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  1. It's soooo lonely! (Writing Buds!)
  2. Looking for beta, YA, 500 words
  3. Looking for friends too
  4. In Need of Beta-Reader and a Writing Buddy for a Horror Novella
  5. Looking for Someone to Take a Look
  6. Seeking a beta for a fantasy
  7. Seeking writing pal for sci-fi/fantasy (romance okay too)
  8. Any Zombie Fans?
  9. Looking for CP, Supernatural Romance (Adult)
  10. Looking for someone to share work with
  11. Re-Vamping a Dark YA Fantasy (Help, please :)
  12. "Twilight meets Scarface" looking for a reviewer/critic
  13. Looking for a Writing/Critique Buddy (YA/New Adult Urban Fantasy)
  14. Seeking a beta for a YA
  15. Alpha reader wanted for 40k M/M urban fantasy
  16. Serious CPs/Romance any sub-genre
  17. Seeking Beta Read for Post-Apocalyptic Thriller
  18. Beta/Critique Needed YA Urban Fantasy (want to swap, have experience)
  19. Looking for a writing buddy for YA fantasy!
  20. Looking for a writing buddy/Beta Swap for UFs
  21. Betas needed for episode one of an end of the world serial (only 20k words)
  22. Writing buddy to motivate me to finish first draft?
  23. Critique Partners
  24. Anyone want to read an amateur's short story?
  25. Seeking beta for plain ole fiction (for grown ups)
  26. YA Fantasy Beta Reader/Swap.
  27. Looking for writing buddy for motivation
  28. Beta/Critique Partner for Steampunk Fantasy
  29. (Beta reader acquired) Beta for 80k Romantic Fantasy (Angels/Demons)
  30. Beta for YA contemp thriller (35K + outline)
  31. Looking For a Beta to Help with Plot
  32. Looking for more Betas - M/M Romance 60k+
  33. Encouraging, helpful, critters!
  34. Vermont writing buddies
  35. Sci/Fi Medical Thriller beta-readers??
  36. Looking for a Writing Buddy! (Fantasy YA)
  37. Betas wanted for fast-paced YA action/adventure UPDATE: Still searching!
  38. Looking for special writing buddys
  39. Beta readers
  40. Author Connection - Crit Partner / Beta Reader Event
  41. Need Beta for Script! (Not line-by-line, just your general impression)
  42. No longer seeking beta reader - Thanks.
  43. Looking for Beta/Buddy for YA Fantasy
  44. Seeking Beta Reader for Beauty and the Beast Retelling
  45. Looking for a Beta reader for my coming-of-age literary novel
  46. Beta for historical romance outline
  47. Beta needed for lower YA contemporary novella
  48. Looking for scifi or fantasy stuff to Beta.
  49. In search of a Writing Buddy for YA Fantasy novel
  50. beta reader for vampire novel
  51. Beta Wanted for m/m Novel
  52. Fast Airships, Alien Tech, and Even Some Romance! - Beta Needed
  53. Beta needed for light YA summer mystery...
  54. Writing Buddy for Fantasy/Supernatural Fiction
  55. looking for a motivated writing partner
  56. Looking for Fantasy Beta Readers
  57. Beta for 1st Chapter of Contemporary Romance
  58. Anyone have experience in comedy?
  59. Beta swap?
  60. Beta Reader
  61. Beta needed for a paranormal romance novella, swap possible
  62. Looking for Beta Readers
  63. Gentle Beta Read for a Play - subject mental health and sci-fi
  64. Beta reader wanted/Paranormal Romance
  65. Seeking Beta for Contemporary Adult Fiction Novel
  66. BETA reader needed for outrageous memoir (sex & alcohol)
  67. Seeking a Beta for Children's/Tween's Fantasy adventure.
  68. Beta Reader wanted. crime/mystery
  69. seeking betas for a YA (light) SF
  70. Looking for critique partner!
  71. Seeking Beta Swap for Dark Fantasy
  72. Seeking Short Story Critique Partner
  73. Beta readers wanted: Science Fiction novel
  74. Writing Buddy
  75. In need of a writing buddy
  76. Looking for beta readers for a new adult novel
  77. Writing noob looking for a beta reader for 4 short stories
  78. Desperate Romance Writer Needing Beta Reader/Mentor
  79. Beta[s] for historical fiction [Antebellum American South]
  80. Looking for beta reader for Multicultural Emma/Pride and Prejudice
  81. Seeking Beta(s) for Epic Fantasy
  82. Looking for a beta for m/m romance novel (shape-shifters)
  83. Writing Friend Wanted
  84. Wanted: Writing buddy
  85. Looking for a beta for YA Paranormal
  86. Beta Reader for Sci-fi Novella
  87. Beta reader wanted
  88. Beta Reader wanted for Sci-Fi Epic
  89. Betas Wanted, Sci-Fi Romance
  90. Looking for Beta Reader for a short story..
  91. Beta-reading for Someone with 0 Posts
  92. Writing Group Seeking Members
  93. Writer in search of her perfect beta!
  94. Beta Reader for YA SciFi
  95. Seeking Mentor/Writing Buddy (Dystopia/Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
  96. Do you need a Beta Reader? I can help.
  97. Betas wanted for graphic novel scripts?
  98. No Longer Searching
  100. Betas needed for YA Paranormal
  101. beta swap m/m paranormal romance darker themes
  102. How about changing the name of the thread?
  103. Looking for beta for YA Fantasy novel, and happy to swap!
  104. Beta for First 5 Chapters of YA Fantasy
  105. Writing Buddy/Crit Partner
  106. NEED Writing Buddy / Crit Partner / Mentor Ect.
  107. Looking for a beta for a 1500w MG short. Light fantasy.
  108. Writing Buddies? Contemporary Romance
  109. Critique Partner for YA paranormal
  110. Beta wanted for YA sci-fi (first four chapters)
  111. Beta Readers wanted for Historical Romance
  112. Betas Readers wanted for non-fiction memoir about love 8,000w
  113. want a beta reader for an unfinished short story
  114. Beta Reader/ Critique Partner for Fantasy
  115. Alpha reader wanted for ya fantasy 60 000 words
  116. End my solitude, Share my madness (YA, Sci-Fi, Dystopian)
  117. YA fantasy seeks beta
  118. Looking for betas for Cruiser, a YA Contemporary/Romance
  119. Looking for a writing buddy/friend
  120. Searching for M/M beta reader with expericne in the medical field
  121. I'm looking for an honest and open minded critique. My story is 24,500 words.
  122. Update: No longer looking, thanks everyone! Beta sought for first ~50 pages (adult) Fantasy novel
  123. looking for beta reader share for science fiction
  124. Need a Beta Reader for Fantasy/Romance
  125. Beta Swap for YA speculative romance
  126. Need a Beta for Nearly Finished YA Mystery/w young male MC
  127. Beta Readers needed for dark coming of age fiction
  128. Beta Needed for YA Fantasy
  129. Betas wanted for Dark Fantasy YA - Nightmute
  130. Writing buddies needed for group book
  131. Beta for Literary/Women's Fiction - will swap
  132. Need someone to bounce ideas off of for a dark La Belle Epoque-era paranormal YA
  133. Beta readers for Fantasy shared world
  134. Need beta readers to read my short story
  135. Beta Readers needed for Urban Fantasy Supernatural Novel
  136. Beta Reader or Mentor...Pwetty Pwease? Fantasy Romance
  137. Looking for Beta Reader or Mentor YA Paranormal Romance novel
  138. Looking for a Writing Buddy/Friends
  139. Beta Reader For Fantasy Novel
  140. Beta Readers needed for a post apocalyptic serial
  141. Looking For Beta Reader To Read My Book
  142. Looking for Beta Readers for Sci-fi Novel
  143. Looking For Beta Reader For High Fantasy Novel In Progress
  144. [nvm, I've probably got enough now :)]
  145. Searching for a beta/critique partner for YA Fantasy
  146. Request for beta/mentor for historical novel
  147. Teen trade!
  148. nevermind/deleted
  149. Writing Partner
  150. NA romance writer looking for writing buddy
  151. Beta Swap for contemp YA fantasy
  152. Searching For a Mentor -- Sci Fi/Fantasy
  153. Willing to Beta Read
  154. Beta for YA Steampunk/Historical Fantasy Novel
  155. Urban Fantasy Buddy
  156. ISO beta(s) for my Historical Fantasy novel
  157. Beta Reader/Editor Needed (Superhero Genre)
  158. YA Writer Looking for CP
  159. Beta Reading and a question.
  160. Seeking a beta reader for a fantasy novel. Trades welcome.
  161. Looking for beta reader (urban fantasy)
  162. Looking for a beta reader (high fantasy)
  163. Beta for Fantasy
  164. Looking for critique/writing buddy. Epic Fantasy
  165. Fast paced author looking for writing buddy/beta
  166. Beta Swap (YA Thriller)
  167. Looking for beta reader (screenplay, crime)
  168. July Swap, anyone? (Fantasy)
  169. Need Betas for Book of flash and shorts, 47,000 words
  170. Looking for beta/writing buddy for YA romance
  171. Beta for Short Nonfiction (Historical Exposé)/Trade?
  172. Fantasy- 5 ch 13k
  173. 7200 word Short Sci - fi / fantasy play beta reader ??
  174. Pre-beta beta readers?
  175. Need beta for first 50 pages (12k) of YA spec-fic
  176. Any quick turnaround Betas for an erotic romance?
  177. Any interest in a regional beta reading group?
  178. Literary Fiction Short Story Critique Exchange?
  179. Delete beta request (nothing to see here folks, move along. . .)
  180. Looking for / offering beta for historical romance
  181. Seeking writing buddy/beta reader for commercial/speculative novel, 73K words
  182. Looking for beta for 72k YA/(NA?) novel - fantasy
  183. Looking for Betas -- [BETAS LOCATED/Thread Closed]
  184. Beta Reader for 76k YA Epic Fantasy/Horror/Adventure
  185. Author of Blog On Innovation - Seeking Beta-Reader/Exchanges
  186. beta for MG 40k Historical [BETA FOUND-THREAD CLOSED]
  187. Beta Reader Wanted: Historical Fantasy, 105K
  188. Beta for first four chapters (58 pages) of YA high fantasy
  189. Seeking beta for 110k word YA Fantasy/Adventure
  190. Screenwriting swap
  191. Looking For Long Term Critique Group Partners
  192. I want to co-write with someone I don't know...
  193. No more betas needed - Thanks for the interest
  194. Possible beta reader for YA horror/thriller thing
  195. Betas Wanted - YA/NA Dystopian Adventure
  196. Beta Reader for first chapters of a YA fantasy
  197. Seeking Beta Reader(s) for Literary Fiction Novel
  198. Seeking Beta Readers for Supernatural/Thriller YA
  199. Beta Reader and/or writing partner needed for my Autobiography
  200. MG Betas Requested
  201. SF/F writer looking for friends/writing buddies
  202. ISO Beta reader for Regency romance
  203. I'm telling you now. The greatest story that has ever been told...
  204. Beta-Reading Swap for a Mystery
  205. Beta for out of print e-rom novella (historical)
  206. Betas needed for an Upper MG/Lower YA Romance 20k novella
  207. Teen Critique BFF
  208. Light SF YA seeking Betafish for Trade
  209. Beta Reader for rough 1st draft.
  210. Seeking Beta Readers for YA Romantic Comedy
  211. commercial fiction CP wanted, swap possible
  212. Willing to beta, also willing to swap :)
  213. Mentor Success Stories?
  214. Synopsis beta needed, swaps welcome
  215. Beta readers requested for SF dystopian novel
  216. Found
  217. Beta Needed for Hilarious Parody on Sales Training Books
  218. Published author seeks beta reader
  219. Beta needed for short story collection
  220. Beta reader needed for YA short story
  221. Beta readers for dystopian
  222. Looking for writing partner
  223. Looking for Mentor for fantasy and have experience with romance
  224. Looking for Beta reader for YA Urban/Fantasy "A Different Shade of Black."
  225. Searching for a writing buddy/critique partner
  226. Need Beta for YA Fantasy Adventure - Will Exchange Manuscripts in Similar Genre
  227. Beta Request for m/m Paranormal Romance
  228. In the Midst of Monsters, Why Can't We Be Friends?
  229. Seek beta reader(s) for literary fiction
  230. Beta reader for a YA novel?
  231. A Beta for a YA Paranormal romance?
  232. Looking for a Beta Reader for a series of sci-fi short stories
  233. Looking for Beta('s) for YA Paranormal Romance with strong female lead
  234. Beta request for YA fantasy: The Wrecklings – happy to exchange
  235. Beta needed for YA Fantasy - willing to swap
  236. Seeking Upper YA/NA Contemporary beta reader
  237. In Need of a Writing Buddy [EDIT -- Buddy Found!]
  238. To read, or not to read.....
  239. Beta Readers Wanted! Science Fiction Novel about Close Encounters (CE-5)
  240. Writing buddy wanted for paranormal romance
  241. Spanish-speaking beta readers?
  242. Looking for beta swap
  243. Seeking beta reader for high fantasy novel
  244. Looking for a writer friend; a Beta reader
  245. Writing partner
  246. Looking for beta/proofreader for short stories
  247. Looking for a Writing Buddy who writes Mainstream Fiction
  248. MG Fantasy-Looking for Beta reader or swap manuscripts
  249. Live Beta Group as Google Hangout
  250. Looking for Beta Reader