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  1. Markets Moderator Post
  2. Stiltjack - eBook fiction submissions invited
  3. Literary Journal Call for Spring Issue Submissions
  4. Plain View Press
  5. Looking for writers for a new women's online Magazine
  6. “BrainTree”: Request for Articles/Research/Answers to Questions
  7. BrandNewCool.com Seeking Contributors
  8. New Magazine seeking submissions
  9. Left Hand Waving seeking submissions
  10. Seeking Funny, Fictional, Political News Stories
  11. Seeking Submissions!
  12. Accepting a Variety of Short Works
  13. Game Review
  14. The Examined Life seeking submissions--health care worker/writers take note
  15. Submissions to Anatomy - Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Visual
  16. Need a writer (science related)
  17. Christmas Shorts Competition + with prizes
  18. Writing for a video game offer (Fantasy/horror)
  19. Opportunity for Online Writers! :)
  20. Freelance Travel Writing
  21. Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell (UF/H anthology)
  22. Fresh News Site Seeking Submissions
  23. Horror Magazine seeking submissions
  24. Black Label Books:Call For Erotic Poetry
  25. LGBTQ Literary Arts Magazine
  26. K-12 Education Articles & Lessons Wanted
  27. Looking for help with my wrestling website
  28. Salacious: A Feminist Sex Magazine - Comics & Stories Call for Subs
  29. Help create an Internet Research Guide
  30. Seeking Unfinished Novels!
  31. [RPG] project: Boundless Seeking Writer & Poet for Fantasy/Sci-Fi Game
  32. Video Gamers
  33. Contest Winner to be Published in Erotica Anthology
  34. Short, Fast, and Deadly - fun submission
  35. A Just for Fun Contest with a prize
  36. Small Press Editorial Intern
  37. Small Tales now accepting submissions
  38. A website about what to do once you survive the apocalypse
  39. Contribute to drunk driving prevention site
  40. Splatter: An Anthology of Horror
  41. Do you have 1064 good words?
  42. The Evertalis
  43. Sorcery Tales/Kwik Reads
  44. SUBMISSION CALL: "Writings On The Wall"
  46. Bent Masses: Submissions Needed
  47. Flash Fiction site
  48. Casket Cravings Periodical
  49. NEW Adult Blog Seeking Subs
  50. PEN American Center
  51. New online women's magazine seeks submissions
  52. Established Blog Needs Writers
  53. SFF Reviewers wanted
  54. Blogger Wanted for Partnership On a 9/11 Conspiracy Blog
  55. 2011 September Charity Sip Blitz
  56. Submissions wanted for new online magazine
  57. call for submissions: Military/Veterans Erotica
  58. Comedy Writers wanted for Parody News Site
  59. Frugalarity.com: Call for Guest Posts
  60. L'Allure des Mots call for submissions
  61. A Clean, Well-Lighted Poetry Contest
  62. Non-fiction opportunity: Writing game reviews
  63. [WANTED] Lead Writer for RPG
  64. Brew Drinking Thinkings - Website looking for non-fiction writers on various topics
  65. Indie Filmmakers Seek Writer
  66. Travel Articles Needed - All destinations
  67. Call for Submissions!
  68. Call for Submissions: Themes Vary By Month
  69. Call for Contributors and open positions available
  70. Seeking Non-Fiction Essays for book publication
  71. New Lit Mag - Call for Submissions
  72. political and religious satire/parody needed
  73. Mag Submissions - Hear the call...
  74. Lifestyle Magazine Seeks Writers
  75. The Sim Review- Call for Submissions
  76. Anyone want to participate in an anthology?
  77. Teens Writing for Teens call for submissions
  78. Reality Television Writers Wanted
  79. Synopsis - help!
  80. Submissions Call- LGBT YA stories
  81. Looking for book reviewers as guests for blog
  82. Inner Art Journal, new online journal seeks submissions
  83. Reviewers needed for arts and culture zine/website The Flaneur
  84. Short Halloween Piece Needed
  85. Parody Soap Opera Web Series
  86. Tu Books' Call for Submissions
  87. Collaborative writer needed
  88. Crack the Spine is now accepting submissions!
  89. Submission call: No Rest for the Wicked (horror/haunted objects anthology)
  90. Author Interview
  91. Travel Writers Submission Call
  92. Dating and Relationships Pro Needed
  93. Red Dirt Review Open for Submissions
  94. Anatomy now accepting submissions for spring
  95. Writer Seeking Artist: Wait-- Hear me out!
  96. Request for Submissions for Citizen Literature
  97. Haunted Waters Press Accepting Submissions
  98. Animal Lovers
  99. Spasm Valley - Submission Request
  100. GrayHaven Comics Open Submission Period
  101. Simply Sports Talk is looking for writers
  102. The Phoenix Review Call for Submissions (poetry and short stories)
  103. Cult Britannia.co.uk Looking For Reviewers (Being Human UK)
  104. Writer partner for Rise of the Dragonkin, a blog story (got an artist on board)
  105. Submissions wanted on topic "nature"
  106. Seeking Play Submissions for Online Publication
  107. Submissions Wanted on Topic of Domestic Violence
  108. Inspirational Depression Story Submissions
  109. Spring Submissions for Anatomy
  110. The Dudeletter
  111. Misjudge Your Limits is now accepting submissions!
  112. Berkeley Fiction Review: Sudden Fiction Contest!
  113. Submission Call: Berkeley Fiction Review
  114. Call for Submissions: LGBTQ Literature & Arts
  115. Paranormal/Weird News Blog Looking for writers!
  116. Switchback Flash Contest
  117. "From the Depths" Summer 2012, CLOSED
  118. Submissions Call
  119. Wanted: Stories or the Not Your Mother's Book series!
  120. Antiphon - Submission call - poetry
  121. [Internship] Research Assistants needed for signatory film company
  122. "DEar God" Letters Wanted
  123. Submission Call: Iron Maidens E-Anthology (female-centric fantasy)
  124. Regional News Writer ( New York Metro)
  125. Seeking a co–writer..........
  126. Tsuki Magazine Submission Call
  127. Call for Submissions: The Fast-Forward Festival
  128. Seeking submissions for next Issue
  129. New Online Magazine Looking For Your Submissions.
  130. Call for submissions of short gay/bi fiction
  131. Blake's 7 submission call
  132. Submission call: Two open calls for anthologies -- all genres
  133. Suddenly Lost In Words: Please Help
  134. "From the Depths" Fall 2012, Call for Submissions
  135. Penny Fiction: A Flash Fiction Writing Competition
  136. Call for submissions: poetry, fiction, and cnf
  137. Call for Submissions: Zeka Academic Journal
  138. Call for Submissions: New online literary mag
  139. Call for Submissions: Coming Together: Triumphantly
  140. Submission call - erotic (all sub-genres)
  141. Split Lip Literary Zine Submission Call
  142. Call for submissions- Mooncussers: Tales from the Ghostly Sea
  143. eFiction Romance on Kindle Wants Your Submissions!
  144. Reinventing the Trope Submission Call
  145. Ship Happens - Proposing participation in promising project [Referred Pay - atm]
  146. Seeking stories/articles for all-ages mag.
  147. Submit to The Weekenders Magazine!
  148. Need help on improving content on website
  149. Call for Fiction Submissions--Pithead Chapel
  150. Looking For Passionate Writers
  151. When It Was Winter is calling for submissions
  152. [ brainfilter ] seeks smart, provocative non-fiction
  153. Erotic fiction anthology
  154. Writing About Vietnam
  155. Pagan Newswire Collective looking for reporters
  156. Ancient Paths Seeks Poetry and Flash Fiction [in-kind payment]
  157. Call for Submissions-eSteampunk
  158. The Subtopian Magazine: Write for Us!
  159. Exciting Changes/Submissions Call for Established Online Journal
  160. Freelance Editor Needed
  161. I'm looking for an editor to work for free
  162. From the Depths: Winter Issue 2012 Call for Submissions
  163. Penny Fiction: A Flash Fiction Writing Competition
  164. Promotion Opportunity for Spiritual and Inspirational Poets
  165. My name is Amanda
  166. Hi-Content Writers
  167. 100 x 100 Collection
  168. Call for Nonfiction Submissions - Pithead Chapel
  169. Fun Gig: The Joy of Writing (News)
  170. Call for fiction submissions-Loose Change Magazine
  171. Seeking Writing Submissions for a new piece exploring War, Family, Grief, Anger and Love in the lega
  172. Seeking Muslim Writers - Stories of DUA that Came True
  173. Anthology for Charity?
  174. Call For Submissions: Young Adult, Romance, Thriller, Erotica, Non-Fiction
  175. I need help for board game rulebook syntax check
  176. Fantasy Magazine seeking submissions
  177. Undetermined Pay Rate
  178. Dark Fiction Magazine - Open for Submissions!
  179. Calling for Submissions - New Press
  180. Call for submissions: The Golden Key, a speculative literary journal
  181. [Seeking screenplays] Whackadoo idea!
  182. Calling All Book Reviewers
  183. Seeking Submissions for Action/Adventure Mag
  184. Call for Submissions in Anniversary Issue
  185. Flash Fiction Submissions
  186. I want to make comics with you.
  187. Far Enough East - Quarterly Journal
  188. "The Man in the Hat stories" - Call for short stories submissions
  189. Got a Book Problem? We want to solve it.
  190. Anyone want to draw some comics for me?
  191. Greetings flash fanatics!
  192. Looking for TV related Articles
  193. Belle Rev Literary Journal - Call for Submissions
  194. Write for Light - Writing to raise money for charity
  195. Coop.org is broadcasting cooperation
  196. An American Story
  197. Help! We need writers!!
  198. From the Depths, Summer 2013: Open for Submissions
  199. Looking for a screenplay for feature film
  200. Music, Movies, video games, restaurant, tech review writers needed
  201. RED INK, Vol 1: Your Submissions Needed for Anthology
  202. The Artificial Selection Project - Premier Issue
  203. Call for Submissions (Scifi/Fantasy)
  204. Call for Submissions - Pithead Chapel
  205. submissions http://www.blueplanetjournal.com
  206. The Round Up
  207. 5 Year Anniversary and Submission Call
  208. New Literary Journal accepting submissions
  209. SF/Fantasy Drabble Anthology accepting submissions!
  210. Murder Mystery writer for Web Series
  211. GeekParty Needs People Who Love to Write About Videogames
  212. eFiction Steampunk magazine desire your words!
  213. Partner with Crack the Spine
  214. Monolith Books
  215. Seeking writers for a start-up Indie Arts web magazine
  216. Urban Fantasy Anthology
  217. Call for submissions: The Golden Key
  218. Get a writing credit at The Brasilia Review. Submissions are open!
  219. Interested in Collaberation
  220. Bookkaholic Magazine is looking for contributors
  221. Now Open: Life Lessons – Forty-Five Inspirational Stories
  222. “Dark” International Call For Writers by ArtAscent - Deadline October 31, 2013
  223. Call for Submissions: Inspired by the Poet
  224. Call for Nonfiction Submissions
  225. Back in Business: The Oddville Press
  226. Call For Submissions: East Coast Literary Review
  227. Writing and illustration opportunity
  228. Radio Script Wanted
  229. the odd and the ugly wanted
  230. Published author wanting to network with other authors.
  231. Role play Review Needs Writers
  232. EAB Publishing looking for submissions!
  233. Urgent Call for Submissions - Coming Together: Through the Storm (an erotic charity anthology)
  234. $1000 sweepstakes for short articles
  235. Golden Shorts ~ A Story Contest in 7 Genres
  236. Seeking writers for a magazine site
  237. Abstract text game?
  238. Seeking writer for iPad/iPhone graphical choose your own story game [still open]
  239. Flash fiction contest--closes Friday!!!
  240. 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop
  241. Now Open: Desire – 69 Steaming Sex Stories!
  242. Call for Submissions! Hammers: Extra-musical sounds
  243. Literary Journal Submission Call and Writers' Challenge
  244. Clockwork Kiru: Steampunk Haiku Open For Submissions
  245. Writers Sought
  246. Call for Essays: BLOOM Magazine
  247. Last call for Short Story Challenge 12x12
  248. AW Erotica Anthologies 2014 Call for Submissions
  249. FOGLAND - a new way for writers to work together
  250. Looking for submissions for Clockwork Kiru: Steampunk Haiku