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  1. R&R Purgatory
  2. Fewer agents requesting fulls and partials
  3. Rejection and Doubt
  4. Good news! Book deals DO happen!
  5. When You Can't Sell It But Everyone Else Can
  6. What has been the impact of rejection on your view of writing, publishing, and the future?
  7. Today I gave up
  8. My Rejection Journey
  9. What Drives You to Seek Trade Publishing?
  10. How many rejections before success?
  11. Say My Name
  12. I feel like a failure
  13. The numbers game
  14. FML Feeling Rejected
  15. Ouch
  16. It's so hard to have any faith in my query
  17. Offer of rep
  18. New Sticky: Editors and Agents on Rejection
  19. Rejected by my kids' school
  20. What do to about slander in your book reviews
  21. Rejected from all MFA programs
  22. Distinguishing where I'm going wrong
  23. I just feel like all my ideas are completely unmarketable
  24. Standard Rejection/Short Story Submissions
  25. When, after your first round of queries, do you begin to despair?
  26. Permanently Overshadowed (Or, Klatchian Coffee Overdose)
  27. Nothing to Say (Or, Know-Nothing Know-It-All)
  28. Suggestions please?
  29. Who do you query?
  30. Marketing Struggles?
  31. R&R quandary
  32. Got a good rejection today