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  1. Equipment
  2. Bar codes
  3. 5.5X8.5 VERSUS 6X9 Question
  4. Dead Easy software
  5. where do quotes go in the front part of book?
  6. Can anyone recommend a site where I can find...
  7. Some questions about printing & design
  8. 20 Page Booklet - Need Layout Help
  9. book
  10. book binding equipment
  11. page template
  12. Word to PDF conversion question
  13. Layout advice from those familiar with Lulu please.
  14. Professional looking page headers for a POD book
  15. Shipping your books?
  16. PDF Reader on CD - best way to do it?
  17. Printing dust jackets
  18. 4.25x6.875 or 6x9?
  19. Layout
  20. Typesetting Question...
  21. References---do I have to have them??
  22. Where do I put a long contribution to my book??
  23. Font
  24. Liquid Toner (POD)
  25. Book Laminate peels off
  26. questions about Font and offsetcover
  27. Need spiral binding (WireO)
  28. Half Canadian Wire Binding
  29. Cover Design
  30. Manuscript file questions for self-publishers
  31. What computer programs to put a book together?
  32. Anyone else out there publish direct to Kindle?
  33. Amazon Kindle
  34. Typesetting
  35. Is there anyway to matte down a cover?
  36. What font size to use for Large Print?
  37. Justifying and metallic ink
  38. spacing fonts for book
  39. E-book photo / image size
  40. 6x9 template
  41. Publishing Software??
  42. .pdf protection to avoid file sharing...
  43. Please help me make an ebook that is accurate
  44. Making an ebook look like a real book
  45. Ideas for Really Inexpensive Spiral-binding And Printing?
  46. PDF indents and spacing
  47. Ebook software and linking to site?
  48. A font licensing question
  49. File Conversion
  50. image-heavy ebooks
  51. Does LSI *require* you to use their cover templates?
  52. Is .PDF/x-1:2001a the same as .pdf for LSI?
  53. Picture Questions for Offset Printing:Quality,Page Art,Signatures
  54. Kindle vs PubIt vs Smashwords vs...
  55. Does full-bleed increase printing cost?
  56. Image Dimensions for eBook Covers
  57. PubIt Question
  58. Cover design for self-published works
  59. Make Your Own eBooks
  60. Considering deep sixing my cover
  61. What kind of software is good for formatting?
  62. Kindle and paragraph formatting
  63. Infantile Typography
  64. Formatting Woes
  65. Let's do cover critiques!
  66. Back cover blurbs' critique
  67. Typesetting tutorial
  68. Smashwords formatting
  69. Need cover art help/suggestions. Ipad apps?
  70. Welcome to Your New Subforum
  71. Welcome to Your New Technical Subforum
  72. Can you switch between italics and bold and regular font in Kindle?
  73. Covers cont.
  74. What apps do you use for writing, editing, cover art etc?
  75. On the L - cover critique
  76. Barter: Trade my kindle conversion skills for your editing?
  77. Cover Crit Request: Little Sister
  78. Need Ebook Cover
  79. I'll design your ebook cover for free. And it won't suck.
  80. Formatting isn't always easy
  81. Different HTML formatting for different pages...
  82. Which cover is better? Lets Vote!
  83. E-Book Cover Ready - Opinions?
  84. Moonsteed (opinions please!)
  85. Short Story Collection Cover
  86. Uploading a cover to Nook
  87. Formatting for Multiple 1st person narrators
  88. cover art crit request: a fire king
  89. Help? Made a Kindle Ebook goof...
  90. Cover For Hatchings
  91. Formatting for Kindle
  92. Looking for some tips/criticism from an experienced book cover designer
  93. Designing a Cover
  94. Small eBook Project
  95. I need someone to check out my .epub file...
  96. Is 3D art too cliche for a cover?
  97. Tearing out my hair because of right margins.
  99. HTML Hell
  100. My UF covers...
  101. Poetry book on ereader help!
  102. Kindle & Version Control
  103. Using stock images for ebook covers
  104. Publishing on Kindle
  105. What size should the cover art be?
  106. Lightning Source and cover laminates
  107. Using an Image for a link in Kindle?
  108. Possible covers for YA romance
  109. YA Cover: The Aviation Waltz
  110. What happened?
  111. Trouble converting .doc to .epub or .mobi?
  112. Self-Publishers - Step Two - Design Your Cover
  113. Best Formatting Guides?
  114. No response from Smashwords
  115. Formatting for the Kindle?
  116. Advice Needed on Jacket Copy/Amazon Product Description
  117. Self-Publishers - Step Four - Format Your Story
  118. Does my cover look professional?
  119. Need advice about cover software, etc.
  120. Headspace issue with iTunes
  121. Any tutorials for using Lulu?
  122. Can Mobipocket Creator be used for commercial ebooks?
  123. KINDLE Format: Formatting questions :)
  124. Paying for formatting
  125. Copyright page on kindle ebook?
  126. for nook, is it epub conversion first or after?
  127. Step by Step Instructions for Ebook Upload to Amazon
  128. How legal is it to use a Bing image I found?
  129. Kindle MOBI: back-compatibility and future-proofing?
  130. typesetting in eBook?
  131. CreateSpace
  132. can you check your formatting after smashwords, and b4 publishing?
  133. Using a freelance designer for the cover
  134. Cover for a Hard SF Novel
  135. Should I use HTML codes or not for braces and brackets?
  136. Images for CreateSpace
  137. Book Cover Crit for SYW - Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  138. Looking For A Cover Designer
  139. Which Book Size Should I Use: 5.25x8, 5.5x8.5, or 6x9?
  140. Front Pages of your E-book
  141. Tools for ePub
  142. How do I distribute an Ebook from my own website?
  143. Amazon Kindle: Updating/revising/modifying the content of an existing book
  144. Trailer for my novella
  145. A little help with software for formatting/organising/layout?
  146. Self-ePublishing, EDITING & Covers, etc...
  147. CIA Logo & Copyright
  148. Ebook Software Advice?
  149. good eBook design software that exports to kindle and ePub formats?
  150. FAQ: Don't Hot Link or Inline Link to Images; Image Size Info
  151. Kindle indenting issues
  152. Book Cover Critique
  153. Smashwords questions
  154. From Scrivener to Kindle?
  155. E-books Will 'Blow Apart Cover Design' [Article]
  156. Book Design/Formatting Software
  157. Is there any way to force EPUB to open on a certain page?
  158. Need cover feedback for set of historical novels
  159. Advice on cover?
  160. Those who've bought stock photos, what rights did you purchase?
  161. CreateSpace and Lightning Source questions
  162. Where do I find a good cover designer?
  163. Formatting for the Kindle
  164. CGI vs. drawn like manga/comic cover art??
  165. Smashwords Premium Error Message--Please help
  166. Gale Haut Is Brilliant - Final Nine-Tenths Cover
  167. Technical help with Lulu.com - fonts and epub formatting?
  168. Header removal on blank pages
  169. Need help w/ cover and edit
  170. Have a question on formatting for e-publishing
  171. Does this blurb work?
  172. Question on Acquiring Cover-Images for Adult eBooks
  173. PDF formatting for Lightning Source
  174. Questions about Covers
  175. Smashwords smashed my book
  176. Question about Samples
  177. Question re: Cover Artist rec.
  178. Tips on designing ebook covers
  179. Newbie question
  180. PubIt Drm
  181. Tutorial: Design Your Cover
  182. e Books and Songs
  183. Free Ebook Cover Design
  184. Site With Many Free-to-Use Background Image
  185. Free Book cover design websites?
  186. DIRT CHEAP Cover Designs (9/10)
  187. ebook with layout intensive content
  188. Professional and Amateur Cover Comparison
  189. Finding a cover designer
  190. Why is my cover fuzzy?
  191. For those looking for someone to design their book covers
  192. Can public domain paintings be used to make a cover?
  193. Cover
  194. About Grayscale covers on Kindle
  195. Book Cover Tech Help!!!!
  196. 0S-X/10.4 MACB00K - Publish on Kindle?
  197. Smashwords formatting & OpenOffice??
  198. Words Per PAge On Kindle and other eReaders
  199. cover art program?
  200. What went wrong when I published my novel on the Kindle
  201. Kindle help please aghh!
  202. I'm Being Stupid-Covers for $75
  203. What do you look for in a cover/artist?
  204. Starting a cover business - Legal Questions
  205. Creating covers.
  206. Word conversion to PDF for createspace??!! Agh!
  207. Text-only eBook formatting?
  208. E-book cover question
  209. Creating One Free Book Cover
  210. Fonts?
  211. Smashwords questions not answered in Style Guide
  212. Problems uploading books to Kindle this weekend
  213. Formatting for paperbacks and Kindle
  214. How to make a book cover?
  215. Can You E-Publish In Word Perfect doc.?
  216. The perfect book cover for self-published writers.
  217. Do You Need A Cover For Your Ebook?
  218. InDesign - worth it?
  219. ebook table of contents
  220. Is it ok to use two fonts
  221. Uploading new versions
  222. Smashwords adds my cover to kindle?
  223. Bookmarks and Smashwords
  224. Which is Better?
  225. E-book cover image
  226. Cover ?'s
  227. Font and size for an e-book
  228. My brand new cover
  229. Commissioning art for a book cover?
  230. How To Make A Basic Book Cover
  231. Special characters
  232. Please give me your opinion on my cover [moved from Novels]
  233. Third go at a book cover
  234. Authors Red Room is Reopening for Indie Authors
  235. I have this picture. (Second try up.)
  236. Opinions on my cover design, please
  237. How accurate is Cover preview in KDP upload area?
  238. Feedback on My Cover Welcome
  239. E-Publishing with Two Page spreads?
  240. Approaching a photographer for reprint rights
  241. YA Paranormal Cover: New Cover at Post #7
  242. Critique my cover! Harsh crits welcome!
  243. Hubble Gallery Copyright
  244. My concept Cover Art, Thoughts?
  245. My Try at a Cover for Moody Fantasy Epic
  246. Going to Self-Publish -Here's my cover!
  247. What I've learned as I fall face-first into my pile of Cheetos
  248. font questions
  249. 75 dpi a must?
  250. hyperlinks?