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  1. Any Agent Rejection Stories Here?
  2. I just wonder if it's time to quit.
  3. Editors who don't know what they want
  4. My first real rejection
  5. I was rejected...
  6. I got my first rejection..woohoo!!
  7. Chick Lit?
  8. Rejection about writing....of a more personal flavor
  9. The worst rejection...
  10. Rejection, rejection, rejection....
  11. Are we allowed to say who rejected our query letter?
  12. New Mod
  13. Can I post a success??
  14. Shameless plug
  15. Check out this article
  16. Not exactly sure if I should be encouraged?
  17. How should I take this response?
  18. Interesting rejection
  19. Three big NO's!
  20. mah first rejection!
  21. Oops, sorry!
  22. They only rejected paying for it.
  23. Optimistic rejection
  24. It's not what you say...
  25. Is this rejection a sign of doom or should I go to strip?
  26. Dating, Writing, or Driting Rejection?
  27. My First Rejection
  28. An amazingly positive rejection
  29. Not enough words...rejection
  30. Positive, I think...
  31. Fastest rejection ever!
  32. Punctuation dejection
  33. The Lowly Rejected Writer
  34. The Salesman's Mentailty
  35. Another one
  36. Briefly noted
  37. Arrrgghhh
  38. First rejection
  39. The They-Can-Kill-You-But-They-Can't-Eat-You thread
  40. How do YOU keep track of rejections?
  41. How long is long enough?
  42. Life as a writer...
  43. Hopeful Rejection
  44. Bam Bam Bam!
  45. What does it mean?
  46. 3 in 1 Week
  47. Got another one!
  48. No longer a virgin
  49. Wonderful rejection
  50. I only had to wait an hour
  51. Sending out more before the first replies hit
  52. Geez. Now I remember why I quit writing!
  53. There's no Writers' Analysts' Couch board, is there?
  54. Ripped hide
  55. Another no
  56. You gotta be crazy to want to write...right?
  57. This rejection was better than most of my acceptances
  58. Since I haven't run out of agents yet
  59. Life-long Fear Realized
  61. I'm so rejected I'll never get A Rejection.
  62. Public Humiliation
  63. Got a nibble
  64. Kindest cuts?
  65. My First rejection by an agent. What do you think? Form letter?
  66. it's a small thing...
  67. My first "Dear Author"
  68. Encouragement?? Or otherwise?
  69. Pity Party
  70. Rejections before acceptions
  71. :(-rejected. :)- next!
  72. Just another vent (sigh)
  73. The Pre-rejection thread
  74. Stop papering your walls with refection letters!
  75. Unhappy rejection:(
  76. Rejected? Post the Rejection!
  77. My self-pitying rejection slip rant
  78. My pre-rejection thread must have brought good karma thread
  79. What do you make of this?
  80. ''. . . and don't come back!''
  81. Kind of down
  82. The Worst Kind...
  83. ''We're sorry but your manuscript is too long for a 32-page picture book.''
  84. Oh good. The best thing I have is pornographic and unmarketable
  85. Sometimes, you have to keep reminding yourself. . .
  86. This just in...
  87. After numerous rejections, it only takes 1 to turn things around
  88. Suitable for framing. . .
  89. Ramblings on rejection...
  90. 6 Months later ......Rejected by AGENT
  91. Argh
  92. I don't like being rejected by assistants
  93. Hi, all
  94. One hundred percent rejected
  95. Query letter--something unconventional
  96. Ouch
  97. Fastest Rejection I've Ever Recieved
  98. didn't even get rejected - just silence
  99. Give a hug today!
  100. Here. Maybe this will help.
  101. First literary agent rejection
  102. I wonder
  103. Worst rejection ever
  104. Feeling Rejected!
  105. Wow...harshness
  106. Un-fan letter
  107. I'm not sure they even read it...
  108. Worse than a rejection
  109. Was I rejected?
  110. Rejected and Dejected: All I wanted to do was go to grad school
  111. need another hug
  112. Chewing the fat
  113. Best Rejection Ever
  114. A one-two punch
  115. I don't mind rejections so much..
  116. You're going to need some cheese to go along with this much whine
  117. Too much verve?
  118. Post 'em if you got 'em: Favorite rejections
  119. The Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
  120. How much does a little feedback cost?
  121. Don't you hate it when...
  122. How do some books get published?
  123. Three in one day!
  124. Had to turn something down...
  125. Rejection Theory
  126. Is this snotty?
  127. Ceased publication!
  128. I need chocolate
  129. Rejection Letter Today
  130. Doom, gloom & unfixable despair
  131. Don't lose hope!
  132. My rejection from Adams
  133. I mucked up
  134. I feel like an idiot
  135. Took my first real HIT today
  136. Want to hear something that will really burn your butt?
  137. I got Rejected
  138. Hi, I just want to sit and cry. Is that ok?
  139. The Most Horrible Rejection of All
  140. My first non-form rejection!
  141. Call from Woman's Day and then...
  142. Just received a lovely R in the email
  143. Online needlepoint
  144. Waiting's even worse (warning: rant)
  145. Rejected because of arrogance?
  146. Just Kidding Myself?
  147. Shoulder to cry on
  148. Bummer......
  149. My Fave Rejection Story
  150. Celebrating his first rejection
  151. Gotta love this one . . .
  152. i'm just not sure I'm up to this
  153. "You're trying too hard to be the new E. B. White. . .
  154. Brought down by Susan Schulman
  155. Just received this from GlimmerTrain...
  156. The Offical "Uh-Uh" from CR Press
  157. What do you do with them all?
  158. My first R
  159. Anyone re-query an agent/publisher?
  160. Good and Original
  161. Well meaning "friend."
  162. Your main character is a hedonist and a preditor! o_O
  163. Not enough submissions
  164. Darnit! Help me decifer this?
  165. Writing for TV
  166. Critique Your Rejection
  167. Good, bad, or normal?
  168. So close I could... #@*&[email protected]&
  169. It's probably a form rejection but...
  170. Keep Hope Alive
  171. You wanna know what really pisses me off?
  172. Ever heard of this?
  173. Disappointing Situation
  174. Is this a standard response?
  175. I don't think this is form.
  176. Madness
  177. Not Sure How to Take This . . .
  178. How would ED WOOD handle this rejection?
  179. grumpy and in need of chocolate...
  180. Serving Chocolate and Regrouping....
  181. Superstitions for luck?
  182. I just blew my one and only chance of getting a book published...
  183. If you are going to reject something, atleast make sense.
  184. Another rejection; what else is new?
  185. Discouraged before Rejection
  186. Talking About Rejection
  187. Inability to Submit
  188. Started the after-holiday week off with a rejection!
  189. Waiting to be rejected
  191. Woe Es Me
  192. Non-responders!
  193. Replying to Rejection
  194. Getting colder
  195. Well, poop....
  196. My first rejection!
  197. Learning from Rejection
  198. Full MS rejection
  199. How does this rejection thing work?
  200. Wow, that was fast!!!
  201. How Soon Should I Get My Hopes Up?
  202. I am now oficially a "reject"
  203. Is This Code For "You Suck?"
  204. Sweet Rejection
  205. NY and back in 7 days!
  206. Not a winner
  207. rejected and yet still going
  208. Such a nice rejection...
  209. Rejection philosophies?
  210. Almost an acceptance!
  211. No more excuses - got my U.S. stamps (for SASE)
  212. Comic relief from rejection
  213. First Official Rejection...
  214. WooHoo! I finally got a rejection!
  215. every stinking day...
  217. Cracking the agent code
  218. Discouraging Rejection
  220. Piper's Ash
  221. this one ticked me off!
  222. I so want to quit now...
  223. Some good news after a sea of rejections
  224. Consistency? Please?
  225. I bring you good tidings of great joy!
  226. Rejection: an editor's view
  227. Wah! Rejection again!
  228. Ouch!
  229. Got one who accepted my query!
  230. First Rejection for Novel
  231. Why'd you send the manuscript back?
  232. HO HUM...
  233. Poor me!
  234. A rejection for the rejectors: It will make you happy
  235. Highlights For Children rejection...
  236. Polite rejection?
  237. got my rejection today...
  238. Postive rejection...
  239. Another one for me.
  240. I received my 2,128th rejection letter yesterday.
  241. Today: My First Rejection!
  242. take what I can get, I reckon
  243. Confidence
  244. My First Rejection
  245. My First Rejection Letter
  246. I got my first rejection and didn't cry!
  247. woo-hooo
  248. "Charming"
  249. Who are we? Where are we going? Why are we not published?
  250. Is a bird in the hand REALLY worth two in the bush?