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  1. Excuse This Rant
  2. Made a bad typo/formatting error, so now I'm doomed.
  3. How do I correct this? Error
  4. August purgatory
  5. Revise and Resubmit from editor
  6. Fizzle, fizzle, pop!
  7. Even more Revise and Resubmit woes
  8. What if my book isn't publishable?
  9. I hear the first is the worst
  10. Don't you hate it when...
  11. Should I bend or . . .
  12. It just didn't grab me...
  13. How Do You Know
  14. Cut out adult portions & make my novel a YA?
  15. Anyone else suffering from excessive pride?
  16. i'm starting to feel like my hobby is getting rejected...
  17. Purgy Brainstorming Powers ACTIVATE!!!
  18. First Rejection
  19. The thing I hated most about my submission experiences
  20. Agent rejection letters
  21. My Last Rejection Letter Inspired Me
  23. Amanda McKittrick Ros--my hero
  24. Where has the passion gone....
  25. Foreign Rights
  26. I haven't be on in a LONG time...
  27. Headbanging
  28. Stats Don't Add Up
  29. Weary of Rejection
  30. Close...but not quite
  31. Why don't people post their actual rejections?
  32. Post Agent Dilemma
  33. Heads Up, TV Moguls!
  34. Worth the stamps
  35. On Hold?
  36. I'm crushed...and my husband doesn't get it.
  37. I'm Getting Discouraged...
  38. How do I get my mind off of this crap?
  39. "Please respond only if interested."
  40. When do you know your query sucks?
  41. Does the country you live in make a difference?
  42. When do you say enough is enough
  43. Jane Yolen gets rejected?
  44. Who is this Jerk? - Tales from the Slush Pile
  45. Research the Agent - What does that mean?
  46. Contemplating a renewal of submissions
  47. Contradictive Response
  48. Famous writer's story of Rejection
  49. AW New Year's Resolutions
  50. Ranting About Rejection...or anything else for that matter
  51. Getting Past the Initial Rejection
  52. Mass rejection -- anyone else?
  53. Rejected because of my Effed up timeline
  54. Pet Peeve: When No Reply Means No Interest
  55. Precisest Form
  56. Do you think they forgot about me?
  57. flashback . . .
  58. Crossroads
  60. How do you keep going?
  61. Rejected on a Full (I just don't get it)
  62. When do you trunk it?
  63. Something annoying about my latest rejection
  64. "The Call"
  65. Agent says "We're still alive"
  66. If you like it so much why the rejection letter?
  67. Am I interpreting this right?
  68. Taking a single rejection too hard
  69. 2 agents 1 agency
  70. Is it ever OK to call an agent?
  71. Unable to post in QLH sub-forum; any idea why?
  72. Ever had wild "mood swings" about your WIP?
  73. Chicken House/Times Children's Fiction comp 2011
  74. Frustration }:(
  75. Any success stories with direct-to-publisher submissions?
  76. From Submission to Rejection
  77. Is this a common thing for agents to do?
  78. Most extensive rewrite?
  79. Rejections, or rather lack of
  80. Generic Rejections?
  81. Any idea about ratios?
  82. frustrated
  83. Really confused by negative feedback
  84. snowballing...
  85. Going insane!!!
  86. Best rejection evah
  87. To nudge or not to nudge? That's my question, folks!
  88. Nothing I write is commercially viable
  89. Songs That Cheer You Up?
  90. The Waiting is the Hardest Part...
  91. Which kind of rejection is worse?
  92. When to Quit?
  93. Rejection in 5 words :o)
  94. Side Effects of Waiting
  95. Average Number of Rejections?
  96. Bit of a letdown.
  97. BEST and most oddly specific rejection EVER
  98. Nice rejection (Your feelings about it)
  99. What is wait time to hear from Agent
  100. Worst Reviews Ever - A Compendum
  101. How Many Novels Does It Take?
  102. My Heart Isn't In It Anymore...
  103. Agencies to Avoid
  104. How To Get Rejected from a Magazine FOREVER
  105. I just have to say...
  106. My Fave rejectioon thus far...
  107. The First R
  108. I've had a rough week...
  109. Got my first rejection.
  110. R&R
  111. wait length
  112. How to know when to throw in the towel?
  113. Am I reading too much into this, or is this something I should pay attention to?
  114. Anyone With a Crystal Ball?
  115. Seeing the same thing over and over and over...
  116. Gerard Jones and Inspiration
  117. Pass or Fail?
  118. R&R- Nee Opinion
  119. Got a rejection today
  120. At about 130 agents now
  121. Looking for verbiage from Chizine form rejection
  122. Word Weeders
  123. What does this mean? (story rejection)
  124. it burns it burns!
  125. Group Hug...
  126. Losing Hope
  127. On moving on
  128. Query sent to WRONG agent!
  129. After so many weeks...
  130. The Negative Square Root of One Circle of Hell
  131. Asimovs ....wow they're holding it!
  132. Can You Crack the Code?
  133. From agent to publisher... how long can you wait?
  134. Anyone had this happen?
  135. Orphaned
  136. Question about agents rejections
  137. The help author talks about her book being rejected
  138. holy six hour rejection, batman...
  139. Disappointing Review
  140. Abandoning an intended series
  141. My One Star Review
  142. The Best Possible Way to Handle a Rejection Letter
  143. That's not the title of my story, but yeah...
  144. Rejection Frenzy: Despair and Hopelessness
  145. Do as I say, not as I do....
  146. Bad Kind of Famous
  147. How anticlimatic
  148. Rejections that make you happy! (I'm serious)
  149. Rookie Mistake
  150. You know you've been querying too long, when...
  151. Snatching rejection from the jaws of publication
  152. Does everyone get an inbox full of rejections
  153. Ultimate rejection
  154. So when DO you give up?
  155. Revisiting an old friend
  156. help me regroup
  157. rejectionwiki.com
  158. Deleted
  159. My Email's Auto-Format :(
  160. Twiddling my thumbs . . .
  161. Hope is lost...
  162. Your Submission Status
  163. Purgatory's SPit Shine
  164. Handling that first Rejection
  165. . [content removed]
  166. First "it's too similar" rejection
  167. shattered ego
  168. queries by e-mail
  169. Length of query letters
  170. Multiple agent offers, no sale club
  171. First rejection, back-handed praise, not sure how to feel
  172. Proofreading
  173. The "Silent treatment," explained
  174. Charlie Brown never got to kick that football
  175. Feeling slightly crushed
  176. Too fast response.
  177. I sent my query to the wrong Mary.
  178. Is there a place for my novel?
  179. Totally Jinxed It
  180. Rethinking No Answer Means No
  181. 2 Apple Store Hiring Events + 1 one-on-one interview =
  182. Left at the altar???
  183. Rejection Speed Record
  184. The Oldest Rejection?
  185. Kinda missing my daily rejection emails. Is that bad?
  186. In response to rejections...
  187. When is it time to redo your query letter?
  188. In the Twilight's Zone
  189. Rollercoaster Rejection
  190. Oh for Pete's sake....
  191. How to check agent response times?
  192. Anyone else experience this?
  193. Weird Tales plays publisher hot potatoe again...
  194. Over before it started...
  195. Length of query letters
  196. What Was Your Last Discouraging Comment?
  197. Difficulty Selling YA Dystopians
  198. Rejection Lull season?
  199. 6th Not-So Annual Purgy Mash-Up
  200. QueryTracker Psychosis
  201. Close But No Cigar
  202. I used to be upset that no agent picked me up...
  203. Record for number per day
  204. Follow up to silence?
  205. Today I am thankful for . . .
  206. Nudge?
  207. Bad Writing
  208. Deciphering Rejections
  209. :( Trunked it.
  210. Next Day Rejection
  211. Doing the rejecting
  212. 1st Rejection - Etiquette Question
  213. The Nth Query Round
  214. Rejected for a writing job because I'm a woman :| Should I protest it?
  215. Acceptance+No Reply=Rejection?
  216. Can anyone tell me what this means?
  217. Help with a Rejection Please
  218. Query Letter Futility
  219. Question on Agent's message
  220. Pity Party- Table for One
  221. Poor little local me
  222. Diversity Rejection
  223. Why Rejection Slips Don't Hurt My Feelings
  224. A Good Rejection
  225. What To Do With A Bruised Ego
  226. My onion layers are peeling away!
  227. The Waiting Game
  228. The dubious trifecta!
  229. Still no positive replies
  230. When's it time to give up?
  231. A decisive question
  232. HELP!
  233. The drunk/whiny thread brought to you by so last year's dreamer
  234. Andromeda Spaceways Rejection
  235. My discovery: self-publishing NOT a cure for rejection
  236. Email Queries. The Death of the Query Letter?
  237. It's Terrible. It's Not Mine, But It's Terrible.
  238. Even form Rs are better than silence!
  239. The Number
  240. Rejection Haiku
  241. What do you do when you've done several interviews and an editor rejects the piece?
  242. Revise & Resubmit Hell
  243. Great query letter but...
  244. File This Under Wow....
  245. Modest Milestone
  246. The No News is No News Purgatory Thread, Vol. 7
  247. Tough Love
  248. I think it's time to throw in the towel
  249. Wondering if this is really a rejection
  250. sad to drop my agent.