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  1. This ever happen to you?
  2. Agents that can't read
  3. Not Sure What Makes Me Feel Worse
  4. are there two types of writer?
  5. Do you have a rejection ritual?
  6. This is getting embarrassing
  7. Odds of getting published
  8. Four Minute Query Rejection
  9. Put it in a Drawer
  10. I talked to the agents...
  11. Editors coming back to work?
  12. For the un-agented amongst us....
  13. How much sense does THIS make?!
  14. Rejection Burn
  15. "'ve read worse"
  16. Decoding the agent's coded rejection
  17. 27 rejections and losing faith
  18. 10 years of lyric, comic book, technical article, and of other writing; my conclusion
  19. Revision vent! What would you do?
  20. I got my first rejection
  21. a "good" rejection?
  22. Is interesting and intriguing the new form of rejection?
  23. Don't know what to do...
  24. Rejection on a long-awated Father's Day Greeting that was a possibility of acceptance
  25. where has my motivation gone?
  26. My latest rejections
  27. Michelle Andelman!!! Oh No!
  28. On my way
  29. Another rejection
  30. It stings when......
  31. Rejection and a Question
  32. I've had it with this B.S.
  33. Alas, my time has come...
  34. Concept: Saw meets Snow White
  35. I'm as good as P.G. Wodehouse!! (But still rejected...)
  36. what am I doing wrong???
  37. Need help
  38. And another one has died.
  39. Good or Bad?
  40. First Publishing House rejection.
  41. Playing the waiting game again (can you feel my pain)
  42. The 'I Rejected an Agent Today' Thread...
  43. Who is actually reading queries at the agencies?
  44. 2 for 2
  45. I just rejected myself
  47. Publishing and Calvinball
  48. First Agent Rejection
  49. Escape From My Job
  50. Form rejections...
  51. Sisyphus
  52. I hate this!
  53. Another interesting rejection letter
  54. Unable to attract an agent
  55. Two internet rejections on a holiday ...
  56. Rejection and figure skating
  57. Woe is me...
  58. A Positive Rejection
  59. The "Stamp" Rejection
  60. the "no response" rejection
  61. The worst thing ever
  62. How useful how you found rejections?
  63. when is no news just stringing you along
  64. One Rejection
  65. If I get a "Yes"...
  66. I Suck
  67. I'm Scared
  68. Anyone have any lemon juice....
  69. Querying Two Projects at the Same Time
  70. Two rejections recieved in one day
  71. How long should I wait?
  72. Ever have rejections with obvious grammar errors?
  73. Publishing and the economy
  74. "It wasn't for me"
  75. Rejected by four editors at once.
  76. Three year stock taking
  77. Interpret this agent's words for me
  78. Social Phobia and Writing
  79. Snail Mail Rejection
  80. Confusion about Query
  81. Let the queries roll................
  82. Writing Style Confusing
  83. Aw, Nuts! Five Months on a Short Story?
  84. The Reekonomy
  85. thank you notes
  86. First rejection ever last night...
  87. Yet another rejection....
  88. Encouraging Dad sayings...........
  89. Worst rejection you've ever had?
  90. what do you think of this rejection letter?
  91. No response
  92. How to restore the "writing fire"
  93. When to quit the search for an agent?
  94. Dear Contributor:
  95. Here I Go Again...dang it....
  96. what kind of a pep talk do you give yourself?
  97. Oh No! Doubt!!!
  98. Such pretty letterhead...
  99. Feeling Pathetic
  100. Peer Support
  101. A lovely rejection.
  102. Can someone give me...
  103. The last few inches...
  104. "I'm sorry to have to pass on this project"
  105. Why do some agents take SO long to reply?
  106. An Agents Guidelines
  107. I suck worse
  108. Been Laid Off. Time to give this writing thing a go? Any Advice?
  109. Maybe I am going about this wrong?
  110. My first partial rejection
  111. A thoughtful Christmas present.
  112. Agent rejections
  113. Another year draws to a close
  114. For the agented - how many rejections?
  115. she loved it...but, no
  116. Agents back to work?
  117. How to fire your agent?
  118. Whoohoo!!
  119. The Rejected Quarterly takes nothing but rejected stories
  120. my first rejection for 2009
  121. Resubmitting a manuscript
  122. I find this incredibly annoying. You?
  123. I thought I had an agent...
  124. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  125. The difference between BIG agencies and SMALL agencies?
  126. A personalized rejection
  127. I got my first rejection!
  128. I'm giving up writing.
  129. I'm done
  130. Interesting Rejection
  131. My query letter :(
  132. Beware new editors
  133. How is THIS for a downer?
  134. Considering stopping this ridiculous dream of mine
  135. Am I in the club?
  136. Haven't been rejected, but...
  137. finding it hard to fight the blues...
  138. Okay, NOW I've been rejected.
  139. so this is where to come!!
  140. should I move on?
  141. Query another agent?
  142. Easy Come, Easy Go
  143. First Query, First Rejection
  144. Typo... snif
  145. The Positive Side of Rejections
  146. I'm actually feeling rather positive
  147. Personal or Form Rejection?
  148. Need advice
  149. Form Rejection Disguised as Personal Flattery
  150. Status Querying Poll
  151. Weird: A Manuscript makes it to the editor then....nuttin' happened....Your thoughts?
  152. QUESTION: Email Agent Queries: No response means no? Or query got spam filtered?
  153. Status Query
  154. I had to laugh. Why I don't know ...
  155. One of the nicer rejections I've ever gotten
  156. At least they got back to me
  157. A good rejection?
  158. Is this a form rejection on a partial?
  159. Five rejections on one article, so far...
  160. A very nice and flattering rejection. It's a rejection, nonetheless.
  161. I know I'll be rejected; when should/can I resubmit
  162. A Dream Dies
  163. Back up your work!!!
  164. Encouragement of sorts
  165. That's the end of everything... I give up!
  166. After many Rs, I changed my opening. Feel like reading it?
  167. Probably a R form but...
  168. First personal rejection
  169. Another positive rejection. Then again, it's still a rejection
  170. Every "no" is that much closer to a "yes"
  171. Purgatory's Pit of Doom
  172. The Art of Patience
  173. How many queries to send??
  174. Why do you continue to write?
  175. What do you do with your email rejections?
  176. My First Rejection Letter
  177. First Rejection of the Year
  178. Inspired by Reluctant Artist's thread
  179. Fastest rejection ever!
  180. Personalized Rejection
  181. 'Every sperm is sacred and every rejection has a silver lining' ibid
  182. What do I do now?
  183. I Hate When They Do This
  184. this is why I am quitting
  185. Confirmations
  186. Post Midnight Querying
  187. Keep your voices down...
  188. 3 Month Rule
  189. Struggling
  190. Overcoming Faith Crisis: How Do You Rediscipline Yourself?
  191. Is Publishing in Paralysis?
  192. Is there a Jack Daniels or Cuervo House of Pain?
  193. Unprofessional Rejection
  194. my first rejection letter
  195. If we ever needed proof that it's all subjective...
  196. New R&D Thread? : Waxing madly, eloquently about our predicament
  197. Ghost submissions!
  198. I need a logline
  199. What went wrong?!
  200. Reminds me of puberty
  201. Rejection angst!
  202. Amazon rejected me
  203. My first ever rejection... yay!
  204. Need Advice
  205. Etiquette questions
  206. When to throw in the towel
  207. Can someone put my mind at ease about this?
  208. Dang.
  209. News Flash! This business is HARD!
  210. Ah, the Smell of Rejection in the Morning
  211. My very first
  212. What do YOUR rejection letters say?
  213. Dejection without rejection... lost in limbo
  214. I want to know but I dont want to know!
  215. The moment when you know a "BUT" is coming
  216. My stats, what are yours?
  217. Somehow, I'm OK...
  218. this is the hundreth time
  219. Grrr...
  220. Milestone - my first rejection letter!
  221. Newbie Sharing His Rejections
  222. Bleh.
  223. Rejection again lol.
  224. Can't take it any more!!
  225. Rejections are not so bad
  226. Looking abroad for publication
  227. Boy, what a rejection week...
  228. 2 Minute Rejection!
  229. know of a website that lists pub houses that take unsolicited MS subs?
  230. Well that explains a lot...
  231. Query madness.
  232. When to Quit?
  233. So what are you doing today to encourage yourself?
  234. How do interpret agent feedback?
  235. My sneaky wife...
  236. Disconcerting moment at a book signing
  237. The Ultimate Insult
  238. After Rejections... Time to Podcast?
  239. lots of impersonal rejections
  240. What do you do...
  241. Revise and resubmit
  242. This seems a little strange
  243. Rejected
  244. Getting Noticed
  245. Rejected but Encouraged
  246. This one was really good.
  247. Describe your emotional rollercoaster.
  248. What the heck does that mean?
  249. Goldilocks syndrome
  250. When Your Eyes Glaze Over...