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  1. Beta - Erotic Romance
  2. Fantasy Novel for Fantasy Dorks
  3. 1-3 beta readers needed for short Novella. Mystery/thriller.
  4. Beta for a Lit Fic
  5. Mentor/Beta Sought
  6. Beta needed for dribble fics, M/M
  7. Beta Reader Needed for MG Horror
  8. I'm looking for a writing buddy...
  9. delete please
  10. Royal Reclamation: A Fantasy Novel For Fantasy Dorks
  11. --- [content deleted]
  12. Seeking beta reader(s) for three short stories
  13. What about Book REVIEWERS?
  14. Crit group opening (mg-teen fantasy only; online)
  15. Betas Needed for YA Historical Fantasy - Swaps Accepted
  16. Beta Reader for Thriller / Horror
  17. Seeking betas interested in science fiction to read and critq short story
  18. Seeking People to Look Over YA Fantasy Query
  19. Looking for a UF writing buddy/partner
  20. critiques for an argumentative scene
  21. Wanted: (Screen) Writing Cohort
  22. Medical Mystery/Suspense - Beta needed
  23. Critique partners wanted : )
  24. Modern fantasy novel- Beta needed
  25. Seeking beta reader for adventure novel
  26. Looking for Fantasy/Sci-fi Critique Partner
  27. Seeking Mentor/Beta Reader, YA Scifi/Fantasy
  28. I Need Beta Readers/Final Eyes Editors for My New Dystopian
  29. [Project closed, thank you!]
  30. Looking for Beta Reader
  31. Need Beta Reader For YA Fantasy Adventure Book Mystical Six
  32. Pants kicker needed
  33. The Moonflowers--Extra set of eyes needed for family drama, 1970's lit novel, 69k
  34. Beta Swap--Fun, Unusual Speculative YA
  35. Beta Reader Needed for Two Short Stories
  36. Head Trip - A Novel
  37. Need Beta-Readers for YA Fantasy: THE SILENT SALT SHAKER
  38. 30K Self help: Looking for beta reader
  39. Looking for a critic partner
  40. Need Beta for 69K YA Fantasy - Swaps welcome
  41. Seeking for a beta reader for a fantasy novel - will swap
  42. beta readers needed for young/new adult novel
  43. Whitelist for Writers
  44. Looking for First Reader(s)
  45. Looking for a beta for a short story
  46. Looking for Critique Partner - YA Fairy Tale Retelling
  47. Looking for a writing buddy
  48. Looking for career/writing buddy.
  49. Searching for a writing buddy/critique partner
  50. I want to start a YA crit group!
  51. Looking For a Writing Friend
  52. Seeking Beta for Short Creative Non-Fiction Submission
  53. Science Fiction Novel
  54. Looking for a Beta Reader/Critiquer
  55. SFF/Slipstream Adult Market Critique Partner, Please!
  56. Got snark? Good at guilt-tripping others?
  57. Seeking beta reader(s) for Paranormal thriller? - updated description in #7
  58. BETA reader/Crit parter/Swap/Anything for YA real-life, music, addiction, etc, story
  59. Beta Reader(s) for YA Fantasy
  60. Outline / Plot help - Brainstorm buddy needed
  61. Seeking beta reader(s) for 93K humour/fantasy novel. Happy to reciprocate.
  62. Looking for a writing buddy/eventual beta reader.
  63. Feedback and criticism of articles!
  64. For those using a Beta Reader Questionnaire...
  65. YA Fantasy seeking beta, will swap!
  66. Look for a Beta Reader/Critique type person - YA Urban Fantasy
  67. Looking for Betas for NA Fantasy
  68. Looking for a beta reader/critique partner - mainstream fiction
  69. Writing buddy for a Romance
  70. Beta for a paranormal dark erotic romance
  71. Beta Reader(s) for interteractive sci-fi wanted
  72. Looking for help in writing my non-fiction/memoir query letter/proposal
  73. B12 Deficiency - Betas wanted
  74. Looking: Beta Reader for a Contemporary Short Story (8k) with some Adult Content
  75. JRTRoughton's Fantasy Beta Thread
  76. YA Contemporary Romance: Looking for Beta Reader
  77. Beta Request m/m Romance
  78. Beta for a Thriller
  79. Middle Grade Fiction Swap
  80. Beta reader for YA fantasy / high fantasy | 99k | Completed, 2nd edit
  81. I can beta read one
  82. Looking For Beta - Contemporary / Lit Fiction
  83. Beta Readers Needed for Urban Fantasy :) *Got enough now. Thank you!
  84. Looking for Beta: Doc Vandal Against the Eldest Flame. Pulp dialed up to eleven
  85. Beta Request YA Urban Sci Fi
  86. Readers Needed
  87. I seriously need a Beta reader ASAP
  88. Looking for Writing Buddy (me: MM romance)
  89. Looking for beta reader for spy thriller
  90. YA Fantasy completed at 88k for Beta Swap?
  91. Day Jobs:Humorous Urban Fantasy with Black MC
  92. Looking for co-author/writing buddy for YA contemporary romance/mystery
  94. Regular Beta Needed for Literary Shorts
  95. I need an UF friend!
  96. Beta for first three chapters of High Fantasy ~ 16k words
  97. Beta Swap For MG
  98. Beta for YA Contemporary Suspense
  99. Beta Needed: Contemporary Short, "Canary," 3600 words
  100. Beta reader sought for 75k. YA lightly multicolored and multigendered fantasy adventure...
  101. [fantasy] Looking for critique on 3 chapters (circa 15k words)
  102. Seeking beta reader and/or writing buddy for flash fiction
  103. Beta Reader for 40k YA Science Fiction Genetically Modified Superhumans!
  104. Complete Sci-Fi Novella - 23k words - Seeking Betas
  105. Beta for 7500 word fantasy short.
  106. Looking for a Beta Reader for a Gothic short story
  107. Paranormal Romance beta/swap needed
  108. In search of betas for YA Fantasy
  109. Looking for beta readers for NA historical novel
  110. Looking for beta readers for YA fantasy novella
  111. Seeking couple mss for beta
  112. Do you have a WIP? I do! Lets be buddies! Non-Traditional Zombie Trilogy
  113. Beta first chapters adult thriller re: reader engagement
  114. Looking for a beta reader for YA fantasy
  115. Beta's needed for Horror novel.
  116. Need Beta reader for post-apocalyptic drama
  117. Writing Buddy Wanted
  118. Critique Partners Wanted
  119. Six book fantasy series - Book one beta reader needed (First six chapters)
  120. Looking for betas for my epic fantasy.
  121. Beta for 55k YA novel
  122. Seeking Writing Buddy, Urban Fantasy
  123. Seeking Betas for YA Fantasy
  124. YA Contemporary - Hold me accountable!
  125. Beta Needed for Flash Fiction, 865 words
  126. Looking for MG Beta Reader (will swap if interested)
  127. Epic fantasy beta reader/manuscript critique needed
  128. Err... critique?
  129. Seeking beta for horror/mystery collection
  130. Seeking Betas for YA Contemporary Romance
  131. I need beta readers for my 6th m/m romance
  132. Seeking betas for silly YA adventure w/ video game references
  133. Critique Partner Wanted-YA fantasy
  134. Pretty please
  135. Saybird.com -- Free Beta Reading (mystery, humor, alt, other)
  136. Searching for Beta-readers
  137. Looking for CP's and/or beta readers for erotica & fictional memoir
  138. Willing to critique 1 first chapter :)
  139. Beta readers needed.
  140. :)
  141. Goodreads.com beta-readers?
  142. Betas for YA Urban Fantasy, plz?
  143. Betas needed for contemporary romance satire (15k)
  144. Please and Thank You!
  145. Seeking beta reader for YA SciFi ~61k
  146. Post-Apocalyptic Heroic/Fantasy Beta Reader Needed to judge opening 10k (4 Chapters)
  147. UK based beta reader for YA crime novel needed 65k. Will swap work :)
  148. Short story critique swap partner?
  149. Beta readers for first part in epic fantasy series (134K words)
  150. Beta readers needed! A gothic/horror vampire novella, 25,000 words
  151. Need Beta Reader for 26K Word Middle Grade Manuscript
  152. Beta reader wanted - 90k UF
  153. Swap: Mine is Contemporary YA, 70,000 words
  154. Beta swap - adult UF
  155. Beta Reader Wanted (?)
  156. Critique Partner!~
  157. Writing Buddy wanted. YA Fantasy
  158. Critiquers wanted, YA High Fantasy
  159. Beta wanted for post-apoc M/M erotic romance
  160. YA Writing Buddies
  161. Collaboration should come with a warning sign!
  162. Deleted
  163. Writing buddy requested! (fantasy/adventure/medieval)
  165. Seeking Beta Readers for High Fantasy, 100k Words, potentially swap 9-28-14, still looking!
  166. Romance beta or writing buddy needed
  167. Beta question from a newbie
  168. Beta reader need for fantasy novella
  169. Seeking MG/YA Fantasy Critique Pal(s)
  170. Erotica beta readers for short stories
  171. Beta needed for 4k-ish thinky "realistic" SF short
  172. Beta(s) wanted for Contemp YA w/ strong romantic themes comp to Rainbow Rowell/Sarah Dessen etc.
  173. Looking for Beta Reader - Fantasy Book, 86k
  174. Betas needed for Paranormal Romance
  175. Looking for a critique partner - YA paranormal or dystopian
  176. Casual Writing Buddy?
  177. NA/YA Science Fiction - Distant Horizon - Anyone interested in beta-reading?
  178. Beta Reader Swap?
  179. YA Beta Reader(s) Needed!
  180. Searching for a critique partner for my dark fantasy novella
  181. Critique on a chapter of YA urban fantasy
  182. beta swap: romance/fantasy
  183. Looking for a beta reader/swap
  184. Writing Buddy Wanted
  185. If you've never had a Beta Reader...
  186. Chapter Swap/ Writing Buddy
  187. Writing buddy/mentor for YA short fiction
  188. Looking for 3 beta readers for 63k word autobiography
  189. Looking For People To Generally Talk About Writing With
  190. Seeking beta swap (YA Romantic fiction, 20,000 words)
  191. Seeking YA/NA betas for multiple projects
  192. beta reader for a chapter or two
  193. Looking for beta - YA fantasy.
  194. Beta needed for horror flash fiction
  195. Looking for a beta reader for my screenplay
  196. Looking for six people for a writing group...
  197. Motivational YA Writing Buddy
  198. Beta reader wanted for middle grade contemporary, 40k
  199. Seeking beta reader/swap for NA Speculative Fiction
  200. New writer! :) Would you be interested in reading this?
  201. Writing mentor request.
  202. Beta reader wanted for Urban Fantasy
  203. Need Beta for Historic Fantasy Short, "The Heavens Declare" 4000 Words
  204. 2nd Set of Eyes; Take 2
  205. Critique Partner wanted
  206. I can't think of a title!
  207. Looking for beta readers (Urban Fantasy)
  208. Need betas
  209. No more betas needed
  210. fantasy beta reader needed for first chapters
  211. Beta Readers: Please Edit Segments of My Book :) :)
  212. If You Beta For Me...
  213. Beta Swap (fantasy)
  214. Betas Needed: YA Historic/Fantasy "The Lightwitch Expedition" 65,000k
  215. [Contemporary/Modern Fiction] New Writer Needs Mentor/WP/Critter.
  216. Seeking a literary critique. New here :)
  217. Anyone willing to be writing buddies? :)
  218. Seeking a Beta Reader for Arthurian Novel
  219. Seeking - Grammar Beta Reader
  220. Crit/beta for YA contemporary
  221. Beta Reader Tactics
  222. Could anyone beta read this story?
  223. Seeking beta for YA fantasy partial -- seeking concluded. :)
  224. Looking for a critique partner in NYC (contemporary YA, 80k)
  226. Seeking Beta Readers for Magnellan Revolution
  227. Looking for Betas for a horror novelette.
  228. Beta Reader Needed for YA Fantasy
  229. Beta needed for M/M fantasy romance
  230. Non - Fiction Writing Buddy
  231. Critique thought out for short contemporary story 1600 words
  232. Beta needed for YA Jewish contemporary romance
  233. Alpha reader for historical/romance/erotic 80k words
  234. Seeking betareader for dystopian novel
  235. Beta Request for Warlocky (127k) fantasy adventure
  236. Looking for beta readers for The Unexpected Emissary (80k) Spy Thriller
  237. Seeking Beta Buddy for Hard-Boiled Kung Fu Fantasy Western
  238. Beta Reader/Writing Buddy for Romance
  239. Seeking Writing Buddy for MG/YA Fantasy
  240. Seeking a beta for Twitch, a sf short (7.5k)
  241. Beta for Paranormal Detective Short-7.5k
  242. Seeking crit partner for M/M contemporary romance
  243. Beta for YA Mystery/Suspense
  244. Seeking a beta reader
  245. Seeking Beta Reader for Supernatural Novella
  246. seeking beta reader/critique partner YA historical romance
  247. Seeking beta reader for contemporary fantasy short story
  248. Looking for a beta for an excerpt ~ 1,000 words
  249. Horror Short Story Beta Reader Wanted
  250. Looking for writing buddies across multiple genres