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  1. Simply Looking for an Email Pal
  2. Betas needed for YA contemporary
  3. Looking for a Beta/Exchange.
  4. Beta Please. SciFi. 80k. Time Travel.
  5. Looking for beta reader for 100,000-word mermaid book
  6. Looking for Beta for fantasy/romance novel
  7. Some "beta" questions from a newbie author
  8. In search of a beta for my YA WIP.
  9. Wanted: Beta reader for urban fantasy (maybe YA, maybe adult)
  10. Reading Partner for Write1/Sub1?
  11. Wanted: Beta for YA Thriller with serial killer
  12. Beta (or swap) for YA Fantasy
  13. Looking for a beta reader for historical fiction
  14. Looking for a YA writing buddy :)
  15. Looking for Beta Reader, MG Dark Fantasy 36000 words
  16. Seeking beta for literary novel (for agent R&R)
  17. I am the only one?
  18. YA Writing Buddy
  19. Creating Guidelines for Alpha and Beta Readers
  20. Wanted: Beta reader for 50,000 word WIP (don't know what genre)--will swap
  21. Full-up! Thanks, everyone!
  22. Wanted:Beta reader 1000 words essay
  23. Beta reader wanted for short story
  24. First Reader for Science Fantasy 140k?
  25. Beta Needed for MG Adventure
  26. Wanted: Beta Reader for high/epic fantasy (160k)
  27. 3rd Beta needed for YA Paranormal Romance
  28. Offering my services as a Beta
  29. Delete
  30. Need Beta Read for YA manuscript (will swap!)
  31. Wanted: Beta for YA Fantasy
  32. Looking for Four Beta Readers? Not any more. . .
  33. Mentors?
  34. Searching Beta/Mentor MG Fantasy The Rooftop Children
  35. Beta reader wanted for a middle grade science fiction
  36. Need Beta for Supernatural story
  37. Male Beta Readers needed for Paranormal Erotica
  38. Would anyone care to beta read a childrens fantasy novel?
  39. Looking for beta reader. REVISED POST.
  40. Need Beta or swap, 20,000 word YA
  41. Looking for a Beta, Contemporary YA (will swap)
  42. Beta needed for 20K YA fantasy Novelette
  43. How many betas do you need?
  44. How Polished should a manuscript be before beta reading
  45. Beta Reader/YA Spec Thriller/12,000 Word Partial
  46. Buddy, mentor, group?
  47. Looking for a beta reader for a gay erotic novel
  48. Looking for a YA Beta, willing to swap.
  49. Looking for Beta for MG Adventure
  50. Looking for beta for literary novel-will reciprocate
  51. Looking for a mentor
  52. Looking for teaching opportunities
  53. Beta for Vampire Novella
  54. Can I Be Your Beta Reader
  55. Looking to trade critiques for my polished fantasy/scifi novel
  56. Do I need a writing editor
  57. What happens when my mom is my beta reader...
  58. Urban Fantasy Buddies?
  59. Need a mentor or writing friend.
  60. It maybe time for a beta?
  61. Beta-readers need for YA sci-fi novel
  62. What's your Beta-Reading Style?
  63. If You're Looking For A Crit Group/Workshop
  64. Like to get together
  65. Betas needed - dark fantasy
  66. Beta for Adult Gothic Paranormal Novel 70K Words
  67. Looking for Beta Reader, Contemporary Fantasy, 104K Words
  68. YA High Fantasy Novel - Along the lines of Tamora Pierce (First 500 Words)
  69. BETA READER - HARLEQUIN/MILLS & BOON type old fashioned romance
  70. Looking for a fresh pair of eyes
  71. Beta readers wanted for horror novella
  72. How long does it take you to beta-read?
  73. Looking for Beta Reader for Fantasy/Fairy Tale Novella
  74. Beta/Crit Needed for first 8K of YA thriller
  75. Mentor Wanted!
  76. Skywalker seeking Obi-Wan
  77. Which is better in beta readers? Critique from a Reader or critique from a Writer?
  78. Seeking Beta Reader for Self Help book
  79. ISO writing exercise buddy
  80. Beta Reader for Urban fantasy
  81. Looking for Beta Reader for MG Fantasy
  82. Looking for a critique? I found a whole lot of them!
  83. 3 nonfiction articles that need feedback
  84. reader, partner, occassional distracter
  85. Seeking Beta/Buddy for Fantasy Novel 100K
  86. Looking for Beta (not the fish)
  87. Beta Readers for Contemp YA - 52k
  88. looking for a beta reader
  89. Non-fiction - Narrative travel vignettes
  90. Beta needed for 1,000 word extract
  91. Looking for Beta or Trade: 31,800 word Teen Fantasy
  92. Newbie Willing to Beta YA Fantasy WITHOUT a Swap!
  93. I need a mentor
  94. Beta reader for YA contemporary - Swap!
  95. Looking for Writing Buddy
  96. Any slipstream betas?
  97. Mentor needed for academic pop culture book
  98. The Brightest Fell (YA contemp psych thriller) - betas wanted!
  99. Fresh eyes for a first chapter
  100. Edit
  101. Beta Readers for Paranormal Satires
  102. Need betas for 107K YA Horror/Thriller
  103. Need Beta for 70k YA supernatural thingy
  104. I need a writing buddy. Fantasy/soft SF, short and novel
  105. need beta for 1 ACT PLAY AND writing buddy
  106. Seeking a writing buddy
  107. Beta for YA Speculative Fiction
  108. MM wannabe writer looking for a permanent buddy beta
  109. Know of any online writing accountability sites?
  110. Beta reader -when is the time?
  111. Beta Swap Anyone? YA Urban Fantasy/Dystopia/Sci-Fi
  112. Experienced writer seeks writing buddy for awesomeness
  113. Beta Readers Wanted: YA Dystopian-Adventure
  114. Looking for a long-term YA fantasy writing Buddy
  115. Looking for some YA writing buddies
  116. Beta reader partner wanted for science fiction
  117. Beta Reader Required YA M/M
  118. Need Beta for a YA memoir/fiction 1 or 2 chapters
  119. Accountability partners for writing something NEW every day
  120. Swap?
  121. Saber Tooth (YA Fantasy currently about 24,000 words)
  122. Beta service
  123. Need beta reader for Chick Lit self help book
  124. Fresh Eyes Needed-567 words-historical
  125. Writing partners for letter game?
  126. Will Beta: Caveats apply
  127. New to this but would love an exp mentor.
  128. How Do you Brainstorm Book Ideas?
  129. Beta for Women's Fiction. Will Swap.
  130. YA Steampunk - Beta needed - swap possible
  131. Beta reader - needs critical insight
  132. Desperately Seeking YA Writing Friends
  133. Looking For A Beta
  134. [Beta Trade] YA Fantasy Short Story (4,500 words)
  135. Sorely Need a Mentor
  136. Questions to Ask?
  137. children's book partner
  138. An idea about a critique circle.
  139. First time novelist with no support system.
  140. Sha-zaam! Need Mentor (Screenwriting)
  141. Looking for a co-author
  142. Looking for Beta for a meaty MG novel
  143. Looking for a Beta for my MG book for boys please
  144. Critique Group -- Portland, OR
  145. Beta reader for fantasy novel wanted
  146. Wunderkit writing buddy group anyone?
  147. Looking for a Critique Partner- Romance
  148. WANTED: YA with mild sci-fi/fantasy Writing Buddy
  149. Beta Needed! Fantasy/Adventure - 1st in series
  150. Beta reader for mystery novel
  151. All set! Thanks for the responses!
  152. Beta for YA sci-fi: willing to swap!
  153. Need a Critic, or maybe a writing buddy. (Possibly Offensive Subject)
  154. Beta for a YA Fantasy
  155. How much of a time committment is it?
  156. At what point should you call in a Beta reader?
  157. Seeking Beta Reader for Historical Fantasy
  158. Seeking a writing partner
  159. Looking for readers - Sherlock Holmes YA novel
  160. Seeking beta for YA Dark Contemporary
  161. Beta for YA Light Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  162. Can I please have a Beta Reader
  163. Looking to collaborate (spec. fic.) as an exercise!
  164. Beta Reader Needed for Romance Flash Fiction
  165. Need Beta Readers for Contest Entry (paranormal)
  166. Seeking a Beta Reader
  167. Need Beta for Novel on Alexander the Great
  168. Anyone looking for a Beta?
  169. A Nymph's Heart, Paranormal-Mystery
  170. Urban Fantasy - Need Beta Reader / Partner (willing to swap in return)
  171. Looking for romance writing buddies/ crit partners
  172. Beta Reader Wanted -- Fantasy/Western
  173. Beta for first three chapters of a YA Fantasy
  174. Writing buddy/Motivator needed! (YA fantasy)
  175. Short Story Swap
  176. Humbly Seeking Betas For Speculative/Urban Fantasy Novel
  177. Seeking beta for Urban Fantasy (Willing to swap!!)
  178. Seeking beta for "literary" fiction short novel manuscript (willing to do a swap!)
  179. Looking for Beta Reader for MG Fantasy (can swap!)
  180. Seeking writing buddies/betas for various genres
  181. Beta readers for Sci-Fi/Thriller novel
  182. does someone want to be writing buddies?
  183. Beta for YA short story - willing to swap!
  184. seeking pair of fresh eyes for query and first chapter of YA novel
  185. Seeking Beta Reader For Sci-Fi Novel
  186. Beta reader Christian Romance, willing to swap!!
  187. Seeking Beta for Thriller novel
  188. YA fantasy writing buddies
  189. Kindle Writing Partner Wanted
  190. Looking for mentors/beta readers for Sci Fi
  191. Beta Reader For Dark Fantasy?
  192. Beta readers requested. Mystery
  193. 65k Fantasy novel--plotlines etc beta reader needed
  194. Beta reader for a translation
  195. In the market for a beta reader of a romance fiction novel
  196. I'd adore a beta or two. For a Sci-Fi novel.
  197. Would anyone be interested in a writing buddy?
  198. willing beta reader/writing buddy - short stories or chapter by chapter
  199. Anyone interested in YA sci-fi?
  200. get first 30 pages reviewed by pub'd author
  201. Want Some Betas for a Romantic YA Novella
  202. Beta or writing buddy for short stories
  203. Lit Fic beta
  204. YA Urban Fantasy Swap - First three chapters
  205. Need beta for historical fiction, willing to swap
  206. Beta Reader for YA Scifi Romance (Short Story) - Looking for one more Beta
  207. GOING CRAZY waiting for Beta results!
  208. Looking for beta reader/mentor/writing buddy (or any combination thereof) for a paranormal fantasy
  209. Looking for Beta - Willing to Swap
  210. beta for YA mystery/adventure - will swap!
  211. Be My Writing Buddy?
  212. Seeking Beta Reader for Narrative Non-Fiction
  213. Seeking A Mentor
  214. [Betas found. Thanks!] Beta for mythological comic fantasy thing? (93,000 words, profanity, oddness)
  215. Afrikaans-native speaker wanted
  216. Betas for short story--apocalyptic fantasy (4.4k wc)
  217. Picture Book Beta Requested
  218. Screenwriter buddies?
  219. Literary Short Story Beta Reader Wanted
  220. Beta Wanted for Cozy Mystery, willing to trade!!
  221. What's the ideal Number of Beta Readers?
  222. Beta for a mystery book.
  223. Here thee, Here thee: Light SF Romance novel needs some betas!
  224. Beta reader for mystery needed, will swap
  225. 56k MG fantasy would love some betas
  226. Beta Reader
  227. Beta Reader Needed for Fantasy
  228. 17th Century Historical - Beta Required
  229. Beta reader(s) requested for Werewolf/Vampire Novel
  230. Looking for a Science Fiction Writing Buddy
  231. Beta Available for Experimental Fiction
  232. Beta Needed for Werewolf Novel
  233. Beta or Britpicker needed for supernatural fiction novel
  234. Looking for a CP - mainstream/romance
  235. A Midwinter Night's Beta?
  236. I would love a beta or four :)
  237. Beta for first 3 chapters of YA Romance
  238. Looking for Beta readers.
  239. Looking for Beta Reader for Superhero Fiction
  240. Need Beta for Screwball Novel (Swap?)
  241. Help w/ Turn of the Century England?
  242. Looking for a Writing Buddy - Sci-Fi/Speculative/Humor
  243. Looking for beta reader for M/M Romance
  244. Looking for a writing buddy for Sci-fi/Mecha/Cyborg book
  245. Searching for critique buddies
  246. 3K Word Short - Horror/Lovecraft - Need Beta
  247. seeking beta for thriller story
  248. Mentor or writing buddy for sf/f?
  249. Looking for a Screenwriting Partner
  250. Looking for a YA writing buddy