob)
  218. Need Beta Reader For Women's Fiction 94k words. Will swap.
  219. LF Beta Reader (Genre: Fantasy)
  220. Beta reader
  221. Writing Buddy/Alpha Reader ~55k words+ (YA, Sci-fi)
  222. Why Not to Pick Me for a Writing Partner/to Read/to Swap but I'll Ask for That Anyway
  223. Beta Readers Needed for Science Fiction Novel: A Dancer in the Infinite
  224. looking for a physicist for exchange.
  225. Beta Buddy? I'm happy to start with yours.
  226. Beta Reader with Immediate Slots Available!
  227. Middle Grade Fiction Writing Buddy
  228. Beta Reader - Erotic Romance
  229. beta reader for fantasy with M/M romance
  230. Beta read your YA scifi/fantasy
  231. Looking for beta for epic fantasy (will gladly swap).
  232. Are You My Buddy??
  233. beta reader/swap completed contemporary romance
  234. Beta Reader/Writing buddy for NA Romance
  235. I'm Tired of Being in Editing/Betaing Limbo! (Desperately Seeking a Couple of Fine Beta Readers)
  236. Beta reader for 90k Multi-Character Epic Fantasy
  237. Who would like to beta my Sci-fi/Fantasy Novel?
  238. Seeking betas for my 70k adventure novel
  239. Beta readers for 113k (a bit surreal) sci-fi
  240. Looking for Erotic (BDSM) Romance - Critique Partner
  241. Beta/Swap for 70K YA Medieval Mystery/Fantasy
  242. Looking for speculative short story critique partner
  243. Beta Reader Wanted: Light Scifi Romance
  244. Beta
  245. Searching for a Writing Buddy/Mentor
  246. Beta reader for a YA Contemporary?
  247. Looking for a beta reader for a coming of age romance
  248. What do you with Beta Readers who have different opinions?
  249. Desperately seeking Beta
  250. Tell me about your experiences with Beta Readers