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  1. Must...resist...temptation...to spoil this virgin forum
  2. Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Calling all non-english natives!
  3. Italiano!!
  4. Svenska
  5. 日本語
  6. Any Norwegians out there?
  7. Hilo Español
  8. 中文?
  9. Русскй язык
  10. Dzien dobry!
  11. AW em Português
  12. Hungarians
  13. How about a game?
  14. some international advice needed!
  15. To the translators - unsung heros of literature
  16. Spanish course for English speakers
  17. Français
  18. Wer spricht hier deutsch?
  19. G'Day
  20. Praat Afrikaans?
  21. Kaaskoppen?
  22. Literature Award for NON-NATIVE German language authors
  23. List of Master Language/Country Threads
  24. Setting up a Bi, Tri, Quad, (Ad Nauseum) lingual keyboard. (Windows)
  25. Culture Shock: the steps of integration
  26. Resources
  27. Korean help needed
  28. Latin
  29. Spanish translation wanted! warning -- swear words!
  30. Italian speakers?
  31. In what language do you think?
  32. Canajan, eh?
  33. Egyptian Translations
  34. How to say "zombie b**ch" in Spanish
  35. Irish. . . Gaeilge. . .
  36. Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit etc.
  37. The Expat/Emigrant Lounge
  38. Having trouble finding my writing language
  39. Seeking Information About the German Publishing Industry
  40. Japanese style of writing
  41. Lost in Translation
  42. Loan Words and Borrowings
  43. Americans working in England, any experience?
  44. vancouver
  45. A homegrown "foreign" language - American Sign Language
  46. Celebrating National Days all over the World
  47. Can I get a quick translation in Azeri?
  48. Greek speakers?
  49. Might there be...Icelandic?
  50. Anyone familiar with Montreal?
  51. Tsalagi
  52. Hello From The UK
  53. Croatian Slang
  54. West Indies/Caribbean
  55. question to those who speak Chinese
  56. What's good to see in Rio De Janeiro
  57. Made up words
  58. Greek question
  59. Londoners ?
  60. English Education System
  61. Any members from Stockholm?
  62. Vlamingen?
  63. Any Austrian members here?
  64. Urdu and Punjabi
  65. Help Me, Glasgow!
  66. cxu vi parolas esperanton?
  67. Getting a US Taxpayer Identification Number
  68. The Big Fat Greek Thread
  69. Any other Indonesian pioneer/authors in here?
  70. Help translating dialogue into Spanish for YA novel
  71. Anyone familiar with gun laws in Turkey?
  72. Someone Who Write Novels in Spanish, Please Help.
  73. Pyöriikö täällä muita suomalaisia?
  74. Has Anyone Here Ever Been to Malta?
  75. No Australian thread??
  76. Happy Holidays around the World
  77. I love Europeans and Australians and this is why.
  78. Germans: How to get U.S. ITIN (Form W-7) for tax-exempt royalty payments?
  79. G'day from WA
  80. Any other Filipinos here?
  81. Great Furrin Idioms translated into English
  82. Are there agents experienced with foreign writers in USA?
  83. Any Bangalorians Out There
  84. Ozzy vs. US sense of humour.
  85. Kiswahili?
  86. اللغة آلعربية
  87. Korea?
  88. Guyana National Day, Giant Otters, and an old friend!
  89. Any South Africans here?
  90. so, I have a question.
  91. Sydney Writers Festival
  92. Inviting you to The Writer's International Culture Share
  93. Welcome to the International District - Please read this first
  94. Dydd da, Cymrodion (Wales Thread)
  95. 19th Century Spanish Curse Words (WARNING ADULT CONTENT)
  96. Yiddish question
  97. Calling All Portuguese
  98. X marks the spot, Canadian version
  99. German phrase question
  100. Trouble deciding what language to write in..?
  101. Novel finished, how to find a foreign agent?
  102. Can someone help me with two sentences of English --> French, please?
  103. Song for Spanish-speaking child
  104. Amazon charging strange International Prices for Kindle Books
  105. Question to all non English/British out there
  106. 300K "word count": the truth about the online novels in China
  107. Spanish Translation, Please.
  108. Chinese Poem
  109. Chinglish and Englinese
  110. Decide Where to Move
  111. Anglish / New Anglo-Saxon / Orwell's English
  112. Publishing authors from non-English speaking countries writing in English...?
  113. Just a quick hello
  114. More Spanish for a 2-year-old
  115. Cultural attitudes toward mistakes/failure: East Vs West
  116. Bangkok Fiction
  117. International Jokes Anyone?
  118. Anyone here good at Latin?
  119. "Dorky" in Spanish
  120. An embarrassingly simple German-language question
  121. What!? No Romanian thread?
  122. "Dead" languages
  123. Any Slovenians, Croatians or Serbians chilling...
  124. "my foot" in Spanish
  125. Irish/Gaelic pronunciation help, please
  126. The lesser known quirks of your language?
  127. Help with Gaelic Please?
  128. I want a US agent to publish my spanish written book
  129. lolspeak can has thread now yas?
  130. Canadian Pay-As-You-Go Phones?
  131. Wilderness Survival course for writers (UK)
  132. A usage question in Spanish
  133. Chinese Friends: will you help me with a name?
  134. Costa Rica
  135. Spanish for Alien?
  136. Calling the Japanese --- help!
  137. Questions re: writer's rights when dealing with international publishers
  138. How hard is it for a Canadian to break into the American market?
  139. Need help with Japanese translation - Is anybody out there?
  140. Irish Gaelic pronunciation?
  141. Melbourne Australia anyone?
  142. Swahili
  143. What books did you grow up with?
  144. New kids
  145. UK natives (or people just living there) help please!
  146. Welsh Speakers?
  147. Closest to me.. Wales?
  148. Anyone in the Czech Republic?
  149. I need a French (Parisian) sentence, please.
  150. My Chinese students are having trouble with "add" vs "and" pronounciation.
  151. A better automatic translator
  152. Nahuatl
  153. ESL writers - success stories?
  154. Multiple national adventure
  155. Singapore
  156. Expats in India?
  157. Getting Someone into the USA?
  158. So I guess there's no one from Israel
  159. Difficulties IN understanding English literature among Foreigners (survey)
  160. Dutch Psychiatric Hospital in Zeeland, NL
  161. Indian writers - Say hello
  162. Writing about other countries
  163. Need title suggestions
  164. Adventures in Hyperpolyglottery
  165. Publishing internationally (author from Israel)
  166. You know you're Australian when...
  167. Unable to buy Kindle ebooks on PC (Int'l buying and selling)
  168. International Literary Periodicals?
  169. Looking for Spanish language beta reader/editor
  170. Android Galaxy problem 中文字型
  171. The Netherlands
  172. Russian Help - how to say "my star"?
  173. Critical Situation in Costa Rica
  174. Scottish lullaby officially driving me crazy!
  175. Bahasa Indonesia! An Indonesian thread.
  176. Ireland calling.
  177. Irish pronunciation
  178. Irish Writers Thread
  179. with love, from............Pakistan.
  180. I want to visit...
  181. Ireland: An Post and international reply coupons
  182. Aloha from Hawaii
  183. A Californian living in exile in Auckland
  184. Any vikings online?
  185. Irish English - editing
  186. Kenyan writer
  187. Foreign Language Learning Question
  188. Happy Colombian Independence Day!
  189. Need Assistance From Non-Americans
  190. Is it harder for people from another country to get an US agent?
  191. Spanish website dedicated to Literature
  192. Is there anyone Bulgarian here?
  193. Madi / Ma'di? or Fur?
  194. The fun of finding a publisher/agent in Finland.
  195. Spirituality Writers
  196. African writers check-in and chat thread
  197. Localization
  198. Want to start a New Thread? Please read this first.
  199. Publishing Internationally
  200. About.com en ESPAÑOL
  201. Celebrating national heroes
  202. Any idea about these list of agencias literarias?
  203. Europeans Abroad Thread!
  204. Bahasa Melayu untuk semua! (Malay language for all)
  205. Hello From Taiwan
  206. International writing contest
  207. IRS question
  208. Adding a glossary for fiction
  209. Any Aussies submit a successful W 7 form?
  210. Submitting to US publishers from US via Germany
  211. Question for US Americans
  212. Commonwealth Writers Prizes
  213. Greetings from the STL
  214. Hello from Pakistan
  215. Translating into Spanish
  216. Australian Writers!
  217. Everything related to China
  218. Any Kiwis out there ?
  219. Need Suggestions from our UK Friends!
  220. Can i get my Guru's book published for her in the UK?
  221. A question for the internationally published crowd
  222. UK Book signing conference
  223. Thailand
  224. does not speaking english daily affect your writing (in english)?
  225. Submitting an already published book to the US Market
  226. French punctuation
  227. Looking for a Native Kilkennian
  228. Americans may find this useful...
  229. Is My English Getting Terrible Because I'm learning Other Languages?
  230. Trying to learn french? Or Italian? Or Mandarin? or...?
  231. Seeking someone from Laos
  232. Anyone native speaks of Q’eqchi’ (Guatamala?)
  233. What Music Do You Listen to While Writing?
  234. UK Authors - publicity opportunity
  235. Are there any other Roma or Roma descent AW's?
  236. Looking someone from Indonesia
  237. POD Publishing
  238. Kuala Lumpur Bound
  239. Anyone in Barcelona?
  240. Any Slovaks here?
  241. How do you celebrate the New Year ?
  242. Copyrighting beyond seas
  243. Yavol
  244. World Book Night: UK author call
  245. Expat living in Berlin
  246. Scottish Literature --- Porridge Times
  247. International writers required for article content
  248. Good day :-)
  249. Looking for YA writers and readers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  250. Developing a Sikh Character