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  1. Beta reader for first 3 chapters of Historical Irish Novel (18th Century)
  2. Seeking beta for YA
  3. Wanted: a general writing buddy/penpal/critic etc etc
  4. Looking for beta(s) for two horror short stories
  5. Looking for Beta Readers for Collared [Werewolf Fiction/Unplanned Pregancy]
  6. Need a beta for 114K steampunk YA.
  7. Beta for a 5k horror short
  8. Beta For Children's Book, Land Of Stories
  9. Beta/Buddy for ongoing Fantasy and Chit-Chat and swapping
  10. MG/YA fantasy critique partner
  11. Looking for a Beta Reader
  12. I'd like to beta read and/or edit your book
  13. Beta for 50 pages (YA dystopian)?
  14. Searching for a fantasy beta or swap :)
  15. Historical romance beta reader 117, 000word
  16. I'm in need of experienced mentor
  17. YA Science Fiction - Beta Reader Needed (swap)
  18. Wanted: Beta reader for a 39k word MG Horror novel
  19. Wanted: Beta for a humor memoir
  20. Looking for beat reader
  21. Beta Swap, YA Contemporary
  22. Need a Beta for YA fantasy
  23. beta readers
  24. First chapter line critique? YA Spec-Fic
  25. YA western/fusion, 70k - betas wanted!
  26. Beta Needed for MG Comedy
  27. Need a Beta Reader for a query letter (YA Fantasy)
  28. Hello betas :D [Erotica and Tech ... yes both]
  29. Need Beta reader for Thriller
  30. Looking for someone to critique first 3 chapters of my YA paranormal roamance novel.
  31. Looking for Beta Reader for Historical Fiction Book
  32. Anyone interest in comic book script read?
  33. Beta for a Christian/Romance, 97K words
  34. Beta needed for YA Sci-fi manuscript
  35. Thank you to a beta reader
  36. Beta (will swap if you'll have me) for fantasy/mythological type of thing
  37. Looking for mentor/beta for Historical Romance 90K
  38. Looking for Beta/Writing Buddy for Spiritually Inspired mythological anthology
  39. Looking for beta reader - Fun Amateur Sleuth Novel
  40. Short ficiton beta read - crime fiction
  41. Suspense/Thriller : Beta
  42. Needed beta reader for YA fictional romance
  43. Need Beta for 33k YA dark spec-fic thing
  44. Looking for beta For Sci-Fi & Mystery Shorts
  45. Beta Needed for Mystery (will swap)
  46. Looking to Swap Historical Fiction pieces.
  47. Looking for a Beta Reader or Mentor for my Mystery/Romance/Supernatural Novel
  48. BETA needed for YA superntral horror, religious WIP.
  49. critque
  50. Beta reader needed for Historical Fiction
  51. Beta Reader for Short Story
  52. Want First Opinions on YA Paranormal Novel Excerpt
  53. Beta reader needed for fantasy/fiction
  54. Looking for Reader for YA Paranormal Novel
  55. Beta reader wanted for historical romance (with paranormal elements)
  56. Calling ALL YA lovers and eagar readers!
  57. Experienced Beta Readers Needed for Contemporary Erotic Romance
  58. Calling all betas! :D YA/Fantasy, 70k, second draft - will beta in return.
  59. Dropbox for Beta Readers
  60. YA URBAN FANTASY - Fairytale Retelling - Sleeping Beauty
  61. Embarrassed to ask
  62. Looking for beta reader for 3K short story
  63. Beta Reader Wanted
  64. 100k young adult science fiction
  65. Looking for a Beta Reader for 5,600 word SpecFic/Horror story
  66. Need Beta for YA Spec Fic Thriller (65,000 words)
  67. I Need a Hero - Or a Beta for a superhero novella
  68. HEY! What if no one wants to Beta for you?
  69. Need beta reader - translated text
  70. Beta questions
  71. Mystery detective novel beta readers needed
  72. Put Your Bio Here...
  73. Beta Reader needed for YA Romance
  74. need help
  75. Short story Callie 800 words, anyone?
  76. Beta for a 5,000 word short story (supernatural / horror)
  77. Beta wanted for YA/UF
  78. Found my betas--request deleted. Thanks! :)
  79. Published Book
  80. Looking For Beta Reader
  81. Looking for a Beta- YA
  82. Need a beta reader for YA Fantasy
  83. YA Post-Apocalyptic Beta
  84. Beta Batching
  85. Brave BRs Wanted -Sci-Fi / Fantasy-
  86. Wanted: British English Speaker
  87. Seeking betas/mentors for epic fantasy novel
  88. Beta Reader Wanted!
  89. In search of my Beta in shining armour - pre-apocalyptic YA - 75k
  90. Beta-reader needed. Supernatural Horror.
  91. YA Fantasy: Need BR, mostly for plot
  92. Please delete.
  93. beta for m/m space opera
  94. Beta/Crit Partner wanted for SF
  95. Beta reader, anyone? (Children's chapter book)
  96. Anyone want to beta read Albie Merani annd.
  97. Mentor request
  98. Looking For a Beta for Requested Revised MS; Mystery for Women Readers
  99. Seeking Available Beta Reader/Mentors
  100. Looking for a few YA paranormal romance beta readers
  101. Crit/Beta for m/m vampire romance
  102. Beta wanted for YA Dark Fantasy
  103. Looking for a beta for a mystery/romance m/m novel 120k words
  104. Looking for a Writing Buddy
  105. Looking for beta reader for sci fi/fantasy novel
  106. Beta for dark literary fiction
  107. A beta for my very short story
  108. Would like beta for dark fantasy short story
  109. Looking for Beta Reader for ms of Mystery
  110. YA paranormal - request for beta
  111. Wanting- Beta Readers for YA Dystopian Adventure Novel
  112. I am an available beta reader. (:
  113. Looking for Christian Science Fiction Writers
  114. Beta Reader / Motivator Needed for YA Fantasy
  115. writing swap
  116. Could use a BETA for a first time novel writer please!
  117. Looking for beta reader for dark fantasy story, will reciprocate
  118. Alpha Reader
  119. Need help with just 1-2 chapters of ms...(fantasy-ish)
  120. BetaCrit Project Group (Open Slots - Group 2)
  121. Beta for Short Story (YA Romance)
  122. Looking for a beta reader to assist with YA fantasy
  123. Beta Reader~ The Dark Bringer ~ Young Adult Fantasy
  124. Searching for betas: Commercial women's fiction
  125. Steampunk Fantasy (80k) Swap
  126. Experienced beta reader needed for completed novel
  127. Writing Partner
  128. Before You Publish Your Book
  129. Writing Buddy Request
  130. Does anyone have time to beta read the first part of my chapter?(YA Fantasy) 1400-ish word count.
  131. Looking to exchange work-YA or Adult
  132. YA Writing Buddies for a First Time Writer
  133. Seeking Writing Buddy
  134. Looking for a Beta Reader...
  135. Beta reader needed for children's rhyming story
  136. Seeking betas/swap! YA Post-apocalyptic, 70k
  137. Action & Fantasy Beta Reader?
  138. Looking for a Writing Buddy
  139. Alpha Reader Needed
  140. Looking for a Writing Buddy for 2012!
  141. Speculative Fiction/Science Fiction writer looking for beta readers.
  142. Looking for mentor
  143. Looking for writing buddy
  144. Beta Reader Wanted -- Fantasy/Western (110k)
  145. Looking for a beta or betas for a horror short (just under 9K)
  146. Seeking beta reader for multi-cultural romance
  147. Need beta readers for my new horror thriller
  148. Beta Reader for Short Story YA Paranormal Romance (Nordic myth inspired)
  149. Be My Writing Buddy?
  150. Writing Buddy, writing friend, ideas bouncer off-er
  151. [B]Bata Reader needed for MG Fiction[/B]
  152. Beta-Reader Please. Flash Fiction. Only 600 Words
  153. Writter Critter
  154. Need YA sounding board for basics
  155. Looking for betas for my zombie novella HIVE
  156. I need Historical fiction beta readers
  157. Writer near Champaign, IL
  158. SEEKING beta reader. Novel. Literary Fantasy.
  159. Looking for beta swap - literary thriller, 78k
  160. YA fantasy betas needed—near final draft!
  161. Mobility-impaired beta required (adult)
  162. YA Fantasy Writing Parter/Buddy Wanted
  163. Woman Writing Buddy wanted :)
  164. Write or Die: Word War
  165. Biopunk anyone
  166. BETA READER WANTED for YA UF twist off Sleeping Beauty
  167. Beta needed for YA PR/UF
  168. Beta needed for dark fantasy short story (~5,500 words)
  169. 'book club'-like questions for betas?
  170. Looking for a CP fo YA Fantasy
  171. Constructive critiquers wanted for interstitial horror comedy escapades
  172. something different: a co-author
  173. Beta to Beta Question
  174. 'Single female is NOT looking for three bikers on crack' (beta, plz)
  175. Beta Needed for Fantasy
  176. Looking for an online critique group
  177. Critique Partner - COGLING, YA Steampunk Fantasy
  178. Delete please :)
  179. Writing Buddy: Must love zombies, be ok with lesbians
  180. Readers Wanted for My Book for Boomers
  181. Beta Request: Celtic Flavored YA Fantasy
  182. Something Different...
  183. YA support/critique exchange for novel start (17K+)
  184. Starting a book and would like feeback
  185. Beta reader wanted for historical novel
  186. Beta for Contemporary Romance
  187. Working on taking my writing full time
  188. Looking for a short story writing partner
  189. Seeking Betas for Fantasy/Steampunk Novel
  190. Looking for a co-writer
  191. Seeking Beta for Contemp YA novel
  192. Seeking a Critter for my WIP Fantasy Novel
  193. Looking for all and everything for Rise of the Dragonkin
  194. BETA?
  195. Looking for a beta reader for a short story compilation 35k
  196. Wanted Beta Reader for 'We of the Universe.' 30'000 words, Novella
  197. Beta for a friend, incredibly grueling
  198. Looking for a possible co-writer
  199. UF Cultural Critique (Native American and Spokane, WA)
  200. Looking for a 1st Chapter Beta (Commercial Fiction) 5,000 words
  201. Part-Time Betas for a Cynical Fantasy
  202. Looking for a Beta Reader for 58k word YA Sci-Fi
  203. YA Critique Exchange
  204. looking for a mentor and/or beta reader for historical romance
  205. Beta for Dystopian Fantasy Short Story
  206. Beta Swap?
  207. Need a Writing Buddy? Look here!
  208. Looking for a High Fantasy Mentor
  209. Looking for Mystery Beta. Be Brutal!
  210. Looking for Mystery Mentor
  211. Looking for a Fantasy Mentor
  212. Foster care manual
  213. Newbie beta seeks Newbie writer
  214. Wanna Beta a YA Fantasy??? Please!
  215. Looking for Beta for YA Fantasy / Dystopia
  216. Need beta for 81K YA novel
  217. Looking for two beta readers.
  218. Looking for betas for YA fantasy
  219. LF Betas & Writing Buddies
  220. BETA READER WANTED for YA Urban Fantasy, fairytale twist
  221. Seeking beta for action/adventure
  222. Looking for Beta for YA Fantasy
  223. Seeking beta reader for vampire horror-dramedy (first in short-story series)
  224. Need beta for Urban Fantasy Comedy, 65k or so, with intent to self-publish.
  225. Beta readers wanted for detective novel: Final Kiss at Seven
  226. Boring Betas Need Not Apply
  227. Proofreading exchange
  228. Seeking a Beta for my YA mystery/thriller (some mental illness elements)
  229. Wanted: tough as nails beta who doesn't sugarcoat...
  230. Seeking short story writing buddy - not beta
  231. Introductions and Need Critique Partner (Paranormal and Erotica Genres)
  232. LF mentor/writing buddy/editor-YA fantasy/romance
  233. Need 3 betas - Pickaxe - Sci Fi
  234. Mentor Needed for Crime Novel
  235. Mentoring needed on descriptions(Fantasy)
  236. Found beta thank you.
  237. Beta(s) wanted for epic fantasy novel
  238. Seeking a Beta/Buddy... Betuddy person
  239. Beta needed for 85K YA novel
  240. Beta Wanted for first Chapter.
  241. Articles dealing with fire and sex looking for swap
  242. Looking for a crit partner or a mentor
  243. Looking for a mentor? Somebody to help me identify my weaknesses, develop my strengths?
  244. Beta Readers wanted for contemporary fantasy novel
  245. Feedback Contest
  246. Seeking beta reader for 183,000 word "urban fantasy" (no, you don't have to read the whole thing!)
  247. Skype-Based Writers Group
  248. Seeking One or Two Beta Readers for Short Story Critique Partnership
  249. Looking for Writing...Friend?
  250. Beta Reader Wanted