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  1. Need betas for YA Steampunk with Dragons
  2. Beta for Query letter?
  3. Looking for Two Betas
  4. Need Beta for a chick-lit
  5. Need beta with US army experience for an SF short story
  6. Please solve my problem
  7. Beta needed for YA Sci Fi (R&R)
  9. Beta wanted
  10. R3MN4NT: Looking for YA SF/horror betas. (It's actually set in space!)
  11. Orphans of the Celestial Sea
  12. I need a beta reader or a mentor
  13. Beta wanted for YA Scifi- Will Swap
  14. Beta Reader for parody/satire.
  15. Looking for beta reader. Will swap
  16. Seeking Beta Readers for YA Sci-Fi Romance w/ Adventure/Action & a little Murder Mystery
  17. YA Fantasy beta needed! Willing to swap.
  18. Need Beta for M/M Romance, 2nd Draft.
  19. beta reader for short story
  20. Seeking Mentor/Beta For YA Suspense
  21. Looking for someone to bounce ideas off
  22. Seeking up to 3 Betas for Inspirational Memoir
  23. Beta reader for 6700 YA PNR short story?
  24. Looking for fresh eyes...
  25. Anyone willing to beta first 2-3 chapters of historical fiction?
  26. Seeking beta reader for adult urban fantasy novel
  27. 'Bucket List book' YA Contemp - beta wanted :)
  28. Seeking Betas for page-turning Memoir
  29. Where to find non-fiction beta readers???
  30. Beta Needed - YA Science Fiction
  31. Beta Wanted for Final Draft (Romance/Sci-Fi)
  32. A problem a friend has encountered...
  33. beta reader needed for an unconventional love story
  34. Need a pair of fresh eyes for YA romance I'm subbing.
  35. Mennntor? Mentaur! (Yeah!)
  36. YA Dark Fantasy - 15K words
  37. Looking to swap first ten pages-YA Romance/horror
  38. Contemporary YA beta read swap?
  39. Contemporary Romance seeks POV mentor/beta readers.
  40. Betas for Upper MG/Lower YA Superhero
  41. Beta Buddy and Mentor
  42. Wanted: Writing buddy
  43. Beta Read Needed For Picture Book
  44. Writing buddy needed!
  45. Adult Paranormal Romance/Dark Fantasy Beta & Swap
  46. Hunting for the right writing buddy
  47. Betas needed for 100,000 word memoir
  48. Writing buddy for a YA Urban Fantasy
  49. Looking for a Writer Buddy/Critique Partner
  50. Young Adult Fantasy Beta Reader, Please
  51. Need a beta for a 60K Adult Urban Fantasy novel
  52. looking for a beta reader
  53. Beta needed for YA Sci-fi
  54. Would like someone to coauthor a YA book?
  55. In Need of a Reader for General Impressions
  56. Alpha needed, M/M vampire erotic romance
  57. Seeking longterm Writer Friend for YA Fantasy. Must love Tim Burton.
  58. Beta reader for a fantasy short story
  59. Why I will Beta read your novel
  60. Writing Encouragement Friend Needed
  61. Format for beta readers?
  62. Would it be inappropriate to ask this friend to beta for me?
  63. Beta needed: YA adventure, 44k
  64. Pfft
  65. Beta Needed: Dark Fantasy Short Story 5k
  66. Looking for Writing Buddy
  67. Looking for writing partner. Is this the right place?
  68. Beta Needed: YA Paranormal Romance -- Sealer's Promise
  69. Beta reader needed. *dystopian-future / literary
  70. seeking betas
  71. Please delete...sorry
  72. Beta swap anyone? YA fantasy 87,000 words
  73. Looking for buddies!
  74. Looking for romance writing buddy
  75. Beta for a paranomal romance
  76. Looking for a YA writing buddy
  77. Beta Needed for a YA Speculative Thriller
  78. Seeking beta for steampunk type novel
  79. Betas needed for YA horror (55k words)
  80. Beta Reader Needed-Full Time Author
  81. YA writing buddy/beta reader
  82. Beta readers requested: Suspense, spies, assassination
  83. Looking for a beta/swap: MG 53k word humor/adventure
  84. Looking again! Science Fiction, 103k.
  85. Beta Reader Needed for YA Dystopian/romance
  86. Looking for beta reader/swap for 12k "literary"/humorous short story
  87. Beta Sought for Unconventional Love Story
  88. Help me get into college absolute! Personal Statement
  89. Looking for beta reader for romance/erotica
  90. Looking for a deaf beta reader for m/m erotica
  91. Seeking Beta-Reader for Fairy-tale Retelling
  92. Beta Reader or Beta Reader swap (Fantasy with horror themes)
  93. Beta for Lower MG Fantasy 25000 words
  94. Beta Request for m/m Romance
  95. Beta needed for paranormal romance, The Hidden
  96. Betareader request?
  97. Beta request - standalone fantasy YA
  98. Willing to be someone to bounce ideas off
  99. I need a Beta Reader for manuscript
  100. Seeking critique partner for contemporary fiction!
  101. Query Buddy?
  102. Beta Needed for YA Paranormal
  103. Beta needed for YA/Thriller - YOU KILLED ADAM GORDON
  104. Betas/Writing buddies for YA psych thriller
  105. I'm back and ready to beta!
  106. Beta/Crit partner for YA contemp
  107. Beta for YA Steampunk
  108. Beta reader/swap for YA dystopia
  109. Looking for beta for literary horror
  110. Beta Reader Needed for YA Adventure/Fantasy
  111. need beta for 5K speculative short story YA-ish
  112. Beta reader for future history novel
  113. Request for Beta for short PNR/UF
  114. Beta for contemporary novel, romance/literary fiction?
  115. Beta Swap Request: Contemporary Fantasy 80k
  116. SF Short Story- Looking for Crit swap!
  117. YA Science Fiction Beta Reader or Swap (you won't regret it!)
  118. screenwriting critique partner
  119. 1200 word horror story
  120. A Difficult Need: MG Sci-Fi
  121. Critique Partners
  122. Beta/swap - 1st 3 chapters of UF
  123. Need a Beta Reader for MG Science Fiction: Will Swap!
  124. When NOT to use a beta?
  125. One Short Per Week Partner
  126. Beta swap-romance
  127. YA fantasy, 92000 words seeking beta reader
  128. deleted thead
  129. Beta needed for Women's Fiction (will swap! I read most genres)
  130. Beta Wanted: Contemp YA in Verse (~25,000), will swap
  131. Beta Needed for 67K YA
  132. Beta reader please for MG boys action
  133. Beta Needed for Modern Day Pride and Prejudice/Emma
  134. Advisor for fantasy short story 3.6k
  135. YA Beta request, swap welcome
  136. Wanted: Beta Readers for Distant Horizon - 95,000 Word YA Dystopian Adventure
  137. [Beta Reader Needed][Erotica][Swap=Yes!] Looking for female readers to make sure the story "works".
  138. Beta Needed for 28k Coming of Age Novella
  139. Beta reader needed...contemporary romance 18+
  140. Beta for ~50k YA Contemporary Romance/Mystery
  141. Beta Wanted - YA Fantasy - Will swap
  142. I need a beta reader for a short story science fiction 3200 words
  143. Got 'em. Thank you!
  144. Need beta reader - 60k YA fantasy
  145. Need beta readers for epic fantasy romance with lots of adventure--Enchanted Bookstore Legends
  146. I'm looking for a Beta and Pre Reader
  147. Looking for beta reader/swap for a 70k "literary" black comedy
  148. Beta/Crit partner for gay paranormal romance/erotic romance novel about 50k swap okay
  149. Looking for a beta reader for a short play
  150. YA Sci-fi Beta needed
  151. Need a Mentor good with Showing vs. Telling
  152. Looking for a beta/critique for a College Romance. Willing to swap!
  153. Looking for a Beta Reader
  154. Searching for BETA for YA Fantasy, 71K
  155. Beta/CP for YA Superhero Romance
  156. Looking for a Beta Reader for a darker Sci-Fi/Fantasy mix
  157. Looking for a beta/swap for MG 56K
  158. Seeking beta for experimental magical realism
  159. YA Beta/Mentor/Crit partner?
  160. Looking for a Beta reader for my erotic stories
  161. Beta/CP YA horror/paranormal
  162. Beta Volunteer (Because winter break is coming)
  163. Seeking Cultural Critique for Fantasy/Western - Paying
  164. Looking for a Beta reader for YA Paranormal
  165. Beta Reader Required
  166. Seeking a Beta Reader—Contemporary Fiction
  167. Critic for Crime-Thriller "The Revenant of Dennison"
  168. Looking for a writing buddy
  169. Online Writing Groups - Different Genres
  170. Need Beta Reader for Horror Novel
  171. Looking for a writing buddy for some serious productivity!
  172. Looking for a Beta partner(s) for YA Science fantasy
  173. Seeking beta for YA Horror/Supernatural Thriller Thing
  174. Beta/Critique for MG Superhero (Will swap)
  175. Critique partner or beta reader needed for a romantic suspense w/paranormal elements
  176. Beta for cover & query letters?
  177. Critical Criticism For A M/M Themed Novella (Very Mild Themes)
  178. Looking for betas for first three chapters of YA Fantasy
  179. Seeking: Beta for YA Sci-Fi
  180. Seeking Beta Reader - YA Contemporary Fantasy
  181. Seeking Beta Readers/mentor for shorts
  182. need at YA contemp mentor/beta
  183. Beta for a traditional adult horror short
  184. Betas Needed for New Adult Paranormal Romance
  185. beta readers wanted
  186. Looking for a Beta Reader for 1 chapter/literary fiction
  187. Got a little time ..
  188. Looking for writing buddy/partner or mentor for YA novel
  189. Need betas for lesbionic christian YA.
  190. Beta needed for MG Historical Fiction fantasy
  191. Looking for editor and co-writter
  192. Beta Reader for YA Fantasy Adventure
  193. Beta reader for New Adult Sci-Fi
  194. Brief critique if possible?
  195. Crit Partner for YA fantasy
  196. Beta Reader for High Fantasy Novel
  197. Betas for YA Action & Adventure
  198. Looking for a beta for romance!
  199. Ready for some smut? Or non-smut?
  200. Beta Wanted For Gritty Heroic Fantasy (Just Three Chapters)
  201. I want to start a writing group?
  202. Need Beta for YA Novel - 70K words
  203. Beta reader sought for historical/Regency romance
  204. Beta Needed for Contemp Romance/Chick Lit, Willing to Trade
  205. Beta (s) needed for a competition entry
  206. Need help with first 100 pages - YA fantasy/horror
  207. Will need beta reader soon for SF sequel
  208. Need a Writing Friend
  209. Beta Readers for YA Contemp
  210. Looking for a Beta Reader for an Erotic Gay Novel
  211. Beta Reader for Funny YA/New Adult Contemp
  212. Beta needed - New Adult Romance 48k
  213. beta readers sought for Fantasy novel
  214. Looking to Form an Onling YA Critique Group
  215. Betas wanted for Dark YA Contemp - TWO DOWN, ONE DROWNING
  216. Beta Needed for Multicultural Women's Fiction
  217. Seeking Beta for YA Fantasy
  218. Need beta for YA psych thriller (first 40K)
  219. Looking for Beta Reader, Mentor or Brainstorming Buddy for Fantasy
  220. YA Epic Fantasy Writer Seeking Critique Partner
  221. Would you, could you, be my friend?
  222. Anybody interested in having a critique partner?
  223. Looking for a volunteer ...
  224. Looking for a Partner/Mentor
  225. Looking for Fantasy Beta willing to Mentor
  226. Beta Reader(s), please….
  227. Writer That Has No Idea How To Polish Needs Urgent Help!
  228. Need crits on a couple of non-fic articles
  229. Beta reader wanted "New adult" Contemp romance, happy to swap
  230. Fantasy Beta: My anti-hero needs to get out more and make friends
  231. Beta Reader Wanted for Sci-Fi/Mystery 54k Finished Work
  232. Looking for Mentor / Beta Partner for Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Dark Fiction work (Am Willing to Exchange!)
  233. Beta Reader Wanted - Humourous Fairy-tale Romance - YA
  234. posted in wrong section sorry - please delete
  235. Beta Readers & Reviewers Needed
  236. Mentor or beta reader or both
  237. Beta MG Fantasy (The Magician's Gambit) 53K
  238. Looking for a Critique Partner for a YA Fantasy
  239. Writin' Buddy X-change~
  240. Writing buddy (post-apocalyptic)
  241. who wants to beta my story about gay aliens in the space mafia....? (YA sci-fi, swaps welcome!)
  242. Betas? Contemp. Romance WiP - willing to swap
  243. Beta Swap for Urban Fantasy
  244. In search of a beta for YA fantasy
  245. Online literary services
  246. Beta Readers Wanted for Paranormal Satire
  247. Looking for critical feedback on non-fiction book about philosophy and critical thinking
  248. Looking for SF critique partner (Fantasy, Horror etc. also welcome)
  249. Fantasy writing buddy
  250. Beta Reader wanted!