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  1. The 1st Annual Great Purgatory Mash-Up
  2. 0 for 17, trying for 34!
  3. I'm Confused
  4. -sigh-
  5. Felicia Eth
  6. Purgy Blog Roll Call
  7. The Land of Pause
  8. How Long Do You Give It
  9. Ok......I need drugs!
  10. New story rejected again.
  11. How to lose friends and alienate agents
  12. ARGH!!!!! Sooooo close...
  13. Guess I'll Go and Eat Some Worms
  14. It feels like a sucker punch, and I'm the sucker.
  15. Full manuscript rejection
  16. Casualty of a Merger. (Or, "NOOOOOO!!!!")
  17. The Quickest Ways Get Rejections
  18. 2nd Non-Annual Great Purgy Mash-UP
  19. Decoding rejection
  20. should I give up?
  21. How Do You Deal?
  22. This word you keep using...
  23. All things literary
  24. My First Rejection (Moved from novels)
  25. Dear Agent: If it's been 8 months...
  26. Resubmitting rejected manuscripts, rewritten
  27. Creeping Doubt
  28. 6-8 Weeks? Really? It's and/or I'm disturbed.
  29. Five stages of querying grief
  30. My rejection letter is not spam!
  31. Rejection comments (Moved from Novels)
  32. Dejection: $5 typo
  33. Rejection letter decoding.
  34. About.com rejection Appeal?
  35. Feeling SO Down...
  36. Compared to other careers....
  37. Echoing Leigh and then some
  38. The WORST part of a rejection is...
  39. Summer slump?
  40. Does anyone else feel this way?
  41. Positive rejection if there is such a thing +?
  42. Grounds for Rejection
  43. pulling my hair out
  44. Is there such a thing as a generic query?
  45. 2 Editor rejections
  46. How Do You Deal With "Authoritis"
  47. Forced to give up :(
  48. Fifty rejections now. &*!@
  49. Did I fail?
  50. The First Rejection
  51. Feedback that misses the mark
  52. Have had a lot of trouble getting myself to write.
  53. 82,000 words is too short?
  54. My first rejection! Woo-hoo!!! Form letter?
  55. Talk about trying to be spiteful (OT)
  56. The "You're Very Close But This is Still a Rejection" Rejection
  57. Breathing Life Back in the Dead
  58. I must keep my chin held high
  59. After a small fortune and a month
  60. Bad Day -.-
  61. still feeling the sting of mostly-impersonal rejection
  62. oh well...
  63. Maybe I should quit this stupid writing obsession.
  64. a discouraging 'encouraging' rejection
  65. The longest R I've ever seen!
  66. When Impatience Spawns Bad Poetry
  67. Not that I've been checking my e-mail every 5 minutes or anything...
  68. a moment to vent about a lack of support
  69. The novelty has officially worn off.
  70. Agent wants to sub to US houses... but I'm British!
  71. Request-induced dilemma
  72. Words from a literary agent - Decoding the rejection
  73. Break all the pens
  74. My favorite way to be rejected
  75. The Ultimate Rejection
  76. Third Great Purgy Mash-Up
  77. Second rejection, but still going strong :)
  78. Rejection without a rejection.
  79. All you have to do is play the game...
  80. Bad Contest
  81. another rejection
  82. Hey, I'm Way Behind!
  83. Feeling a little disheartened
  84. Slumpy The Writer Killer
  85. Rejection after Full Requests
  86. Can I take it for what it is worth
  87. So on the theory that there aren't any stupid questions...
  88. Unsettling...
  89. Ever been rejected due to your writing?
  90. How many rejections do you expect for every partial/full request?
  91. Hm
  92. In retrospect I'd have to say...
  93. Well, that's that...and not what I expected...
  94. Is this where the pep talk is?
  95. The Waiting Game
  96. Who else feels more at home here?
  97. Don't lose hope...
  98. Wordy, much?
  99. OK, that one hurt.
  100. Expecting the worst...
  101. my resilient mojo
  102. Fast Turnaround
  103. I has a wangst
  104. I knew this would happen ....
  105. The Hardest One Yet (The Aftershock)
  106. Perhaps In My Next Life...
  107. I keep on comin' back for more...
  108. Ten things about rejection
  109. Irene Goodman critique auction
  110. Does waiting feel like rejection?
  111. Quitting?
  112. Shelved.
  113. My MC's voice is not ideal
  114. Thought I'd share this interesting rejection
  115. Just not the agent for you...
  116. Proposing a New Kind of Form Rejection
  117. Ever feel... trapped?
  118. 2009 in Review
  119. When does 'perseverance' become 'stubborness'?
  120. Where to go from here
  121. My First Rejection
  123. Winter Solace
  124. The Tenth Circle
  125. The Empty Inbox
  126. Feeling Really Let Down
  127. What happens to old Manuscripts
  128. My Post Rejection Coping Includes
  129. Response Times
  130. Rejection! Hurrah!
  131. This is actually a question (combined with a rant)
  132. Word Count Woes
  133. Better Offer
  134. First Rejection on a Full
  135. Nasty agents - why?
  136. The Rejection Game! :)
  137. First submission in two years
  138. Double Shot of Rejection
  139. Positive Rejections
  140. It's almost worse...
  141. Form Rejection on Full
  142. How do YOU deal with rejection?
  143. Need a pick-me-up
  144. Jealousy
  145. How many Rs until you trunk?
  146. Bad week
  147. 4th Not-So-Annual Purgy Mash-Up!
  148. Form rejection on an eight dollar query...
  149. Just lost my agent.
  150. There's something that just stings about this...
  151. I think I need someone to tell me it's done
  152. Rejection predictions.
  153. Rock bottom
  154. Woes of Streessed Writers waiting on Professional Editors
  155. Need reassurance, pretty please?
  156. A non-rejection?
  157. A rejection that made me laugh
  158. I feel like my writing is horrible
  159. Please help me refocus. I'm very, very tired.
  160. Should I just buckle down and do a rewrite?
  161. Worst Review Ever
  162. How many Rs before you retool a query?
  163. Broke up with my agent
  164. Purgatoryisms
  165. how long did you try before giving up?
  166. Should I submit?
  167. Questions about Rejection
  168. Revise and Resubmit
  169. Going back to querying after an exclusive
  170. Time to call it an R?
  171. A rejection letter.
  172. 11 Full MS rejections and counting
  173. Really struggling...with the rewrite...urge to bang head to wall....
  174. Pretty awful week
  175. Wow (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Reviews)
  176. A second chance?
  177. Am I reading too much into this?
  178. Birthday blues.
  179. The hard question
  180. Whine whine moan moan...
  181. Rejected and have to give up my grant.
  182. First Query Rejection
  183. Forms vs E-mail
  184. Positive Rejection
  185. YA agents
  186. Rejection Dilemma
  187. Offer After Revisions
  188. Best Short Stories On Artistic Frustration/Rejection?
  189. Rejection -- hard?
  190. What's the hardest you've fallen?
  191. Form rejections and when to revise
  192. The Daily Rejection
  193. Some Chicken Soup and revelations
  194. This is unfair
  195. I. Want. To. QUERY!
  196. Tired of waiting.
  197. Rejection Haiku. Feel free to add your own.
  198. What book publishing and applying for a job at the Apple Store have in common
  199. What to do when the problem is You?
  200. when do you give up?
  201. Obsessive Email Checkers
  202. Second Novel Syndrome
  203. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
  204. Unagented
  205. *sigh*
  206. Rejection makes me smile?
  207. Who took the f'in' P out of my synopsis!!!
  208. The dangers of too much rejection.
  209. If only wishes were fishes...
  210. Greasy Little (Insert Swear Word Of Choice Here)!
  211. First rejection :) :) :)
  212. Major balls-up :( :( :( :(
  213. 5th Sorta Annual Purgy Mash-Up!
  214. 1st Rejection-BooHoo
  215. my writing stinks
  216. How many rejections does it take to get the point across?
  217. The biggest R you can get
  218. I received my first rejection today and I'm ready for more!
  219. Done
  220. The Forntunate Fall
  221. First full rejection...
  222. My first rejection: I find it funny that I'm cool with it
  223. Do you ever feel like your the world's worst writer?
  224. Love Everything About The Book But Not Connected
  225. Alright, Guys
  226. I can do this!
  227. Well, I like to think I have a great story and query letter.
  228. complete resignation
  229. Should I give up?
  230. Take a break or keep plodding through and writing . . . and getting nowhere?
  231. Unsold: The Close But No Cigar Thread
  232. A new personal record
  233. Serendipitous Rejection.
  234. GAH!!!!!!! Dejection
  235. Time to scrap?
  236. Ever think requerying is okay?
  237. Give up dreams of being published?
  238. File Sharers -- THIEVES! BAGGINSES!
  239. Feed me hope
  240. Agents and rejections...my thoughts
  241. What's the worst comment you've had to overcome?
  242. About.com "Guides"
  244. Translation request
  245. Aww man. Can someone throw me a bone?
  246. Boy, when it rains it pours rejections ...
  247. Should I send another synopsis?
  248. Curious - how many rejections did you get before
  249. Griping
  250. Rite of passage or just mark of idiocy?