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  1. Landlord puts up "White only," sign at pool.
  2. Resources/Further Reading
  3. Welcome!
  4. Hello,Y'all!
  5. A Writer's Responsiblity to His/Her Culture
  6. The (People of) Color out of Space: Writing POC in SF/F
  7. Is a Dumb Question thread ok?
  8. American English and British English
  9. Shadism: How dark of a color?
  11. Dutch Magazine's Shocking Racefail
  13. Writers Of Color And Expectations Or" Why Are You Writing THAT?"
  14. On Being Bi-racial.
  15. Murder mystery/thriller/cop books with "minority" characters
  16. "White people only want to read about themselves."
  17. S*** White Girls Say to Black Girls
  18. Black MP accused of racism - thoughts?
  19. PoC CAN'T be racist! (Right?)
  20. Blacks don't read White Books and Whites don't read Blacks! -- Moved from R&D
  21. Book recommendations?
  22. The Ancient Egyptians
  23. Need a Cultural Beta? Want to Volunteer as One?
  24. African-American
  25. Multicultural fiction
  26. Mainstream views of beauty
  27. "Some of that whiteness might rub off on me"
  28. Hoekstra's Racist Superbowl Ad and What to Do About It
  29. Race in Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  30. So as a POC...
  31. White folks with PoC ancestors and sorting cultural questions
  32. Mixed Races in futuristic dystopia
  33. Describing Racial Characteristics
  34. Describing skin tone, etc. in fantasy
  35. writing beyond colours
  36. African American Romance
  37. My Bookclub's Picks Piss Me Off
  38. Question About Diversifying My Characters
  39. Mixed feelings about "brilliant" highly acclaimed Guyana "novel"
  40. Weird reactions to my mixing my POC characters
  41. Is it just me?
  42. Dialect Dreck
  43. Do people expect your characters to fit the stereotypes?
  44. Beasts of the Southern Wild
  45. Race in YA Lit: Wake Up & Smell the Coffee-Colored Skin, White Authors!
  46. Black Women, Power, Sexuality, and Trangressive States of Being
  47. Colorism and YA
  48. What Does This Description Make You Think Of?
  49. PoC Historical People
  50. Treading the line between "stereotypical" and "whitewashing"
  51. Analogies of the US and ethnic groups
  52. Herge, Tintin, and colonial stereotypes of Africans
  53. Magic Natives, Animal Attributes
  54. "It's POC's job to teach about PoC's"
  55. "I Hope They Ain't Black" moments...
  56. Do you know of any African-american people who show dogs?
  57. Ever had a Lit teacher that...
  58. White Writers: "Can I Write this?"
  59. Because 'Wakizashi' Doesn't Sound As Cool
  60. Britain's first black community
  61. Fiction views of race/culture and importation?
  62. Victoria Foyt's novel coming under fire...
  63. White Privilege
  64. Film Trailer: Dear White People
  65. PoC Forum Favorite Fiction Book Recs!
  66. Writing a passive Asian girl without making her stereotypical
  67. History of the Origin of Stereotypes
  68. Interracial Love Stories
  69. Thought I'd share this here
  70. POC favorite Non-Fiction
  71. Am I hiding the ball?
  72. Writing black heroines
  73. PoC covers
  74. Historical Interracial Romance
  75. Magazines that encourage PoC writing?
  76. Black Face isn't OK, but neither is yellow face...
  77. George Takei makes a musical about Japanese Internment
  78. Describing minor characters of color
  79. Zadie Smith on race in fiction
  80. Jim Sturgess
  81. My first blog interview and a giveaway!
  82. Confession of PoC Writers
  83. "Called the White House for a reason."
  84. Teen Wolf Race stuff
  85. Writing on politics from an African-American perspective
  86. Native American villains
  87. Need Japanese readers
  88. Stupid question but it's been driving me up the wall
  89. When your friends write troubling stuff
  90. Question about PoC characters written by non PoCs
  91. The 2 PoC model (What do you call this?)
  92. Double standards for racial slurs?
  93. Transcending Color Lines
  94. Submitting in the absence of a checker
  95. White Victim Card
  96. South Asian Appropriation, and where do I go from here
  97. Interpretations of the Mahabharata (S.A. Appropriation thread derail)
  98. Cultural Introduction...
  99. Would you consider this a troubling portrayal?
  100. If you offend everyone...
  101. novice writer learning review etiquette/questions
  102. How PoC crosses with other minority groups
  103. Where would I start research on accurately portraying POC?
  104. Avoiding stereotypical names?
  105. Describing POC
  106. 3 cents per word call for POC fantasy
  107. Stories involving Nazis
  108. Quick question about PoC
  109. Awesome Song...
  110. Where are you really from?
  111. Use of AAVE in dialogue -- advice/discussion?
  112. Asians as "Perpetual Foreigners"
  113. Cultural Change and Cultural Exchange in East Asia
  114. The Accidental Racist Song
  115. Help with Avatars and Smilies
  116. a matter of tact
  117. Speculative Fiction and Cultural Appropiation
  118. The "Books with POC MC's" Recommendations Thread
  119. was I right to think this way?
  120. "Where are you from": Part Two
  121. PoC Name generators
  122. Auto-difficult PoC plots
  123. "Let's face it: pretty white girls sell."
  124. Story Conventions from other countries
  125. Have you ever tried ....
  126. I've invented two tribes.
  127. Writing about things you can't write about
  128. Hilarious Satire: The iNotRacist App!
  129. The Cheerios POC Ad
  130. Quick question about accent
  131. Some feedback on a character?
  132. Could someone beta read a couple of paragraphs?
  134. Why is Isis White?
  135. POCs in European Art
  136. Comparing PoC issues with hair color *rant warning*
  137. Voting Rights Act
  138. Diversity gap in kids' books: the stats
  139. Johnny Depp as Tonto?
  140. "Where are you From?" read comments
  141. Trayvon Martin case
  142. POC and shapeshifters
  143. making my fantasy MC a POC and other questions
  144. Beta needed?
  145. Afghan set fantasy?
  146. Healing Everyone
  147. going there - writing about racism
  148. Is doing this problematic in any way?
  149. Racial Bias when subconscious
  150. Taking inspiration from elements of Japanese mythology
  151. Your Favorite Kids' Books Featuring POCs?
  152. Deprogramming our Unconscious
  153. Documentaries...
  154. Women of color with significant contributions to science, history, etc.
  155. racial profiling in my novel
  156. A Question about Black History Month
  157. Which ethnicity/race should this character be?
  158. Mockumentary...
  159. Advice Wanted: creating a more diverse and interesting cast.
  160. Does subtlety do more harm than good?
  161. Lack of diversity in SF: Guardian article
  162. Books you wish were translated...
  163. Julie Chen / Plastic Surgery Admission / Was Racially Motivated ...
  164. Is this term racist?
  165. If in doubt, leave it out.
  166. To Change My MC's Race, or Not to Change It?
  167. ALA Banned Books Week
  168. Research for YA Southern Gothic
  169. Hoodoo and Voodoo as religions or folk magic?
  170. How to make it clear that my characters are Asian?
  171. Belle (Movie)
  172. The Help, Mississippi race relations, and paternalism
  173. Are rainbow casts bad?
  174. Wedding Palace (Movie)
  175. Race Label Research
  176. PoC Chick Lit set in another country
  177. Portraying PoC without mentioning skin color
  178. "In 2014 I'll only read writers of colour."
  179. Growing Up with Main Characters Not Your Type
  180. Cultural Appropriation?
  181. Specialty Publishers
  182. NYT: "Where Are the People of Color in Children’s Books?"
  183. Hiding in the shadows
  184. Writing POC in fantasy
  185. Question on PoC Betas
  186. Race as a non-issue
  187. "no one owns culture"
  188. Indicating someone's race...
  189. Those who don't like PoC but fight for our rights anyway....
  190. Aegyo / Kawaii / Sajiao / Manja
  191. "We Need Diverse Books": Twitter Campaign goes Viral
  192. Cliches in covers of Asian and African set novels
  193. White saviorism? >.<;;
  194. A question concerning my vampire novel
  195. Sometimes, I just don't feel worthy.
  196. Cultural appropriation and magic
  197. Calling all nerds, comic book geeks, cosplayers, and anime feinds
  198. Default racial imaginings and first person narrators
  199. Mixed race MC's...do it?
  200. Third culture family, what would the MC call their parents?
  201. Do you think an author's ethnicity or race impacts their presence in the literary world?
  202. Black ballerinas
  203. "Tired of white people in movies."
  204. Representing historic racism appropriately
  205. Latino/a vs. Hispanic, por favor?
  206. Folks?
  207. Identifying mixed race characters
  208. Word usage research questions
  209. Most common pitfalls of white people writing POC?
  210. Need help with new PoC heroine
  211. Promotional poster
  212. Female MC Reincarnated from A Greek Deity
  213. Finally published: "Everything I Know About Zombies, I Learned in Kindergarten"
  214. aalbc.com?
  215. Requesting help with my YA novel
  216. Using "aboriginal" to describe white people
  217. a problem with writing about a culture not my own.
  218. Native Humor: 20 Signs She May Be 'Too Rez' for You, Bro
  219. Guest blog appearance on blackgirlnerds.com
  220. Arab customs and stereotypes, questions
  221. Green eyed POC?
  222. Taking too little inspiration from Japanese culture, mythology and folklore?
  223. I found something upsetting
  224. worried MC's attraction reads as exoticizing
  225. Is it ever okay to use racial name-calling in a manuscript?
  226. Fantasy world description for poc
  227. Let's talk hair!
  228. dog whistles
  229. Focus on Diversity at the London Book Fair
  230. Books about 4 African American female friends?
  231. People Of Color in Fantasy
  232. The Martian Casting, or "Whaddaya mean they're PoC??"
  233. Avoiding cultural appropriation
  234. Native Actors Walk off Set of Adam Sandler Movie After Insults to Women, Elders
  235. Upcoming Podcast with Black Girl Nerds 5/3/15
  236. 1920s silent film, Native American cast get due decades late
  237. On Being a POC and Having a POC shapeshifter
  238. Courtney Barnes
  239. White girl, black boy in historical novel
  240. If White Characters Were Described Like POC in Literature (Buzzfeed article)
  241. Mandarin vs Cantonese
  242. Let's connect, fam! :D
  243. Isn't that racist?
  244. "I Don't See Color"
  245. Survey for Afrocentric Books
  246. Native American/First Nation tropes?
  247. Writing about a culture not your own
  248. Translations of (Chinese) Poems -- A Linguistic Flavour
  249. Poc romance heroes and... Er... Size relations.
  250. How to describe natural hair?