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  1. Tips on how to be a good beta reader
  2. Looking for Native Hiberno-English Speaker
  3. I need Help?
  4. m/m author seeking beta, swap, or mentor
  5. Beta/CP for short story
  6. All set for now, thanks...seeking beta reader for my literary thriller (new category?)
  7. Seeking Beta Reader
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  9. Looking for Beta Reader(s) for Atompunk Non-Fiction Articles
  10. Seasoned beta needed for Spiritual Animal Farm style story
  11. Looking for a writing buddy and beta reader
  12. Need Beta to tell me what the heck they think of this :-)
  13. Beta Reader for YA mystery/Parnormal Romance?
  14. Desi Beta Help Wanted
  15. Are there any fantasy lovers out there?
  16. Beta/crit/writing buddy needed - Area of interest = Romance
  17. YA Urban Fantasy seeking Beta(s)
  18. Non-reciprocal review group
  19. Seeking Help With My Paranormal Thriller
  20. Beta - The Magician's Gambit (SLOTS FULL THANKS!)
  21. Reciprocal Critique Group
  22. Beta, new to AW
  23. Looking for someone I did a beta for
  24. Beta wanted - fantasy/ magic-realist WIP, 20k words
  25. Resolved - Beta Found
  26. Seeking Beta for YA Fantasy [Re-Open]
  27. Beta Reader Wanted for 3k Word Short Story
  28. Looking for Beta, m/m erotic romance, willing to swap
  29. Seeking Beta for NA contemporary Romantic Suspense (willing to swap)
  30. Seeking Beta for Everything I Needed to Know About Parenting I Learned in Prison
  31. Looking for Beta--Urban Fantasy, Will Swap
  32. Looking for a Beta for erotic romance
  33. How to use Beta Reader reviews?
  34. Romantic suspense (swap) - first 3 chapters
  35. Beta reader wanted for children's adventure
  36. First Time Writer-Need Feedback!
  37. Resolved
  38. Seeking Beta for YA Sci-Fi (starship based)
  39. Looking for YA Swap! Mine is a 53k YA Mystery.
  40. Looking for a writing Mentor or Buddy
  41. YA Beta/Buddy Request
  42. Looking for beta, fantasy, MMORPG (WoW) novelization, willing to swap
  43. Beta Reader(s) Needed for Adventure/Mid-Fantasy YA
  44. Beta Reader wanted - prefer to swap - Erotica
  45. Is it wise to let people read your WIP chapter by chapter?
  46. PB Writing Partner
  47. Good for now, thank you! Seeking betas for EFFIN' ALBERT - suspense
  48. Beta Reader wanted for Urban fantasy novella...
  49. Attention! Looking for fantasy/paranormal beta readers
  50. Writing buddy for a video game project
  51. Seeking Beta for Urban Fantasy
  52. Looking for Beta, m/m erotic suspense, willing to swap
  53. Short War Fantasy Beta or Swap
  54. Seeking beta for MG novel on interplanetary robot craziness
  55. Mentor, Friend... someone
  56. Critique Partner/Writing Buddy for Paranormal Romance!
  57. Getting Desparate!
  58. Can someone help me with an ending?
  59. Looking to swap In Progress? (Mainstream)
  60. Wanted: Beta Readers for Glitch - NA Science Fantasy
  61. Looking for beta reader for Science Fiction
  62. Query letter and synopsis
  63. Beta needed for sexy contemporary romance, willing to swap
  64. Beta needed for an Orthodox Jewish Contemporary/Romance
  65. Screenplays
  66. Is this normal...?
  67. Beta wanted for urban fantasy novel - 89k
  68. Beta for A Young-Adult Lesbian romance Novel
  69. Betas Needed for YA Fantasy
  70. House of Orange- Contemporary YA
  71. YA Beta Reader :)
  72. Editing?
  73. Beta for MG contemporary humor
  74. Beta for novella.
  75. Why I WILL Beta Read Your Novel
  76. Beta readers for urban fantasy
  77. To be or not to be a beta
  78. Edited- Beta Reader Final Draft of Childhood Memoir 60,000 words
  79. Looking for Beta Reader! New Adult novel
  80. Beta Reader Coming of Age Literary Fiction ROUND TWO
  81. Looking for Beta for my paranormal romance WIP
  82. Critique Experts
  83. Beta Readers for YA Sci-Fi
  84. Need A Beta Reader For Short Stories
  85. Betas: what piques your interest?
  86. PM me your first 500 words!
  87. Grammar Mentor Wanted
  88. Beta Readers Wanted: Middle Grade Sci-Fi Fantasy Action Adventure Novel
  89. Need some YA fantasy Beta's, willing to swap.
  90. beta: historical fiction, 90k, 6th draft, already heavily workshopped and beta'd, happy to swap
  91. Opportunity for Mentor Feedback on your Pitch
  92. First three chapters of final (third) draft - c. 10k
  93. I'm looking for a beta bud
  94. Writer's Digest 2nd Draft Critique Service: Yay or Nay?
  95. I need a beta writer ASAP!
  96. Beta Needed - New Adult Romance
  97. Beta needed for New Adult romance
  98. Beta Needed-YA fantasy-Willing to Swap
  99. Literary/Women's Fiction beta needed
  100. Beta for YA thriller
  101. Beta Readers Needed for YA Dystopian Novel
  102. Looking for a Science Fiction beta reader partner.
  103. Beta Readers wanted for Mystery / Contemporary Fantasy
  104. Australian beta request for short story (will beta-swap)
  105. Beta Needed for High Concept YA Contemp
  106. Beta reader(s) needed for young adult thriller
  107. Had Beta, Need a New One. (Romance with Pagan tones)
  108. Beta Readers for New Adult Story
  109. Seeking a sounding board
  110. Beta Readers wanted for a contep. fantasy novel
  111. Speculative Fiction Short Story Beta Wanted
  112. Young Adult Historical Fantasy--Betas Wanted (Possible critique partner?)
  113. Need Beta for YA - Paranormal/ Post-apocolyptic
  114. Self Pub Mentor/Format Helper Wanted in Exchange for Illustrations/Fan-Art
  115. Beta: Zero and the Firebreak Rebellion
  116. Partner for YA paranormal
  117. Beta needed for a YA Fantasy (superheroes story)
  118. Seeking betas for YA contemp (let's swap!)
  119. Writing buddy/beta reader wanted!
  120. YA Fantasy Beta Reader wanted! :)
  121. Looking for novel buddy
  122. Writing Buddy Request (fantasy)
  123. YA Fantasy Beta Reader
  124. MG Synopsis Beta Needed
  125. Looking for Beta Exchange, Historical Fiction/Crime/Mystery.
  126. Beta for a NA Romance
  127. Beta wanted for survival horror novelette
  128. Writing Buddy Wanted - Dystopian YA
  129. Seeking Beta Reader for M/M short story
  130. Lit Mystery/Romance - Beta needed
  131. Fantasy/Romance Critique Partner needed!
  132. critiquer/critique partner sought
  133. YA Sci-fi Query Help
  134. Looking for a Writing Buddy (YA/NA)
  135. Beta Swap YA Fantasy
  136. Beta Readers Needed for Short Story
  137. Looking for Beta Reader
  138. Looking for Epic Fantasy beta-reader/partner
  139. Beta reader(s) needed for YA Fantasy
  140. Seeking: YA SF/F writer buddy
  141. Looking to put together a UF Google Chat Group
  142. Looking for a Mentor
  143. Beta Reader for Novel
  144. Beta reader &/or edit mentor needed, NA/romance/thriller
  145. Looking for Beta Soft Science Fiction
  146. Looking for a Beta Reader for Two Short Stories
  147. Memoir beta readers/mentor wanted
  148. Seeking comic book artist for collaboration
  149. Looking for motivational writing buddy.
  150. Writing Buddy? Literary/General fiction and Poetry
  151. In need of a beta/mentor
  153. beta reader needed for memoir in format of lawsuit
  154. Short Story Betas Needed: Horror, 7500 words
  155. Beta Needed - YA Social SF Short Story
  156. Looking for a writing buddy/crit partner!
  157. Critique wanted for book intro (Fantasy/Romance/Suspense)
  158. Searching for crit swap for UK Lit Novel
  159. The world's most dangerous beta
  160. Bug-finder beta offered, opened to swap/writing buddy too
  161. Never worked with beta reader
  162. Beta Needed 12K word Contemporary Romance
  163. Romance Co-writer Wanted!
  164. Beta Reader Needed for True Crime/Memoir
  165. M/M Romance Writing Buddy
  166. Beta swapper grading system
  167. Beta Needed - YA Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
  168. Reaction to beta feedback: Sometimes I surprise myself!
  169. Beta Reader for Fantasy
  170. I just want someone to yell at me when I don't write :P
  171. Betas needed for science fiction novelette
  172. Beta reader and grammar master needed.
  173. Seeking Writing Buddy (specific)
  174. Beta reader & feminine opinion wanted
  175. Seeking betas for MAYBE IN PARIS, YA contemporary novel
  176. Looking for critique partner(s) {western supernatural horror}
  177. Writing Group Advice
  178. Ready to read
  179. Betas for a short, poe-inspired story.
  180. Seeking writing buddy for steampunk/fantasy novel
  181. Looking for a beta reader for YA fantasy
  182. Looking for Betas for YA short and Adult short
  183. How successful have you been at finding a beta?
  184. Looking for Friend/Writing buddy/Mentor for an Adult Fantasy/Romance
  185. Scifi Beta Readers and Critique Group
  186. Writing buddy/semi professional butt-kicker?
  187. Looking for Beta/Mentor for Sequel
  188. Gift for writing buddy
  189. Seeking srious writing buddy / crit partner (children's/YA lit)
  190. Looking for beta - Fantasy, 100k words.
  191. Beta Reader for Horror Novel
  192. Seeking beta for Rock & Roll Novel
  193. Need a writing partner for critique etc.
  194. Finding a writing partner/beta reader?
  195. Need a co-writer
  196. Looking for a beta literary nonfiction
  197. NA/Urban Fantasy - Need Beta/Crit Partner (who isn't homophobic)
  198. I'm a little confused about this site's definition of "Beta Reader."
  199. Seeking beta for a dark romance
  200. wanted: critique partner for contemporary women fiction with romance & 'philosophical' aspirations.
  201. Seeking Formatting Checkers! NO EDITS, Editing is DONE
  202. Seeking Betas for my First Chaper (New-Adult Contemporary)
  203. Looking for betas for 55K YA Zombie novel
  204. Looking for betas/writing buddies for very short fiction
  205. Any willing betas for a vampire horror/romance? 52, 804 words
  206. Seeking a beta reader or two for a dark fantasy story about pants
  207. Beta Reader Needed - N/A Romance
  208. Beta Request for Book Two of my Fantasy Trilogy
  209. Writing support group MG-YA SF/F
  210. Looking for beta for 90,000 word urban fantasy
  211. BETAs needed for YA Fantasy and YA Contemporary
  212. Looking for Beta Reader for YA novel - possible trade
  213. Beta for YA Urban Fantasy
  214. NA Mainstream/commercial
  215. Seeking Beta readers
  216. Beta needed for YA Jewish contemporary romance
  217. Beta Swap For Dark NA Fantasy
  218. beta readers for very short thriller/police text
  219. Seeking writing pal/assistant/maybe Beta for erotica works
  220. P.N. Elrod is Critiquing!
  222. M/M Romance Beta Wanted
  223. Beta Reader Wanted- YA Light Fantasy
  224. Seeking mail-order bride wisdom
  225. Searching for Beta/Critique
  226. Beta Swap for NA book, 75k
  227. Where to find Beta Readers
  228. looking for beta swap for Science Fiction
  229. Writing buddy for historical romance?
  230. Beta Readers Wanted for Psychological Horror Novel
  231. Beta reader wanted for YA sci-fi novel
  232. LF Writing Buddy - YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
  233. BETA READER NEEDED 70k NA Fantasy
  234. Beta Readers Needed For Novel
  235. Beta reader needed for novella @ 21500 WC.
  236. Beta Reader Needed For Limericks
  237. Beta Reader Wanted 4 Erotic Romance (2 part series)
  238. Looking for a writing mentor.
  239. Mentor
  240. Beta-Readers for My Short Story
  241. Beta Swap. Mine is Historical Fiction/Crime, 114k-words. I'm open to Other Genres.
  242. ISO Short Story beta reader, editor or brainstorming buddy, will swap
  243. Reader Looking to Beta for Self Pubs
  244. Need Beta Reader for Erotic Steampunk Romance
  245. Looking for Beta: YA Contemporary, 67,000 words
  246. Beta Reader Needed for Historical Fiction
  247. Urgent Need Beta Readers For YA Adult Fantasy Fiction Book
  248. Beta Reader or Swap - Post-apocalyptic Fantasy, 21K words
  249. Betas needed for YA Contemporary Romance
  250. Contemporary fiction writer looking for beta buddy