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  1. Beta reader needed for Warhammer 40,000 short story (8,000 words)
  2. Looking for beta(s) for long walks on the beach...
  3. Love YA? Looking for a beta reader for a YA Contemp Romance
  4. Seeking Betas for 65k YA Fairytale Retelling
  5. Is there a beta reader out there for a 72K word YA superhero novel?
  6. Beta Wanted For 43,000W YA Fantasy Novel
  7. Beta Wanted for 6,300 Word Sci Fi Short Story
  8. Wanted: Writing buddy/Critique Partner who loves YA
  9. Critique Partner Red Flags???
  10. Beta swap: 7200 word short story set in China
  11. Writing/Critique Partner for YA Action/Adventure Story
  12. Seeking Male Crit Writing Partner for Urban Fantasy
  13. YA Writing Buddy
  14. Readers wanted for fantasy
  15. Beta needed for YA contemp, 47k words
  16. Need experience to be a beta?
  17. Looking for a beta for 60k YA SF
  18. Beta Swap: 75k Contemporary Novel
  19. Hello? Any Beta's looking for Fantasy out there?
  20. First 3 chapters (~8,400 words) - Science Fiction, adventure, post-apocalypse
  21. Critique partner wanted for urban fantasy
  22. Nonfiction PB (around 70 words)
  23. An indecent proposal - looking for a translator
  24. Seeking Beta for BAD BLOOD IN THE FAMILY (YA)
  25. Beta Reader wanted for YA Historical Romance
  26. Beta for realistic sci-fi/suspense
  27. Wanted Beta Reader for M/M Romance type novel
  28. Wanted: Beta Reader for a Mainstream/Contemporary 12k-Novelette
  29. Beta Reader for Contemporary Lesbian Romance/Coming of Middle Age Story
  30. Urban Fantasy Beta, 80k words
  31. Beta(s) wanted: Adult fantasy
  32. Beta Needed for YA Epic Fantasy!
  34. N/A
  35. Looking for alphas - edited YA with SF elements
  36. Beta for YA Contemp?
  37. Wanting to Beta a scifi/fantasy with a lead m/m relationship
  38. Wanted: Beta/Critter for Historic Romance
  39. Quick Beta for Non-Fiction Political
  40. Critique for YA fantasy
  41. Need long term help on grammar/spelling...
  42. Available for YA Beta Reading! (looking to swap also)
  43. Beta Reader without finished MS?
  44. What if the work you Beta is not good. . .
  45. Ancient Egypt Expert
  46. Spartan Experts
  47. Viking Experts
  48. Medieval/Bubonic Plague Experts
  49. Critter/Beta Reader for YA Contemporary
  50. Beta Swap: First three chapters - Contemporary
  51. willing Beta reader for 50k Young Adult Shattered
  52. Critter wanted for m/m paranormal romance
  53. Looking for YA novel beta readers
  54. Reader for aviation based thriller
  55. Looking for beta/crit partner for unfinished Fantasy novel
  56. Looking for female collab on YA epic fantasy
  57. Mentor/crit partner?
  58. Looking for a beta reader for a MG/Sci fi
  59. To Beta During or After?
  60. Looking for beta for horror/dark fantasy novel, finished and ready to go
  61. Beta for dark fantasy short
  62. motivation-challenged
  63. Looking for a Writing buddy/ Critique Partner!
  64. Beta Reader needed for Southern Gothic Mystery
  65. Beta reader needed for YA Novel
  66. Beta for non-fiction - philosophy
  67. Beta reader for YA Paranormal MS
  68. Beta Swap wanted for 80k Psychological/Supernatural Thriller
  69. Beta for Historical Romance
  70. My Own Personal Jesus (writing buddy/mentor)
  71. Looking for a mentor to help with YA story
  72. YA Fantasy, Beta Needed.
  73. Experienced writer/critiquer seeking writing partner in contemporary mainstream literary genre
  74. Writing Accountability Partner Needed
  75. Swallow the Dog
  76. In need of a Beta Reader...I think.
  77. Online Weekly Critique Group/Free writing
  78. Beta wanted for Mirrorrpass, 80k YA SF
  79. 8k word dark fantasy seeks beta readers for hyper-critical crits
  80. Mentor for a YA Historical Romance?
  81. Beta reader needed for MG Novel
  82. Co-Writer for YA
  83. I want writing buddies in korea, seoul
  84. Searching for Anfang
  85. Looking for Beta for 6K SF short story for Q4 WOTF
  86. Looking for beta for in-progress Crime/Tragedy/Family Drama story...
  87. Letter Game buddies
  88. Seeking Beta For A YA Fantasy Novel
  89. Iím Lesbian. I want writing buddies trough online, aspiring writer.
  90. Beta Needed for YA
  91. Writing buddy wanted
  92. [Science Fiction/Fantasy] Beta needed for complete draft, 85,000 words
  93. Seeking writing buddy/critique partner
  94. Looking for a writing mentor
  95. Writing Buddy, are you out there?
  96. Requesting Beta reader(s) for completed novel.
  97. Looking for Beta or a Writing Buddy (I'm willing to swap!)
  98. Beta for Short Story?
  99. If you don't have a life.......
  100. Beta-Swap YA Contemporary
  101. Beta Reader Request, Fantasy
  102. Writing Pal Needed
  103. Please be my writing friend :)
  104. Need Beta for MG Chapter Book - under 10k words
  105. Collaboration-- Anyone Interested?
  106. Beta Reader for 20K-word thriller needed
  107. Newbie Seeks Writing Buddy
  108. looking for a beta reader
  109. Need a writing partner and got an 80K to back it up!
  110. Help - Help - Help (beta reader wanted)
  111. Screenplay Partner/Collaboration
  112. Writing buddy wanted. Can you edit my story?
  113. Would love betas for YA horror
  114. Willing to exchange MS- Mine is about 1000 words
  115. Could use a second pair of eyes on this YA-ish plot opening - willing to trade.
  116. Christian Beta?
  117. Looking for a Beta Reader-- 700-word humor piece
  118. Looking for a Beta (YA Supernatural Novel)
  119. Beta or Beta swap for 82K YA urban fantasy romance
  120. I'm Looking for a few Writing Buddies
  121. Thanks All!
  122. Beta Reader for YA Book 23,000 word
  123. Looking for Beta Readers...
  124. Seeking beta for YA
  125. Beta needed for MG MS 25,000 words
  126. Horror/Dark Fantasy Short Story
  127. I could benfit with a proof reader
  128. Possibly the dumbest question
  129. Seeking beta for fantasy novel...
  130. Beta Request, Fantasy (100k)
  131. Beta for Supernatural YA Romance (with a plot)
  132. YA light sci-fi - Beta Read
  133. Train Wreck Cleaner Upper
  134. Seeking Critique Partners
  135. Looking for Beta Reader(s) for my book
  136. Newbie made beta reader boo-boo
  137. Looking for a writing buddy
  138. Betas wanted: contemporary YA
  139. Beta for Contemporary YA, 70k
  140. Women Lit Beta Reader(s) wanted
  141. Looking for a Beta for a 60 000 word Romantic Suspense
  142. Beta needed for 4,000-word fantasy short story
  143. Professional manuscript review/critique
  144. Editorial help?
  145. At last. Beta Read request of The Destined, YA Fantasy. 75+K
  146. How good is my writing anyway?
  147. Seeking mss. swap - 90K psychological thriller
  148. The Rising-Contemporary YA 42K
  149. beta swap for my 80,000 word paranormal needed
  150. Wanting Beta support while writing - medieval historical novel "Avellyn"
  151. Need crit partners for Romntic Suspense/Paranormal
  152. Seeking Beta for YA fantasy romance suspense
  153. Young Adult 51k
  154. 75k literary romance - beta readers?
  155. Erotic Vampyre Novel Beat Reader Wanted
  156. Looking for a Writing Partner,
  157. Beta for horror short
  158. Seeking Writting Buddy/Mentor Urban Fantasy
  159. Women's Fiction beta needed -
  160. Harsh editor needed
  161. So how do you find / pick a Beta?
  162. Seeking reader for m/m erotic romance novella
  163. YA Fantasy CP
  164. Fantasy partial exchange?
  165. Edgy YA spec fic 45K- need betas
  166. Writting buddy for swap and crit
  167. Beta reader or buddy swap for a gay erotic novel
  168. Looking to swap YA for Beta Read
  169. Looking for a Beta Reader for YA Novel/Series.
  170. Beta reader for a Young Adult(Diverse characters)
  171. Need YA beta
  172. Beta Swap 80k - About a man who can wake up as anyone he wants.
  173. Looking for Writing Buddy, Inspirational Women's Fiction or Romance.
  174. Looking for a Beta for a short piece of women's fiction
  175. looking for beta reader for paranormal suspense
  176. Looking for Beta swap for YA Urban Fantasy, 87,000 words
  177. Beta for Romance w/Sci-Fi
  178. Alpha/beta reader needed for legal nonfiction story
  179. Beta Readers Wanted For Sci Fi WIP
  180. Looking for a beta for my YA
  181. searching musical mum to read PB
  182. Need Beta for YA Psych Thriller (65K)
  183. Seeking a beta reader for my romantic novella (19k)
  184. Looking for a beta who doesn't mind reading rough work
  185. Looking for Middle Grade/Ya writing partners/friends
  186. Looking for beta, first 30 pp of mainstream
  187. Beta reader to tell me if I have something here...
  188. Beta needed for twisted, psychological SF.
  189. Oh Writing Friend, Where Art thou?
  190. Beta wanted: contemp short story, 2700 words.
  191. First and/or Second Chapter Romance Beta/Swap?
  192. Writing partner for crime novel
  193. Beta for YA Romance? [Short Story]
  194. Beta Reader/Swap for YA?
  195. Looking for Beta on 90K YA Paranormal/Dystopian
  196. Need Beta for 82k sci-fi
  197. I. NEED. A.
  198. Beta Reader(s) required for 94,000-word YA Fantasy
  199. Betas for YA Contemporary
  200. Beta for YA Paranormal Romance (with ghosts)
  201. Beta for YA Punk Urban Fantasy
  202. Romantic Suspense: Smoking Gun
  203. Beta Reader for FANTASY [YA] (24K)
  204. Beta for YA Fantasy 70K (swap)
  205. Swap - YA/UF - partial 40-50k
  206. Beta Reader for YA- Fantasy [80k] (Swap)
  207. Writing Buddies wanted (Harry Potter fans?)
  208. Asking someone to review my 3000 word Short story
  209. YA Dystopian/Adventure - 80K - Beta Reader?
  210. why all the YA?
  211. Looking for a mentor
  212. Beta reader for dark fantasy WIP
  213. Beta for Christian fiction
  214. Beta for Romance Series
  215. Beta for Literary Crime Drama
  216. Need Betas for Contemporary YA
  217. YA fantasy betas needed
  218. Need beta for 85K YA Urban Fantasy
  219. Beta Reader/Swap for College-age YA
  220. Beta needed for insane story
  221. Mentor of Destruction
  222. Dark Contemporary YA - Betas wanted.
  223. Beta Needed for Folklore / Historical Fantasy
  224. Beta for Steampunk Fantasy, 78k (swap)
  225. comedy/fantasy beta reader wanted 95k+ words.
  226. Beta Readers?
  227. Beta For 80K Literary Something (Willing to Swap)
  228. Looking for a Beta Buddy/Critique partner
  229. Beta Reader/Critique Partner
  230. SF Novel Beta Reader Wanted
  231. Looking for writing buddies/critique partners
  232. Screenplay Beta Reader
  233. Beta reader or swap for a paranormal thriller
  234. Beta Reader for Urban fantasy, 80k words
  235. Need a Brit crit
  236. Okay, I'm ready for a beta....I think....
  237. Looking for Betas for YA Military Sci-Fi
  238. unfinished book
  239. Looking for Beta for Historical Fiction
  240. Beta for YA Fantasy (swap)
  241. Insert clever title here- Beta/crit buddy/friend? for gentle contemp fantasy
  242. Horror Beta Readers Wanted
  243. Horror Beta Readers Wanted
  244. Beta swap wanted for YA sci-fi thriller
  245. Looking for Beta reader/Crit partner(s) for my Contemporary YA 68k words
  246. US Beta Reader Wanted for 110k sci-fi
  247. Beta for my science fiction romance...of sorts
  248. General beta question - Titles - off-limits?
  249. Zoned YA Contemp/Romance, need beta for first five chapters.
  250. How long should my readers take?