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  1. Worries about query request rates
  2. "I believe that if you can pull off the above advice, you have a really strong chance"
  3. "Sounds Interesting but I'm Swamped" - New Type of Form Rejection?
  4. The Rejections I Deserve
  5. Query Letter "Tense" and "Direction"
  6. Taking the Pi$$
  7. What do you usually do with rejected manuscript?
  8. Stung by bizarre workshop rejection
  9. Advice please: do I wait forever?
  10. When is the time right?
  11. rejected and feeling a strange (misplaced) optimism(?)
  12. Sent out 15 queries and no read requests, but feeling good
  13. Do you change your style?
  14. Tor.com's very burst-y response times
  15. Business Decision is best approach to queries
  16. All I can do is laugh
  17. Shane
  18. Two Positive Rejections (?)
  19. Snap Rejections (Or; Wow, That Was Quick!)
  20. Kid's book Banned by Direct2Digital and SmashWords
  21. The Next Circle of Hell, Vol. 2
  22. Just Need To Rant A Little
  23. The Daily Rejection, Vol. 2
  24. How to prepare for rejection?
  25. Oh, the pain!
  26. Detailed Rejections?
  27. How much rejection is too much?
  28. How do you keep motivated?
  29. You'd Think I'd Learn....
  30. Even in my dreams I don't get accepted...
  31. Is this short story rejection form?
  32. I couldn't make this up
  33. I've done everything wrong
  34. Help for Rejection and Criticism
  35. The Mystery of Mixed Messages
  36. How long should a Revise and Resubmit like this take?
  37. Rejection letters have left me believing my MS won't be picked up.....
  38. Here's to the things that shouldn't have been queried.
  39. Depression?
  40. Contemplating submitting and querying again.
  41. Rejection after sending query
  42. Sweet spot: After submission, before rejection!
  43. What should I make of this rejection?
  44. How many rejections until i get worried?!
  45. What does this rejection mean?
  46. A Helpful Rejection
  47. Do agents really care if the novel is poorly written as long as the story is unique and interesting?
  48. Have you gotten conflicting rejections?
  49. What to make of form Rs on fulls?
  50. The Beauty of a Pen Name
  51. The Breakup Rejection Letter
  52. Someone asked me what it takes to get a novel published...
  53. Query letters shouldn't be so important
  54. Agents not responding to nudge for offer of rep.
  55. Form rejection?
  56. Not sure if hard work is enough...
  57. Still Trying; New Rewrite
  58. I just got a rejection
  59. Another Positive Rejection
  60. You know that feeling...
  61. I got a rejection!
  62. I got my first rejection
  63. Rejection #2
  64. To Query or Not To Query
  65. Afraid Of Rejection
  66. Giving up is not an option
  67. How many attempts is too many?
  68. Friend Love . . . But Not Agents?
  69. Book of Rejection
  70. Learn the Publisher's Preferences and Prejudices
  71. Query Rounds
  72. Doesn't connect with the voice - form reject?
  73. Well, that was harsh...
  74. Query Response Time (Children's Picture Book)
  75. Worst book rejection not from a literary agent
  76. The Last Time I was Rejected
  77. How many passes before a book deal?
  78. Just reached a milestone...
  79. Losing Passion for the Project
  80. The threshod standard
  81. Dead Air After Requests
  82. Simultaneous Submissions
  83. JK Rowling's Rejection Letters
  84. Newbie question: Would you post a less than stellar review from Kirkus?
  85. Nudging Timeline
  86. The New Journey Beings
  87. Should I feel encouraged by this?
  88. Got the deep, dark rejection blues
  89. Using Reverse Psychology to Outwit the Rejection Gods
  90. Getting rejections but refusing to feel dejected! However, I have some questions...
  91. Pits of Rejection Sads
  92. Word count rejection?
  93. Feeling Kicked in the Gut
  94. Heartening rejection tales...
  95. Rewrites to Rejection
  96. Feeling very down...
  97. Thinking of giving up on querying and writing my book series
  98. Is Summer Dead?
  99. Improve this book and try again or move on?
  100. Aiming for 100 Rejections a Year. That's Right - Rejections.
  101. I don't know how you guys do it...
  102. Last stop, crap post, and long wind.
  103. Good Rejections!
  104. strange rejection
  105. How Many Full Request Does It Take To....
  106. And how the heck do you keep writing if it's a series?
  107. It's a numbers game - but the numbers are not that large
  108. Can't connect with narrative - tell me your secrets writing gods!!!!
  109. not handling my first rejection very well
  110. A high-value rejection
  111. I Screwed Up
  112. Odd Rejection
  113. My first rejection
  114. Staying Sane Through the Wait and the Yo-Yo'ing?
  115. am I just dumb or is this rejection kind of encouraging?
  116. Dejection: The Phone Ate My Notes
  117. An approachable agent.
  118. Ravioli's Thread of R&D
  119. Got my very first rejection!
  120. Protocol for Rejection+Feedback
  121. Does instant rejection (overnight) mean something is drastically wrong?
  122. I Just Don't Understand
  123. excuse my ramblings
  124. After how many agents' similar opinions should I revise my manuscript?
  125. Bookstore Rejections
  126. THE BASTARDS!!!
  127. I'm so afraid to start querying!
  128. For all who are going through querying ups and downs....
  129. I feel like my dream is dead
  130. Agent rejected but...
  131. I Think I Got My Manuscript Deleted
  132. Rejection with a suggestion to make revisions and re-submit
  133. How many rejections of partial and full are common before getting an agent?
  134. Could use some encouragement for my frustration
  135. Rejection: Sometimes I Feel Like I'm The Only One...
  136. Agents don't seem to like the opening; beta readers did. To revise or not to revise?
  137. First Time Querying
  138. How do you know when it's time to stop, change, or move on?
  139. Advice for R&Rs?
  140. To nudge or let it go?
  141. Different tiers of rejection (and the ones that actually feel kind of nice)
  142. Self-doubt Level 1000
  143. The moment you realize you MAY succeed...but not with what you want to write
  144. My story isn't original
  145. Story sent to Asimov's
  146. First Rejection Ever
  147. I need you guys.... sadness
  148. How many agents is it normal to query? Should I be throwing in the towel?
  149. Trying to understand agent's advice
  150. Twiddling my thumbs and checking my email
  151. My First Rejection, not that painful thankfully
  152. Rejection with a Twist
  153. Questioning the cost/benefit of querying
  154. Rejections
  155. Help me decode this rejection: form rejection?
  156. Unique excuse for a rejection
  157. Request for full MS! Then ten minutes later another agent rejected the same full ...
  158. Liked the concept, liked the voice, liked the story, but...
  159. When do you retire a project?
  160. Bad Agent Blues
  161. Is 10K too long for a short story?
  162. My Novel--A Bit of a Western, More Literary Fiction
  163. A dreadful error
  164. Laugh so you don't cry
  165. I need some advice...
  166. Coping Mechanisms?
  167. New career plan:
  168. Dealing with jealousy?
  169. Sigh. Am I too old for this?
  170. Picking up again after a year of inactivity
  171. Received another rejection
  172. Is There Still the Stigma Around Self-Publishing?
  173. The No Pitmad Likes Club
  174. Got my first bad review on Amazon
  175. Rejected on Another Forum, Which Brought me Here
  176. When to Give Up?
  177. Rejected by Editor found one that same day.
  178. Ghostwriting Pangs
  179. It's All Subjective
  180. Well, I got my first snarky review.
  181. a little inspiration
  182. Is the expected response different if an agent requested and was given an exclusive?
  183. This one hurt
  184. I'm in the rejection trenches with you all
  185. Send out my first batch of 15 queries and haven't gotten a single bite.
  186. This is for the people that have secured an agent: How did you handle the rejection beforehand?
  187. I'm a midlist author feeling a bit rejected and dejected
  188. 100% of my queries have been rejected, thinking about my next step
  189. My sob story
  190. If it's so good, then why all the rejections?
  191. I think this is just a rant...
  192. Is a query letter of a sequel worth it if the first book is self-published?
  193. What's your rejection tally for 2017?
  194. Will this automatically get rejected?
  195. What to do while you wait?
  196. Preemptively rejected
  197. Rewrite or Scrap?
  198. How many rejections on fulls would one accept before they try to "fix" their manuscript?
  199. Not really a rejection, but...
  200. The obscure author question
  201. Let's be Luddites
  202. Reply to a rejection with a nice note? Or simply let it rest there?
  203. Lemonade
  204. My BABY!!! Camino Rejection, Camino Hopeful.
  205. Don't Let Rejection Statistics Get You Down
  206. My First Rejection
  207. Minimum Length of Young Adult Comedy
  208. What cliques mean for a midlist writer (ie: I'm sick of it all)
  209. It's really hard to feel like continuing
  210. Well, hell.
  211. Agent Response Time + Current Agent Rejecting MS
  212. Novel: Humor and Foul Language
  213. All writers feel like this sometimes... right? (Intimidated newbie feeling intimidated!)
  214. I Come Bearing Impotant Formatting Advice!T
  215. The great re-write nightmare
  216. Where do I start?
  217. Why I Gave Up Writing Fiction Books
  218. How to get through rejection after rejection?
  219. misery and frustration!!!
  220. All right, someone please convince me not to quit.
  221. Everyone loves it; no one wants it
  222. Shameless appeal for motivation for that last pre-sub revision
  223. Agented, published, and no career
  224. When you know it's coming
  225. Smokin'
  226. Fastest Rejection
  227. My First Rejection...
  228. My first 'no'
  229. First two rejections in the bag
  230. What's the longest you've had to work on queries before one succeeds?
  231. Paralyzed with anxiety
  232. Managing anxiety and depression
  233. Spent >10 yrs writing a book, now it's getting rejected
  234. First Rejection, What's step 2?
  235. Checked One off the Bucket List
  236. persevering vs. changing things up
  237. Is this a form rejection? Or should I be somewhat inspired?
  238. When to stop?
  239. Is this a form letter?
  240. Other Ways of Passing the Time?
  241. Iím quitting writing
  242. Rejection and NEW STUFF (Accountabilibuddies)
  243. Strike out, try again even harder with enthusiasm!
  244. So close but no cigar.
  245. This philosophy professor shows how academic publishing is broken too
  246. So, is it cool that I submit different manuscripts to same Literary agent?
  247. Which route to take?
  248. My husband's getting in my head
  249. Rejected from 5 MFA Programs (All of them)
  250. I Don't Know How Much Longer I Can Do This